American broadcaster in Israel has a lot to say

Glenn Beck is holding a series of events in support of Israel, to the consternation of many leftwing groups that disdain him, as opposed to his many friends in the settlements and the hills of Judea and Samaria. We toured the walls of Jerusalem with the man who compared the slaughtered Norwegian teenagers to Hitler's admirers Ilan Lukatch, Channel Two TV News, August 21 [Hebrew original, with embedded video here] A religious ceremony was held in Caesarea this evening by right-wing American broadcaster Glenn Beck. He was a prominent news man on the conservative Fox news until he became too radical for them and was fired. Now he is organizing a series of events in support of Israel, which are making more than a few people in Israel uneasy. "I want as many people as possible to see Israel exactly as it is: a historic, inspiring and courageous place," he explains with the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem in the background. This time, at least, he kept his mouth shut and did not create a provocation like the ones for which he was responsible on the air and which led to the termination of his employment at Fox. Among the "gems" in question was a broadcast where he described US President Barack Obama as "a man with a deep-seated hatred of white people or white culture." A place with Glenn Beck's friends: With the hillside youth and in the settlements Beck visits Israel frequently. He has many friends here in right-wing circles, in the settlements and on the hills of Judea and Samaria. Peace, on the other hand, is not a word that he uses often. "We are so eager to achieve peace that we have given up our values. We have all done this. We have 'gone to bed' with bad guys. It was all in an attempt to do the right thing. But it was a mistake." In a video clip he presented some of his positions and made an impassioned speech in which he said: "Tens of millions of Arabs have suffered atrocities in their homelands. Terrorists are born, suicide bombers are sent on their missions with their mothers' encouragement. And who is the bad guy in the story? Israel! Israel is the obstacle to peace!" The descriptions are music to many Israeli years, but a deeper look at Beck's imagery reveals quite a problematic picture. After the massacre in Norway last month, that claimed the lives of 70 teenagers at a summer camp, he chose to comment that the camp reminded him of the Hitler Youth. Today in Jerusalem he emphasized the same comment: "If you listen to the broadcast, it is stated as a principal. Let's not send our children to get 're-educated'by a political philosophy created by a political party." That explanation was much softer than the words he said on air. "There was a shooting at a political camp that sounds a little like the Hitler Youth," he shared with his listeners, causing quite an outrage.

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And what about the tent protesters? They are "communists" Glenn Beck also has a lot to say and a lot of criticism about the organizers and activists of the social protest. He considers them outright communists. "Their demands are leftist," he explains. He addressed the subject on his radio program and voiced a lot of support for Avigdor Lieberman's "flagship project" ² investigation of the leftist organizations. "Why even look to see if there's any leftist global financing involved there in Tel Aviv? Whatever you do, do not look to see if there's any kind of Islamist movement that is joining them." The Christian right show was held tonight in Caesarea and is coming to Jerusalem on Wednesday. Peace Now called a demonstration against Beck's intervention and anyone who feels his hug is too tight should remember his words: "I don't know your country. You do. Stop it. Where does your media's strange attraction to the American point of view come from, when it's obviously unfounded?"

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