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The International Cookbook Revue

Issue 13 / August 2011

Remarquable female cookbook authors

The New Women Power

Paris Cookbook Fair 2012 Meet the Best Chinese Chefs Africa: Discover a Culinary Giant



Issue 13 / August 2011

Paris Cookbook Fair 2012


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Meet the Best Chinese Chefs

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Back for Good - Sara La Fountain Rose Elliot: Queen of Vegetarian Cooking Suzanne Husseini Builds Bridges The Gourmand Award Effect Uncover the African Treasure The Paris Boulevard by Carl Warner News from the Gourmand family Gourmand Magazine is a crossmedia product. Whenever you see this symbol, you can see a video with additional information.
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Issue 13 / August 2011

Picture: Carl Warner

The Paris Cookbook Fair 2012, March 7-11

The Paris Cookbook Fair begins to take shape. From March 7-11, 2012, Paris will again become the worlds capital of wine and cookbooks. Gourmand expects more than 10,000 professional visitors during the days of the fair in the event center Le 104. This time Paris Cookbook Fair will offer three days for professionals and at the weekend two days for the public. The invited country will be China. Publishers, authors and chefs will offer a breathtaking look inside the long culinary history of their country (see also the next page). Brittany (Bretagne) is the invited French region. Brittany is the region that publishes the largest number of books in France after Paris. It is a French region with a very lively cultural life and the strongest associations around the world, for the ten million Bretons descendants worldwide. The product focus will be on beer this year. One of the oldest drinks in the world is famous all around the globe, from the nearly unknown beer giant Africa to the traditional beer countries Belgium, Germany or England to exotic beer nations as China or India. But the cookbook world will come together in Paris already a day before the opening of the fair. At the beautiful theater of Folies Bergre the next Gourmand World Cookbook Awards will take place March 6. By now more than 150 countries for cookbooks and 64 countries for wine books participate in the competition. Next years Gourmand World Cookbook Award Gala will be the biggest ever, says organizer Edouard Cointreau. So prepare for a fantastic week in Paris: Save the date, book your stand, buy your tickets! For further information please contact Gourmand International:

Welcome to the Capital of Taste

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Issue 13 / August 2011

Meet the Best Chinese Chefs in Paris

China is the Invited Country at Paris Cookbook Fair, March 7-1,2012, after Italy in 2011. The first large exhibition of Chinese cookbooks and wine books will attract professionals who will discover the scope, quality and diversity of the Chinese Production. It is number one in the world in the quantity of titles, and the quality of the best books is now at world level. It is not surprising as China already prints many high quality international cookbooks. Printers will be present at Paris Cookbook Fair. There are 6 million chefs in China, with very strong professional media and events. China Food Television has over one hundred employees at headquarters, plus 40 offices around China. These media will be present at Paris Cookbook Fair. There will be demonstrations by Chinese Master Chefs, including women. The ten best young chefs in China will come to Paris. Each will represent one of the ten cuisines of China. They will be the winners of the national China will be announced. The ten chefs will cook in the style of the ten cuisines during demonstrations at Paris Cookbook Fair. The ten cuisines are Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, plus Imperial Cuisine and Ethnic Cuisines (Xinjiang, etc). Master Pastry Chef Shi Jingqing and her assistant will come to be part of the Cuillre dOr event at Paris Cookbook Fair, the Golden Spoon competition for women chefs. Both work and are disciples of Master Chef Du Guang Bei at Beijing News Plaza Restaurant. To match the best foods from China, there will be the best wines from China, nearly never seen before outside China. Chinese beer will also be present, as beer is a focus of Paris

Invited Country at Paris Cookbook Fair, March 7-11, 2012

Chef Du Guang Bei

competition for chefs under 40 years old, organized by the East Eat Media Group. The final stage is in September 2011, when the winners

Cookbook Fair in 2012. For professionals and the public, there will be conferences, presentations of books and round tables. Cuisine is a fundamental part of Chinese culture, as it is in France. As after France did, China should get UNESCO recognition for its culinary arts. UNESCO is based in Paris, and the Paris Cookbook Fair will showcase the Chinese gastronomy. Finally, Paris Cookbook Fair will be a preparation for London Book Fair, April 16-18, 2012 where China is the market focus. China chefs and publishers, will meet again at The Cookbook Corner, a five year old partnership between Reed Exhibitions-The London Book Fair and Gourmand International-The Paris Cookbook Fair. page 4


Issue 13 / August 2011

Sara La Fountains new cookbook after a 5 year pause

Back for Good

new styling and a new cookbook called Passion for Food. Its true I have changed in many ways, says Sara. I am right now more aware and sure of what I am doing than I have INTERACTIVE ever been before. Although she is obviously a very beautiful woman, she waives of printing many pictures of herself in her cookbook. She lets her self-created dishes speak for themselves. The recipes are mostly simple, but turn out to be a feast
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Sara La Fountain (30) from Finland is announced as the most beautiful chef in the world. But besides this the former model is not a celebrity who has discovered cooking as a new promotion platform. She is a real chef. Educated at the Culinary Institute of America, she worked in an US-restaurant and founded her own catering company back in Finland. In 2006 she released her first cookbook called A la Sara which was awarded as the Best First Cookbook in the World. After TV series in Finland, England and the USA silence was settling over her. 5 years later she is back with a new image, a

of colors and a visual treasure. Sara La Fountain: I think it is important, that people are able to prepare good food in some minutes and have a result that is tasty, good looking and something that you would like to offer your friends. Style is Saras second big passion. Since 2010 she is running a food and fashion blog on www.saralafountain. com. There she writes about new discoveries and innovations or just about her normal

life. It is a new kind of communication, she says. More interactive and more easy to follow. I really like to get in touch with people, inspire them or be inspired by them. Her open mind, her style and creativity fascinates food and fashion lovers in many countries. After presenting her new cookbook at the Paris Cookbook Fair she is now in talks with many foreign publishers, her TV series Perfect Day was sold to Germany and she arranged a special American diner for a Scandinavian ferry line. Things look good for Sara La Fountain. Just like her. page 5


Issue 13 / August 2011

The Queen of Vegetarian Cooking

Would earth be a better place if everyone would life a vegetarian life? Yes, says British author Rose Elliot, who is entitled the Queen of Vegetarian Cooking. Being a vegetarian is the biggest contribution you can do for the environment. Whether you believe this or not you have to admit that Rose Elliot opened new doors for the vegetarian cooking. She published more than 60 vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, which were translated in more than 15 languages, sold more than 3 million copies and has been ennobled by the queen for making British vegetarian cuisine popular all around the globe. Last year she published her masterpiece: Rose Elliots New Complete Vegetarian (Harper Collins) with more than 1,000 recipes. I think this is definitely the best book I have ever released. Gourmand honored the New Complete Vegetarian as the Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World in Paris this year. It is nice that a worldwide cookbook award has a special category for vegetarian cookbooks. This gives us more recognition, says Rose Elliot, who is for sure already a wellrespected cookbook author. Rose has lived a vegetarian life since she was a little girl. Once she asked her mother about how to prepare a fish dish. And her mother replied that at first the fish has to be killed. I cant stand that an innocent animal has to die to feed me, she says. Rose has never again eaten meat. She started to create dishes for vegetarian at a time when it was far away from being trendy. But even in the late sixties and early seventies there were lots of people who were looking for a new, healthy and animal-friendly way of eating. But mostly the vegetarian recipes have been nothing special and it was no big fun preparing them.

After 60 books Rose Elliot has published her masterpiece

The secret of a good dish is that it satisfies you. Thats easy with meat. For a vegetarian dish you have to create a recipe that is balanced and contains all the proteins you need. She created recipes that did not try to replace meat but created completely new dishes that concentrate on the flavors vegetarian ingredients offer. There is a universe of taste to discover which you probably wont experience when you stay focused on meat all the time, she explains. Rose Ellliot Rose Elliots New Complete Vegeatrian Harper Collins 978-0007325610 page 6

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Photo: Olaf Plotke

Issue 13 / August 2011


Suzanne Husseini released her first cookbook in English

Building Bridges With Food

the East and West. She is a regular contributor to BBC Good food magazine and is often featured cooking on many Arabic and English speaking television programmes. She was the host of one of the most popular cooking shows in the Middle East. She is now in the process of taping new shows in Arabic and English for a new channel coming soon. Suzannes first book When Suzanne cooks was launched in December 2010 in English. The Arabic version of her book was just launched at Bloomingdales in Dubai on May 3, 2011. The book is about authentic Arabian dishes inspired by Suzannes fondest food memories and blended with an elegant, modern take. I wanted to document this wonderful cuisine, she says. My mother was an amazing cook. And I am honoring my mother with every recipe in the book. It was her who taught me cooking and raised my interest in the food of my heritage. When Suzanne Cooks Motivate Publishing 200 pages, 88 recipes ISBN 978 186063 3027 page 7

Suzannes family emigrated to Canada when she was very young. Suzannes mother would pack her lunches of Falafel, Hummus, Labneh on home made Arabic bread. While at school children would notice her unusual sandwiches and invite questions like what is that youre eating?. And of course upon finding out her Arabian origin the children would tease her about her food choices. She took those curious children to her home to sample some of these dishes made by her mother and they loved it. Eventually the teasing stopped, Suzanne was accepted and her exotic sand-

wiches became cool and she started taking requests for foods they too loved to eat. At that point in her life Suzanne realized that you can connect with people in the most profound way through food. It brings people from different cultures together at one common table. It builds a bridge of understanding and fosters great friendships. Today Suzanne Husseini is a chef and food journalist. She is a constant traveller between

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Issue 13 / August 2011


What happened after Mea Kai won the Best Cookbook in the World

The Award Effect

term effect. A Television series based upon the book is already planned,and the successful team is working on a new project called Organic Samoa, a development and recipe book that will link the organic farms to the tourist hotels of Samoa. to our culture,and that helps us to build a strong network that promotes this culture and identity, and pass it over to following generations. And for me personnally, the award helped me to appreciate what Tracy, Shiri, and I have done, and that gave us self-confidence. Thanks a lot. The main effect of winning the top Gourmand award is cultural, beyond spoken words. Continue on the next page. page 8

Paris,March 3,2011Mea Kai,Come Eat, The Food and Flavours of the South Pacific, published by Random House New Zealand won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Cookbook of the Year. Author chef Robert Oliver from New Zealand and photographer Shiri Ram from Fiji both were present at the awards event at the historical Folies Bergere theatre. Co-author Dr. Tracy Berno had stayed in Christchurch to help her family and friends hard hit by the eathquake. For the authors

and publisher,the emotion and glamour of the event were immediatly followed by numerous interviews,national and international television news, a flood of digital and print media, and much partying, in New Zealand and across the South Pacific.

For Robert Five Oliver, Gourmand has opemonths later,the impact of the event is ned doors for the Pacific Islands. The world still gathering steam, and increasing its long now pays attention

To know that a book about the people and the food of the Pacific islands has managed to reach such heights in Paris has been incredibly validating says author Robert Oliver. I now notice that Pacific islanders talk about their cuisine, not just the food as before. And that is the beginning of a catalyst process that will change cuisine in the Pacific area. It can provide restaurants with menus linked to local agriculture that will nourish the region cullturally, economicly and nutritionally. This unique cookbook already had a big effect during the production phase. The peole of the Pacific islands realized what a fantastic culinary treasure they had.They revived methods of planting and cooking,based upon their food traditions.The Gourmand award has

Issue 13 / August 2011

Home in Auckland publisher Random House arranged a big party to celebrate the winning of the Gourmand Award: (f.l.) Makerita Potausi (CEO of PCF), Shelley Oliver (Robert Olivers sister), Robert Oliver, Nicola Legat (Publishing Director, Random House NZ) and Dr. Tracy Berno (Mea Kai co-author).
given this Pacific culinary culture a worldwide recognition,and chef Robert Oliver became the image of this effect. The New Zealand branch of the world famous cookery school Le Cordon Bleu offered him to become the chef ambassador representing New Zealand and the Pacific islands. Le Cordon Bleu also proposed to Robert Oliver and his coauthor Dr. Tracy Berno to develop a special Pacific islands module for their students. It is marvelous proof that the Pacific islands cuisine is institutions worthy, says Robert Oliver. The main intention of the book Mea Kai was to give the people of the Pacific islands the self-confidence of preparing food from the home-grown ingredients as generations have done before. With the global impact of the Gourmand award, this development became a kind of trend that affected also countries outside the Pacific islands. Robert Oliver has reached an agreement to develop restaurants based upon the Mea Kai cuisine concept in Shanghai, New Zealand and the Pacific. As Robert Oliver says This will act as a face for the Pacific islands food trade.Before the award success of the book, those products had no chance to compete with the volume capacity of other continents. But the stature of the Gourmand award puts us into a boutique high quality status. The next step is Europe. Publisher Random House has invited Robert Oliver to present Mea Kai at the Frankfurt Book Fair October 12-17,2011. Interested in buying the foreign rights? Please contact:

Traditional dancers from Samoa performed during the celebration.

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Issue 13 / August 2011

Uncover the African Treasure

Africa is the worlds second-largest and second most-populous continent. But when it comes to food the giant is like an uncovered treasure of ingredients, recipes and cooking traditions. In the 21st century published cookbooks are still a new phenomenon in Africa, says Ethiopian environmental and agricultural historian Jim McCaan. The author of the Gourmand awardwinning book Stirring the Pot is one of the biggest experts when it comes to the agricultural and cooking history of the Africa. The cooks have historically been women and knowledge has been perpetuated within an oral context. And Jim McCaan stills wonders that the chefs of the big restaurants in Ethiopia are even unknown outside of the hotel or restaurant, in which they work: Historically African artists refuse authorship of their creations, and cooking is no different. Claims by individuals to artistry is a new manifestation. In fact there is one Ethiopian chef who really has made it to the top: Marcus

The Food of the Second Largest Continent

single African cuisine, either historically or in

Samuelsson. But he grew up in Sweden and is now New York-based chef. His books are inspired by African ingredients, but they do not reflect historical reality, says Jim McCaan. In fact, there is not a

terms of the ecological foundations and transfer in the world trade. Within Africa the areas of cuisine reflect physical geography, language groups and the historical movement of ideas about taste, texture and cooking techniques. Continue on the next page. page 10

Examples would be the Senegalese passion for rice, versus the use of pounded yam fufu in Ghana, grated cassava (gari) in Nigeria, maize porridge in Eastern and Southern Africa and fermented teff injera in Ethiopia. Those are the staples on which sauces show locality of flavours. In South Africa and coastal areas of Mozambique, Angola, and coastal East Africa sauces can be curries from Indian Ocean contacts, use of peanut butter peanuts come originally from the New World but then from French influence in West Africa, and, of course, the extensive use of capsicum peppers from the Caribbean and Latin America in the Atlantic trade early on. But there is one African food export that people like nearly all around the globe: coffee. Coffee even stretches back into Africa further and more deeply than what is conventionally known, says Majka Burhardt from Ethiopia, who wrote the book Coffee Story Ethiopia. Coffee is established in oral tradition far back as the tenth century B.C. Today Ethiopia is known as the genetic home to coffee Arabica and thus the root of 70 percent of the worlds coffee supply. Maja Burhardt: This means that coffee you drink from Panama, Sumatra and Hawaii originally came from Ethiopia. Many of these connections are not know to the consumers, but the tentacles of origin stretch back strongly to Ethiopia. In her book Coffee Story Ethiopia Maja Burhardt tells the ma-

Issue 13 / August 2011

Majka Burhardt
gnificent story of the coffee that conquered the world. And even her books raises interest in other parts of the world. At the moment her publisher Ninety Plus Press is in talks with Asian and European companies. Maja Burhardt: I think the hunger for information about Africa is growing and creates a special niches for African cookbooks. We are in an exciting time where the desire for international tastes and the stories behind those tastes are appreciated. I think the trick is to create a book that goes beyond the food and into the culture to have greater relevance. But although the international interest for African cookbooks is rising, the publishing inside the continent is still a challenge. Cookbooks on African food are primarily produced for an international audience and marketed in America and Europe, says Jim McCaan. But both authors appreciate this raising international interest and think especially that the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for the Best African Cookbook plays an important role in this discovery of African food traditions. Jim McCaan: The award highlights the beauty and nuance of world food traditions. And Africa deserves special recognition for its contributions to other world cuisines and for the various aesthetic traditions of flavors, techniques and biodiversity. The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards have a great potential role in uncovering this treasure. page 11

Professor Jim McCaan


Issue 13 / August 2011 The Ultimate Collection (Lions Club Menengai) A taste of Kenyan Cooking Karimbux (Kenway) Alice Taabus cookery book Mike Nyumbay (Kenway)

Gastronomia Angolana Helt Araujo (Bimby)

La langue de la nourriture Mfoutou (LHarmattan)

Les Saveurs du Congo Kinshasa Chantal Bondedi (Publibook)

Florence Jessica (Aedis)

La Restauration informelle en Afrique Subsaharienne Etougne-Efe (Lharmattan) How to cook a crocodile Bonnie Lee Black (Peace Corps Writers)

Make it Moroccan Hassan MSouli (New Holland) A Month in Marrakech Andy Harris (Hardie Grant)

Mobiliser le savoir pour radiquer la faim Ismail Serageldin (Fayard)

Wanderbild Fr Spitzenkche fr Afrika Alla Grande (Kornmayer) J is for Jollof Rice (One Moore Book)

Le Fromage Peuhl Batrice Lalinon-Gbado (Ruisseaux dAfrique) Le meilleur de la Cuisine Bninoise Valerie Vinakpon (Saveurs du Benin)

Ethopian inspired Cooking Ian Finn (Snow Lion) Exotic Ethiopian Cooking Daniel Joe Mestin (Mestin) Coffee Story Ethiopia Majka Burhardt (Ninety Plus Coffee)

Ma Cuisine de Madagascar William Tat Chuen (Jean Paul Rocher)

The Ghana Cookery Book (Jeppestown)

Botswana traditional recipes (NFTC Botswana)

Peace Corps Mauritania volunteers (Little White Ebooks) Ghanaian cook book Sophie Manu (Adaex)

Au rendez vous des Ftes Africaines Florence Liz Seneyengue (Universal Media)

Le Petit livre dOr de la Cuisine Mahonaise G. Nouraud (Orphie) page 12

La Cuisine de lAfrique Noire



Issue 13 / August 2011 cookery (Jepperstown) Healthy, West African and Wise Angela Tella (Illumina Press) Tastes of Africa Justice Kamanga (Random House) Khoi-Khoin Food Culture Coetzee (Lapa)

Fille des Frontires Fatema Hal (Philippe Rey) Le Grand livre de la Cuisine Marocaine Fatema Hal (Hachette Pratique)

Le Grand livre des fruits et legumes Didier Vincenot (Orphie)

Indyo Yuzuye Iduya (Bakame Editions)

Uncertain tastes Jon Holtzman (University of California Press)

The Great boer book recipe book (Meat Board of Namibia)

Yolele Pierre Thiam (Lake Isle Press)

The Bulawayo cookery book (Jeppestown)

Grow and eat your own food Dr. Nirmal Jiva Shah (Nature Seychelles)

Cusiner Autrement Zouhair Ben Jemaa (Simpact) La Cuisine Tunisienne Zouhair Ben Jemaa (Simpact)

My Hungry Heart Antoinette de Chavonnes Voigt (Venture Publications)

Stirring the pot James McCaan (Ohio University Press) The African Food System Per Pinstrop-Anderson (Cornell University Press)

Cooked out of the Frying Pan Justin Bonillo (Penguin)

The Kubeti book of Yoruba cookery (ESI) Contemporary Nigerian Cuisine Funke Koleeshos (Jok)

The Food Holiday Uganda Erika Henson (Echo Media) Cooking from Cape to Cairo Dorah Sitole (Taffelberg) South African indigenous foods Bomme Basenzanzi (Indi Zafoods)

All those cookbooks have participated in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards this year included. We believe nearly all are currently available.

Sabores de Africa Conceiao Santos (Porto Editora)

The Settlers cookbook Yasmin Alibhai Brown (Portobello Books) The Imperial African page 13


Issue 13 / August 2011

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Issue 13 / August 2011

The Paris Boulevard by Carl Warner

The Story Behind the New Paris Cookbook Fair Poster

After Argentinean painter Alberto Bali in 2010, French photographer Denis Nidos in 2011, British Foodscapes photographer Carl Warner has created the poster for Paris Cookbook Fair 2012. Carl Warner is a British photographer who has worked in the advertising industry for the past 25 years. Just over ten years ago he began developing an idea for making landscapes out of real food which has now been perfected into his own unique form of art which are affectionately known as Foodscapes. This has led to many commissions from food brands as well as the publishing of his first book Carl Warners Food Landscapes through Abrams in New York. He has recently completed work on his second book which will be for children and is currently working on a TV animation project which will hopefully inspire children to be more adventurous with their eating habits and promote healthier eating within society. In the Paris Cookbook Fair Poster, the Eiffel Tower is made of various chocolates. The butter beans road is paved with brie cheese and champagne corks. The trees are parsley, broccoli and kale. The buildings are structured with various breads. The table is a cheese wheel. Finally, the book has a beef cover with ham pages. To order your copy of this piece of art please contact Gourmand International:

Eiffel Tower: Chocolate muffin, Chocolate cake tiers with raspberries, Chocolate covered toffee lattice Balloons: Cherries Table top & Legs: Cheese wheel and celery stalks Book: Beef cover with ham pages Vase: Fennel, Rosemary and chives with pepper flowers Pepper Mill: Shallots (onions) Mustard Pot & Spoon: Fig and celery stalk Coffee Cup and saucer: Parsnip and onion Saucer and coins: Fennel, carrots and radishes Trees and bushes: Parsley, Broccoli and kale Road: Butter beans Pavement & Bollards: Brie Cheese and Champagne corks Buildings: Spelt Crackers, breadsticks and wafers Curtains: Red and Yellow Peppers Roofs and Chimneys: Charcuterie (Garlic sausage and ham) Fruit stand Roof: Red, Yellow and Green peppers Fruit stand: Cinnamon sticks and sliced brown bread Fruits and Nuts: Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, grapes, almonds and ground nuts (Cheese cracker parcels) page 15


Issue 13 / August 2011

News from the Gourmand Family

Chakall presented his sunny summer cuisine in Germanys most important food show Lanz kocht on the national broadcasting TV channel ZDF in july. It was his first appearance in the show, in which five celebrity chefs prepare dishes that will be tasted in each case by the other chefs and analyzed. With Chakall there have been three other Gourmand Award winners from Germany in the show: Horst Lichter, Alexander Herrmann and Michelin star chef Alfons Schuhbeck. You can watch the show by ticking on this link. After 50 wine shows in 2008-2011, including Vinexpo 2009, China Food Television is preparing 100 wine shows for 2011-2013, in Chinese and English. The shows are grouped in 10 series of 10 televisions shows. There will also be 10 wine books in Chinese and English, published by Oriental Press, one of the leaders in China, with 2,000 books a year. China Food Television is controlled 60% by private investors and 40% by CCTV. It broadcasts 24 hours a day in all 40 markets of mainland China. The shows are also available in South East Asia, and at private showing of the wineries. It has over 100 employees at its headquarters in Qingdao, Shandong, plus 40 offices around the country. President of Honour Edouard Cointreau is directly in charge of all international activities, and is the producer of all foreign shows. Gourmand award winning French-German author and journalist Jrg Zipprick released the book 100 Dinge, die Sie einmal im Leben gegessen haben sollten (100 things you have to eat once in your life) together with Margit Schnberger. The books is a dialogue in which Schnberger takes the position of the culinary layman talking about feelings concerning oysters, Foie Gras or stilton cheese while Zipprick explains facts about the food, the production or the discussions around it. The book has been published by Ludwig in Germany. Ducasses Best of Le Grand Livre de Cuisine in Germany. The 700 pages book is printed in the original format 23 x 30 cm. It contains the quintessence of Ducasses kitchen, says managing director Bruni Thiemeyer of Matthaes. Chef KC Wallberg (picture below) from Sweden became a judge in a French food television program. It is a reality program that will designate the French Top Tourist. The programs will be broadcasted from August to early September on France2. Estimated number of viewers per episode is 1.5 million. Chef KC will account for several features about Swedish food, both trends, traditions and cooking.

Jaime Monaco is the new book by French triple star chef Alain Ducasse released by his cookbook company Alain Ducasse dition. This second book in his culinary travel series Jaime... contains 170 adresses of restaurant, pubs, bistros, markets and other culinary highlights. The book will be released in September, but a first edition has already been released at the Cte dAzur. Publisher Matthaes has now published

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