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It's the greatest creature what made by human at last 54 years. I mean here she was sucess to managed the economically devastated World after II. World War, to join different contries and people in Europe where was different ideologies existed, since in that period of time to we know the world was ruled by dictators. She sucess to rebuild its economy, gave birth to a new life on this continent, bore the hope for a better life to people who will be living together since then. It has created new rules of life in a community where everyone lives together and help each other on the basis of established acceptable rules, where he achieved the freedom movement of people, goods, services and capital. She's garantiee free moving for goods and capital estabilished on acceptable rules at members of community (free transportation without customs). The free movement of capital, means the company can be established in any country community-based on rules what was established at the community level that complies with the rules of individual members of the community. That encourages the mobilization of human-labor enables innovations, creating new investions through its research center, which has a positive impact on the production and reproduction (productionrobotization encourages people to lifelong learning (skilled workforce)), while at the same time it is and socially responsible as set standards such as ISO, HALAL, HACCP. The community almost every year, expanding with one or more members who are prepared for EU membership (that meet the requirements as regards inflation, the country's indebtedness, the legal situation in the country), but it bears with it a certain level of responsibility for the whole means for community-members, because the problems that are created in one of the members of the community is not only a problem of that country, but that's a problem the whole community and are resolved by joining synergy of all member countries. So now she is in a situation as it is called economic recession caused by the credit without security, to be launched in the USA 3 years ago. I think it will be a fight with this situation, primarily because it has already weathered many crises here think of the 70s and 80s that year, the crisis that led to the adoption of the single European act. The European Union is a multicultural environment that connects people, ideas, money from which it starts when we think of the creation of new small and medium enterprises. It also ensures, through its legal system security, peace no matter what language you speak, what ethnicity they belong to, that our faith was, what color of skin, which belonged to the semi. Supports freedom of speech, media, democracy - in favor of joint decision-making community, the environment, both through its various funds established by encouraging development of rural areas, backward regions, rural tourism and general tourism, to be attractive to everyone in the world as well as Japan, and China

and America. In these moments now should be to focus on preserving the value of its currency, the preservation and job creation. It should provide more investmens for employment young people, focus more attention on reducing the public debt, inflation, and focus on increasing gross domestic product by attracting foreign investment, the use of renewable energy that affects economic efficiency, and effectiveness of the production. I think we young people like myself and others should focus our attention on the preservation of what has been given, and that we create a value that can be added to the one that has been created throughout history to this day, that will be useful for the following upcoming generation after us.