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To whom it may concern, We are pleased to send you a sponsorship proposal for the realization of music videos and video marketing: KIKO TRU RASTA be held in the United States andHaiti in June 2011. This document outlines the nature of our project and provides avisibility plan describing the benefits of joining the list of our partners. We therefore strongly solicit your support. You combine this project will enable your company to position yourself as a companydistinguished and choice to the general public, fans, audience and participating companies. The deadline to send us this form of participation is _________________ to the following email address: @ gmail.com narcisse.fievre. We will contact you within 72hours (3 days) after receipt of the form. For more information, please contact us at the numbers and / or addresses the following: Téléphone : Courriel : 1 786.304.0518 / 514-914-1246 narcisse.fievre@gmail.com /

In the hope of establishing a lasting partnership with your company, receive, Madam,Yours faithfully.

Narcisse Fièvre

Femme qui sera en Haiti ou USA
Responsable du financement (509) xxxxx Haiti,W.I jemappelle@mail.com

1 786.304.0518 / 514-914-1246
Montréal, QC, Canada narcisse.fievre@gmail.com

Plan de commandites – KIKO TRU RASTA – www.reverbnation.com/kikotrurasta

Born on September 21, 1980 in NY, Kiko, Mark Andrew Viard, lived in the center of the Caribbean Diaspora community in Brooklyn. He lived in the US until the age of 12, then moved to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. This would be a turning point of his life and the beginning of his journey through music.... .. Kiko, along with new found friends Jean Phillipe and Gregory Brierre , Gaëtan Chancy, Cedric and Dominick Cauvin, T-Guy Francois, and Mikael Benjamin formed a young and ambitious band called Byen Vag. They started performing at parties, and made a name for themselves. Unfortunately Kiko's success with the band was short lived; at the age of 16, he was forced to move back to the US,but his journey was just beginning .. .. Back in New York, Kiko adopted the many theories of Rastafarian-ism. Now with new inspiration, he dove back into writing music. Strong influences like Bob Marley, Sizzla, and Capleton inspired him to write more positive and conscious music. Kiko explains: “Like those artistsI want to use my gift, my music to spread the much needed positive message to the up and coming youth of today.” Therefore, in 2001, Kiko returned to Haiti to embark on a new musical path. .. His musical career took on a new direction with diverse experiences, new friends and different perspectives. Kiko started hanging out in Baz Cameroun in Bel-Air where he met a new friend, Dadi, who admired his style of music, and eventually introduced Kiko to Brothers Posse. Short after, Dadi and Kiko decided to form their own band called Tru Rasta ; They were an immediate success! Tru Rasta's 2004 carnival was a number one hit throughout the country. Although Kiko had to leave sometime after, the band continues their success today with exciting new tunes. Meanwhile, Kiko continued the movement by not only creating and evolving his own music. kiko linked up with Dimitri Lillavois (voudou Productions ) with whom he worked on his 2 banger mixtapes ''Jenès la eske'n pare?'' in 2006 and ''Recession'' in 2008.Being a Versatile artist Kiko also writing hit songs such as “Yon ti Chans” for Mikael Benjamin and “Bèl Ti Cheri” for Groove La and many more.. Today,Kiko is working on his long anticipated Solo album, set to be released fall 2011. Currently Kiko is in the studios with some of the Hottest Producers of our time : the duo Jean Phillipe Brierre and his partner Roy Magloire (Martians Productions) and Andrew Stoch (Mawon). Kiko is recording in collaboration with some known artists in the community such as Zing Experience, Luck Mervil ,Mikael Benjamin (Mikaben) and also some from elsewhere.With his ability to intertwine Kreyol and English lyrics, Kiko will be an influential proponent in boosting the Caribbean Music Industry. In his own words: "MCs.... get reeeaadddyyy!"

Plan de commandites – KIKO TRU RASTA – www.reverbnation.com/kikotrurasta

The first promotional bonds - We put all our efforts on the visibility of our partners. The detailed budget for video production – To help you better understand where the funds will be applied, here is a list of the main activities of the video project. General budget : $ 15,000 (minimum) Room rental : 000000 $ Graphic design, editing and printing of programs and album cover 00000000 $ Video services : 5000 $ Stylistes (2) 800 $ Airplane tickets (i.e. for foreign work) 00,000 $ Make-up artist 1,500 $ Artists and extras 000,500 $

Plan de commandites – KIKO TRU RASTA – www.reverbnation.com/kikotrurasta

In exchange for your help, we will associate the name of your company to a current project, which is Kiko Tru Rasta, who made his name in the Haitian community as xxxxxxxxx. You will benefit from excellent visibility, in addition to supporting this up-and-coming Haitian reggae artist.


Speaking of your business during the award ceremony Verbal mention of company name in our advertisements on the radio. Registration of your advertising materials in the press kit of our conferences Distribution of your press release on our website and conference Special mention of your help in the financial report Add your listing to advertise on our website

5,000 $

3,000 $
- Verbal mention of company name in our advertisements on the radio. - Adding your logo in our printed promotion xxx (x X x) - Adding your logo on our posters advertising (18X x 24) - Adding your logo on our website with a link to your own website - Mention of your company name during our interviews - Registration of your company name in all mass emails sent

- Verbal mention of company name in our advertisements on the radio. - Adding your logo in our printed promotion xxx (x X x) - Adding your logo on our posters advertising (18X x 24)

1000 $

Plan de commandites – KIKO TRU RASTA – www.reverbnation.com/kikotrurasta


On the (jj-mm-aaaa): BETWEEN KIKO TRU RASTA representative : Address : Telephone : xxxxxx Email : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx & Company name : Address : Telephone : Fax : Email : Authorized signer : Signature :

Please check your visibility option :

PAIEMENT : Payable upon receipt of invoice Signature of person responsible : Date (jj-mm-aaaa) :

Plan de commandites – KIKO TRU RASTA – www.reverbnation.com/kikotrurasta

Reservations – The deadline to submit this reservation form scanned to the following address: ____________________ is on __________ 2011. We will contact you within 72 hours (3 days) after receipt of the form. Payment - Payment deadline is ______________, 17h, to carry out counter.

Contact XXX 4444 jemappelle@mail.com
Responsible for fundingTél.:

Plan de commandites – KIKO TRU RASTA – www.reverbnation.com/kikotrurasta

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