Hel'i scd Pattern & Svllabus for Limited Depa rt mental Competitive Examination for
t he post o f I ns pectors o f Posts
S. No l leudins Exis tiu « Svllubus and Pattern Revised Svllnbus a nd Pattern
I. No. of oapers 5 4
Syllabus Panc r-I - Postal Manual Paper- f -
Vol.V, Posta l Man ual VoLlV, ( J) Act si Rules/Gu ide Iinesll nstr uct ions retming 10
Postal Manual VoLll , Inland & Foreign Posts, Mail Operations, Money
CCS(Conducl) Rules, Post al Remittances, Savings Bank Schemes & Certi ficates,
Manual VoLlII. MIT Rura l & Post al Life Insurance "
PanC'I'-JI - Post al Manual (2) Orga nizat ion of Department, Ofli ce Procedure & I
Vol.VIII, PO Gu ide Part I & Material Management for optimum utilization of j
II, Postal Manual \' oI.V I (Part network, Establ ishment & Admin istrative Matters
I, II & III), POSI3 Manual Vol.
I & II, Posta l Manual Vol.V II
Paper- III - FHI3 Vol. I & II, Paper-II - CCS(Cnnduct ) Rules, CCS (CCA) Rules,
FRs&SRs. CCS( Pension) Accou nts, FRs&SRs and FIi Bs
Rule s, CCS( Leaye) Rules,
CCS(Joi nin
Ti me) Rul«
Pape r- IV - Indian Post Offi ce Paper-II I - ( I) Const itution of India
Act, GOY!. Savings Bank & (2) Short title, extent, comme ncemen t & defi nitions of
Certifi cate Acts, IPC, CPC & CrPC.
Evidence act. CrPC, CAT, (i ) C"PC: Procla mation for person absconding
Consumer Protect ion Act attachment of property of person absconding, claims I
and objections to attachments, release, sa le &
restorationof attached property
(ii) Indian Evidence Act: Shor t tit le, extent &
Of the relevancy of the facts: Evidence may be given
of facts in issue and relevant facts, relevancy of facts
forming part of same transaction, facts which nre the
occasion, cause or effect of facts In Issue; motive,
preparationand previous Of subsequent conduct.
Facts wh ich need not be proved :
Of oral evidence
Of docurnentarv evidence
(iii) Ind ian Penal Code: General Exp lanation:
Of punishment s
Of offences by orrelating to public servants
Of conteonpts of the lawful aut hor ity of publi c servants
Of the criminal breach of contract of service,
(3) RTI Act & Consumer Prot ecti on Act
Pn J)l'I'- V - Essay, General - Eng.lish Language. General Knowledge & 1
Knowledge, Computer Basics Reasoning/Intel l igence \
and Intelli zence Test
3. Ma rks Each paper ca rries 100 marks Each paper wiII carry 300 mark s
4. Durati on Durati on for each oaoer is 3 hrs Dur ati on of each oaoer woul d be 3 hrs .
5. No. o f Subj ective type Quest ions 150 Mul tiple Choice Quest ion (MCQ) in each pape r
6. Qualifyiug 40% marks ,n each paper No change:
Ma rks subj ect to an overall average of
45% for ge neral category and
33% marks in each paper
subject to an overall average of
38% for SC /S T
7. Assessment Not included The Competent Authority will ensure and certify the-
of following before recommending the application of the
7"" "
f--" I' .. il.CR
official forexamination: . .
(i) No disc iplinary action is pending or contemplat ed I
' , $ -' r ,,- ! , _ .... .. ,f
' \ 1 V:<
, -
against the applicant. I
f} H E
(ii) No punishment is current against the appli cant. . I
(ii i) No adverse entry in the APARIACR in the last
• "
) , "
five vears. J
' I

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