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BAIIASAINGGERIS KertasI PMR Percubaan 2 O g o s 0 ll i iatn


Tingkatan :


urtekupi l i l ttut. 40 s K ert tt .s ottl rtrti rtin te n .q tu u l u rtg ,i , so u l utt Jrurtb semua sotilttrt. diikuti olelt cntpul pilihun.ittwrtprm, iuittt A, B, C, dun D. Brtgi tirtp-liu1t Tirtlt-tirrlt,sorilrut ttndu prulu kertusjrn't'uputt senruu.i::'t'ttlttttt saltrjrr. T'rtrrdtrkut s,rtlrtrt.pilitt .;rtttt.jrnvtrytrut rtbj c kt i I t'rutg tl i setli rtkurt dt,lg,rut teliti ketikrt nrcnilih.iuv,ultrut. Jiku undu heniluk nrcrutkor sasuottt Ilet-fikit-lrtlt pldttrrtkrtn truultt lc/lg tidr* rlikehandrtki ittt ,sehinggabersih rlan kennrclirut .jrtwrtpttrt, hitrunkrrnpilihat urttkt \tutlg brthuru.


SULIT Papert Time : OneHour

Iiach que.stion in thi.spaper i.s.folltn,ert by -/bur possihle ansv'er.sA, B, ( ancl D. (hrnse one an.nrc r .fir eac'hque:;ti on. ()uestion.r l-10 are hasetl on the inlitrntation given.

L Look at thc picturc bclorv and ansu'cr[rc qucstionthat follorvs.

The pcrsonmostlikcll'lo uscthcsctools is a A fanncr B carpcntcr C barbcr D cashicr

that follorvs. the 2. Look at the picturcbclou'andansrver qucstion

'[his A B C D

pcrsonis most probabll' secnin a harbor jail bank church

3 Qucstions and 4 that follorv' Studl,thepie chart below and answerthe questions





r_J Transport
fffin I
Books Others

3. A B C D 4. A B C D

mostof her monevon Amirah spends food rcnt transport books From thc pic chart,rvc can saythat Amirah is most probably a student rvorking a greateater living with hcr Parcnts

5 Questions and 6 that follow' bclow and answerthe questions Readthe advcrtisemcnt

duties: will applicant performthe following The successful filingsYstem o Maintain ProPer o Prepare submitmonthlyreports and mailsand documents o Read, sort and recordincoming o of salaries executives Prepare PromotionAspects Benefits Retirement WE OFFER - AttractiveSalary - Medical Benefits

5 . Applicantsfor thc abovcpost nccdnot A preparereports B sortmails C maintainfrling system D havc rclcvantrvorkingcxpcricncc

SULIT except (r. The companyoffcrsthe following benefits A B C D of chances Promotion free check-uPs benefits rctirement frec accommodation

that follows' 7. Rcadthe noticebelow and answerthe question CUT POWER Kg' Chat, Tanjung Taman Areas: TamanGuru, i a a G K u b a n g o l o k n ds e v e r a l r e a sn B a c h o k ' of : RePlacement old cables' REASON Wh), rvill the clectricalpowerbe cut? A To repaircertaincables B To rcplaceold cables uP C For failureto Pa1' the bills D To bc usedbv a new PowerPlant

that follows' thc 8. Readthe signbelow and answer qucstion

that we can Thc sign indicatcs A scll prepaidrcloadcardsherc B buy prcpaidreloadcardshere C borrow prePaidrcloadcardshere D useprepaidreloadcardshere

SULIT 9 Questions and l0 that follow' below and answerthe questions Readthe advertisement


f is l T h ea n n u a s u R EH E B O H h e r ea g a i n r o m 6 J u l yt o L 2 ,Creativity,. The July zott. The theme this year is are offering exciting events, perforrnances organisers s. a n d e x h i b i t i o n c o m e a n dj o i n u s .Y o uw i l l l o v ei t ! B r i n g y s a l o n g o u rf a m i l i e a n df r i e n d s '

F l o r a lP a r a d e O rc h id Ex h i b i ti o n

( 6 J u n e 8 a . m .) t o 1 2J u n e 8 7 to t2 June

stadium Dataran
B otani cal G a r d e n ,K B

Flower Arrangement

KotaBharuTrade KB Centre, Taman Botani, J L Lt o 1 . 2 u n e ChePa Pengkalan contact: Forfurther information SureHebohKelantan B , ( T o u r i s m o a r dK B . T e l : 0 9 - 9 6 7 8 7 6 5)9

(). lf Miss Samsiah from Kedahrvouldlike to seethe Floral Parade' shemustgo to A Kota BharuTradcCentrc B DataranStadium C TamanBot"ani Garden D Botanical

in 10. Anl,one urterested flora and faunacan participatein the A Floralparade B Orchidexhibition arrangement C Flor,ver D Naturervalk

SULIT Que,slions I I -18 are based on the following text. but and decorations, how many of you actually know Diamondsare usually used in accessories on the discoveryof diamonds. rvherediamondscome from? Well, herc is the history ( I I ) proper, unalterable, The name diamondscomesfrom a Greek word which (12) in India. Diamonds . and untamed.About 3,000 years ago, diamonds . unbreakable and . ( l3) rvereutilized as decorations were first yalucd for their unique ability to refract light. ( 14) they were also usedas an aid in treatingillnesses. . to rvardoff evil. (15) the Middle ages,morc attcntion was paid to the worth of diamonds.Mine owners (17) smugglrrg to rverepoisonous prevcntthe mine workcrs . (t6) to say that diamonds . . . (18) in India. Today, were . Famousstones them. diamondsout of the mines by srvallowing in India rcmainsas onc of the forcmostdiamondpolishing urdustrics thc rvorld!

21, (The Times,April 201l) NawStraits 15 AAt

I l. A m ean B means C are meant D meanlng

B While C During DBv 16. A used

t2 A is discovered
B are discovered C was discovercd D rverediscovered

B uses C using D use

t 7 . A for
l3 AIt
B She CHe D They B from C into

1 8 . A knorvn

t 4 A So,
B Bcsidcsthat, C Othenvise, D Thercfore,

B givcn C taken D found

SULIT 19 Question -21

Ileod the tliaktgtte hekm and choose the best meaningfor the phrases ttnderlined.

: Pn Salmah

of I havcjust heardaboutthe kidnapping your sisler.Did your father eive in to the for kidnappcrs'dcmand moncY? his He hadto. you canreadall aboutthe incidcntin his blog. He wantsto share he doesn'thold back anything. ['m rvith others. sure experience to Not That is very interesting. manypeoplehavethe courage do that.I will p Thankyou for toni[nt. ['m surelt will give me a lot of knowledge. throueh his blog theinformation.


: Pn Salmah

19. sivein to A B C D accept surrender reject understand

21. eo throush A B C D for search look into investigate sec

20. hold bac k

A glvc B keep C refuse D expect

SULIT 22 Qrrestion - 24 ttnderlined. the the helowandchoose bestmeaning.[or expre.rsinn.s Readtherlialogue


in : What do you think of the first speaker the oppositionteam?Shc surchasthc gift of the gab. competition. Award for today'sdebate It won't bc a surpriscif shewon the Best Speaker

Raju Enc

the : I think shedeservcs award.Let's keep our fingjrsjlessgg. . I anr having the jitters. I hopc thejudgeshavethe sameopinion as we do.

22. eift of the gab A ts c D can speakeasill'andconfidentlv can make all kinds of cncmies anytime can trick an\'/onc can imprcssothers

23. keep our fingerscrossed A B C D keepingcalm hoping for the best handstogcther puttingmy'' sorvingproblcmsby'myself

24. having the iitters A B C D fecling sick very happv fecling llen'ous thc cnlo'u'ing music

Questions 25-28 are bosedon theJbllowing notice

cxplore your interes{.iurd talcnts... Opportunity t<>

-[}c l;urguagc Socicry'will hold cornltetitions during the English Week and F.r-rglish

Yorrru'cINVITED to join!
a a o


DRAMA cortrpctitiott


Atu:active Prizes await YOU

Hampers worth RM50 - for individual participation BUKITBUNGAbookstore vouchers worth RM300 - for group p ar t i c i p a t i o n MAMA & PAPA GRIILSvouchers worth RM10 - for all p ar t i c i p a n t s

pleascconl;rct: Nlriill:rh\trlahalr hrterestred President Society trn$ish l-anguagn

, < What is thc purpose the notice? of A B C D To encouragcstudcntsto participatc. To inform studentsthc prizcs thcv can win. To tcll studcntsthe importanccof English Language. To provide a platform for studcntsto show their talents.

26. Fronrtltc noticc.\\'ecansa)'that A B C D rvorthRM300' gct All u inncrsr,r'ill a book vottchcr participants to ir givc rhe namcs Naiihahwahab. havcto havc to participatc. All str-rdcnts rs A ll par ri c ipan c a nc a t fo r l rc ea t M AMA & P AP A GR ILLS .

27 l"hc uord opportunity lllcans A B C D choicc clrancc t itnc oPtion

of 28 Who is thc main organiscr thc cornpctition'/ of A Studcnts SMK Mcrong Maharvarrgsa B NaiihahWahab Socictr' Thc EnglishLanguagc

D BUKITBUNGA bookstorc

passage' on Questions 29-34orc hasecl the.fblktw'ing

to gtandsonMax from kindergaflcn takc him to hospitalto visit his two-r,ear-old I collcctcdrr"rv brothcr. Altcr buckling him into his car sea[,I shut thc rcar door and w'cnt mothcr ancland nqv bab1, that I to onl1,' find that it was locked. Inrmcdiatcll' rcalised round to thc dri'cr's door to collcct thc ke1,s. get into the car' thc ccntrallockingmcantthcrervasno \\'av I could degreesCclcius and my mobile phonc u'as locked in thc car so I Thc tcmperaturervas thirt_v br lnan standing and I couldn'tcall lbr hclp. panickcd. lookedaroundfor somcassistancc sa$'a voung and offercdto tr-l'to opcn the door rvith a coathangcr' lris largctruck. Sccingnrv agitation,he cameovcr his phone He was tirclessin his attcmptsbut it,nvouldn'tbudgc. Mv hero went back to his truck and uscd to c all for hc lP thc anxich,,I forccdm),scll'totalk calmlvto Max, cxplaining situation.Hc m' Dcsprtc grop,ing gcttrngdistrcsscd.Srvcatrollcd dorm his facc, anls and but so \\,AS good. plar,ingrvith his toy,s, hc rvas rvascoming to rcsctlc lcgs.his clothcsrvcrcsoakcdbut hc was calm and trusting.I told him that somconc soon. if to hinr, puslring tlrcback of mv mind the terribleconsequcnces he wasnot released officcrs tumcd up and bcgan to rvork on the trvo front doors' E'cntualll; automobileassociation prising it opcnNeithcrrvashayingan], succcss.The officersthen rvorkedtogcthcron thc drit'er'sdoorthe n'hichtltcn rclcascd othcr doors.

I lifted Max from the car and huggedhim. lt was only when the officers poured boules of water lhe two of us to cool him down that he beganto cry. over Our guardian angel remained with us all through the ordeal. I thanked him profusely for his kindnessbut he rcfused even to tell me his name, saying that good turns went the rounds and he was sure to be the recipient at some future date. I hope he knew how much his kindnessand support meant to me that day

(Adapted Digest,2010) fromReader's

29 Where was the rwiter going to bring his grandsonMax to? A To krndergarten B To his house C To hospital D Toschool

30 All the four doors of the car were locked. Who accidentlydid it? A B C D Ma.x mother Max grandmother Max himself Thc young man

3l Who was thc young man'l A A bus driver officer B An automobilcassociation C A neighbour D A truck drivcr

32 The word agitation means A fcar B tircdncss C anxiety D sadness

SULIT 33 Holv did the officers manageto open the car? A By prising the two front doorsopen B By breakingthe glasswindow C By prising the driver's door open D By prising the boot of the car open

is 34 Which of the following statcments not true?


man was kind and patient' The -voung The uriter was brave and did not give up easily' of The young man was taliing advantage the situation. car alone' hc Mar was a smartchild because did not cry when he was in the

35-37arcbasedon the following poem' Questions The Lake Isle of Innisfree I rvill ariseand go now, and go to Innisfree And a small cabin build there,of clay and wattlesmade' will I havethere,a hive for the honey bee Nine bean-rows And live alonein the beeJoudglade. And I shall have somepeacethere,for peacecomesdropping slow, Dropping from the veils of the morning to wherethe cricket sings; Theremidnight'sall a glimmer,andnoon a purpleglow And eveningfull of the linnet'swings' I will ariseand go now, for alwaysnight and day by I hear lake water lappingwith low sounds the shore grey, while I standon the roadway,or on the pavements I hear it in the deePheart'score.
by William Butler Yeats

will do the following at Innisfreeexcept 3 5 The persona A B C D Livesalone ltis Plants orvrtfood a Raises family natttre Except

36. T he wor ld lappin gp o e mme a n s A gurgling B florving C r us hing D trickling

as arc thc 37. ln the laststanza. pavcments describe grey to showthat lile A B C D rn thc citv is nskl' in thc citf is hcctic is dull in the citl' in is peace the citv

(iot lts Name Qucstions38.10 arc basedon the extractfrom thc short story How Dalat

He was my brother and my .father's son,' he said. Hc was younger than I am. I should have lookedaJierhim.l rvantyou to make a tall, can'ed memorial polc, likc the one 1ou madefor my late father.' 'Your 'Chief,' kindnessis t'oo great' This man was they said, But thc mcn disagrced r.our brothcr and I'our late father's son. This is rvhy he shouldnevcr havc gone againstyou the u,ay he did. He should not have brought our cncmics here to attack and kill manl' of our fricnds You can mournhim vou like, but wc will not carvca pole for him.'


38. He was my brotherand my father'sson Who rvasthc he rn this statement?

40. 'I shouldhave lookedafter him.'

refers The / mentionedin this statemcnt to


Galau Umat Lutong Thc old chief

A Umat B Lutong C Galau D The old chief

wc 39. From thc cxtractabove, canconclude in that the &e mentioned the story is A B C D rvisc caring loyal traitorous