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Macbeth Character Diary
Throughout the course of this unit, you will have the opportunity to explore the nuances of Macbeth by putting yourself into the mindset of the main character you have been assigned. You will write a series of diary entries as if you were this character and create an appropriate and creative cover for your diary. Requirements: y You will write 6 entries. y All entries must be at least a page long (typed Times New Roman 12 double-spaced). Know that some topics require more length in order to give a full and reflective response. y Entries must be original and of your own work. As you know, plagiarism of any sort is not tolerated and will result in a 0 for the entire project. y Entries should be free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors (even if you are using Shakespearean style!) y The cover you design should be creative, colorful, and reflect your character as a whole person or some specific aspect of your character. y To begin your diary: do a free-write in which you explore your character. This will serve as an introduction to the diary. What are his/her likes, dislikes, problems, fears, hopes, goals? What type of relationships does the character have? What do you imagine this character looks like and dresses like? Why might your character want or perhaps need to keep a diary? y For each of the entries: Pick 6 entries from the following list of topics. Although you must stay within the limits of what the text says about the character, you are free to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. If you wish, you may accompany your entries with illustrations. You may not repeat any topic, and number 10 is mandatory. 1. Pick a specific scene. How does your character feel that he/she contributes to this scene? What are his/her actions and why? Also, explain how your character is relating to other characters on stage at this time. 2. What is something surprising about your character? Discuss this from his/her point of view. 3. What happened today in the life of your character? 4. Have your character write a letter to another character. 5. Wrote down a quote from the play and have your character write in response to what he or she said. 6. Have your character write a poem or song (*Note: This entry requires an accompanying illustration). 7. What is your character feeling as a result of his/her actions? 8. Have your character talk about how he or she has changed throughout the play. 9. What music or television shows might your character listen to or watch? Why? What does this reflect about his/her personality?

10. Choose from the following conflicting aspects that Shakespeare uses throughout the play and discuss how your character demonstrates both sides: ambition/duty. good/evil. detailed -Accurate portrayal of character Mandatory Entry (#10) ________/15 _______ / 50 pts ________ / 20 Due Date: TBD . Total Score: Introductory free-write ________/ 100 Points _______ / 5 10 pts grammar and mechanics _______ / 10 20 pts Presentation -Cover Design -Organization -Overall Creativity 10 pts Journal Entries -Thoughtful. strength/uncertainty. This entry is mandatory. bravery/fear. and fair/foul.

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