Monday 22 August 2011

New funding for artists to build a creative Australia
The Australia Council for the Arts is pleased to launch the Creative Australia Artists Grants, a five year program of funding which delivers to artists the Federal Government’s budget commitment of $10 million in new funding to the arts.
The program will support artists, including young and emerging artists, across all artforms to deliver new artistic works, undertake fellowships and create additional presentations to Australian audiences over the next five years, commencing this year, as part of the Government’s commitment to invest in a creative Australia. “The Creative Australia Artists Grants are about giving artists the resources and the time to develop their creative vision,” says Kathy Keele, CEO of the Australia Council. “It’s also about giving Australian audiences access to new and diverse creative experiences.” Among the new opportunities available will be the New Art initiative which will be open to artists of all backgrounds. Through this initiative the Australia Council’s Inter-Arts Office will deliver grants for 16 large scale projects that take creative risks and explore new ways of engaging the Australian public with contemporary, experimental art. The Australia Council will also award 10 fellowships for established artists and 13 fellowships for young and emerging artists in a major new initiative to support outstanding artists working across the sector and across Australia. “These fellowships will support the career development of artists across artforms, whether they live in the cities or regional and rural Australia,” says Kathy. “They offer artists the precious gift of time and space to create inspiring and ambitious work.” A range of presentation initiatives to help build and connect with audiences will also be available from mid 2012. These grants will support a range of activities across all artforms including exhibiting, touring, recording, publishing, presenting and promoting existing or new activities. Federal Minister for the Arts, Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, Simon Crean, welcomed the launch. “The Federal Government is committed to providing opportunities for artists across the country and to giving all Australians access to the arts,” says Minister Crean. “The Creative Australia Artists Grants will fund up to 150 additional artistic works, presentations and fellowships over five years and that’s an important contribution to the vitality of our arts sector.” The Australia Council will promote the new opportunities as they become available through its funding forums, marketing campaigns and online resources. Council will focus on attracting applications from artists facing access barriers such as artists with a disability, artists from nonEnglish speaking and culturally diverse backgrounds, and artists in regional and remote areas. For more information on the Creative Australia Artists Grants visit:

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