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Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (BSE: 500520) is part of the Indian Industrial Conglomerate Mahindra Group based in Mumbai. The company was set up in 1945 in Ludhiana as Mahindra & Mohammed by brothers K.C. Mahindra and J.C. Mahindra along with Malik Ghulam Mohammed After India gained independence and Pakistan was formed; Malik Ghulam Mohammed moved to Pakistan where he became the nation's first finance minister. Now, with the Mahindra brothers as the whole sole of the company, its name was changed to Mahindra & Mahindra in 1948

Initially set up to manufacture general-purpose utility vehicles, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) was first known for assembly under licence of the iconic Willys Jeep in India. M&M introduced Jeeps to India and in no time they established themselves as the Jeep manufacturers of India. The company later branched out into the manufacture of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) and agricultural tractors, rapidly growing from being a manufacturer of army vehicles and tractors to an automobile major with a growing global market presence. At present, M&M is the leader in the utility vehicle segment in India with its flagship UV Scorpio. In recent times the company is engaged in spreading its reach beyond its traditional markets. They entered into the two-wheeler segment by taking over the Kinetic Motors in India. M&M also has controlling stake in REVA Electric Car Company. M&M has also been selected as the preferred bidder for the acquisition of South Korea's SsangYong Motor Company.


Mahindra AXE


After getting brief knowledge about MAHINDRA N MAHINDRA,I went to one of its dealer operating in Patiala at Urban Estate Phase-2.I met with one of their sales manager.I told him that I am a MBA student studying in Punjabi University Campus and I have been given an assignment regarding inquiring of any organizations MIS.However he was very helpful as he listened all my question with patience and answered very well.below is the information that I acquired:Q1)do you use the MIS system? Ans:yes Q2)what kind of MIS or which MIS you use? Ans:the name of MIS that we use is DMS(data management system). This is particular URL provided us by the Mahindra n mahindra company. In this information system the space is provided for LOGIN ID AND PASSWORD. Each unique distributor is provided with this login id and password.after entering the id and password list of all models and all different colours are shown.according to our need we first select the model and then we go for varients in same model.then after selecting the different variant,den according to selected variant list of colours are open that are available in that variant.if no colour is shown then in case we need that,there is option for additional requirement and the desired colour we enter.

After selecting the colour next they ask the sitting capacity needed and the number of cars that are needed. Inorder to request for quantity,say for example if we need 10 cars,we have to enter the desired customers name for different 10 cars and if in case no customers book the cars then just to fulfill the need as it is mandatory to enter then we enter dummy figures. After receving the request send by us,the company checks in their stock that how much cars are available and what amount of request have come from all different distributorships and according to that they revert back the equisite amount of cars (say if they ordered 10 and after checking they confirmed 8 cars). After receiving the conformation then within 2 days they have to done with the payment if they didnt do within 2 days then their will be penelty of 2500 per car and if within 2 hours of receving the conformation then they will get 1500 bonus per car ordered. Q3)problem faced before MIS system? Ans:-before the introduction of MIS system,lots many problems were faced like now while using MIS system,we can check that how much production has occurred of particular as updated by company but before after the production of cars the company prepare a report on excel sheet and on it they write the number of units produced and mail to all distributors and after receving mail the dealers according to their requirement they they revert back that these cars we want and then company checks that how much requirement is needed by all dealers and then conform their request.

One main drawback is that the dealers could not recognize the number of cars manufactures in one section or particular model,so this was main problem faced. Q4)do you need any expert to operate the MIS software? Ans:yes proper training is given regarding the function of software and the work that is to be performed and minimum qualification required for this post is diploma in computers and person should be graduate. Q5)What all other information is shown by MIS system? Ans:regarding our sales,the sale that occurs day to day and at the end of month,it is upload on this system and company checks according to the last 3-4 months performance and according to that they give us the targets that we have to achieve current year and if targets are not achieved then penalty is charged us, When we place the orders for car,and due to some reason we want to cancel that entry then minimum period is shown according to different models of car,say for Mahindra scorpio it is given 30 hours for cancelling the order. Limit is also given regarding the punching of orders,like min 25 cars can be punched in one transaction depending on the sale according to past 34 months. When the cars are sold and if we upload the information about the seeling of car the dealers get additional points in their account which they can redeem any time and if they dont upload the points will reduced. Q6)through which software you upload information of sales of cars?.

Ans:T-MAHINDRA software is provided on which they upload the information of sale of cars along with details of customers. Q7)is any auditing is done and if yes do the auditors use MIS system? Ans:yes,auditing is done annually and during auditing they take help of MIS system. They check all the transation that had taken place and information regarding the payments done .the process through which the auditing is done is MDEP(MAHINDRA DEALERSHIP EXCELLENCE PROGRAM). Q7)what is the need of MIS system? Ans:if cars are sold then after uploading the company will deduct the stock from dealership account. For example:-if company orders for 50 cars,then company stores this information on their MIS and after the selling of cars and after uploading the information of selling of cars the company deduct the stock from dealerships account. MIS system provides information of material cost,pricing,sitting capacity,colours. If stock is sold then days of counting are starting i.e called age stock and company force dealers to sell these cars either at lower rates or with discount.this information is given through MIS. Through MIS the company sends the information of vehicle on which they have loaded the cars,the name of that vehicle,name of driver,number of cars that are loaded and after getting knowledge about it,if needed the dealers can get information from the drivers by

contacting that where have they reached and how much more time will it take. Q8)to which plant is your MIS system linked? Ans-the north zone is connected with nasik plant where the production takes place.north zone dealers MIS is connected with this plant and all the transactions takes place between this plant.