List of The Partridge Family episodes


List of The Partridge Family episodes
The following is a list of episodes for the television series The Partridge Family. All four seasons have been released on DVD by Sony Pictures.

Series overview
Season № of episodes 25 24 25 22 Premiered: Ended: DVD set released:

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1970-09-25 1971-09-17 1972-09-15 1973-09-15

1971-03-19 2005-05-03 1972-03-17 2005-11-08 1973-03-23 2008-10-14 1974-03-23 2009-02-03

• Ep = Episode number within the season • № = Overall episode number

Season 1 (1970-1971)
Ep 1 № 1 Title "What? And Get Out of Show Business?" Directed by: Jerry Paris Written by: Bernard Slade Original airdate 25 September 1970

When their mother fills in for a sick singer, The Partridge Family is born. Danny persuades Reuben Kincaid to manage them and they play their first performance, which might also be their last. Cameo appearance made by: Johnny Cash Song(s): Let The Good Times In; Together (Havin' A Ball) 2 2 "The Sound Of Money" Peter Baldwin Martin Ragaway 2 October 1970

A minor fender bender turns into a major pain for the Partridges when they decide to fight a fraudulent lawsuit from Whiplash Willie. Guest Stars: Harry Morgan as 'Whiplash' Willie Larkin and Farrah Fawcett (TV's 'Charlie's Angels') Song(s): I'll Leave Myself A Little Time 3 3 "Whatever Happened To The Old Songs?" Jerrold Bernstein Bernard Slade 9 October 1970

Shirley's dad is having a mid-life crisis and decides to hit the road with the band to pursue his long-lost dream of being a star, but will his act appeal to the new generation? Guest Stars: Ray Bolger and Rosemary DeCamp as Fred and Amanda Renfrew Song(s): Baby I Love Love, I Love You; Together (Havin' A Ball); On The Road; Bye Bye Blackbird 4 4 "See Here, Private Partridge!" Claudio Guzmán Gordon Mitchell, Lloyd Turner 16 October 1970

Just as they're about to record their first album, the Partridges have a bomb dropped on them: ten-year-old Danny's been drafted into the Army. Song(s): On The Road 5 5 "When Mother Gets Married" Ralph Senensky Bernard Slade 23 October 1970

Shirley begins dating an old flame but the kids are suspicious of him, especially when they see him leave a jewelry store with a beautiful young woman. Guest Stars: John McMartin as Larry, and Jaclyn Smith (TV's 'Charlie's Angels') as Tina Song(s): I Really Want To Know You 6 6 "Love At First Slight" Bob Claver Steven Pritzker 30 October 1970

List of The Partridge Family episodes


Now that their record is out, Keith finds himself with major girl trouble: he can't keep them away from him! But his troubles really begin when he falls for the one who doesn't care who he is. Song(s): Somebody Wants To Love You 7 7 "Danny And The Mob" Jerrold Bernstein Ron Friedman 6 November 1970

While performing in Las Vegas, Danny tutors the beautiful girlfriend of a mob boss in finances so she can leave town and finds himself with a new hit but one that has nothing to do with music. Guest Star: Pat Harrington Jr. as Harry Song(s): That'll Be The Day 8 8 "But The Memory Lingers On" E.W. Swackhamer Bernard Slade 13 November 1970

The Partridge Family is about to leave a different kind of lasting impression on their audience after a skunk hitches a ride on their bus and leaves them--and all their clothes--covered in stink. Song(s): I Think I Love You; Brand New Me 9 9 "Did You Hear The One About Danny Partridge?" Paul Junger Witt Ron Friedman 20 November 1970

After a mishap onstage leaves the audience laughing, Danny takes it upon himself to provide a little comic relief to their show. Unfortunately, he's not as funny as he thinks he is. Guest Stars: Morey Amsterdam as Ziggy Shnurr and Jackie Coogan (TV's The Addams Family) as Max Pepper 10 10 "Go Directly To Jail" Claudio Guzmán Dale McRaven 27 November 1970

The Partridge Family find themselves with a captive audience when they perform at a prison, but then find themselves being held captive by a prisoner who wants them to hear his songs. 11 11 "This Is My Song" Jerry Paris Richard De Roy 4 December 1970

While Keith struggles with a creative dry spell, Danny attempts to write his first hit. Their sibling rivalry peaks when Danny writes a great song just as Keith has a breakthrough with the exact same tune. 12 12 "My Son, The Feminist" Peter Baldwin Richard De Roy 11 December 1970

Keith promises his feminist girlfriend that the Partridge Family will perform at an upcoming rally, which puts them under attack from the morality watchdog group in their neighborhood. Guest Star: Jane Actman as Tina Song: I Think I Love You 13 13 "Star Quality" Harry Falk Bernard Slade 18 December 1970

When Danny gets singled out in a review by a prominent journalist, the praise goes to his head and he decides to go solo. But he changes his mind when he sees his family happily auditioning for his replacement. Guest Star: Dick Clark as Himself 14 14 "The Red Woodloe Story" Peter Baldwin Coslough Johnson 1 January 1971

During a stopover in a small town, the Partridges offer to revive the career of a folk legend who's been out of circulation for twenty years, but find that he would rather sing in church than be in the spotlight. Guest Star: William Schallert as Red Woodloe 15 15 "Mom Drops Out" Harry Falk Peter Meyerson 8 January 1971

She'll always have Paris. Reuben books a European tour but there's one condition: the groovy promoter thinks Shirley's too old. She quits the band, but discovers she has fans there after all. Guest Star: Gino Conforti as Logan Mays 16 16 "Old Scrapmouth" Herbert Kenwith James S. Henerson 15 January 1971

Laurie gets braces right before a television show comes to film the band. As if that isn't bad enough, when they begin to play, her braces pick up radio signals and all she can hear is The Rolling Stones! Guest Star: Mark Hamill as Jerry 17 17 "Why Did The Music Stop?" Alan Rafkin Bernard Slade 22 January 1971

Shirley has doubts about what being on the road is doing to the Partridges' lives so she suggests they take a break and start living like a normal family again. But she forgets one thing: they're not a normal family. Guest Star: Richard Mulligan as Dr. Jim Lucas 18 18 "Soul Club" Paul Junger Witt Bernard Slade 29 January 1971

Due to a booking mix-up, Detroit club owners expecting the Temptations get the Partridge Family instead. Can they find an audience in Motown? Guest Stars: Richard Pryor and Louis Gossett Jr. Song(s): Bandala 19 19 "To Play Or Not To Play" Ralph Senensky Stan Cutler, Martin Donovan 5 February 1971

List of The Partridge Family episodes


Laurie jumps on the anti-establishment bandwagon when the hotel workers where they're scheduled to perform go out on strike and she refuses to cross the picket line and play. Guest Stars: Harvey Lembeck as Marino and Michael Lembeck as Marc Song(s): There's No Doubt In My Mind; Umbrella Man 20 20 "They Shoot Managers, Don't They?" Peter Baldwin Gordon Mitchell, Lloyd Turner 12 February 1971

The Partridges are happy for Reuben when he falls in love and decides to marry, even though his new life doesn't include managing the band - but the band quickly finds they can't manage without him. Guest Star: Nancy Malone as Cathleen Song(s): She'd Rather Have The Rain 21 21 "Partridge Up A Pear Tree" Ralph Senensky Gordon Mitchell, Lloyd Turner 19 February 1971

Danny forces Keith to put the brakes on his spending when his car drains his finances and he realizes he may not be able to afford to take his girlfriend to the prom. Guest Star: Annette O'Toole as Carol Song(s): You Are Always On My Mind 22 22 "Road Song" Alan Rafkin Dale McRaven 26 February 1971

The Partridges find themselves in the middle of a domestic squabble when they give a ride to a teenage girl--who turns out to be a serial runaway, with the police hot on her trail. Guest Star: Laurie Prange as Maggie Song(s): Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque 23 23 "Not With My Sister, You Don't!" Mel Swope Dale McRaven 5 March 1971

The rumor mill starts buzzing at school when a hot new guy arrives on campus. Keith initially sees him as a rival until Laurie, who doesn't believe the rumors, accepts a date with the alleged Lothario. Guest Star: Michael Ontkean as Lester Braduck Song(s): I'll Meet You Halfway 24 24 "A Partridge By Any Other Name" Harry Falk Ron Friedman 12 March 1971

A series of coincidences leads Danny to believe he was adopted and there doesn't seem to be anything anyone can say to convince him he's a natural-born Partridge. Song(s): Doesn't Somebody Want to Be Wanted; I Can Feel Your Heartbeat 25 25 "A Knight In Shining Armor" Earl Bellamy Bernard Slade 19 March 1971

When the Partridges introduce a hip, multi-talented musician to a square, tone-deaf poet, no one expects them to score a hit--but somehow they manage to do just that. Guest Stars: Bobby Sherman as Bobby Conway and Wes Stern as Lionel Poindexter Back-door pilot for the short-lived series Getting Together. Song(s): Stephanie

Season 2 (1971-1972)
Ep 1 № 26 Title "Dora, Dora, Dora" Directed by: Ralph Senensky Written by: Gordon Mitchell, Lloyd Turner Original airdate 17 September 1971

The Partridges learn that Reuben has booked them to perform with a beautiful 18-year-old girl - who can't sing a note on key. 2 27 "In 25 Words Or Less" Richard Kinon Martin Ragaway 24 September 1971

In order to boost publicity for the family, Reuben stages a contest in which the winner will spend a week with the Partridges. Unfortunately, the winner is a 60-year-old Jewish mother. 3 28 "A Man Called Snake" Richard Kinon Alan Mandel, Bernard Slade 1 October 1971

A motorcycle gang member develops a crush on Laurie, and she shocks everyone when she agrees to go out with him. Guest Star: Rob Reiner as Snake

List of The Partridge Family episodes

Ralph Senensky Susan Silver 8 October 1971



"The Undergraduate"

When Shirley enrolls in college, one of her male classmates develops a crush on her, much to the chagrin of his parents. 5 30 "Anatomy Of A Tonsil" Lou Antonio Coslough Johnson 15 October 1971

Danny has to have his tonsils out and as the operation approaches, he believes he is going to die. Afterward, he believes he has lost his singing voice. 6 31 "Whatever Happened To Moby Dick?" E.W. Swackhamer Peggy Chantler Dick 22 October 1971

Danny wants to add a singing whale to the act in order to cash in on the ecology movement. "Whale Song," featuring primary vocals by Shirley Jones, is featured. 7 32 "Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Partridge" Mel Swope William Bickley 29 October 1971

Keith is determined to be a good influence on his brothers and sisters, but goes overboard with his good intentions. 8 33 "Days Of Acne And Roses" Richard Kinon Dale McRaven 5 November 1971

The Partridges help a young, awkward delivery boy build up his confidence in the dating department. 9 34 "Tale of Two Hamsters" Roger Duchowny Gordon Mitchell, Lloyd Turner 12 November 1971

When the Partridge kids decide to raise hamsters and their little pets keep multiplying, the family is forced to bring them along on tour. 10 35 "The Forty-Year Itch" Ralph Senensky Steven Pritzker 19 November 1971

Shirley's mom and dad are about to split up over his new hip lifestyle, so the family devises a plan to get them back together. 11 36 "I Can Get It For You Retail" Russ Mayberry Bernard Slade 26 November 1971

In order to buy his mom a mink coat for her birthday, Danny starts selling off Keith's possessions to his brother's lovesick fans. 12 37 "Guess Who's Coming To Drive?" Ralph Senensky Bob Rodgers 10 December 1971

The Partridges hire a temporary bus driver who turns out to be an ex-con. 13 38 "Don't Bring Your Guns To Town, Santa" Richard Kinon Bernard Slade 11 December 1971

When their bus breaks down in a ghost town, it looks like the family will miss Christmas, so a prospector entertains them with a Christmas tale set in the Old West. 14 39 "Where Do Mermaids Go?" Lou Antonio Peggy Chantler Dick 31 December 1971

A free-spirited girl leaves the Partridges one million dollars, and suddenly their lives are turned upside down as they deal with their newfound wealth. 15 40 "Home Is Where The Heart Was" Jerry London Dick Bensfield, Perry Grant 7 January 1972

After Chris and Tracy are scolded for leaving a mess, they decide to run Reuben's apartment. 16 41 "Fellini, Bergman, And Partridge" Jerome Courtland Martin Cohan 14 January 1972

Keith tries to prove he is a great filmmaker, but not everyone thinks so...until a movie theater agrees to show his "masterpiece." 17 42 "Waiting For Bolero" Jerry London Martin Cohan 21 January 1972

In order to be independent, Keith moves into a room in the house next door. 18 43 "I Am Curious...Partridge" Lou Antonio Bob Rodgers 28 January 1972

Keith and Shirley get some unsavory publicity when Danny writes a story about them for the local paper. 19 44 "My Heart Belongs To A Two-Car Garage" Jerry London William Bickley 4 February 1972

A Russian handyman who claims to be a world-class artist paints a nude woman on the family's garage that puts the an uproar. 20 45 "H-e-l-l-l-l-l-p!!!" Paton Price Dale McRaven 11 February 1972

List of The Partridge Family episodes


When the Partridge women go camping in the wilderness, the Partridge men decide to follow them, just in case they need to be rescued. 21 46 "Promise Her Anything, But Give Her A Punch" Bob Claver Dale McRaven 18 February 1972

Danny is in love for the first time. But the 11-year-old girl he would like to ask to the sixth grade dance would rather go with Keith. Guest Star: Patti Cohoon as Gloria Hickey Song: I Would Have Loved You Anyway 22 47 "The Partridge Papers" Jerry London William Bickley 3 March 1972

Danny donates Laurie's diary to the school auction by mistake, and the editor threatens to publish it in the high school paper. This includes a Mission: Impossible send-up. Featured is a performance of "It's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)." 23 48 "All's War In Love And Fairs" Mel Swope John Wilder 10 March 1972

A married couple tries to get the Partridges to perform at a benefit in order to help Native Americans. 24 49 "Who Is Max Ledbetter, And Why Is He Saying All Those Horrible Things?" Christopher Morgan Bernie Kahn 17 March 1972

A former psychic whose business is in trouble cons Danny and Keith into lending him money by predicting bad luck during an upcoming Partridge Family concert.

Season 3 (1972-1973)
Ep 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 № Title Airdate 1972·Sep·15 1972·Sep·22 1972·Sep·29 1972·Oct·06 1972·Oct·13 1972·Oct·20 1972·Oct·27 1972·Nov·03 1972·Nov·10 1972·Nov·17 1972·Nov·24 1972·Dec·08 1972·Dec·29 1973·Jan·05 1973·Jan·12 1973·Jan·19 1973·Jan·26 1973·Feb·02 1973·Feb·09

50 "This Male Chauvinist Piggy Went to Market" 51 "M Is for the Many Things" 52 "Princess and the Partridge" 53 "Each Dawn I Diet" 54 "A Penny for His Thoughts" 55 "You're Only Young Twice" 56 "The Mod Father" 57 "A Likely Candidate" 58 "Swiss Family Partridge" 59 "Ain't Love Grand" 60 "Whatever Happened to Keith Partridge?" 61 "Nag, Nag, Nag" 62 "For Sale by Owner" 63 "Aspirin at 7, Dinner at 8" 64 "For Whom the Bell Tolls... and Tolls... and Tolls" 65 "Trial of Partridge One" 66 "I Left My Heart in Cincinnati" 67 "The Eleven-Year Itch" 68 "Bedknobs and Drumsticks"

69 "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex... but Couldn't Pronounce" 1973·Feb·16 70 "Forgive Us Our Debts" 71 "The Partridge Connection" 72 "The Selling of the Partridges" 1973·Feb·23 1973·Mar·02 1973·Mar·09

List of The Partridge Family episodes

1973·Mar·16 1973·Mar·23

24 25

73 "Diary of a Mad Millionaire" 74 "Me and My Shadow"

Season 4 (1973-1974)
Ep 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 № Title Airdate 1973·Sep·15 1973·Sep·22

75 "Hate Thy Neighbor" 76 "None But the Onely"

77 "Beethoven, Brahms, and Partridge" 1973·Sep·29 78 "The Strike-Out King" 79 "Reuben Kincaid Lives" 80 "Double Trouble" 81 "The Last of Howard" 82 "The Diplomat" 83 "Heartbreak Keith" 84 "A Day of Honesty" 85 "Al in the Family" 86 "Maid in San Pueblo" 87 "Art for Mom's Sake" 88 "Two for the Show" 89 "Danny Drops Out" 90 "Queen for a Minute" 91 "Danny Converts" 92 "Miss Partridge, Teacher" 93 "Keith and Lauriebelle" 94 "Morning Becomes Electric" 95 "Pin it on Danny" 96 "· · · – – – · · · (S.O.S.)" 1973·Oct·06 1973·Oct·13 1973·Oct·20 1973·Oct·27 1973·Nov·03 1973·Nov·10 1973·Nov·17 1973·Nov·24 1973·Dec·08 1974·Jan·12 1974·Jan·19 1974·Jan·26 1974·Feb·02 1974·Feb·09 1974·Feb·23 1974·Mar·02 1974·Mar·09 1974·Mar·16 1974·Mar·23

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