June/July 2011

The newsletter for north east London LCC groups
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Cycling to the Farmers’ Market
Walthamstow’s Sunday Farmers’ Market teamed up with WF Cyclists and local shop E Seventeen Bikes, hoping to attract more customers by bike. WF Cyclists led a guided ride from Brooks Farm for those who wanted to visit the market from Leytonstone. E Seventeen Bikes provided a Dr Bike service and had busy hands throughout. Cycle lanes free from parked cars and safe from fast aggressive motor traffic were the key points highlighted by shoppers who were asked what would make it easier to cycle to the market.

Well done biking boroughs!
Three east London boroughs have become Biking Boroughs. Havering, Redbridge, and Barking & Dagenham will share £4m with ten other London boroughs under the Mayor of London’s funding scheme. Of this, Redbridge will get £385,000, Havering £282,000, and Barking and Dagenham £343,000. "The funding will help engage the local community, create better infrastructure, as well as making cycling safer," said a TfL spokesperson. But London Assembly member and leader of the Green Group Jenny Jones, said: “£4m is a fraction of what the outer London boroughs were due to spend on cycling before the Mayor cancelled funding.” Redbridge plan to spend their money on Snaresbrook and South Woodford ‘cycle hubs’. Barking and Dagenham on cycling infrastructure in Barking, cycle training and HGV safety events, and bike parking. Havering plans to spend on cycle training, cycle activity days for younger children and improving current biking routes. Waltham Forest’s application to become a biking borough failed and Newham did not apply. Newham Cyclists co-ordinator Arnold Ridout called this ‘a missed opportunity.’

Thank you Gina
After a decade and a half with the borough, Waltham Forest’s Principal Transport Officer Gina Harkell is gone. Cuts have seen her position axed and her transport team number dwindle from nine to just two. Throughout her career Gina was a vociferous promoter of cycling. Thanks to her Waltham Forest has one of the highest numbers of cycle lanes in London. ‘This is a great loss to the borough,’ WF Cyclist Mat Schmidt said. ‘She knew how complicated decision making was at the Town Hall and she was determined that her voice be heard.’ WF Cycling wish her well!

Superhighway blues
Newham Council continues to block the Cycle Superhighway 2. CS2 was blocked by the council because the blue paint contravened their highways design guide. But Newham Cyclists have now found that the Council made an exception for CS3 which runs along the A13, a TfL road and enters borough roads occasionally. Newham Cyclists hope to challenge the Council decision by establishing that Stratford High Street is also a TfL road.

Lea Bridge back on track
The cycle track under the Lea Bridge has been cleared of years of vegetation. The track is an off-road cycle link between Walthamstow and Leyton. It also allows cyclists travelling along the Lea Bridge Road to avoid the busy junction above. ‘We trust this will set a pattern of care for the borough’s cyclists,’ said WF Cyclist Gerhard Weiss. Lights under the bridge remain to be fixed.

Stratford 6-lane mayhem
Newham plan to spend £9m to turn Stratford High Street into a six-lane highway. The Council say the plan will "allow for more walking and cycle use and provide a safer environment for all". Newham Cyclists say the plan is a ‘sustainable transport disaster’ which ‘increases the dominance of motorised traffic and danger for walkers and cyclists’ and requested a detailed report on the plan’s credentials.

Rides & Events
Redbridge Friday 17 June London Cycling Campaign’s chief exec Ashok Sinha will speak at Redbridge LCC’s Open Meeting. 8pm, Forest Room, Wanstead House, 21 The Green, E11 2NT. Drinks/nibbles at the bar from 6pm, plus free Dr Bike behind Wanstead House. Havering Sunday 26 June 2011 Doctor Bike 10am-2pm; Beginners ride (3km, off-road) 10.30am; 8km ride onand off-road 12pm. The Forest Centre, Broadfields, Pike Lane, Upminster RM14 3NS Newham Saturday 18 June New Newham and 2012 Bike Ride – 10.30 from outside Stratford Station Waltham Forest Cyclists’ Tea - Friday 17 June, 5pm 7pm, Waterside Close (Coppermill Lane) opposite Thames Water Breakfast ride - Wednesday 22 June 8am from The Coppermill, Coppermill Lane, to Bike Breakfast in London Fields (4 miles) Hitchcock Trail - Thursday 23 June 8pm from Leytonstone station, Church Lane side - celebrating local lad Alfred Hitchcock (7 miles) Borough Market ride - Saturday 25 June 8am from Walthamstow town square to London's 'other' street market. Le Tour de Waltham Forest - Sunday 26 June from 10am – Bike Week’s grand finale includes 3 rides: Bronze (6 miles), Silver (12 miles), and Gold (20 miles)

Local group contacts
Redbridge Havering

David Gould http://tiny.cc/HaveringCC

Barking & Dagenham

Colin Newman http://www.stibasa.org.uk 020 8144 8591


Arnold Ridout http://tiny.cc/NewhamCC

Waltham Forest

Gerhard Weiss www.wfcycling.org.uk 020 8521 1893

Ahead Charity Ride
On 5 June Ahead are riding from from Walthamstow’s St James’s Park, through Woodford’s Stone Bomb memorial, to the North Weald Airfield, starting at 10am. The riders are helping build a school in Shakiso in rural Ethiopia. Contact Elfneh at 0794 659 2607 or donate@aheadcharity.org for details.

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