AW-1170SM AW-9770SM

WARNING ..................................... 2 CAUTION ...................................... 3 DESCRIPTION OF PARTS ........... 3 CONTROL PANEL DESCRIPTION .......................... 4~5 RECOMMENDED DETERGENT AMOUNT ....................................... 5 HOW TO OPERATE .................. 6~7 PRESET MODE ............................ 7 SUPER SPIN DRY (TUB DRY) ..... 8 CUSTOM WASH CYCLES ............ 9 CHILD PROOF MODE ................ 10 WASHING PROCESS ................. 11 OPTION MODE ..................... 11~12 LAUNDRY GUIDE ....................... 12 MAINTENANCE .................... 13~15 INSTALLATION ..................... 15~17 BEFORE CALLING THE SERVICEMAN .............. 18~19 HANDLING METHOD FOR EMERGENCY ............................. 19 SPECIFICATIONS ....................... 19

Thank you for purchasing TOSHIBA Fully Automatic Washing Machine.

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Please read this manual carefully in order to operate the machine properly. Sometimes you may find some water remaining in the drainage hose at your first operation. This is caused by the productionline test and nothing to worry about.

WARNING: This indicates an important item which incorrect operation may lead to injury or death. Never attempt to touch laundry in the spin basket until the motion of the basket stops completely.
Laundry in the basket may become wrapped around the hand, even when the basket is only moving slowly. Use particular caution when children are present.

Never allow children to look into the basket or play around the washing machine. Do not place the stand or box near the washing machine.
Children may fall into the tub and get injured or drowned.

Never disassemble or modify the machine.
It can cause fire or electrical shock or malfunctions that lead to injuries. Consult the store you bought the machine.

Use proper power source indicated in the rating label of the machine.
It can cause fire or electrical shock. Failure to use a proper power source may result in the electrical outlet becoming excessively hot, leading to fire.

Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet before attempting to service the washing machine.
Do not handle the power cord with wet hands. It can cause electrical shock or malfunctions that lead to injuries.

Never use damaged power cord, plugs, or loose socket.
It can cause electrical shock or malfunctions that lead to injuries or fire.

Do not damage the power cord.
Do not attempt to damage, cut, or modify the power cord, or subject it to excessive bending, pulling, twisting, or binding. Also, do not yank the metal portion, place heavy objects on the cord, or pinch the cord. Doing so may damage the cord, resulting in fire or electrical shock.

Do not install in a bathroom or in area exposed to the strong sunshine.
Doing so may result in electrical shock.

Do not allow water to come into direct contact with the various parts of the outer body.
Doing so may result in electrical shock.

Do not place flammable materials in the basket.
Do not put any kerosene, gasoline, benzene, thinner, alcohol, other flammable materials, or the laundry soaked with such materials in the basket. It can cause explosion or fire.

Wipe away any buildup of dust or grime on the prongs of the power plug.
Buildup of dust or grime may cause fire.

Do not close the fire on plastic parts.
It can cause fire.

Make sure that water drains properly.
Using the washing machine with faulty drainage may cause water to back up within the machine, leading to electrical shock or fire.


or clothing. make sure the faucet in open. mats. sleeping bags. or other areas may cause water leakage or other damage. After putting in detergent. Do not attempt to wash or rinse waterproofed sheets. and the connection with water supply hose is not loose or leakage water. It can cause electrical shock or malfunctions that lead to injuries. Do not pull the cord when unplug the appliance. Do not use water with temperatures over 50°C. 2 Pulsator (Hybrid Screw Type) Horizontal Level Indicator Cassette filter Accessories Adjustable Leg (Front: 1 piece) Plug Drainage Hose Control Panel Water supply hose 3 . etc. hose connections. *: This includes raincoats. Before use. which may result in electrical shock. Water that is too hot can cause malfunctions and deformation of the machine. and pull the cover out while pressing the hook. Pull out the power plug if you do not plan to use the machine for a long time.* Doing so may cause abnormal vibration or injury during the spin cycle. Hold the plug body to unplug. close the cover until click is heard. Doing so may result in injury due to bending or breakage. ski wear. fishing gear (jackets and waders). Wash Basket (Wash Basket/Spin Tub) Hose Hanger Power Cord Caution: If the supply cord is damaged. it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. DESCRIPTION OF PARTS Detergent and Bleach Dispenser Safety Precaution Label Powder Detergent (Present/Preset)/ Softener Case Lid Water Supply Port Opening and closing of the detergent and bleach dispenser: 1 Hold the groove of the entry gate with fingers. Do not climb or place heavy objects on the washing machine. Do not place the hands or other objects under the washing machine while in operation. Looseness of screws.CAUTION CAUTION: This indicates an important item where incorrect operation may lead to injury or material damage. The opening must not be obstructed by carpeting when the washing machine is installed on a carpet floor. Moving parts may cause injury. Failure to do so may result in electrical shock or shorts due to deterioration of the insulation.

a lamp will light up. the estimated residual time to the end of washing will be displayed. Then select the program suitable with the laundry. the washing time. While the water is flowing into the basket. • • After the start of operation If the lid is closed. "START/HOLD" button • Press this button to start the process. other items are common to AW-1170SM and AW-9770SM. of the time to complete washing The preset hours are displayed. (Example) Washing Operation Depending on the kind of detergent water consumption by one spoonf Adjust the detergent volume acco particular detergent in use. Digital Display Un • After starting the operation If the lid is open. Water Level Indicator • The set water level indicator is flashing when the water has been supplied and it will light up once the water is at the set level. detergent amount is displayed. the indicator at "WATER LEVEL" will light off.CONTROL PANEL DESCRIPTION ■ Operation Panel of AW-1170SM and AW-9770SM. Setting the button • Press • • Reservation the button to choose the water level. • Press this button to hold the operation. An error code will be displayed. • The amount of supply using the me accompanying the compact detergent Automatic Mode • The water level is set linearly by adjusting to the washing volume. the indicator at the highest level will light up. Progress Indicator • The current washing process blinks • and the remaining process lights up. • Following is the operation panel of AW-1170SM. 4 . When power is turned on and a course is selected. • Apart from the displaying values of [WATER LEVEL]. If the water level is assigned at the point with no particular indication. • If an error occurs. the number of rinsing cycles to be repeated and a spinning time respectively. the number of rinsing cycles and the spinning time are displayed. "COURSE" button • When pressing this button. Water Level Indicate of AW 9770SM 77L Course Indicator 21L • The indicator of the selected washing course will light up. The indicator at the higher water level will light up. If there is some water in the basket before the operation. then the nearest level will light up. 79L 21L "WASH" "RINSE" "SPIN" buttons • These buttons allow you to set a washing time.

7 0. 7mL Approx.11mL Approx. of the time to hing s are displayed.17mL Approx.12mL Approx.15mL cup 1170SM 9770SM 1. of operation d.30mL Approx. ill be displayed. 5 . 5mL supply using the measure spoon he compact detergent is displayed. "CONDENSED BUBBLE" Indicator • The "CONDENSED BUBBLE" indicator will blink when the washer starts the operation. 30g Approx.4 1.9 0.26mL Approx. 41g Approx.6 0.41mL Approx.37mL Approx.44mL Approx. 22g Approx.52mL Approx.37mL Approx.19mL Approx.4 21L 21L 47L 46L 67L 66L 79L 77L Concentrated Type Approx.19mL Approx.33mL Approx.14mL Approx. the estimated he end of washayed. 48g Softener Liquid Normal Type Approx.26mL Approx. "POWER" button • Press this button to power on/off. 37g Approx.33mL Approx. "SUPER SPIN DRY/TUB DRY" button • Press this button to evaporate the water from the basket or to dry the basket. One spoonful of detergent denotes about 55L of water consumption Approx. Child Proof Mode Display • After selecting this mode. 15g the kind of detergents. • Power is automatically turned off about 15 seconds after the end of operation.22mL Approx.2 1. 7mL Approx. 33g Approx. 10mL Approx.44mL Approx.3 1. the washer guided deter- Detergents Powder Approx.48mL Approx. 52g Approx.16mL Approx. "•" will light up. amount of ption by one spoonful changes. 26g Approx.52mL Approx. 9mL Approx. 44g Approx. MIN.48mL Approx. tergent volume according to the rgent in use. or about 10 minutes later if the operation is not on.1 1. 19g Approx.15mL Approx.22mL Approx.8 0. "PRESET" button • You can preset the time of all washing process.0 0.41mL Approx.5 0.RECOMMENDED DETERGENT AMOUNT The estimated amount of washing Amount /spoon Manual Water Level Setting AWAW- al Display Unit Detergent Display 1.30mL Approx. urs.4 spoon of the detergent he operation .15mL Approx.

5 Press button. the lower water level water may be set. • The time requirement is 1hour. If it is not. Make sure that there are no sign of water leakage at water tap or inlet valve. and the lid is opened while the machine is in operation. Press the button to select "REGULAR" "HEAVY WASH" "HEAVY RINSE" "SOAK". Rinsing process is displayed by all the lamps illuminating. "REGULAR" and "CONDENSED BUBBLE" cycles will be selected automatically. If you keep the lid opening. The "REGULAR" lamp will light up. • • Close the lid. 5 4 6 1 CONDENSED BUBBLE The washer starts flowing water at the low level to absorb the concen trated detergent into the laundry in order to remove the dirt efficiently. When "HEAVY RINSE: maximum" is chosen. • "HEAVY RINSE" provides water supply for three times. Put the laundry evenly and confirmly. 2 TIMES and OVER FLOW Put in the detergent into detergent dispenser according to the detergent guide. 4 "HEAVY RINSE" cycle By washing in combination with the "REGULAR" course. and indicates the amount of concentrated detergent suitable for the laundry amount. Connect the power plug. • A "beep" sound will be heard when operation is finished . put the laundry in it. the buzzer beeps and the CHILD PROOF indicator flashes then the machine starts draining water. water current and time are automatically selected according to the quantity and type of laundry detected automatically. In case of selecting "SUPER SPIN DRY" cycle. Avoid your finger caught when closing the lid. 6 .3hours . button. 2 • • Turn the POWER on.HOW TO OPERATE Preparation 3 4 2 1 2 3 1 Set drainage hose for drain. "HEAVY RINSE" illuminates by turning on the switch from next time. the cycle will stop before spin.2 . please see page 8 for details. • 6 7 The pulsator automatically detects the laundry amount. 1 TIME. the number of times for rinsing increases by one turn. this mode is memorized. "REGULAR" cycle Water lavel. • Rinsing is set to "OVERFLOW RINSE". Turn the water faucet on. Set the water supply hose correctly. ∗ If you add the laundry during washing. Cycle end The power turn off automatically. be sure to press After stopping the basket. 3 "HEAVY WASH" cycle It is especially for heavy soiled clothes. ∗ If the CHILD PROOF mode is set to ON. It washes with stronger water current Put the laundry in the basket. • 4 "REGULAR" "HEAVY WASH" "HEAVY RINSE" "SOAK" 1 • Turn the POWER on. "SOAK" cycle This method is used to wash clothing which easily absorbs stain and clothes with noticeable stains.

Put the detergent according to the detergent guide and then close the lid. • The finished times for the preset and the actual times are different because of the water pressure and the drainage condition. Down cloth Weight: 5. Put the laundry in the basket and select your favorite cycle or water level. And then set to new preset time. DETERGENT (25g/30L) Pull the detergent case. the POWER off when you want to delete memor y.2 kg or less (AW-9770SM) • All wool blankets and regular electric blankets should NEVER be washed. 7 . and close the fastener. Then shut the case. Washable electric blankets should be washed according to the washing instruction given in the user’s manual that accompany them when purchased. turn the POWER off. • The displayed time can be changed from 2 to 12 hours by increasing 1 hour per press. 2 5 2 1 Press the "BLANKET". Place the blanket into the blanket net hem-side first. Folding blankets • Remove waste or thread from blanket. 5 Close the lid and press the button. 4 Put a large item placed in the blanket washing net in the washing basket. Press the PRESET button to preset the time. Mayer type blanket. Tuft. Set the custom wash cycle. Insert a blanket to the net • Roll up the blanket. Fold it once again the same way. LIQUID DETERGENT Pour the liquid detergent into the bleach dispenser. If you wish to change preset time. Then take out the blanket from net. PRESET MODE How to use preset mode 1 2 3 3 2 1 TO SET/RESET PRESET MODE Turn the POWER on. button and select Type and amount which may be washed. it can not be washed.0 kg or less (AW-1170SM) 4. Double size (180 cm x 230 cm or less) 100% synthetic fiber Type: Mayer. • Fold the blanket in six lengthwise. Washing period may become longer with drainage condition. • Turn 4 • Check if the faucet is on. then place the detergent evenly in the case.HOW TO OPERATE WASHING OF BLANKET 1 Turn the POWER on. Press the button. • Open the blanket net fastener and put at the center of the blanket. • Roll the blanket up loosely except • Take the blanket out after washing completed. 3 Pour the liquid detergent in the wash basket. • If the blanket will not go into washing net because of fiber length of thickness. TO CONFIRM PRESET TIME • Display preset time when you open the lid or press the PRESET button.

• Do not put the laundry during the spin cycle. 5 • Put the detergent as the display and close the lid. you cannot select "SUPER SPIN DRY". or shirts) • Easily transformable clothes • Waterproofed clothes 4 2 3 1 1 2 Turn the POWER on and put the laundry in the basket. The "SUPER SPIN DRY" and "9 MIN" lamps will light up. there will be a beep. Close the lid and press the button. it cannot easily removed by using "TUB DRY".0 kg ■ Setting time for spinning • You can manually set the time of spinning according to the following guide: If you would like to shorten the time of drying clothes in the room: 45 min If you would like to almost dry the synthetic clothes: 90 min ■ The clothes which cannot be performed spin drying • "SUPER SPIN DRY" program will use a long time to spin with high speed. After the end of operation. SPIN) cycle. • If there is bacteria in the basket once. Please do not spin the following clothes: • Easily color bleeding clothes • Easily wrinkled clothes (e. After the operation: the buzzer will beep when the washer completes the operation. ■ The amount of laundry/once of spin Less than 5. So you should usually use "TUB DRY" cycle. Press the button to select the program. 3 Press the • 4 The "SUPER SPIN DRY" indicator will light on and the "9 MIN" spinning time will display. Press the • The pulsator will operate before the water is let into the basket. button. Put the laundry in the basket. RINSE. the washer will stop before washing and spinning. CAUTION • The amount of bacteria in the basket is less or much up to the operation of the washer. The washer will estimate the amount of laundry and display the detergent amount (while the lid is open). 3-1 4 3-2 1 1 2 Turn the POWER on. Unfold the laundry before putting it in the basket to prevent the roll of the laundry. Please perform tub drying once a week. • Turn off the faucet and clean the lint collector. • 3 After pressing the button.SUPER SPIN DRY (TUB DRY) Select "SUPER SPIN DRY" from the (WASH. If the lid is open during the operation. button and select the desired time. blouse. you can remove all the drops of water left in the basket to protect the bacteria. Please set the time at 30 minutes if you would like to select "TUB DRY" cycle. • At the set of "BLANKET" "TUB CLEANING" and "SOAK" without "SPIN" cycle. When using only "SUPER SPIN DRY" cycle When using "TUB DRY" cycle ■ When using "TUB DRY" After using "SUPER SPIN DRY" for 30 minutes.g. 100% cottons. • Please do not put the laundry in the basket during the "TUB DRY" operation. press the • • 4 8 button to select the time. .

After "E2" displays. (Spin before rinse. The cycle can be set as you desire. the value for each cycle is the standard setting. SPIN : Select from 1 / 5 / 9 min. 9 . Spin only.) Both rinse and spin. the indicators of "1 TIME" "2 TIMES" and "OVERFLOW" will light up. Select the number of rinsing cycles Select the time of WASH: 4. OVERFLOW 3 TIMES 2 • • • • Set the custom wash cycle ( Conditions Re-use the detergent. or 9 min. spin only. The user can change the time of washing. RINSE : Select from "1 TIME" to "3 TIMES. (Open the lid. or 12 min. And select the desired cycle. WASH : "8 MIN" RINSE : "2 TIMES" SPIN : "5 MIN" Soaking time DRAIN only • If it is desired to change the foam soaking time.) Select the desired cycle from washing to spinning.) Drain the water from the tub. ■ The change for each cycle. (Spin before rinse. button Select "SPIN" : 1. "REGULAR" "HEAVY WASH" cycles • When the washer start to operate from "RINSE". OVERFLOW".1 hr 3 Press the button. Re-use the washed water. 5. Rinse the washed laundry only. reuse the washed water/detergent. "SOAK" cycle • The time of "WASH" "RINSE" and "SPIN" cannot be selected. Melt the detergent before use.) ).2 hrs . ONCE. Button 3 TIMES. OVERFLOW" rinsing. (Drain before spin. 8. Wash clothes with different soil separately and then spin all together. The "OVERFLOW" indicator will light up when there is "Overflow rinsing". power off. . OVERFLOW Cycle WASH only WASH and RINSE • For "3 TIMES. • • • • • RINSE only RINSE and SPIN WASH RINSE and SPIN SPIN only • For the rinsing of "BLANKET" cycle: The "OVERFLOW" indicator will light off when there is "Shower rinsing 2 times" or "Static rinsing".3 hrs Indication of 3 hrs: Indication of 2 hrs: Indication of 1 hr: press the "COURSE" button and change the time. TWICE.g. "HEAVY RINSE" cycle Wash Rinse Spin : Select from 4 / 8 / 12 min : Select from 1 / 2 / 3 washing cycles : Select from 1 / 5 / 9 min WASH and SPIN "BLANKET" cycle WASH : Select from 4 / 8 / 12 min. the • The settings for rinsing by pressing the ONCE Static rinsing Overflow rinsing Shower rinsing (2 times) Shower rinsing (2 times) Shower rinsing (2 times) Shower rinsing (2 times) Static rinsing Overflow rinsing Static rinsing Static rinsing Overflow rinsing Overflow rinsing water level will be at the highest. e. . OVERFLOW TWICE 1 Open the lid and put the laundry in the basket.CUSTOM WASH CYCLES At first. of rinsing and of spinning on every cycle by pressing the buttons.

unless the lid is close within 5 seconds. it is stored in memory. • The washing machine will not operate if the lid is close after the elapse of 5 seconds. OFF Once the CHILD PROOF mode can be canceled even during the operation. WARNING: Pay attention to small children. add laundry or detergent. press the button. ceases operation and drains water. the water will be supplied for a while. follow the instruction below: Hold down the button. close the lid. press the button once again. please take necessary safety action urgently. The operation of the CHILD PROOF mode Once the CHILD PROOF mode is set. Setting the CHILD PROOF mode Press the button. If the machine is started with the lid open. the buzzer will sound and then after about 5 seconds. Do not leave the washer filled with water. near the washer. Do not place the stand or box etc. then the washing machine begins operating. however. The buzzer will continue sounding. draining will start after about 5 seconds. When water reaches a certain level. the buzzer will sound and operation will stop.CHILD PROOF MODE (if you have small children) CHILD PROOF mode This model is equipped with CHILD PROOF mode. it will be detected as an alarm and the water will be drained. • Remember to reset the CHILD PROOF mode after the cancellation. the CHILD PROOF mode will work. or after alarm detection. 10 . Canceling the CHILD PROOF mode Hold down the button. unless power is turned off or the CHILD PROOF mode is canceled. Subsequently if that state persists about 5 seconds. close the lid and set the CHILD PROOF mode once again. cancel the CHILD PROOF mode or turn the POWER off. ON • If the lid is open during the operation in the CHILD PROOF mode. Do not leave the lid open. the washer will alarm if the lid is opened during the operation. open the lid and check the condition inside. Then set the CHILD PROOF mode once again. If the sounding buzzer is disturbing. If you find the accident such as children’s falling into the wash tub. Adding Laundry of Detergent during the CHILD PROOF mode Open the lid and then after adding laundry or detergent quickly with the buzzer sound. This CHILD PROOF function gives an alarming noise about the trouble. set this mode ON. Never allow children to look into the basket or play around the washer. If there are small children who require attention. If the lid remains open. When the buzzer makes a noise. HOW TO USE CHILD PROOF MODE The childproof lock (child safety equipment) considers the case in which a child falls into the wash basket by accident. A buzzer will sound and the CHILD PROOF mode indicator will be activated. Then after opening the lid. After this mode is set to ON. cancel the CHILD PROOF mode. In such case. • A buzzer will sound and the CHILD PROOF mode indicator will be canceled.

(Increase approx. Wash 3 min.) (Increase approx. 10L. Press once. depending on water level exceeding 79L (77L) Soak for 20 min. 11:14 AM .WASHING PROCESS The asterisk (*) mark means the initial setting. 11 6248087201_EN(11-19) 11 8/1/08. If you feel the amount of water is less or much. Press once.) Adjust by pressing WASH. You don’t have to set it on each laundry. The actual time required varies • The contents in ( ) also apply to AW-9770S.) 35~55 min (35~55 min) *8 min 8 min maximum 6 min minimum Shower rinsing (2 times) Static rinsing (1 time) HEAVY RINSE Shower rinsing (2 times) Overflow rinsing (2 times) ("1 TIME""2 TIMES" and "OVERFLOW"indicators light up) *5 min 6 min maximum 5 min minimum 45~72 min (45~71 min) SUPER SPIN DRY Overflow rinsing (2 times) ("2 TIMES" and "OVERFLOW" indicators light up) 30~90 min 12 min 8 min (The display is 9 min. Cycle REGULAR (CONDENSED BUBBLE) HEAVY WASH 21L~79L (21L~77L) stepless auto setting Water Level Wash (Approx. 10L. If you feel the amount of water is less or much Water level is automatically set to suit the amount of laundry.) 30~90 min 70 min (69 min) BLANKET 79L (77L) SOAK 21L~79L (21L~77L) stepless auto setting 8 min and soak 1 hour. Press twice. Press twice. 5L. water pressure and/or drainage status. 5L. Shower rinsing (2 times) Static rinsing (1 time) *5 min 6 min maximum 5 min minimum 98~237min TUB CLEANING No indicator. (Finished adjusting) * Set it once. you can adjust it as the following. 2. Turn the POWER on with pressing the WATER LEVEL button. it is written in memory. Drain and spin 3 min.) Rinse Spin (Approx. If you feel the amount of water is much. Adjust by pressing RINSE.) Required Time (Approx.) (77L)79L (21L)21L (77L)79L (21L)21L (77L)79L (21L)21L (77L)79L (21L)21L (77L)79L (21L)21L Turn the POWER off. Drain and spin 3 min.3hours Supply water and stir 11 min. Supply water and stir 11 min. the degree of its offset. If you feel the amount of water is less. OPTION MODE The contents in ( ) also apply to AW-9770SM. Rinse 3 min. according to the quantity of the laundry. (Decrease approx.)(Decrease approx. • The time requirement listed above include water supply rate of 15L/min and a drainage time.

Press the button and hold for 3 seconds. Weighting cap Water Water NOTICE • Make sure to close the dispenser completely. After that. Press 1 2 Press this button to turn on the washer. Do not pour Softener • • the bleach on the upper part of the dispenser. with it away immediately. This. After buzzer beeps 3 times. 12 6248087201_EN(11-19) . • If the concentrated softener is used. • Pour the softener into the softener dispenser by estimate its amount from the detergent amount display. pour the bleach into the powder detergent part of the "powder detergent/finishing agent insertion case". the end buzzer disabled. Avoid putting the bleach directly and also applying it directly to the laundry. then the whole bleach runs away inevitably. If you inadvertently spill the finishing agent. Because of its tube-like structure. Press and hold for 3 seconds LAUNDRY GUIDE When using liquid detergent and bleach Carefully read the directions given in the manual for the liquid detergent and bleaching agent and use them correctly. the washer will keep the setting in memory. insert both into the dispenser. Powder bleaching agent NOTICE: • Load the bleaching agent directly into the wash basket • Be careful not to spill the bleach onto the operating panel. These actions cause discoloration and/or cloth damage. however. Liquid detergent / bleaching agent insertion slot Chlorine-based bleaching agent • To use a chlorine-based bleaching agent. it needs twice for the process. The finishing agent may become hard. • The softener will automaticap cally flow into the tub during the final rinse. is not abnormal. So it is not necessary to reset every time. there may be the dilute water remaining inside. dilute it with water one third of its original concentration before pouring it into the insertion case. After you set the buzzer. For timer-reserved washing. dissolving the bleach little by little using the running water to be for washing. Then press the POWER button. So it is not necessary to reset the buzzer every time. If you inadvertently spill the bleach. The buzzer sound will be heard and the course will be set within 5 seconds. dilute it with • water three times as much. * If you wish to change the shower rinse to the static rinse For the shower rinse. When using softener Carefully read the directions of the softener in order to use it correctly. it needs only once. turn off the washer. In case of reserving washing. wipe it away at once. • Follow this instruction for the shower rinse. If excessive bleach is used. the washer will keep the setting in memory.OPTION MODE If you wish to turn off the end buzzer sound • You can turn off the buzzer sound by 1 2 Press and hold Press Press the "COURSE" button and hold. Follow this instruction when you want to reset to enable the buzzer. Be careful not to spill the softener onto the operating panel. Liquid detergents and liquid bleaches Load the liquid detergent and the bleaching agent directly into the wash basket dissolving both little by little using the running water for washing. But for the static rinse. • After the setting. and the buzzer sound will be heard. Load the bleaching agent into the wash basket by dissolving the bleach gradually using the running water for washing. Do not leave the softener in the case for an extended period.

Cap 13 6248088101(EN)(21-30) . With any remaining water. In addition. If the washing machine operates without the cap in place. Filter slot Cassette filter Cassette filter Filter cover L How to remove Turn over the filter. Groove Click DETERGENT/BREACH DISPENSER Wipe or Wash out any remaining detergent. Filter case If the filter valve is loosened. Filter slot L How to set in Hold the filter case with its top side up. Guides 2 Remove the cap of the detergent/softener case. Make sure to put back the cap after removing the cap. Filter case Filter cover Filter case Filter cover L When the filter valve inside the filter cover is loosened When it is difficult to remove the filter case due to lint attached.MAINTENANCE CASSETTE FILTER Clean the lint trap at the end of operation. lint may not be collected. and insert it deeply along the guides. • Before put detergent or breach to in the detergent/breach dispenser. Removing the case Remounting procedure 1 Mount the cap of the insertion case 1 Removal procedure. Clean inside the filter cover and the filter case. use the “TUB CLEANING” course. If there is any remaining detergent hard to be removed. detergent may be hardened and attached. and then push it until a “click” sound is heard. then lift it for removal. remove water in its inlet. and push down and pull it at the same time. Detergent/Softener case Remove the case to clean it. wipe away any dirt from the water supply port. the softener does not enter. L How to set in 1 Set the filter case to the filter cover as follows. 1 Set the filter valve to the filter case while aligning its concavity and convexity to those of the filter case. and then slide the filter case in the arrow direction of the following figure (1) to remove it (2). Filter valve Filter cover Concavity Convexity 2 Insert the groove of the filter valve to the click at the center of the filter cover. 2 Press down the filter cover case until a “click” sound is heard. Put the lower side of the filter case in the filter stand. Cassette filter L How to remove Hold the upper side of the cassette filter. wet it with water to soften the lint. 2 Lift the case obliquely in the same way as you remove it. Pull the detergent /softener case toward you.

to the basket. For the tub water. Such dirt from the washing process will then make the laundry dirty. Hair clip. be sure to remove the electrical plug from its power source. cleanser. If you are in such case. Clean the tub. However. Finish "Tub Cleaning" process. you had better use the chlorine-type basket cleaner for the washing machine. please use the "Tub Cleaning" program to remove the dirt of the starch from the basket. or other chemical cleaners. 5 1 The pulsator spins while the water level increases gradually.g. Or in case the clothes have been starched. • Beeping when the operation is finished.) Caution: Never clean the body or control panel with benzine. When the pulsator (spinning board) starts to spin. Press the button. the operation will stop before the draining and rinsing process. add the chlorine-type whitening detergent about 300 ml. please use "Tub Cleaning" program once a month. thinner. the rusted water will be drained. Please follow the recommendation below to prevent rust. 2 The water spins while draining out. • Do not put any clothes in the basket during the "Tub Cleaning" program. 14 8/1/08. Press the button and select TUB CLEANING. Clean it again with clean water. • Do not use "Tub Cleaning" program continuously.MAINTENANCE Washing machine body and panel Before performing any maintenance on your washing machine. • If the lid is opened during the operation. This will caused the accumulated rust inside the washing machine. • The amount of detergent must be more than the guided Standard Detergent Amount. • If there is a great amount of dirt inside the basket. • Add it at the first used water. • No indicator. All indicator will light off. • After draining the water. ■ Stainless rust The stainless tub usually prevents the rust. • Normally use power soap. Close the lid. 11:14 AM . the operation may slightly differ. • Do not put the metallic objects into the machine. Use of such chemicals can discolor or damage parts. * Do not use metallic brush because the body may scratch and easily rust. The main body and control panel may be cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth soaked in water. Please follow the instruction labeled on the cleaner bag. Cleaning the tub "TUB CLEANING" course The dirt from clothes or wastewater on the wash/ spin basket will cause the smell or the problem of water draining. "Tub Cleaning" Process Water intake/Stir ( Soak Wash Drain/Spin ( 2) Water intake/Stir ( Rinse Drain/Spin ( 2) 1) 1) about 11 min about 20 min about 3 min about 3 min about 11 min about 3 min about 3 min 1 2 3 4 Turn the POWER on. If the stainless steel wash basket rusts for external reasons Please clean the rust by a soft cloth or a soft cloth with a cream cleaner. there is possible to have it. (Hard-to-remove dirt may be cleaned by wiping with a soft cloth soaked in a mind detergent. e.

hold the handles on the sides. Sometimes it damages resinous parts and painted surface. Note: Check the floor level indicator directly from above. Allow a space of at least 5 cm from the sides and rear of the machine to the nearest vertical object. the ratting exists. Up • Lock Down Mount the leg caps on the right-hand legs. Avoid place where the machine is exposed to direct sunlight. electrical parts and steel plates which may cause electrical shock or injury. • If the bubble is not positioned inside the circle. • It is dangerous to place the washing machine in an unstable location since it may move during vibration. Do not support the machine bottom. 4 • Hold down the diagonal line of the washing machine and make sure that no ratting occurs. • Plastic parts may become deformed or discolored. Avoid places where the machine may become frozen during cold weather. lock the nuts of level indicator. Height adjusting leg Tighten nuts of adjustable legs and lock them. the vibration of the machine during operation may cause them to shake. Rotate the height adjust legs to perform height adjustment.) tion of the arrow. Then shaking motion becomes larger or some abnormal noise comes out. • It will increase the sound produced by the machine when it vibrates during use. position the thicker caps under thinner ones. If the bottom is in touch with the floor. There are moving parts. • When placed too near to walls or other objects. 3 Depending on locations of the bubble in the horizontal 1 Adjust the legs so that the machine does not move. supports the top of the machine. When the machine is covered. • Never touch on the cabinet bottom by hands. put the cloth between the machine and the cover. Despite the fact that the bubble is inside the circle. Bubble Installing the ground pin • The ground pin in the plug should be connected to the proper point of the socket for grounding. If they are to be stacked. tilted towards the right. When you move washing machine. 15 . Use them in combination as required. Standard point ■ About the leg caps The machine comes with four leg caps: two for adjustment in steps of 3 mm and two for adjustment in steps of 6 mm. 2 Check the position of the air bubble in the floor level indicator.INSTALLATION Choosing an installation location Install your washing machine in a level. stable place. Do not use the cover made of chloric vinyl. then it will be the cause Unlock of shaking and abnormal noise. When you use the cover made of chloric vinyl. Make sure so that the bottom of the main body front does not reach the floor. Allow 5 cm Leveling the washing machine When adjusting the legs. place caps and lock legs (Make sure to the legs by rotating them in the direc(Ex) The washing machine is fix adjustable legs. Never lift at the cabinet bottom by hands. adjust the height by rotating the leg caps. Make sure to readjust in case the washing machine rattles. Note: After adjustment.

They may be damaged the drainage hose.. Caution: • If the level of the threshold and the drainage hose is high. Allowing the flat end of the hose to come in contact with the flat surface of the washing machine will impair drainage. cause leakage. The length of the drainage hose may be 3 m or less extended to as much as 3 m if kept the same level. move the hook back to its initial Hook position. either leave a gap between the end of the hose and the adjacent surface. When it is set to the left side. 1 2 3 Lay down the machine on a flat object such as a corrugated cardboard so that the front panel will face down. the washing machine may not be drained. the hook may be moved to facilitate the installation. Cut diagonally Drainage hole Concrete block Drainage hose Replacing the Drainage Hose The drainage hose is set to the right side of the machine at the time of shipment from the plant. Do not remove the hose from the stopper.INSTALLATION Installing the drainage hose Moving the hook Drainage hose extension • When inserting the drainage hose into a wash pan or • onto a drain pipe. Insert the hose into the hose hook at the left hand side of the machine. 15 cm or less • Be careful not to rub the drainage hose. then use • Secure the hose tightly. insert the stopper into the attachment hole on the base of the machine and pull it toward you (Make sure that the hook is hinged to the stopper). or cut the hose diagonally to ensure proper drainage. With the hose putting at the left side of the machine. Drainage hose • Pay close attention to the height of the drainage hose and • articles over which it passes. proper drainage may not be obtained. etc. Push up the stopper toward the back of the machine (the top of the washing machine). After replaced. remove it from the base of the machine and then disconnect the hose from the hose hook. An improperly secured hose may • When attaching the drainage hose to a wash pan. Gap 3 cm or greater the accessory hose band to secure it tightly. please follow the following steps for replacement. When hooking the hose hook into the slot provided on the body of your washing machine. If the drainage hose is too high. always do a test run to make sure that water leakage or abnormal sound will not occur. Drainage hose cap • Insert the drainage hose in as far as it will go. Do not insert the drainage hose under the washing machine. Hose Stopper Hose Hook Stopper Hook 4 5 Attachment Hole 16 .

Multi-home • If the faucets are not suited. 3 Loose 4 screws of the hose union. • In order to provide a permanent source of water for your washing machine. Joint seal 5 Remove the seal from the union Ring and turn to the arrow destination the nozzle to tighten securely. faucet • Do not connect the hot water supplying convenience. 4 Tighten the hose nut on the end of the water supply hose seNozzle curely to the water intake valve. check to ensure that the water supply hose does not come off by Lock lever pulling down on it. Sleeve Hose nut Water intake valve If the filling water becomes not good The water inlet may be blocked by foreign objects. Pulling the sleeve down. connect it from the Water supply hose first. Next.6 cm or more water pipe Caution • The old inlet hose should not be reused. water may splash. Therefore. 4 mm between the nozzle and the ring. tighten the nozzle more securely. 4 mm. 1 to Approx. use the following procedure. drainage hose and water supply hose after using the machine. loosen the hose nut of the machine top and remove it. loose the gap is approx. If the water is frozen 1 Remove the water supply hose and pour in warm water (under 40°C). • If the gap is wide. it may cause the water leak. then insert the water supply hose. • If you remove the water supply hose after supplying water. 3 Check to ensure that the lock lever is hung on the nozzle. Then check to see whether the pulsator can be turned by hand. • If you remove the water supply carelessly. please contact your dealer. push the hose union to the water faucet. 2 Turn the power switch ON and press the START/HOLD pad. under 40°C 17 . lower the entire hose to disconnect the hose union. • If it cause the water leakage during operation. 3 After indicating the water level. Square faucet Movable faucet The distance is needed 1.. If there is leakage. They are Approx. In this time check the gap is approx. then push it up. 4 mm preventable the water leakage. 2 Check the diameter of the faucet. Lock lever Water supply hose Sleeve Inside ring Ring Approx.INSTALLATION Attaching the water supply hose to the faucet If you attach the water supply hose completely. loose the screws and remove the inside ring to facilitate. 4 Tighten the four screws evenly around the faucet. Hose Union Branching Attaching the hose union 1 Push the lock lever of the water supply hose. attachment. Caution: • Check to ensure that the water supply hose is properly installed by turning the water on and checking for leakage. water may splash. Connecting the water supply hose 1 Pull the sleeve down. Refer to the following — "Removing the water supply hose". Remove the water supply hose and clean the filter with a brush. 4 mm between the nozzle and the ring. it is suggested Hose union that a branching water pipe (available separately) be used. 6 Check the gap is approx. it may cause a water leakage. Faucet shape Wall-mounted shaped Wall-mounted faucets are best. Then attach it according above methods. Filter Water intake valve In case of water may freeze Drain all water from the basket. Leave it for 30 minutes. 1 to 3 mm 3 mm between the nozzle and the Nozzle ring. Removing the water supply hose 1 Turn the water faucet off. When the faucet mouth is large. 2 Fill warm water (under 40°C) into the basket until the pulsator is completely covered. 2 Separate the sleeve until a click is heard. Caution • If you attach the hose union again because of moving house etc.

About the drainage hose • After checking. open and close Is the hose mounted correctly? the lid once. 12)" does not beep the end buzzer • If you turn the power on and press START • pad immediately. 18 . Press the "START/ Is the hose routed horizontally? A HOLD" button. • Are there match sticks. unplug the power plug and request repair. water leak • Is the faucet shape suited? • Are the hose coupling and the nozzle loose? • Is the water inlet nut loose? • Is the water supply hose connector clogged? Adjust the inside ring of the hose union or change faucet shape (Refer to p.5L or less per minute. 17) Re-attaching the water supply hose (Refer to p. A• • Display interchangeably Correct the load status of the laundry and the backlash of the machine. insert once again and turn the power switch on. Then draw out power supply plug. • • • Is the faucet closed? Is the water pipe frozen or the water service interrupted? Is the water filter/lint collector at the supply port clogged with dirt? If the flow rate of the water is as low as about 0. press the "START/ HOLD" button. then close the lid. 17) Reset the end buzzer sound to turn on referring to "If you wish to turn off the end buzzer sound. Is the end buzzer turned off? Error Indication List In the case the buzzer sounds and the display indicates as shown below. A • After checking. it may not beep the end buzzer.BEFORE CALLING THE SERVICEMAN WHEN does not operate CHECK TREATMENT Please confirm whether a power failure or fuse breaker is cut. hairpins or metal objects being washed with the laundry? Remove them. • Is there a power outage? • Is the circuit breaker or fuses cut off? • Is the machine’s plug properly inserted into • an AC socket? Is the power switch ON? making noise • Is there the inclination of the laundry? • Is your washing machine installed on an inclined or uneven surface? Please correct the inclination or non stability of laundry in the washing machine. (p. Is the hose frozen? Is the hose damaged? Is the end exposed to water? Is the drainage hose clogged? • • • • • • • • Display interchangeably Is the lid open? A• Close the lid. "E5" will be displayed. A If the problem is not solved despite checking. 17) Re-attaching the water (Refer to p. Is the laundry loaded evenly? Is the laundry unstable or placed on an incline floor? Are there any symptoms occurring that are ? similar to those of See the section of above. open and close the lid once.

for water becomes clean. If operates the machine at spinning on and off.) when iron rust adhered to the white colored clothes. Check inside the washing machine. If fluorescence light be changed. Never disassemble the machine by yourself. the buzzer beeps. During operation the control panel gets warm. After pausing the machine during the spin cycle. • If the CHILD PROOF mode is set to ON. rotating and correcting the unbalanced load. it will not starts immediately. please disconnect the power plug and send it to our service agency for handling. may hear intermittent motor sound ("coon" sound) in spinning process occurs. The pulsator rotates bit by bit. this is a sound which occurs in order to control rotation. SPECIFICATIONS Model Type AW-1170SM Fully automatic washer AW-9770SM Model Rated period of operation Standard amount of water AW-1170SM AW-9770SM Regular cycle 55 min. HANDLING METHOD FOR EMERGENCY When the machine takes on abnormal operation. • Wait The buzzer does not stop. • They are made by water retained by the machine for the purpose of maintaining balance and do not indicate malfunction. After water supply shut off or water with iron rust appears. • Because of the electronic parts radiate heat. it may improve condition. When: The first time you use your washing machine. • Because load unbalance occurred and safety switch operated. suddenly supplying the water or rinsing. a small amount of water may drain out of the drainage hose.BEFORE CALLING THE SERVICEMAN The following are not malfunctions. Sloshing sounds of remaining water coming from your washing machine after SPIN cycle has been completed. and the lid is opened while the machine is in operation. 79L high water level 180L 40kg 0. Press POWER to turn it off. Check: • This is merely water lift over from the performance inspection performed on your washing machine before it was shipped from the factory. During washing and rinsing. lamps flickers. Returning type bleach can be used (hydrohiter etc.03~1MPa 77L high water level 177L Washing Vortex type system Standard water consumption Overall 645 (Width) x 593 (Depth) x 1007 (Height) dimension Weight Rated 10kg 9kg capacity Dry clothes weight Dry clothes weight Water tap pressure 19 . • Because of preventing the laundry unbalancing. The spin will cycle resume after supplying water. During spinning. • There • You are a short pause before the machine begins to spin as the drainage valve opens sufficienty. it rotates bit by bit. and not a malfunction. • It is the cause of the power source wiring in a house. for safety reasons. Avoid using the bleach for colored articles.


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