BOYCOTT! Newsletter 31.7.11-13.8.11

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Welcome all to the 63th BOYCOTT! newsletter. On the 11th of July, 2011, the Israeli parliament passed the
"Law for Prevention of Damage to the State of Israel through Boycott". The law exposes our group to lawsuits and fines, and renders its signatories potentially law breaking citizens. In spite of the law, BOYCOTT! continues to support and promote the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, until it aligns itself with international law and the universal principals of human rights. ‫. ב-11 ליולי 1102 כנסת ישראל אישרה את "החוק‬BOYCOTT! ‫ברוכות/ים הבאות/ים לעלון החדשות ה-36 של‬ ‫למניעת פגיעה במדינת ישראל באמצעות חרם". החוק חושף את קבוצתינו לתביעות וקנסות והופך את חברותיה‬ ,‫לעבריינות/ים בפוטנציה. למרות החוק, "חרם מבפנים" ממשיכות/ים לתמוך ולקדם את הקריאה הפלסטינית לחרם‬ .‫משיכת השקעות וסנקציות נגד ישראל, עד שזו תכבד עם החוק הבינלאומי ועקרונות אוניברסאלים של זכויות אדם‬

‫בד”ס מאחורי הסורגים‬
The Anti-boycott Bill Hebrew:

Israeli citizen or resident? ?‫בעל אזרחות או תושבות ישראלית‬

‫חוק למניעת פגיעה במדינת ישראל‬ ‫באמצעות חרם‬

‫כתבו לנו באתר “אני רוצה להצטרף‬ ”‫לרשימת הפעילות/ים‬ Already signed?‫כבר חתמת‬

BDS Behind Bars
Danny Danon talks to Al Jazeera Dropping the last mask of democracy

BOYCOTT! Fights Back!
We Will Not Be Silent: Statement in Regard to Israeli Anti-Boycott Law


Knesset study: No democracy has similar anti-boycott laws Poll: Israeli public supports boycott law Boycott bill rollcall: How did they vote?

Get active!‫לפעולה‬
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BDS Repression Around the World

Israeli boycotts: ACCC called in Australia’s repression of BDS movement coordinated with Israel Australians for Palestine: Don't erode our democracy!

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Latest BOYCOTT! Action
‫בד”ס פלסטיני‬
Israeli textbooks portray Palestinians as ‘terrorists, refugees, and primitive farmers’

What Is Rael?

Palestinian BDS

Liberal Zionists can oppose boycott only by blinding themselves to decades of discrimination

Following antiDemocratic Arrests and Intimidation Attempts: Israeli Citizens in Solidarity with Australian BDS Activists!

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‫חרם אקדמי למתקדמים‬

On Swaziland and Palestine South African student bodies slam "Israeli Apartheid Agents" and endorse nationwide Israel boycott

The BDS Movement Would Like to Thank the Following Zionists ‫תנועת הבד”ס מבקשת להודות לציונים הבאים‬

Advanced Academic Boycott
Johannesburg/Ben Gurion

UJ's "boycott" of Israel stands South Africa: Joburg airport goes into lockdown Israeli delegation’s arrival disrupted What Is Rael Propaganda Diaries (Day 1, Act 1)

The Boycott Law Plays to the Hands of De-legitimizers Irish Congress of Trade Unions: Leading Israel-basher in the trade union movement worldwide Special: Archbishop Tutu leads vile, racist campaign against Israel and Jewish people Apartheid on Steroids

SASCO: Apartheid agents not welcome on our campuses Pro-Palestinian groups call for boycott of “What is Rael”

International BDS

Soy Vey! Could a Hummus Fight Kill the Co-op?

I Would Be Wary Playing God: Interview with Pushpamala N.

‫בד”ס בינלאומי‬

Press Statement: Indian Artists Boycott the PEDAL short video from London to Palestine is here! Tel Aviv Museum Show Boycott Max Brenner, Boycott Israeli Apartheid - Melbourne, 29 July 2011 African Americans should support Palestinian rights and BDS, interfaith delegation says


Action Alert: Tweet to Roxette: Don’t Entertain Apartheid!

‫אחריותיות תאגידית‬


Total Produce warned on Agrexco bid Open letter to Irish company considering takeover of Agrexco Kislev Group likely to take over Agrexco Veolia Veolia, major target of Palestinian BDS campaign, in financial crisis Veolia loses Ealing Council contract Veolia to Leave 37 Countries as Loss Spurs Quicker Revamp


Corporate Acountability

A ‘LUSH’ Life for All

Appeal to the Riverdance company not to tour Israel Riverdance: "Don't dance for Israeli Apartheid" protest, Dublin 21-07-2011


Occupation profiteer Ahava soaks up EU science grants Bay won’t speculate on its reaction if new boycott called Ahava products on shelves in fall

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Join the Fun!
BOYCOTT! Invites all its siganitories to help write letters, to the following artists (letter suggestions should be sent to

!‫הצטרפו לחגיגה‬

Music: Riverdance * Marianne Faithfull * Roxette * Interpol * Jane's Addiction * Blonde Redhead * Dennis Chambers, Stu Hamm & Greg Howe * Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar * Roberto Rodriguez * Mark Ronson & the Business Intl * Red Sea Jazz Festival participants * Vader * Boombox * Click for More Artists

Lieberman: Israel should cut all ties with Palestinian Authority Straining Every Nerve against UN Membership for Palestine

‫יורגו דלאראס‬

Palestinians will soon come full circle BNC Reiterates its Position on “September” Congressman: US ready to veto recognition bid

Giorgos Dalaras
‫פצצת בוזוקי: יורגו דלאראס נגד ישראל‬

Don't Play Apartheid Israel Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel Israel Divestment Campaign


California’s State Retirement Systems from California Taxpayers: Honor Your Policies of Socially Responsible Investing CJEMP: Boycott Toys “R” Us New campaign IKEA Disconnect Now: BT Alliance – cut your ties to occupation Tell Amazon shoppers it's not OK to buy apartheid products Occupation forces - Land Rover, Caterpillar and Hidromek

‫מוסיקה‬ Music Bryan Ferry: Please Don't Play for Apartheid Israel ‫אקדמיה‬ Academia Petition opposing Ariel College ‫ספורט‬ Sports Ban Israel from the London 2012 Olympics
Facebook: Red Card Israeli Apartheid - Tell UEFA to move 2013 tournament from Israel Enrique Iglesias: Por favor, no cantes para el Apartheid de Israel. Punks Against Apartheid Roxette - Listen to your heart! Ställ in konserten i Tel Aviv 22a oktober Paul Simon : Playing In Israel is Supporting Apartheid Global Call to Boycott the Israel International Harp Contest

‫תאגידים‬ Corporations Adidas, Stop Sponsoring Apartheid

II ‫משט החירות‬
What do ‘Flotilla Folk’ do and why?

For more information on BOYCOTT!’s action and statements go to our website at

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