Chapter 1 Exam - IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.


How many FireWire devices can be supported by a single FireWire port? Which three devices are considered output devices? (Choose three.) Which type of ROM can be reprogrammed with software while it is still physically installed in the computer? Which important feature is offered by the USB standard?

63 1- -2 monitor -3 Headphones printer EEPROM It can supply power from the computer to devices 1394 1- biometric authentication device 2- digital camera ATX BTX 6-pin 4-pin 1- IRQ 2- DMA 3- I/O address RAID LCD

Which IEEE standard defines the FireWire technology
Which two devices are considered input devices? (Choose two.)

Which two form factors are commonly used to build a new computer? (Choose two.) What are the two connector types for the 1394a interface? (Choose two.) Which three system resources are commonly used for communication between the CPU or memory and other components in the computer? (Choose three.) Which technology would be best to use for drive redundancy and data protection? A technician receives a complaint of poor image quality after the user changes the native resolution. While investigating the complaint, the technician discovers there is a mismatch between native mode and the native resolution of the peripheral. Which item is configured incorrectly? Refer to the exhibit. Based on the advertisement that is shown, what is the native resolution of this computer system? Which memory module has a front side bus speed of 200 MHz? Which type of computer resources are direct lines to the processor and are used by computer components to request attention from the CPU? A student has passed the CompTIA A+ certification exam. Based on this passing score, for which job is the student now qualified? What is a function of the operating system in a computer?

1280 x 800 DDR-400 IRQs

PC hardware and software technician It instructs the computer how to process information What is the function of a fan on top of a heat sink? to move the heat away from the CPU What are two factors that must be considered when choosing a computer 1- the number of external or case? (Choose two.) internal drive locations 2- the size of the motherboard and the power supply

Which three toolscould be run to try to improve the performance of the computer? (Choose three.11A What is a function of a KVM switch? provides capability to share a keyboard.Defrag 3.) Which tool should be used if a user needs to optimize space on a hard drive? Which two types of tools can help protect a computer from malicious attacks? (Choose two.A technician creates a simple circuit that has a 9 V light bulb attached to a 9 V battery. Which type of tool is presented in the graphic? How does a technician discharge static buildup? Which Windows XP command-line utility scans the critical files of the operating system and replaces any files that have been corrupted? The performance of a computer is reduced after it has been using the Internet. The power output of the light bulb is 100 W. USB devices. which is usually caused by 1.) Refer to the exhibit. a mouse.soft cloth Defrag 1.Spyware Remover 2.IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.compressed air 2. and speakers with multiple computers Chapter 2 Exam .) Which tool in Windows XP gives a technician access to initialize disks and create partitions? Refer to the exhibit.1) Which two tools are recommended for cleaning a PC? (Choose two.Antivirus software 2. Which equation should be used to calculate how much current in amps is required to achieve the full 100 W output from the 9 V bulb? I = P/V = 100W/9V = 11.Disk Cleanup digital multimeter spike . Which type of tool is shown in the graphic? Which condition refers to a sudden and dramatic increase in voltage.Spyware Remover Disk Management Phillips-head screwdriver touching an unpainted part of the computer case System File Checker 1.

printer toner cartridges Avoid using magnetized tools. What should the technician use to clean the heat sinks? Which computer components must a technician never try to work on when wearing an antistatic wrist strap? CRT monitor Chapter 3 Exam .power lines to equalize the electrical charge between a person and the equipment It provides reference material for similar problems when such problems are encountered in the future 1. compressed air Which three computer components contain hazardous materials and require special handling for disposal? (Choose three. The technician discovers that the heat sinks in the computers are very dusty.IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.wireless phones 2.) What are two significant sources of EMI? (Choose two.) Which precaution should be taken when working around electronic devices? A technician has a room of computers which are running very hot.) Which two devices commonly affect wireless LANs? (Choose two. Which type of power connector should be used to connect to an ATX motherboard? When installing a CPU in a ZIF socket.lightning? Which step should be performed first when servicing computer equipment? Which two tools can help protect against ESD? (Choose two.electrical storms 2. how should the 20-pin connector Pin 1 on the CPU is .monitors 3.microwaves 1.antistatic mat 1. 1.1) A technician is installing a new power supply in a computer.) Why should an antistatic wrist strap be worn when working on electronic equipment? Why is documentation of all services and repairs an important organizational tool for a technician? Turn off and remove the power source.antistatic wrist strap 2.batteries 2.

PS/2 2. Which should be the last step whe n connecting external cables to a computer? What is a function of a video adapter card? aligned with Pin 1 on the ZIF socket.floppy drive 1.25-inch bay? What is the most reliable way for users to buy the correct RAM to upgrade a computer? What is a function of the BIOS? What should be the next installation step after all the internal components of a PC have been installed and connected to Refer to the exhibit. but is unsure about the expansion slots available. Use standoffs to keep the motherboard above the metal base.PCIe 2. performs a check on all internal components Reattach the side panels to the case.hard drive 2. When the computer is powered up for the first time.technician align the pins to avoid damage? When building a computer. How does the POST indicate the error? Which action is recommended to prevent the motherboard from contacting the metal base of the case? What is a convenient way that a technician can tell whether a ribbon cable is for an IDE hard drive or a floppy drive? Which type of drive is installed in a 5. Step 2 provides an interface between a computer and a display monitor to provide functionality for external components to be connected to the computer 1. 1.) After a technician has assembled a new computer. which two components are normally installed in 3. it is necessary to configure the BIOS.5-inch drive bays? (Choose two.USB 1. At which point must a key be pressed to start the BIOS setup program? A technician has just finished assembling a new computer. Which two types of wireless NICs should the technician have available? (Choose two.) Which two connectors are used to connect external peripherals? (Choose two. the POST discovers a problem. The floppy cable has a twist in the cable.PCI during the POST It issues a number of short beeps. optical drive Check the motherboard manual or manufacturer's website.) A field technician has been asked to install a wireless 802.11g NIC in a computer.a floppy data cable to What is a function of the adapter cards that are installed in a computer? Which two connections should be provided to a floppy .

1) Once minimum hardware requirements are satisfied. 3 be followed for a power supply installation in a computer? What is the first step that a technician should take before Consult the website of physically opening a computer case? the manufacturer Chapter 5 Exam .disk drive during installation? (Choose two.IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4. 4. where should a technician look to determine if the computer hardware has been tested with Windows XP? A technician needs to upgrade the file system on a Windows XP computer from FAT32 to NTFS. The technician has decided that it is necessary to attempt a repair the Windows XP Hardware Compatibility List Run the Microsoft Convert utility. Which course of action should be taken to upgrade the file system to NTFS? Which set of guidelines is used to ensure that programmers develop applications that are compatible with an operating system? A technician has finished installing Windows XP.) connect the FDD to the motherboard 2. API Use the Device Manager utility to ensure that all the devices are operational. What is the order of steps that should Steps 1. Which Windows XP utility will check the file system for errors? A technician has a computer that is unable to boot Windows XP properly.a cable from the power supply to the Berg power connector on the FDD Where should internal drives be installed in a computer? in internal bays Refer to the exhibit. Chkdsk Recovery Console . What should the technician do to verify that all hardware has been installed correctly? A technician thinks that the file sys tem on a computer has a problem because Windows XP is reporting data integrity issues.

It can be used to create customized MMCs. and improve reliability.It organizes operating system snap-ins. a technician finds that the operating system was automatically updated with a corrupt device driver. The operating system will fail to start. What startup mode can the technician use to access a new driver on the network? A company with 40 computers needs to reduce repair costs. Which solution would resolve this issue? What would be the result of having a corrupt Master Boot Record? Which mode allows applications t hat are not compatible with the current operating system to run in an environment that simulates an earlier operating system? Which directory contains Windows XP OS system files? What is the term for the ability of an operating system to run multiple applications at the same time? Which two operating systems can function correctly on a system with 64 MB of RAM? (Choose two. Which utility will be run if the technician selects Repair XP from the XP boot disk? A user decides to install a new version of Windows Vista but needs to retain the configurations and customizations of the current Windows XP operating system.) Windows User State Migration Tool virtual real mode 1. Roll back the driver.Windows XP Professional 128 GB or more . Which software can be used to achieve this? Which operating mode is used by Windows XP to run a DOS application? What are three features of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)? (Choose three. 3.) How much RAM can be addressed by a 64-bit operating system? Develop a preventive maintenance plan. 2. decrease downtime.Windows XP Home 2.It requires administrative privileges to access. Which task will When troubleshooting a printer problem. Safe Mode with Networking Support A technician has installed new video drivers on a Windows XP computer and now the monitor shows distorted images. compatibility mode C:\WINDOWS multitasking 1.of XP.

IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4. and video? Where can a technician change the power schemes on a laptop running Windows XP? What is the proper way to clean optical drives? Which two actions should be performed to clean the Select Power Options from within the Control Panel.A clean copy of Windows Vistais installed.Use a lint-free . 1. photographs.Ethernet 2.size PC ExpressCard third Which two characteristics make laptops a better choice than desktop computers? (Choose two.1) Which two laptop ports are used primarily for communication and network connectivity? (Choose two.) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 1.Which registry file contains information about the hardware and software in the computer system? When a computer boots from the Windows Vista disc. Use a cleaning disc for optical drives.) Which type of interface do current laptops use to achieve similar expansion capabilities as desktops? Which generation of cell-phone standards was the first to deal with how to send and receive text. which three functions are performed if the Custom (advanced) option is selected? (Choose three.mobility 2.The location of the Windows installation can be selected Chapter 6 Exam . 1.modem Desktop motherboards typically have a standard form factor and are interchangeable while laptop motherboards are proprietary. 3.Changes to disk partitions can be made 2.) What is the major difference between desktop and laptop motherboards? 1.

) Refer to the exhibit.monitor been idle for a given period of time? (Choose two. With RAM what component is the technician working? A technician has been called in to troubleshoot a Attach the AC adapter. Which laptop component port is USB circled? Refer to the exhibit. desktop.) 2.scanner Which two devices can be individually configured 1. A laptop has these graphics on F8 specific keys on the keyboard.54mm wide (Choose two. laptop that fails to power or FireWire ports? (Choose three. What is one possible solution? Which component should be removed before Battery cleaning a laptop? Which two questions that a technician can ask during 1. What should the technician do next? A technician is responding to a helpdesk ticket for a Reset the laptop to the laptop that has a distorted image of the Windows native resolution.) Refer to the exhibit.disk drive within Windows XP to power off after the laptop has 2. Which display technology is most commonly found in LCD modern laptop computers? Which three components commonly connect to USB 1.) 2.34mm wide supported by the devices shown in the graphic? 2. Which keywould be used in conjunction with the Fn key to connect a laptop to an external monitor? A technician is replacing a laptop SODIMM.surface of CDs and DVDs? (Choose two. The technician repeatedly pushes the power button without any results.Wipe the disc from the center outward.printer 3. 2.) cotton cloth. Which two form factors are 1.What software has the troubleshooting process are been installed? considered open-ended? (Choose two. Which type of connection is Bluetooth indicated when a laptop LED is illuminatedwith the symbol that is shown? .How would you describe the problem you are experiencing? Refer to the exhibit.

rebooting the service? (Choose two.IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.Print Quality standard paper to photo paper? (Choose two. What should be the If that fails to work.1) Which technology is used by laser printers? Which laser printer component is a metal cylinder that is coated with a light-sensitive insulating material? Which software. is printing unusual characters.txt inkjet the use of Ethernet or wireless Instead of the document that was expected. a printer Send the print job again. then resend the print job. embedded in a printer. Which two printer configuration 1. photo-quality printers? What is typical of a network printer installation? electrophotographic drum firmware Optical Character Recognition website for scanner manufacturer print example.) 2.USB scanner or printer? (Choo se two.) computer .txt to the default printer? Which printer technology is used in low-cost. reinstall or upgrade the print driver.Chapter 7 Exam . turn next steps in solving this printer problem? the printer off and back on.) Which two interface types can supply power to a 1. If the problem still exists. What problem might be encountered if a laser printer damage to the UPS is plugged into a UPS? Refer to the exhibit. controls how the printer operates and can be upgraded? Which software converts scanned pages into text? What is the best source for a Windows -compatible scanner driver? Which Windows XP command sends a file named example. Which routine maintenance procedure can extend removing impurities the life of a printer? collected on internal components Which two methods can restart a stopped print 1.FireWire What is the recommended first step in performing Remove power to the printer maintenance? printer.Paper Type settings should be modified when changing from 2.

The users need a central database to store .IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.reduced life of the printer 1.removing the glass during cleaning drum Chapter 8 Exam .) What are two recommended procedures for proper scanner care and maintenance? (Choose two.restarting the print spooler Identify the symptoms.internal leaks 2.wiping the glass with cloth 2. moving parts A museum possesses several old paintings that the curators wish to reproduce and sell in the museum gift shop.What is the first step in troubleshooting a printing problem? What is a feature that causes printers to require higher levels of maintenance than other electrical devices require? What are two possible negative results from refilling ink cartridges on a printer? (Choose two. 2.) 2.) WAN TCP/IP subnet mask ADSL 1.The company network requires secure access to confidential information. Which type of scanner can be used to produce the highest-quality reproduction? 1.1) The Internet is an example of which type of network? Which suite of protocols is used to transmit data across the Internet? Which dotted decimal number is used to distinguish the network portion of an IP address from the host portion? What is the most commonly used DSL technology? Which three factors are reasons to choose a client/server model for a network instead of peer-to-peer? (Choose three.

Upon investigation.The number of wires inside the cable. The laptop is not connecting to the school network. VPN . the student discovers that the computer has been assigned the IP address 169.3 standards 2.Which two factors are used to determine the different categories of UTP cabling? (Choose two.uses a bus logical topology hub a bad network cable the available wireless networks within range Attach a cable that has an RJ-45 connector.The number of twists in the wires inside the cable 2. What could cause a computer to get such an IP address? A student brings a laptop to a school that has wireless access. 3.254.) Which Windows XP command displays the route taken by packets crossing an IP network? What is the maximum range a data signal can travel through a 1000BASE-T network segment? Which two characteristics describe Ethernet technology? (Choose two.supported by IEEE 802. tracert 328 ft (100 m) Which device enables computers to be attached to a network without segmenting the network? A student is helping a friend with a home computer that can no longer access the Internet.) inventory and sales information.The data gathered by the employees is critical and should be backed up on a regular basis 1.88.100. What is the first thing that the student should check? Which procedure is normally performed when connecting a computer to an Ethernet network for the first time? Workers are required to access the company LAN when traveling. Which networking technology can 1.

It developed standards to replace proprietary standards after U.) Why should network cables always be labeled? Which method is recommended in order to avoid problems with counterfeit network equipment? Which networking protocol translates a network name such as www. Which two problems could be indicated by this lack of activity? (Choose two. The technician then notes that the link lights are not active on the NIC.grayware .cisco.Centralized administration capabilities are to a unique IP address? needed 2.IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.faulty patch cord to save troubleshooting time Purchase equipment only through manufacturer-authorized partners. telephone industry deregulation.1) What are two examples of malware? (Choose two. DNS Chapter 9 Exam .) 1.Fewer peripherals are A technician installs a new NIC in a PC and connects an Ethernet patch cord from the NIC to a wall jack.S. 1.provide secure and encrypted access to the LAN? Which two statements are true of network computing in contrast to non-network computing? (Choose two.) What is true about the TIA/EIA? 1.faulty NIC 2.spyware 2.

Analysis has shown that in most of the attacks. What will happen to the update as a result of this shutdown? Which precaution helps protect against social engineering in the workplace? 1. 1.) What must be done to ensure that the antivirus software on a computer is able to detect and eradicate the most recent viruses? A technician has downloaded the latest Windows XP updates from the Microsoft website.What are the possible threats to the items? Download the latest signature files on a regular basis Create a restore point The update will be installed as soon as the computer is powered on guiding visitors within the premises and escorting them personally when they leave spam A large number of e-mail messages are appearing in the inbox of a home computer user.What is to be done in the case of a security breach? 3. 2.Enable MAC filtering Implement lockout rules upon consecutive unsuccessful attempts at accessing the system. However.Which two actions improve security on a wireless network? (Choose two. the update is downloaded successfully without any file being corrupted in the process. What should the technician do before installing the updates? A computer that is configured for automatic updates is shut down during a scheduled update. The messages relate to products for which the user has never requested information.What items need to be protected? 2.Enable WEP.) Which best practice should be included in a password protection policy? Which three questions should be addressed by organizations developing a security policy? (Choose three. attackers used networksniffers to replay . Which name is given to this type of e-mail? A company network was subjected to several security attacks after TCP/IP had been installed on the company computers.

provide access only to authorized users a programming code pattern What are two important outcomes of good computer and network security? (Choose two. What is the correct order for the steps in the troubleshooting process? Which two questions are examples of open-ended questions that could be used in the security troubleshooting process? (Choose two.) 2.6.What websites have you visited recently? For troubleshooting security problems. such as Java or ActiveX.What problems are you experiencing? 2.extract user names and passwords of critical accounts on the network. is determined? At which step of the troubleshooting process will a Identify the problem computer technician ask the customer a series of open-ended and closed-ended questions? Chapter 10 Exam .5.3.1 1.1) . Which type of TCP/IP attack did these attackers deploy? How can web tools.IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software (Version 4.4.keep equipment functioning 2. be used for a malicious attack? Which security device stores user physical characteristics to provide a user level of facility access? What condition can allow u nauthorized access to a network for users who are not physically connected to the network? Why should everyone in an organization give high priority to computer and network securit y? by installing unwanted programs on a computer a biometric sensor poor wireless device security because everyone can be affected by computer and network security problems 1. what should be Establish a plan of done immediately after the exact cause of the probl em action for resolution.) What is a signature as the term is used in antivirus and antispyware software development? Refer to the exhibit.

Speak in plain terms. Which three relaxing techniques can help 1. what is the first speaking directly with the .customer name transferring a customer? (Choose three.Use dealing with an inexperienced cus tomer? simple step-by-stepinstructions.Check grammar and spelling before sending e-mail 2. While a technician is listening to a lengthy Wait until the customer has explanation of a problem. and then identifies the solution to the problem.A customer calls to complain that another technician was rude to them.) 2.ticket number 3. the technician has received many complaints about rudeness regarding this coworker. In the past.) For a computer technician. relieve the stress caused from helping 2.Listen to soothing sounds. a technician notices that a document labeled "confidential" is open on the computer.your name given to the next technician when 2. How should the technician handle this complaint? Which two actions are examples of good netiquette? (Choose two. While servicing a computer. What is the recommended way to place Ask and wait for permission customers on hold? before placing customers on hold Which issue is an example of an exception A customer wants two new to an SLA that should be escalated to a computers added to the existing manager? SLA without additional cost. What should the technician do? Which task would be the responsibility of a level-two technician? 1. (Choose two. How explain the possible solution should the technician proceed? Which three pieces of information should be 1.Go for a quick walk.Use mixed case in e-mail instead of all upper case or all lower case Step away from the computer and ask the user to close the document resolving computer problems that require opening up the computer Which two techniques should be used when 1. customers in a call center? (Choose three.) 3. and then offer to help the customer.Practice relaxed breathing.) Listen to the complaint. the technician finished speaking. apologize for the incident.

who had been experiencing a problem with a hard drive.hard copies of files on the customer desk remote diagnostics utility Follow up with the customer to verify that the problem has been resolved. 1.sending chain letters 2. .) Which common feature of helpdesk software allows a technician to control a customer computer from a call center desk? A computer technician wants to make sure that a customer.The problem cannot be resolved in less than ten minutes. Which two items should the technician regard as being the property of the customer? (Choose two.step in resolving a customer problem? Which statement is true about the role of stress when troubleshooting customer computer problems? Why is good communication a critical part of successfully troubleshooting customer problems? What are two examples of technician interactions with a customer that are considered to be eitherunethical or illegal? (Choose two.) Where would legal details be found that describe proper handling of information for a specific customer? What is the primary responsibility of a level-one helpdesk technician? What are two examples of situations where a helpdesk call should be escalated to a level-two technician? (Choose two. Which of these rules would help accomplish this desire? to gather pertinent customer information 1.) customer Reducing stress helps customers provide more useful information It helps technicians learn important details from the customer.customer e-mails 2.The computer case must be opened.sending anonymous e-mails SLA A technician works on a customer computer at the customer site after answering a support call. 1. 2. is satisfied that the problem has been resolved.

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