Sample Abstract Reasoning Questions 1) Which figure completes the series?

Hint: In this series the black rectangle is alternating from top to bottom and the number of white squares is increasing by one each time. 2) Which figure completes the statement?

Hint: Begin by comparing the top figures. Does each one contain the same number of elements? If so, does each contain the same elements? If so, the elements must have been moved in some way. This is usually done by reflection or rotation. 3) Which figure is the odd one out?

Hint: Begin by looking at the elements in each figure. Are there the same number in each? Are they the same? If so, then look at the configuration.

5) Which figure completes the grid? .4) Which figure completes the series? Hint: Begin by looking for a relationship between the figures in the top row. If you think you have found one. then check that the same relationship holds for the second row.

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