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A message Irom July4Patriot 8/14/11

To: The State oI Oklahoma, the Stephens Co. Court system, and my parents
From: Charles A. Dyer

I have taken this Iinal opportunity while I am still alive to make a statement to the public. First, I
am INNOCENT oI all accusations. 2 years ago when I was Iirst arrested, I had the utmost Iaith
and conIidence in the U.S. Judicial system, however I have since then learned that due to
corruption and politics, that our system is severely Ilawed. There are Iar too many iniustices to
list in this message, but I will name some oI them.

At every turn, my Iamily and I have been threatened and bullied by both the state and Iederal
governments. My Iamily has been chased Irom the state, my parents have been broken
Iinancially, and I have been pushed to the limits multiple times by law enIorcement and the
iudicial system in an attempt to cause me to take violent action against them. II I do, I know I
will be the monster they depict me as.

The prosecution has been allowed to lie in court to a Jury, multiple times, and a iudge reIuses to
ensure that they tell the truth. They have suppressed evidence that they know helps clear me oI
the charges and even lied to turn the evidence back against me. No investigation has been done
whatsoever. It has been close to 2 years and still, my girlIriend, myselI, nor my parents have
been asked a single question. Even though they were allegedly present during every incident that
I am accused oI. My mother was threatened by agent poole oI the FBI that iI she did not
cooperate, they would "make enough charges to put your son away Ior 40 years". He lied to me
and told me iI I reIused to cooperate, he would arrest my girlIriend Ior being around weapons Ior
20 years because she was a Ielon, which was a lie! Agent Poole oIIered to make the charges
disappear iI I would "Insert into the militia and complete a list oI obiectives over one or two
years, depending on what my higher ups say". Then when I reIused, he lied on his report which
resulted in a Iederal indictment against me. He was later caught in that lie during the trial and I
was Iound not guilty. NOTHING happened to him. Beyond this, every letter and phone call to
my representatives and governor have been unanswered.

Our iudicial system is nothing more than a system oI liars and crooks working under the color oI
the law, where the rich go Iree and the poor are made to suIIer iniustice. Something MUST be
done to expose it.

I had a series oI videos recorded to show everything that had been done to me and ready Ior
release, the weekend beIore my trial started. However, someone attempted to kill me and burn
my house down around me. Fortunately I was not there. UnIortunately, everything I have ever
worked Ior in my liIe was lost. Every picture I have taken, every piece oI memorabilia oI my
liIe, every video showing what they have done, everything that was important to me.

I pleaded to the court to continue my case iust one week since I had lost everything except the
ragged clothes I had on my back and my trial was in 3 days. Judge Enos denied me that. I still do
not know why. I do not understand 80 oI what has happened to me thus Iar. I served my
country as a U.S. Marine Ior years oI my liIe, I have been an upstanding citizen, I have done all I
could to help my Iellow man. Yet as soon as my lying, drug/sex addict wiIe has my daughter
make allegations about me, the world turns on me and my past actions mean nothing because the
very government I worked Ior, now sees me as a threat.

I want to thank all oI you that have made verbal statements in my deIense, including the
deputies, police oIIicers and Judge Lamar. II it weren't Ior your support, I am aIraid that I would
have lost my mind long ago.

Now I will explain my current actions. On Friday, August the 12th at approx. 0800, I was
inIormed that my house had been burned to the ground. I rushed home and there was nothing
leIt. My home was leveled to the ground. I was questioned by an investigator and I told him
everything I possibly could to assist in his duties. Around noon, I saw one oI the deputies writing
something in his vehicle, I asked him Ior a bottle oI water, to distract him a moment and see
what he was writing. It was a criminal investigation report oI my house burning. My name was
on the top and they were recording my every move. I knew at this point that this would be yet
another crime that I would be arrested and wrongIully accused oI. I know that no one will
believe me, but I am innocent oI burning my house as well. I lost everything that was dear to me.
I have nothing leIt in this world except my Mother, Father, and Sister. I am severely aIraid Ior
my liIe and I Ieel that iI I am near my parents, someone will kill them to get to me or someone
will harm them and blame it on me.

I never had any intention oI harming another human liIe and will still do all that I can to keep
Irom it, but I also Ieel that I have a god given right to protect myselI and my Iamily. I know that
law enIorcement will not do it Ior me. I also know that the FBI is aIter me, lied to my supporters
at my trial, have had undercover agents in my court hearings, and was even investigating my
house Iire, even though I do not have any pending Iederal cases. This alarms me as well and I
believe they have less than honorable intentions towards me. I'm iust a man and I am not unable
to admit that I am conIused and aIraid Ior my liIe at this point. I do not know what to do or what
avenues to take to saIeguard myselI or my Iamily.

To my parents. I am sorry I have disappointed you with my actions. I will continue to do all that
I can to save the Iarm. II you do not hear Irom me within 90 days, then I am dead and I have
Iailed you. I only pray that you will Iorgive me one day. I love you both with all oI my heart. To
my sister, I thank you Ior making me Ieel like the most loved little brother on the planet. I
already miss all oI you.