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1996 to April 2010. The archive contains about 56,300 files (~8.5GB) published on and its related sites along with the companion site and US Army INSCOM Dossiers of about 25,000 pages.The DVDs will be sent anywhere worldwide without extra cost. Email a shipping address to cryptome[at] How to Donate

Donate $25 for two DVDs of the Cryptome collection of files from June 1996 to the present

Natsios Young Architects

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Thanks for support by a slew of means to avoid PayPal. The extra offline effort should be unnecessary. Cryptome will sign on for other online services preferred by donors -- send the candidates. Comments and additions welcome - send to: cryptome[at] Multiple paths protect privacy, a single means is too easily spied upon. Offline cash remains the most anonymous, cheapest and least trackable means to pay, which several donors have used. There is mail spying but far less than online. If the cash is stolen in transit Cryptome will accept the loss. If you wish, send an email that cash has been sent, to check on theft. None discovered so far. For Electronic Funds Transfer send request to cryptome[at] These are expensive for small donations: a $30.00 donation cost Cryptome $15.00 plus whatever the sender paid. Cash, checks and money orders from any country are acceptable. Make out the latter to John Young. Mail to: John Young 251 West 89th Street New York, NY 10024 Several banks, maybe all, offer online bill payment systems, which a number of donors have used.

Moneybookers Account:

Cryptome has signed on to Alertpay as a start -- donate to: jya[at] Credit cards accepted.

The Cryptome PayPal account is still alive -- use it if you prefer, some do:

I saw that Paypal had shut you down and wanted to offer my help. If you are interested in opening up a merchant account, feel free to call me and I can go over the details with you. Good web site! Thank you for the hard work, EVO Merchant Services

This is the micropayments service I was telling you about:

We checked with our UK bank who confirmed that US banks cannot accept a cheque drawn on a UK bank - they suggested an International Money Order, which needs to be pre-ordered and costs an additional GBP £8 (US $12+) and seems a huge faff for both of us, as well as adding additional costs which go to the bank (grr!) We found we can send via our PostOffice a "MoneyGram" Please read "how to receive money via MoneyGram" Cryptome: Moneygram also sells money orders, which a number of donors have used.

A sends:

A2 sends:

You are not the first, nor will you be the last, to have major issues in dealing with PayPal. Ebay (PayPal's parent company) has come to fisticuffs with many of its users. If I may, I can offer yet another solution. At first glance, it seems like all of the donation processors have been covered (moneybookers, etc.). You may also want to look into opening a bank account in Delaware; it is notoriously more secretive than Irish and Cayman numbered accounts. What the site needs is an indemnity company: one free of prosecution of the antiquated DMCA and backed by simple money transfers. Enter Antigua1, a Caribbean country in the Leeward Islands. In a 2006 bout with the US regarding online gambling, the country went to WIPO to mitigate any wrongdoing: the result was an exemption from the interational TRIPS agreement and a cash money settlement with the US.2 Slysoft has found harbor in the capital, St. Johns. 1. 2.

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