basically from chennai working in coimbatore. and i am single.

(i think bored much about me) ok after coming to coimbatore( i will say cbe) life is boring till last 3 months as we had one new person mr.nayak and his wife gayathri(names have been chanaged) came to cbe and joined our office . he is 32yrs and she is 27yrs and 1ys old kid. she is house wife. he is a thorough gentle man(alas he lost his hairs) we are the group of 4guys (me,kamal,aswin,vinod) staying in independent house close to our office. when we got the message that mr nayak is joining us we rented one more independent house next to us. after their arrival as they were not knowing tamil we used to help them for local markets and all other stuffs. we call her bhabi(anni in tamil) whenever to pass time, we all will be in his house playing with the kid and watching tv and movies etc. we used to see lot of movies eng/hindi and of course tamil cds. including every sat night bfs. she used to see a lot of english movies so we used to get cds for her and it is her only main time pass for her apart from chatting . it was during one of the exchanges i had given her one blue film cd(eng) i could not understand her strange behaviour as not talking properly when i was collecting those cds back from her. it was then when saw those cds in my system that what blunder i made. it was saturday morning and i was feeling sick i was on leave so i went to her to ask apology. of course my intention was to say her it is not intentional . when i gone inside her house she was little hesitant in talking but i made it clear and felt sorry she had became normal and then she opened up for more. talking about those cds? like how do u see ? from where do u get? dont u feel shame watching with ur friends? etc i told her very patiently and she started liking for those cds as she told me pls if u dont mind can i get more of those cds? (guys really speaking i was spell bound) she requested me not to say to anyone(of course my friends had smelled it anyway). it was routine that whatever cds we see , i used to give it to her and i liked her comments on those cds about position and duration etc. i got her id and we chatted in yahoo msg.( i used to chat in front of her husband in office she is from home is it). i came to know a lot about her sexual preferences and past sex history. of course my friends all came to know but never shown to gayu(gayathri) about this and her husband had not smelt anything. in fact she is frustaed with her husband for not open minded and he is only mechanical about sex. guys all my friends were too horny for her we used to go to her house more often and some of guys even learnt cooking from her just to smell her and to be with her. when her husband is outside with us and two of us with her in the kitchen giving more concentration to her , frankly speaking she also started liking those attention(who wont). then the golden chance came when mr.nayak got one bad news from his house he got to go to calcutta.(we adviced him to go alone as probs with the reservations and it is not advisable to go with family that too for short trip, ur relatives will understand) we got his reservation (3days to go and 3days to come and 2 days stay in calcutta so we got 8 days for fun). when we seen him off in the railway stn (sat evening) we all came to her house requested for tea she was not smelling anything odd, said ok. when she had gone to kitchen we closed the door and pulled up the screens and started playing bf in the tv. as usual vinod and kamal had gone to learn about making tea(is it not funny) she is still in sarree. the child had already slept. it was just 9pm we all already had dinner at the hotel close to railway stn. when she came with the cups to the hall and saw the bf is running she was shocked to her life. all were taking cups of tea from her and started telling her bhabi this cds u like the most , this position u like the most . etc.. just she was looking me ( i could not face her)

i took only 15 minutes to offload and slept over her. the whole week only two or three would be going to office and one or two guys always with her taking care of her. aswin sat there exhausted as we were laughing at him but he did one strange thing. aswin came quickly then i took his position and three cocks pumping her two in her mouth and one in her cunt . by the side of the bed baby is sleeping. he taken out his digital cam and started to take snaps . aswin kept her legs over his shoulders and started to bang like no tomorrow.she sat on the sofa with fear in her eyes and became mum. vinod and kaml sat close to her started putting hands over her shoulders. . vinod and kamal already took out their cocks and fighting for her face to give it to her mouth. i was lauthing and sat by the side of him and watching the sleeping beauty i had to wait 20 minutes before he left her then i took over his position i could feel she had become such a loose in a single night may be because of her excitement and lubrications( the real maza is fucking withtout condoms as she told she is on pills and she wont mind it). this gave encouragement to all of us and started removing her dress with urgency and made her complete nude in front of us. she sarted saying pls leave me i am married this is not good etc. the whole night we swtiched positions and explored her seeing this aswin sat on the floor in front of her and started carressing her thighs and navel boldly and kamal and vinod alrealy licking her cheeks and lips one by one and their hands all over her breasts over the sarree she simply closed her eyes and started moaning. we slept there only 4 guys and 1 house wife when i got up around 330am in the morning(i slept at 2am when vinod was fucking her like dog and aswin was sucking her milk ) i could see kamal is over gayu and they were in missionary position he was real slow in making movements he was telling me how wet she is and she already slept saying me do whatever u want to do he was making slow movements and kissing her lips and sucking those hard nipples . he told me he will give a ring after 5 minutes . aswin and me were eating cunt like hungry cats for milk. i could smell semens all over her.. gayu was not in position to see who is fucking where and doing where she is started to enjoy fully which gave encourage to us. aswin started to eat her cunt i told them let us carry her to the bedroom all agreed and they carried her to the bedroom(which is double bed).( we used to get food from outside). without any warning aswin inserted his dick into her and started pumping. when we got up early in the morning 6am due to childs cry we all are over her again as she was feeding milk to the he is fucking his own wife. but she was not refusing any of the acts of vinod and kamal. aswing and vinod where sleeping by the side of her holding her hands when i got back from bathroom i too was hard and told aswin to finish off quickly but he said i missed out in the night now i will make use this opportunity fully . (i think there wont be any milk ) still aswin was on the other boob the whole day again we continued the fucking. when they came to the bedroom all were virtually over her. not even a single second we left her cunt without cock inside.( i was caressing her boobs and licking those milks). he was all over her. once there was a call from her husband from calcutta when kamal was banging her from behind then i attended the phone i told him that she is in the bathroom. imagine 4guys and one horny wife all were nude and vinod and kamal gave their cocks to her mouth she was sucking one by one( she like to suck the cocks).

. this is still continuing. he was not at all listening. kamal was telling me when she get off the mood her cunt became real tight that gave him real treat and laughing. now our manager is smelled something but could not do anything he is asking us for a chance it is pity for him. so far he had only kissed her and now she is our bitch.while mr nayak is watching match with two other guys. it is usual routine now whener mr nayak in the office one or two guys fucking his wife like rabbit and they even cook and clean the house so that nayak wont feel anything unusal. i complained to others but in the same night but nodody cared all were laughing at me and all started to behave roughly like she is a bitch. when the phone came he started to go slow and i kept the receiver to her ears and mouth. i also requested him behave properly(others were in the office) but he was all over her. as it was independent house we made recordings and photos(pls dont ask). we bang her when ever we want. day and night. we tell them send mr. when her husband came back he could not sense anything. he was still over her and pumping slowly and kissing her cheeks and ears massaging hard to her nipples however she was trying to get normal and spealking but she could not sensing that i cut the line . and when he is out of station we all would be in his house banging his horny wife to no limit. when the phone came again i told him that the baby started crying pls do call after 10 minutes ( he could not smell anything). she was forced to have sex with us for next one week. nayak out of station whenever possible . when he is in office two of us in his house. there are occasions when he is in the bathroom some guys bang her in the kithcen platform till there is some sound is coming form batrhoom when she is serving food some body used to pinch her buttocks . if he is there we simply close the door of kitchen and bang her ..when i told them kamal was not at all listening gayu was about to get out of his grip but kamal was real mad in fucking her he was forcing her when she tried to leave he slapped her and caught her by her hair and made her to be in the missionary position and like raping he was banging her her legs was over his shoulder and she started to cry and told him pls let me attend the phone then u fuck me. withing 5minutes he finished off and when the phone came again she attended properly. irrespective of nayaks present. as usual two guys on the pretext of learning cooking they will be fucking her inside the kitchen of course doors are closed so that they wont get disturbed during thier learning class of cooking.

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