1. What school did you graduate from? I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2010. 2.

What grade levels did you student teach in? I student taught for 9 weeks in Kindergarten & 9 Weeks in a Special Education 3 year old program. 3. What do you currently teach? I currently teach Special Education Pre-School. 4. How many years have you been teaching? This will be my second year teaching. 5. What are your certifications? I am certified in Early Childhood Education (Birth-Gr. 2) and Special Education. 6. What is your favorite grade level to teach? I love any ages birth-6. I haven’t worked much with first or second grade. 7. Do you have a Masters Degree & if so, in what? No, but I am currently pursing one in Exceptional Children & Youth with a focus area in severe disabilities/Autism. 8. How long have you been “teacher bloggin’”? I started my blog back in April 2011. Not 100% sure of it’s direction at the time, but I love where I have ended up! 

9. What are 3 things you can’t live without in your classroom? I can’t live without: sharpies or markers, my plan book, and coffee! 10. What are your 3 biggest pet peeves inside the classroom? Biggest pet peeves: being called “teacher”, having paper piles, and not hearing back from parents in a timely manner  10.Are you married? Nope! 12.Do you have any children? Nope! And I can’t imagine what teaching is going to be like once I do! How will I ever get anything done?! 13.Do you have any siblings? Yes, I am the youngest of 3! 14. Where is your favorite vacation spot? I live at the beach, so I enjoy a vacation in the mountains! Gatlinburg, TN is my favorite! 15. What do you enjoy in your free time? I enjoy baking, blogging, being crafty, and of course spending time with family and friends! 16. If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing? If I didn’t go to school for teaching I probably would have been interested in nutrition or health science. 17. What is your favorite food? This is tricky. I like A LOT of food, but if cheese is involved, I’m definitely going to eat it! 18. What is your favorite color? Pink.

19. What are your 3 biggest pet peeves outside of the classroom? I can only list 3?! Clothes hanging out of a dresser drawer, rude people, and toilet paper on the roll “the wrong way” 20. What is your favorite dessert? I love all things cake batter flavored, but always order creme Brule!  

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