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Please find below the basic creed of magick the definition of which defined by the supernaturalist definition present at the start of my essay “Supernatural Science: how to become a great magickian without losing your mind”. You are free do download this and email it to anyone, you are free to print this off and distribute this to anyone. But cursed be anyone who changes as much as one word!

This is a gift from NickDutch during this troubling time in our history. Magick, when separated from any religious and even the magickio-religious cults has no connection with the veneration of evil entities, nor has it got any connection to the sale of ones soul or any aspect of ones being to anyone or anything. If it does not abide by this creed, it is not magick. The message herein is that of ritual, spiritual and theological freedom, but constrained by reasoning and with the recognition of one supreme being, as all humans no matter how agnostic or atheistic, need a form of reliance on a God (or a power greater than themselves) of their own understanding to keep themselves sane.

There are magickal traditions in all religions. “witches” and many other religious. that attitude has to be driven out of the definition of magick for all time. We can exploit these traditions to the point whereby they suit us. not being an organization. Traditional texts on magick speak of magick being to help create prosperity. Practitioners of religion are believers and therefore limited by fear. Nor does it make the following of any religion justified. Christian prayer is part of the Magick of the Christian tradition. Some people feel that the people who label themselves “magickians”. “magickal” and all the rest are insufficient to describe what we are. We understand that spiritual development schools of thought have as their goal to integrate a sick person into human communities. yogas and rituals designed to create change in the human organism. They may be lying or mad and the spirit itself may be lying about who he or she is! Always apply reason first. They are no more worthy than the hollow opinions that they spout out of their mouths. We know that these organizations have value. the opinion is usually that if the to remove this watermark. We take and ascribe the name “magickian” to any non denominational holy man or woman.verypdf. magickian or diviner rather than knowledge from above. “magick”. fortune teller or priest has the moral right to tell you what any spirit. hatred and paranoia.Please purchase PDFcamp Printer on http://www. Many alleged spiritualists will very freely impart the opinion of “spirit”. This is not only untrue. deity or supernatural force “wants you to do”. but like it or not. Magick present in any religion is just a tradition of that religion and is not magick in its own right. but again it is not magick. but Magick. We define a “magickal act” as an act that is an attempt to be miraculous and to create phenomena that go against the Newtonian model of the world. we do know that the process of becoming a magickian involves some personal growth and self development. magickian. namely people who aspire to use or develop PSI phenomena to the point of controllability. and so as to . nor does it make any self professed magickian correct. We accept that the term “magickian”. Although we do not see magick as a self developmental school of thought. Our goal is the creation of results and not the creation of spiritual enlightenment. No spiritualist. No-one tells the magickian when he is or is not ready. Being a scholar of the history of various cults and magickal orders does not make you a person with any real useful knowledge or skill. but as no magickal text has defined how this can be done. but historical or cultural research of this type can assist you in finding out what the historical rather than current mythologies of the supernatural are about. diviner. sane or superior. We define developmental exercises as meditations. but for the moment they serve a superficial descriptive purpose. we can suggest that religious or spiritual experience seems to be paramount to success as we develop our skills. prayers. A magickian can be of any faith or of none at all. There is no such thing as a perfect magickian. it is an out and out lie. that does not make a religious person magickal and does not make a magickal person religious. then look to spirit for guidance if necessary. spiritual or occult titles are worthy of respect that goes above the normal. For instance the Magick of Wicca is a religious practice that only Wiccans allow you to do when they feel that you are ready. is not one of them. However. Start with normal means of solving your issues before you seek any other form of help. but we don't stop our experimentation in accordance with the fears that the cults try and instill in us.

stress and paranoia as to render the magickian either powerless or upset to the point of madness. Magick is also above politics. We understand that religions are often created to satisfy human needs and therefore can be only at best a poor reflection of the true divine. at times in the development of our societies. any pain and mystery that comes from the cults or religions that we create are our just suffering.verypdf. Gods. However there are variabilities in skill level and variety. or a sufficient number of magickal adepts in any era. hatred. Magick in its purest sense is without culture and supports nothing at all. but we can say that due to the nature of a certain person. A magickian does not state that spiritual entities are real and objective facts. The author of this essay has not intention of creating yet another religion in this world as there are too many already. whatever that may be.Please purchase PDFcamp Printer on http://www. angels. A magickian does not care for any religious debate as all religious debate is debate in a circle. quantity and quality. Although we shun the creation of even more faiths and cults (as religion is predominantly an expression of human neurosis). a certain influence might be harmful to their survival. A magickian accepts that there is no such thing as higher or lower levels of development as they are just figments of the imagination of specific religious organizations. We don't disbelieve in the supernatural. We accept that the miracles of orthodox religion are either parables and therefore from a practical magickal stand point. and is not essential for success. but we are skeptical of the claims of other humans. become people who attempt to be miraculous. seek to redress a social or psychological balance through creating another religion. and no more. what occurred. Disloyalty against any deity won't give you misfortune or damn you for eternity. good or to remove this watermark. useless. Godesses. Our lives may be at risk if we create another political or religious strain. We don't jump to conclusions as to the verity of any alleged supernatural activity that we are presented with by humans. but we see this as a phase in our development rather than the following of the one and true faith. but can relate his or her subjective experience of what has been done. what seemed to occur and the real or alleged results. at times. Magick is not a religion. Religion these days is increasingly politicized. . we may. We may become religious to satisfy certain needs in ourselves. Any benefits that come from the creation of such cults are our rewards. or are very real phenomena that can be classified as magick and as such. We do not except any concept of positive or negative. We do not fear deities. and humans have increasingly less respect for the law out of economic or political stress. can be achieved under certain circumstances by magick adepts of any faith. Each magickian works out through his or her research or experimentation which variety of skills that he or she wishes to develop and sets about developing those skills. and therefore we can seek to assist the individual in their survival. Religious debate can arouse such resentment. demons and spirit guides come when we call them and not the other way around. We only find that devotional loyalty is useful under some circumstances.

neuro-linguistic programming. through carefully designed prayer. state that there is “a reality” that has only temporary validity. A magickian cannot and should not state that theory. All fictional entities in this respect are essentially “real” when the magickian chooses to care for them. but at other times they may be free roaming and can be called upon at will. or any model of the supernatural world is reality. psychological or religious/spiritual) exists in some seemingly real manner. A magician never states that the results of any form of magickal activity can be created with absolute certainty or with the reliability of switching on a light switch. angels demons and dragons seem to exist due to their appearance in literature. For instance at times it seems that there is but one consciousness in the world and that humans are merely condensed “cells” in its brain. psychoanalysis and many other schools of thought and to read heavily into them. We ONLY accept this world view during our magickal activities and not before or after. meditation and ritual. We theorize that beings exist in this global and possibly universal consciousness directly proportional to the quantity of belief or exposure that the minds of humans have had to these ideas (a “god of war” may exist due to the quantity of war on the face of the planet. A magickian does not. must not and should not deride any religion. despite all appearances. Therefore every creation of the human mind (be it fantastical. might in fact be another being all together and as such our results might become flawed. However we also choose to accept the fact that the entity that we have summoned. We do not see them as fact. but merely useful. it becomes a fun to become involved in and research folklore. A magickian does not state the mechanism by which any supernatural phenomena occurs as it remains an unknown. but for a more in depth analysis of what may be the necessary theoretical factors in creating phenomena. psychokinesis. We refer to the studies of parapsychology. religion. object or person. If we don't understand the language of the studies. sci fi and folklore). As a magickian. Magick remains experimental but we always seek to make notes of what has transpired so that in the future other better equipped scientists and magickians can analyze our experimental data. spiritualism. and can be called upon in the form of an entity or to remove this watermark. However. or a personification of events. We accept that there are certain models of the way that the supernatural world seems to operate under certain circumstances. we seek to research to the point whereby we can understand them and to discourse freely on the subject. The phrase “it works” demonstrates stupidity. Don't stop there! Use any other add ons that add to your understanding of the natural world. psychology. not for corroboration of our beliefs (for as a magickian we need no beliefs). For instance a Goddess of cats can communicate more readily with little moggy than a Goddess of elephants. We accept that improvements in our ritual preparation might be in order. but the magician can propose other points of view that a more extremely dogmatic religious person might need to hear. However we treat them in ritual and meditation as if they were separate. one can if one has the understanding and vocabulary. At times they may be physically bound to a location. We assume that these beings can create that which is of their own nature and affect that which is of their own character and rank. Whether your assessment that the religious person does actually need to hear what you are trying to tell them . or have any separate existence at all.Please purchase PDFcamp Printer on http://www. spiritual healing. sociological. Failure or Variability is always an option and there has been (to the authors knowledge) no proper analysis of which factors create 100% reliable results. except by stating that the mechanism in question is theoretical. We remain for the moment. and therefore arguably not “real”. herbalism. guinea pigs in our own experimental laboratory. We also state that it is difficult for us to ascertain whether these entities are in our own minds and only exert a force via psychosomatics.

We research all the methods spoken of by religious. imagery. as a result of the development. Most humans need a deity concept to keep themselves sane for instance. The magickian accepts that all religious imagery (be it visual as in a crucifix. A social and psychological necessity for humanity rather than a necessary evil. The magickian shuns idolatry in its religious context except whereby operations of magick in ceremony. but even then at times we need to see ourselves as separate entities following our will and not the will of the God in question. any that he or she can creatively design or none at all. but a truth that can be used as a tool to reach certain states of mind. it isn't always a good idea to take a comfort blanket from a baby unless you have a good set of ear protectors to hand! We use religious ideas. different connectivity between the body and the mind and. We agree that over time. However the magickian accepts that he or she might suffer criticism and attack from religious people for doing so. Practical exploration of different states of mind is to be encouraged. self development can at times assist in the production of certain effects and the maintenance of sanity. The psychic development exercises that are a part of magick are very much about creating changes in the brain and the body of the magickian to the point whereby. Using idols or imagery from the point of view of a magickian is not worship as we do not seek to bring ourselves to a point of worthiness to a personified supernatural being. Organized religion is essentially organized idolatry. words. is correct or not is up to you.verypdf. prayers. The magickian whether he or she likes it or not is on a path of self development. Entities serve us. one can say that the magickian is a separate type of human individual with different brain functioning. The only exception to this rule is the Supreme “God” that is beyond conceptualization. we accept that mystical language and symbolism is only a way that (firstly) cults use to ensnare the minds of the followers . magickal and spiritual groups and build our world view based on experience. We explain this rationally by the natural and testable phenomena known as neuroplasticity. The magickal concept of God is a concept beyond human understanding. as tools and not as. something that can be of intellectual or emotional benefit to the magickian.Please purchase PDFcamp Printer on http://www. and not the other way around. for. Even the name “God” is idolatrous to this concept. may use all the imagery. natural science may come to understand these changes in accordance with similar testable methodologies. symbologies and the like. meditation and a wide variety of religious and occult practices. Despite the intoxicating allure of mystical language and symbolism. The magician accepts that even the religion that the magician hates the most might have in its more esoteric teachings. ceremonials and concepts of all the world religions. meditation or visualization require the use of imagery when necessary to achieve specific results. or to support articles of faith. auditory as in a mantra or of any other form) is idolatry and as such is a fiction and not the truth. We are encouraged to experiment as there is no hard and fast method to reliably create specific result. this path is called life. possession of strange abilities and perceptions that normal individuals do not posses. The magician accepts that altered states of consciousness are vital for the development of any supernatural effects. eventually. He or she accepts that although self development and magick are separate ideas. These states are created by prayer. The magickian if he or she so desires. a concept beyond to remove this watermark.

to identify himself of herself with a organized religion. though giving them more and more riddles to solve and (secondly) need to be understood to be used in any way at all. If a religious group promises magick. Unlike religious people or self absorbed individuals. The act of joining a religion is to seek approval. he or she may find that it is beneficial under times of identity crisis. Belief in spirits is not spirituality.verypdf. We find them in all religions. Without which we would just be a puppet for anyone else to control at their whim. magick probably won't be the answer that they need or the solution for their problems. It is better to either spend a portion of your time devoted to a particular path to ascertain all that you can from it before moving on. To find that which is incorrect and wrong and to work on self improvement and magickal improvement. a magickian should always ask the newcomer to magick to explain why they wish to be to remove this watermark. We accept that many people get into magick out of need. Becoming a master of quoting things is a great way to seem like a soulless thoughtless robot who has psychiatric diseases. One might also argue that the language of mysticism is there to deliver a specific change in a person through making the person follow the levels of initiation as described by the language. It can be therapeutic. or to create your own symbolism and mystical language based on phonetics. essentially personal growth. We accept that our own conceptualization of spirituality is the growth and development of our minds and emotions. However that has implications of loss of personal freedom and as such should be discouraged. Like it or not. but a cult that is using the miracles of magick to terrify the audience into submission. It has to become of paramount importance to study the words in all their contexts and not just refer to a dictionary. there may be something wrong with them. we would become cult leaders. but actually learning how to think and to think like a scientist and an artist is essential if you are to explain magick as either an art or a science. but exposing your magickal interests to them will undo any benefits to your self healing through the religion. Although the magician is not a religious person in the accepted sense of the word. If we were to do so. Another useful method is to perform extensive research in the theories behind the creation of symbolism first. Although the stories of our successes may be enthralling. These people should be directed to the right self help or therapeutic . A person who believes in ghosts is not a spiritual person. Most practicing magicians have no knowledge of the meanings of the words “art” or “science”. a good education and the humility to accept that whatever our views. Cult leaders are pointless lunatics who destroy the lives and minds of other humans.Please purchase PDFcamp Printer on http://www. The purpose for us in getting a good education is to learn how to think for ourselves. it is not a magickal group. and the stories of our failures may be entertaining. identity and membership of some tangible body of people that is greater than the self. we do not seek to deliberately terrify the audience into believing supernatural ideas. a sense of real or imagined psychic attack or any other anomalous psychological malaise. part of our task as magickians is to undo the damage that they create. the new age movement and in psychic development circles to a greater or lesser degree. Our most important defenses against insanity and social persecution is adherence to all the social norms and laws of our society and culture. As a magickian we choose to learn when to believe and learn when to disbelieve. before you use any of them. However he or she needs to keep his magickal interests quiet. We understand and agree that many people get into magick as a direct results of their own pathological problems. However many get postgraduate education without thinking what the education was trying to teach them.

We look to the evidence from science and parapsychology that demonstrates the verity of certain facts of the natural world under controlled laboratory conditions and know that our exercises are in some strange way part and parcel of the natural phenomena that are investigated by parapsychologists. We look upon skeptics of the supernatural with pity. This is necessary for the survival of the individual and as such should be seen as a necessity at times. cannot and will not save you from any unpleasantness in your life. family and children away from you due to the root evil matrix in your seventh level of being. many interesting results from ritual and meditation. organizations and away from magick. For instance it is better to say “I would like to try a spiritual healing on you if you don't to remove this watermark. out of body experiences.bespoke-group. The moment that a spiritual being or experience that we have had occult dealings with becomes sufficiently troublesome to affect our ability to live and look after ourselves.nickdutch. we have to concede defeat and get help in the form of psychiatric medication that is prescribed or a suitable support or counseling organization. some mediumship experiences and it can with almost certainty be dealt with my natural means rather than by supernatural means. Only I. otherwise I would be a multimillionaire with more than one hundred wives by now! A magickian is careful with his speech so as not to create false beliefs or misunderstandings nor to fill the lives and minds of his audience with fear and paranoia. prophetic visions. Manners. On your journey you will experience moments of telepathy. However. some of the powers of a spiritual healer. just to see what happens” rather than “there is an evil demon that has possessed your aura and biomorph field and has driven your wife. It is also wise to be a member of an orthodox religious or non religious self developmental organization for the purposes of maintaining the sanity that you have during some of the more psychologically dangerous exercises that you may experience or perform. Magick cannot and will not give you results immediately. Magick remains experimental and not a proven system of creating deliberate change in the physical world. tact and understating the apparent way that the world seems to work is the best method. master or unbalance the whole universe. we cannot under any circumstances define precisely what those phenomena are. you will learn to control some or all of these phenomena. the Great Merlin can remove it with my Magickal Abilities!”. Your religion might not be the truth.Please purchase PDFcamp Printer on http://www. moments of . If you fail at a magickal exercise you need to look more at where your skill levels are and what you can achieve as opposed to trying something that you are not suited to at that moment. however. Practice and increasing your skills are essential and part of your growth. It is necessary to retire temporarily in order to get strong again and to live to fight another day. and beliefs are http://www. If you work hard. They seem to have developed beliefs. http://www. You will not. Human ability is variable. The best case scenario is that you will gain spiritual experiences and a lot of life learning that you wouldn't normally receive through being “normal”. but its fiction and the energy interchange with the followers of the religion may save you from a psychological or social hell. Whatever issue that you have that has driven you to magick to find an answer. Magick does not.

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