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3-5-874/18, Hyderguda, Hyderabad - 500 029. Ph: 040-23227956 / 23227955; Fax : 040-23227310 E-mail: Website: http:/

Application for Admission to Post Graduate Diploma P.G. Diploma in Patents Law / Media Laws / Cyber Laws
1. Name in full ( in Capital Letters ) Mr Ms Dr

2. Course applied for (Write clearly the course applied)

(Tick clearly the course applied for )

P.G. Diploma in Patents Law P.G. Diploma in Media Laws P.G. Diploma in Cyber Laws

3. Academic Qualifications (Give full details) Name of Degree/ Exam Year of Passing University / Board Class obtained % of Marks Secured

4. Present Position, if employed with details : Name of Organisation / Profession Designation From

5. Date of Birth : 7. a) Nationality 8. Details of the Demand Draft Name of the Bank No.of the D.D Date Amount : : : :

6. Place of Birth : b) Whether you belong to SC/ST Application Fee Admission Fee Tuition Fee Rs......................................... Rs.......................................... Rs.........................................



I hereby undertake to abide by the Regulations and Rules prescribed by the University from time to time. Date : Signature of the Applicant

Place :


: Enclose copy of Degree Certificate attested by Gazetted Officer / Notary. Three stamp size photographs are to be enclosed along with the application.

00 1. NALSAR PRO" NALSAR University of Law. Chennai* 7.The contact seminar classes will be held at – Hyderabad.00 2. 1. Pune. Admission Fee & Tuition Fee. Mumbai 3. 3. Stamp size Photographs (Three) 2. Ahmedabad and Chennai.000. Name in full ( in Capital Letters) Address (Write clearly and completely) Please tick communication to be sent to : OFFICIAL RESIDENTIAL 2.000.00 1.000.00 10.500 029. The downloaded Apllication form along with enclosures has to be sent to . NALSAR PRO".00 1. with STD Code :____________________________ Tel.) 300. Pune. Media Laws – The contact seminar classes will be held only at Hyderabad. Mumbai. Mumbai.000. 040 23227956/55 About Centres 1.00 2.00 20.00 1.000.00 Cyber Laws Indian (Rs.000. OFFICIAL RESIDENTIAL ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ State:__________________Pin Code:_________________ State:________________Pin Code:_________________ Tel. if any. Delhi. Fee Structure Sl No. 4.00 1.700.00 1. The Fee paid towards the Course will not be refundable under any circumstances.00 1.00 5. with STD Code ___________________________ Mobile No:_______________________________________ Mobile No: ____________________________________ E-mail:__________________________________________ E-mail:________________________________________ (E-mail ID is mandatory and should be written clearly in legible handwriting) 3. Ahmedabad* 5.00 Media Laws Indian (Rs. b) Checklist for you : 1.00 1. Bangalore.000. payable at Hyderabad. the second choice will be allotted.000.000.00 1. Hyderguda. 2. Hyderabad 4."The Coordinator. No.000. Delhi Application and Prospectus Registration/Admission fees Tuition fee Examination fee Convocation fee Total Course Fee Late Fee (Beyond Admission Deadline) Continuation Fee (For every academic year beyond the first year . 3. The University reserves the right to cancel any of the above centres and the candidates will be informed about the same prior to the admission. Details 2. 5.00 1. However the examinations can also be taken from other centres . Important Instructions : a) We request you to write us the change in address immediately.) 300. Bangalore. to avoid postal delay.1. Delhi.700. Pune 4. c) d) e) f) The Demand draft should be made in favour of"The Registrar. The Examination Fee & the Convocation fee has to be paid along with the Examination Form before the exams.) 3. Ahmedabad and Chennai.00 1. Proximate Centres . .000. 3-5-874/18.Bangalore. Hyderabad .000. 7.000. 2. Delhi. Ph. Bangalore 6. Cyber Laws . Ahmedabad and Chennai.00 2.00 1.000.000. Demand Draft consisting of Application fee.000. However the examinations can also be taken from other centres .Contact Classes and Examinations The Candidate is requested to indicate the first and second preference (Please write 1 & 2 in the relevant box) 1.Pune.per paper) Patents Law Indian (Rs.00 10. No.700.00 15. Note : In case where minimum enrolment is less than 25 in a centre of your first choice.00 5. Mumbai.000.00 15.) 300. 6. Attested copy of Degree Certificate (The candidates having Doctorate degree should submit their Phd certificate. Patents Law – The contact seminar classes and examinations will be held at – Hyderabad.000.