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FULL NAME: ……………………………………………………………………. SECTION:…….. ROLL NUMBER:……… DATE:../…./2011 TEACHERS: Maria Sánchez Mejia – William Chavez Quispe

Complete the chart below to test. How well you do thing. How well can you… () Very well Speak Spanish Sing Dance Play the piano play the flute cook Swim in the beach
2. Complete the pictures with right adverbs

Utiliza expresiones de manera para opinar sobre el desempeño de las personas de su entorno desarrollando su asertividad y respeto.


Not very well

Not at all

“Brindamos una educación integral, científica, humanista, basada en los principios evangélicos y en la espiritualidad mercedaria; formando jóvenes líderes, emprendedores, con conciencia ambiental, para lograr mejor calidad de vida”.

humanista.A. formando jóvenes líderes. ADJECTIVE VS ADVERBS An adjective describes a noun (a person or a thing) or is linked with it by a form of to be. emprendedores. para lograr mejor calidad de vida”. He looks at me angrily V. C. científica. . • We usually meet at school. They are formed from adjectives by adding “ly”.A.I. MANNER ADVERBS QUALIFIES THE VERB. E. ob M. b) After the verb + object She speaks English well V. ob M. “Brindamos una educación integral. basada en los principios evangélicos y en la espiritualidad mercedaria. It tells you how people do things. They paint beautifully V M. _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ dangerous polite intelligent easy lucky heavy happy crazy angry _________ c) _________ _________ _________ _________ d) _________ _________ _________ _________ good hard fast scientific historic economic dramatic _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ b) • she sings very beautifully she is very beautiful • • • a slow car his speech is very fluent We meet at the usual place. Inmaculada de la Merced school MANNER ADVERBS A. (am – are – is – was – were) • a beautiful woman An adverb describes how something goes on or is done and often modifies a verb. con conciencia ambiental. Manner adverbs answer the question “How……………………” a) slow careful careles bad clear beautiful inmediate quick rapid wonderful B.A. • the car goes very slowly • Peter speaks English very fluently. POSITION a) After the verb He runs quickly V M.A.

He is a quick speaker. Rewrite the using Manner Adverbs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 She’s a good swimmer. Icarus. had to escape from Crete. English is easy. con conciencia ambiental. Old people walk____________. Peru is in bad condition. formando jóvenes líderes. Ramón Ferreyros drives cars 9. científica. Inmaculada de la Merced school We make the adverb by adding –ly to the adjective. 2. 4. 4. 5. My parents work_______ to get money. and made a ___________pair of wings for himself and his son. Firemen act_______ to avoid fires. he told his son two things. They left Crete and flew_________ up into the blue sky. You are a careles driver. Before they left Crete. They are bad cook. Icarus___________forgot his father’s words and began to fly________. . 6. Icarus worked___________. We are hard students. Form Adverbs from the adjectives in brackets and write them in the blanks: GOOD LOUD SLOW EASY HEAVY BEAUTIFUL HARD ECONOMIC RAPID 1. emprendedores. I learn it__________. He fell into the_______blue sea and he died_________. She´s a careful cleaner. He said. 3. The wings were made of feathers and wax. My classmates speaks________ in class. Some adjectives and adverbs have the same form. Read and answer these questions There’s a Soccer match on Johan Paker is an “Brindamos una educación integral. 7. because the ____ sun will melt your wings. basada en los principios evangélicos y en la espiritualidad mercedaria. ___________. They are neat writers. He flew too high and the sun melted his wings. 2. para lograr mejor calidad de vida”. She They I You We He She They _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ 3. Guerrero plays soccer________. Complete the Reading “THE STORY OF ICARUS” by using these words: CAREFULLY CARELESSLY IMMEDIATELY QUICKLY YOUNG LARGE HARD HIGH HOT LOW DEEP Deadalus and his____________ son. E. Don’t fly too________. Michael Jackson sings___________ 8. you must fly________. 10. humanista. very______. I am an efficient worker.I. Astronauts walk________ on the moon. Remember: fast – fast  hard – hard  good – well  friendly – friendly CLASSWORK 1.

He’s very carefully. I think that… 1 2 3 4 How does your mother cook? How do you draw? How does your father play soccer? “Brindamos una educación integral. USEFUL EXPRESSIONS I think.school Today Sporting Cristal is playing excellent driver. Is he a fast driver or slow driver? ____________________________________ ___________________________________ e..I. Are they good tennis? c. What’s on TV today? a. What’s his name? ___________________________________ ___________________________________ b. All his friend say “John is Usually play well but today Cineciano is a good driver”. playing very well and Cristal is playing badly. Look at the pictures and answer the questions. para lograr mejor calidad de vida”. emprendedores. basada en los principios evangélicos y en la espiritualidad mercedaria.. con conciencia ambiental. How is Cineciano playing today? d. How does he drive? ___________________________________ ___________________________________ 5. How does it sing? (awfull) How does she play tennis? How does he drive? (good) IT SINGS AWFULL How does Barney draw? (beautiful) BARNEY ____________ (neat) HE ___________________ SHE _________________ How does he write poems? (careless) HE _________________ How does he dance? (bad) HE ___________________ Answer the following questions. E. . They carefully and well. Is he good or bad driver? ___________________________________ ___________________________________ c. How is Cristal playing? e. Cineciano. He always drives slowly. científica. Which teams are paying? b. Inmaculada de la Merced TV. They are both good teams. Does he drive well or badly? ___________________________________ ___________________________________ d. In my opinión… I believe that… Well. a. humanista. formando jóvenes líderes.

My old boss once said that his 20’s were fun. humanista. científica. He____________(constant) worried about money and the future during his 30’s.I.  The prisioner was____________ accused. I always used to feel like you. I _________(brief) see my kids before they go to bed. I can __________ (hard) remember the last I took a real vacation or did something really fun! No one ever said life is easy. My job is killing me! What’s so terrible about it? I have to work overtime almost every day. I can deal with a Little hardship. “My job is killing me!” STEVE: PHIL: STEVE: I __________ (absolute) hate my life. E. and I wouldn’t face the same sort of worries my parents had. his 30’s were terrible. If it makes you feel better. My 30’s were quite stressful with more and more work responsibilities. Because I come home late.  The nurse spoke________ to the patient. so I don’t see them then either. I can work __________. “Brindamos una educación integral. con conciencia ambiental. FRIEND HIGH BAD QUIET HEAVY DEEP CLEAR DIRECT IMPATIENT SHY FREE TRUE SPECIAL SUDDENLY IMPATIENT WRONG bad SLOW DANGEROUS MOTHER  In my new job office. But my 40’s have had fewer worries. and his 40’s were fantastic. too. Was he right? More or less. I have more money too. I just thought life would have more opportunities for me.  John is _______ qualified for that kind of job. he had trouble making ends meet. para lograr mejor calidad de vida”. Complete each sentence by using the adverbs into the box (before change all the words to adverbs of manners). Check the words you don’t know. I suppose so. So. they wake up early and hang out with friends. Read the conversation and write each adverb properly. Inmaculada de la Merced school 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 How do you behave in class? How do you do your homework? How do you greet your friends? What kind of cook are you? How do you swim? What kind of student are you? How do you dance? _________________________________ HOMEWORK 1. basada en los principios evangélicos y en la espiritualidad mercedaria. emprendedores. I have to wait____________(patient) for another six years! It would seem so! PHIL: STEVE: PHIL STEVE: PHIL: STEVE: PHIL: 2. formando jóvenes líderes. On the weekends. I don’t have to ______________(careful) plan the business side of my life to find time for my wife and kids. That’s not the problem. .

formando jóvenes líderes.  Sheila found that her friend is ________ in love with her. He  The  Mark was waiting girlfriend_________. doesn’t made her for speak decision his  The new manager spoke _________ to the staff. Carla is waiting for her friend___________. point. .  If you walk so___________ you will miss the bus. humanista.  Yesterday.  This bunch of flowers was ___________ chosen for you.  Tommy is studying_______ is the living room.I. Roy was a bad player.  My boss called me and went______ to the  My aunt behaved in a _______ way when I was sick. basada en los principios evangélicos y en la espiritualidad mercedaria. E. para lograr mejor calidad de vida”. firefighter _________. científica. school  My nephew very__________. He played _________.  It is snowing _________ up in the mountain.  Carla is impatient. there was a football match.  My father is ______ concerned about the new economic measures. driver. “Brindamos una educación integral. con conciencia ambiental. Inmaculada de la Merced  The Windows is _________ painted. emprendedores.  Terry is a dangerous drives___________.

humanista. científica. formando jóvenes líderes. emprendedores. basada en los principios evangélicos y en la espiritualidad mercedaria. . Inmaculada de la Merced school “Brindamos una educación integral. para lograr mejor calidad de vida”. E. con conciencia ambiental.I.

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