Glenn Beck ahead of Jerusalem rally: "There is no doubt Israel is right

Conservative American broadcaster preparing for support rally in Jerusalem on Wednesday said in interview with Israel Hayom: "You should have no doubt of your rightness" Boaz Bismut, Israel Hayom, August 21 [Hebrew original here] Glenn Beck, the conservative American broadcaster and one of Israel's most enthusiastic supporters, came to Israel for a large rally in support of Israel on Wednesday. Glenn, who is preparing for the rally that will be held under the heading of "Restoring Courage" told YisraelHayom he does not understand how there could be people in Israel who doubt the rightness of Israel's existential struggle. "I have no doubt that Israel is the right side in the conflict." The event in Jerusalem is supposed to glorify Israel's reputation in the world and convey to Israel that it does not stand alone before the problematic month of September. Beck does not expect 2 million people like in the "Restoring Honor" rally organized last summer in Washington in front of the Lincoln Memorial, but in Jerusalem it is not the quantity that matters but the quality ² the quality of the participants and especially the "quality of the location" as he says: "Jerusalem with all of its strengths. For Jews but also for Christians." In an interview at the Jerusalem hotel where Beck is staying he does not divulge many details about the event: all he is willing to say is that the event will be divided into two separate parts: the first will be held at the Davidson Center in the Old City and the second in Safra Square in front of the municipality building. The American press has been following the events extensively: Beck, the star who rose on Fox News, receives numerous mentions: the Christian Science Monitor site says that "the 600 tickets for the event at the Davidson Center have already been sold." The Washington Post says that Beck enters an important gallery of Israel supporters: "From Bulan, king of the Khazars, to Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Now Glenn Beck has joined their ranks." Beck told the American newspaper that the event will be attended by four presidential candidates, 10 senators and 60 congressmen. One of Beck's supporters, Jewish Sen. Joe Lieberman, will be absent for family reasons. Beck is willing to divulge that actor Jon Voight is going to stand with him at the rally in Jerusalem. "I can tell you that there will be guests from Pakistan and Bahrain who asked to sit on the side so as not to be seen on television because in their countries they would be killed." Beck also commented on world events: "Everything is happening in the world all at once, as if everything is about to collapse and the world is going to be restarted. The big question is what will happen then. Our problem ² the West's as well as Israel's ² is that we are not focused. Israel should have no doubt of its rightness." Recently Beck got entangled in critical comments about the social protest. "I was misunderstood. I don't understand why it matters what I think about domestic Israeli affairs. All I said was 'who are those young people?' It could be that some of their demands are justified."

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