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The European Pupils Magazine is a no profit-making publication. All cost so far is hardly covered by a European COMENIUS 1 grant.
Otherwise, no fee has to be paid either for submission or for accepted work.

Please read carefully, because not following the guidelines causes extra work and delays. The paper in a slightly different form will
not be taken under consideration for publication. In short, pay attention to the following instructions.
Author(s) of original manuscripts who would like their work to be considered for publication in the European Pupils Magazine are invited to
submit their papers as follows:

Submitted articles must be written by pupils after their accurate personal or group research activity. Papers must be original and must
be concern research in History of Science and Technology and/or with a classroom practice on the same field of knowledge. The papers should
not have been published or being currently under consideration for publication elsewhere, containing partially, exactly or almost exactly the same
material of articles already published or to be published in other Journals and/or Conference and/or Proceedings.
Language must be both English and Native one (i.e.: Polish Author will submit the paper in two versions: Polish and English). A list of up to 10
keywords in both the Languages is required in all cases, written in the Submission Form.
E-mail the manuscript to your National Referee in both languages, as well as both in *.doc format. To be clear, to submit a contribution,
you will send one e-mail with three (3) attached files:
1. One with the complete paper in English language - *.doc format
2. One with the complete paper in Native language - *.doc format
3. One with the filled Submission Form (in English only), filled the requested Keywords.

Please, do not forget to fill-in and send together with your work the submission form
Before sending the files be sure the paper works out with the appropriate structure of text, figures, formulae and tables inserted in proper places.
Pay attention to classify your manuscript into one of the following Sections:

1. General – for a singular purpose

2. 13 to 15 years old
3. 16 to 18 years old

In every issue we plan to publish 1 to 2 papers for General Section, 2 to 3 works for 13 to 15 years old one, and 3 to 5
contributions for 16 to 18 years old one.
A4 Sheet: Maximus four (4) including tables, formulae, at least one picture in each page *.jpg format, and so on
Margins: cm 2,2,2,2
Paragraphs: Single space lines, justified


Name of Author(s): Arial Bold, Size 14
Name of School (WebSite, E-mail, Address): Times New Roman, Size 12
Name of Corresponding Author and his/her e-mail: Times New Roman, Size 14
Text Font: Times New Roman, Size 12
Paragraph Titles of Paper: UPPER CASE TIMES NEW ROMAN BOLD, SIZE 14
About the Paragraph Titles Of Paper, we suggest to use the following guidelines:

Introduction • Targets • Methods • Materials • Results • Conclusion • Bibliography • Acknowledgements

Please do not use any or use as few as possible special formatting procedures in preparing the electronically manuscript.
To be taken into account, priority will be given to works that are original and can be useful to school curricula elsewhere in Europe.
Each work will be judged with references to related bibliography, too. In case more articles respond to the mentioned fundamental
criteria, particular attention will be paid to a balanced geographical distribution.
Texts should be written in readable language, without grammatical and spelling errors that may inhibit comprehension. If necessary, please
consult a person with good command of the language. This is a very important issue, because manuscripts written by non-native speakers are
often poor as far as language is concerned. Note that we do not demand a perfect use of the language, but expect contributions to be in a form
that can be understood by readers.
Contributions without a clear scientific content, any originality, with a poor presentation and/or methodology, and/or difficult to comprehend because
of poor language will not be considered for the review process. It is recommended that potential Authors (especially if in doubt) consult their
National Referee or, at least, one of the components of the Scientific Editorial Board about suitability of their manuscripts, before submitting
Please see the example of a published paper in European Pupils Magazine for the format and style of the text, the figures and
tables, and in particular the references. Manuscripts that deviate from these guidelines, format and style, will be put in the review process, and
Authors could be or not notified to conform to the guidelines and resubmit their manuscripts.
In case a manuscript is rejected, Authors are requested to avoid disputing reviewers' and/or the Editor's judgments. Reviewers and the Editor
are not infallible. It is then recognised that the Authors might be partially or entirely right and that the review process might be unjust to their work,
but this is how things have to work. They can submit their work elsewhere: if their work is worth publishing it will eventually be accepted. Meanwhile,
they would have gained the benefit of receiving useful feedback about their work.