Introduction: A virtual classroom to be established, were the teacher at a remote machine presenting his/her lectures with voice

, messages and with a web camera taking the continous image of the teacher and is being streamed by a steaming server and the voice of the teacher being encoded by the server and a chat server handling the message transfer between the teacher and the login students(clients). The server manages all the client(student) requests through mapping the requested class links to the respective IP address of the teacher taking the particular class. At the server side a scripting language would be used to update or create any new classes to the database and those updation and creation will be available to each clients(students). On the student(client)machine, all the available class links will be displayed after login. The student can choose to any classroom and attend the class and send doubts/queries through messages,handled by the chat server.It provides a means of collaborative learning for the students.

Objectives: Developing a virtual classroom system to promote a greater count of students to splurge into the field of Education. It integrates the benefits of a physical classroom with the convenience of a no-physical-bar virtual learning environment, minus the commuting hazards and expenses. It will usher in the immense flexibility and sophistication in the existing learning platform structures, with the perfect blend of synchronous and asynchronous interaction. It provides a means of collaborative learning for the students

Functional Requirements: y Students can choose courses y Registration for Multiple Courses . y Attend lectures either at the scheduled time or on request view y lecture at a later time. y Faculties can take lectures,upload assignments, announcements, evaluate answer sheets and also can upload lectures and other discussions in various formats as in videos, power point presentation etc. y Upload various assignments, college notices, Student¶s notices, journals, videos.

Non Functional Requirements:
‡ Secure access of confidential data (user¶s details). SSL can be used. ‡ 24 X 7 availability. ‡ Better component design to get better performance at peak time. ‡ Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension.

S/W And H/W Requirement
Hardware Requirements: Tools:NetBean6.9,Dreamweaver,MySql Processor : Pentium III 800MHz Memory Size : 128 MB RAM Storage : 20 GB Hard Disk Key Board : Any with minimum Required keys Mouse : Any

Software Requirements: Operating System : Windows 2000 Server Languages used : Core JAVA and Socket,J2EE,HTML,JSP,JavaScript,Servlets.

hardware. ‡Authentication is provided for this application only registered members can access. ‡It can be accessed over the Intranet. Virtual classrooms can be accessed from any computer that has the necessary software. . Drawbacks of the Existing System: Have to communicate manually. time. there are obviously many advantages of the virtual classroom to the student. ‡The system makes the overall project management much easier and flexible. thus they are an advantage to students as they can be accessed from the student¶s home and they do not have to pay for transport as they would if they were attending a traditional classroom. ‡User Friendliness is provided in the application with various controls provided by system Rich User Interface. In an IT world the things must go faster for that efficient means of communication is required. Advantages for Students: For students of virtual classrooms. ‡The user information files can be stored in centralized database which can be maintained by the system. and cost factors compared to those incurred from attending the traditional. as well as the teacher (or instructor) and the associated educational institution. physical classroom.As the virtual classroom is one that aims to give the student an experience equal to or better than the sort they would find in a traditional classroom. and Internet browser requirements in order to participate in the virtual classroom. ‡This can give the good security for user information because data is not in client machine. which try to automate the entire process keeping in the view of database integration approach. Internet connection. Have to record the information manually.Existing System : The existing is full of manual one where one individual has to communicate with the other manually. Virtual classrooms remove the need to travel to a location in which to participate in the course or lessons. The above things cause problem when it is a peak time . Have to transfer the files physically. advantages primarily concern access. have to chat with one another physically etc. Pass the files manually. PRPOSED SYSTEM : The development of this new system contains the following activities. Have to go to another person manually to contact.

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