– Learn how to build lean muscle the right way.
1|Page – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way.

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The lean body not only looks cool. and the shoulders are – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. The abs are chiseled. the hard-earned quad muscles are strong – your fellow bodybuilders give you a nod on the work of art you have perfected through the years. The current state of health you are in now also gives you the energy to carry out your day-to-day tasks with fervor.AddingMuscleMass. then maybe you need to know some tips on how to get there a little faster than your pace now. and gives you the liveliness to meet life head on together with your family and friends. A person with a lean body is confident. Being healthy means you a more protected from deadly diseases like cancer and heart disease. However. Being lean and fit normally means being very healthy. So are you someone with a lean body? If you are then perhaps you know the feeling shared by many bodybuilders – their confidence and their appeal. The body is firm and the muscles are well developed. and the women by the sides give you those stares that only real men can get. the shoulders are broad. The chest is wide. if you don’t have that lean and muscular body you want yet. much more so than people who are overweight or obese. but is associated will sweeping the opposite sex off their feet – or so they say. 3|Page . 10 Exercises to Unleash Your Muscles Gain Lean Muscle Mass in No Time! A lean body looks good.

Ask advice on the appropriate load you should be lifting for your current level of conditioning. Ask for the guidance of a professional trainer to teach you the techniques for the proper execution of exercises.AddingMuscleMass. In this report we provide some valuable ideas that will help you in your quest for that sculpted body. so watch out for our reports and books like this one. General Guidelines Before starting any new exercise routine or diet you must ensure that you: 1. 3. Refer to your doctor any aim to help people get the body we want. diet & supplementation you would like to use. We at AddingMuscleMass. 4|Page .com – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations. 2.

Eating and Supplementation for a Lean Body The Diet for You There are many diet fads around. nails. It will also give you more energy for your workouts. and would require that you try out variations to uncover what diet suits you best. I normally suggest a diet consisting of high protein. hormones. Being a bodybuilder creates a lot more demand from your body for more nutrients – especially to aid for quicker recuperation. These powders contain high quality proteins that are easily made use of by the body to build muscles. enough carbohydrates to give you – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. What may have worked for one. and less fat. etc. and some fats for healthy hair. And some emerge back with a new name. These protein powders have also been enriched with multivitamins. specifically designed for bodybuilders like you. So for you. Supplementation for Bodybuilders Amino acids. but you must understand that there is no one size that fits all. moderate carbohydrates. may not work for you. it would be an ongoing experiment. and if there should be some difference. You need more protein so that you can build muscles effectively. but basically of the same concept than the previous one. All the many diets out there claim to be the best. plus multi-vitamins and minerals will help and this is really all you need.AddingMuscleMass. Protein powders will be good for supplementing your daily protein intake from food. 5|Page . it would only be a minor variation. They come and go.

Your body will be better able to process the foods that you eat if you do so in small servings. 4 to 5 times in a day. which increases the amount of calories you burn during the day (even when you are asleep). Small Servings of Meals 4 to 5 times a Day It would be very beneficial to break down your meals in small servings. Eating this way can also increase your body’s metabolism. This ensures your body will not be over-eating. 6|Page . and at the same time your muscles will be constantly fed with the necessary nutrients to make them – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way.

2. 3. Execution (using dumbbells): 1. You can do it standing or seated. At the top position the thumbs will be facing each other. but a seated position is preferred for a stricter movement.AddingMuscleMass. You can use either dumbbells or a barbell. – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. Sit firmly on an exercise bench and keep your back straight at all times. Lower the dumbbells back to the start position and exhale.This is considered to be the granddaddy of shoulder exercises. Grasp the dumbbells using an overhand grip and hold them at your shoulder level with your thumbs pointing behind you. 10 Exercises to Sculpt Your Body For Your Shoulders Front Shoulder Press . 7|Page . Inhale and extend the arms vertically while rotating 90 degrees at the wrist.

Tip: Don’t swing your arms to lift the weight as this is “cheating”. For Your Biceps Bicep Curls . To get the most benefit from this exercise you must keep your arms at your side and keep your body straight. Lower back the bar slowly to starting position and exhale. hold the bar with an underhand grip and shoulder-width apart.This will develop the biceps through its complete range of motion. While standing. To reduced the stress on your wrists an EZ-Bar can be used instead of a straight bar. Pause at the top and squeeze your bicep muscle for an extra burn. Inhale and curl the bar upward by bending your elbows 3. – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. 4. Execution: 1.AddingMuscleMass. Dumbbells can also be used if preferred. 8|Page .

using your triceps. 2.AddingMuscleMass. grasp the barbell using an overhand grip.This will target all three triceps – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. Execution: 1. For Your Triceps Seated Triceps Press . and hands closer. Bring the barbell overhead. 4. Tip: Instead of a barbell I sometimes use a single dumbbell using the palms of my hand to hold the end of dumbbell (rather than the bar). Then. bring the barbell back to full extension. Lower the weight down in an arc behind the head until the triceps are stretched. 9|Page . In a seating position. 3.

AddingMuscleMass. Hold it straight up. 2. Make sure you don’t drift too far forward. Tip: Ensure the bench is angled at a 45-60 degree incline.This will develop the mass and strength of your pectoral muscles. Grasp the barbell with a medium-wide grip and lift it off the rack. Exhale at the end of the movement. Execution: 1. and then press it back up again. 4. Lie on your back on an incline exercise bench. Pause for a moment. and then inhale before lowering the barbell down to the upper – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. 10 | P a g e . For Your Chest Barbell Incline Bench Press . 3.

Inhale and lift your shoulders off the floor. Your legs should be together.This will target the lower and upper abdominals. 3. Tip: To perform a more intense version of – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. bring the right elbow to the left knee and then left elbow to the right knee on each alternate crunch rep. Execution: 1. 2. with your arms behind your heads.AddingMuscleMass. Exhale at the end of the movement as you return the starting position. 4. For Your Abs Crunches . 11 | P a g e . bringing your head towards your knees into the “crunching” position. Lie with your back on the floor with your legs resting on a bench.

with your knees slightly bent and with your feet braced on the crossbar. Hold the handles firmly. inhale and pull the handles back toward your abdomen using the muscles of your back. 2. Exhale and release the handles back in a controlled manner to the original position. It will also work your lower lats. 3. Tip: Avoid back injuries by never rounding the back when performing this exercise. With this beginning position. For Your Back Seated Cable Rows . Extend your arms and slightly bend forward.AddingMuscleMass. 12 | P a g e . 4. Feel your back arch and your chest sticking out.This exercise will develop the thickness of the back. Execution: – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. You should find yourself sitting upright as the handles are touching your abdomen.

bend forward at the waist 45 degrees so that the barbell is at knee level. hold the bar with an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart. 2. 13 | P a g e . Exhale and return the barbell back to the starting position in a controlled manner.AddingMuscleMass. With the back straight and arms outstretched. Inhale and pull the barbell up towards the chest. Bent Rows . 4. Execution: 1. 3. that also works the deltoids and forearms. With your legs slightly – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. Tip: To prevent injury you must never round your back during this exercise.This is one of the best all-round back development exercise.

straighten your knees back up to the starting position and exhale at the end of the movement. 4. especially the thighs.This exercise will develop your legs. 2. Tip: This is also one of the best exercises for shaping the buttocks. All four heads of the quadriceps will be targeted. 3. This exercise is the best all-round bodybuilding movement as it affects nearly the entire muscular system! Execution: 1. and then raise it up to lift it off the rack and then step – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. Hold on to the barbell to balance it. From this position. making sure that it rests evenly across the back of your shoulders. inhale deeply and bend your knees. Step under the barbell (placed on a rack). lowering down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. For Your Thighs Squats .AddingMuscleMass. While keeping your head up and your back straight. 14 | P a g e .

2.This exercise will develop the hamstrings. Your legs should be straight.AddingMuscleMass. Hold on to the handles of the bench. Execution: 1. Lie facing down on the leg curl – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. 3. For Your Hamstrings Lying Leg Curls . Hook your heels under the lever mechanism of the exercise equipment. Slowly lower the weight back to the initial position and exhale at the end of the movement. Inhale and curl your legs up until the leg biceps are fully contracted. 15 | P a g e .

AddingMuscleMass. raise your toes up and then back down. and with your heels out. 2. 16 | P a g e . 4. Stand with your toes on the block of the standing calf raise exercise equipment. 3. Lower your heels toward the floor with knees slightly bent throughout the movement. For Your Calves Standing Calf Raises . Execution: 1. Settle your shoulders under the pads and then straighten your legs. From the bottom – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way.This exercise will affect the overall mass of the calves. lifting the weight.

Next stage . Assuming you already have already added muscle mass. Succeeding stage (Advanced Stage) – Introduce additional means of intensifying your workouts.Intensify your exercises by increasing the number of repetitions per set with moderate load. Valuable Bodybuilding Tips Improving Your Exercise Program To succeed in your quest to build lean muscle and improve muscle definition you must make continuous improvements to your exercise program: Initial stage . With less – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. flushing method. before you can improve muscle definition and separation. forced negatives. such as circuit training. 17 | P a g e . intensify exercises by increasing the load. You will have more definition and more separation between muscles. Frequency of exercise – Workout with weights 3 to 4 times a week at one hour to 1. You will want to gain muscle mass and density first. and so on. the more evident your muscles will be. your hard work in the gym and strict diet will show.5 hours at most.AddingMuscleMass. these high-repetition exercises will give you the muscle definition you aspire for. Introduce Aerobic Exercises to Increase Muscle Definition The less body fat you have.Concentrate on proper execution. stripping method. Beginners should keep workouts to 1 hour maximum. super-sets.

You don’t want to lift weights while you are out of breath or have been exhausted by the aerobic workout. Not only will these toxins contribute to more risks for illness. feeding efficiently on the foods that you eat. This will be highintensity aerobic exercises. Your metabolism gets fired up to effectively burn more calories. Increased metabolism With your body free of toxins and substances. especially with the increase in speed that can be employed. as you may not be able to effectively carry out the other. if you should decide to do both in one session.AddingMuscleMass. If you believe your knees can sustain well. then you may opt for jogging or using a skipping rope. and you have not incurred injuries in the past. A good way to burn calories would be by using a treadmill or with the use of a stationary bike – this will take out the stress placed on your knee joints with repeated movement and bouncing. 18 | P a g e . then perform the aerobic exercise last. It is very important that your body clears itself from the harmful substances and toxins inside. Detox (detoxification) and Cleansing Cleansing the system The value of detoxification is sometimes – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. your metabolism will be given new life. It is preferable not to combine both aerobic and weight training in one session. it impairs the body to do its other functions well. This would be a good exercise especially if you want to do it more than 30 minutes. However.

Sculpting Your Body .Get into Your Best Shape You need the discipline and the dedication to really reach your bodybuilding goal. If ever should miss a workout session. The bottom line is to get back on track even if at times when you lose your way – even in life this holds true. by your body. It’s the same when you’ve binged on one particular food. Proper absorption of nutrients in the system With detoxification and a clean system. and so with your bodybuilding pursuit. Don’t let your mistakes and failures get the best of you. the body will be able to absorb better the nutrients from the foods that you take. just make sure you go to the gym on the next scheduled date. Nutrients that would have otherwise gone to waste will now be made good use of. Detox for the bodybuilder What this means for the serious bodybuilder and health buff. just make sure you eat right the next time. The power is inside you – you have the power to make things right – there is always a next time. is that detoxification will result in the efficient functioning of the body and the reduced risk of – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way.AddingMuscleMass. 19 | P a g e .

massive chest. chiseled abs. Unleash your muscles. and at each level one usually aims for more – more proportion and will definitely reach milestones along the way. Eat right. 20 | P a g e . sleep well.AddingMuscleMass. It is best to enjoy your quest towards a healthier and muscular body – don’t be too hard on yourself. but reward yourself every once in a while for sticking to your strict exercise regimen. live clean and get a sculpted body. V-tapered torso. and then you can walk like real men do. Bodybuilding is a process . – Learn how to build lean muscle the right way. bigger biceps.

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