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Child Development
can include feeling helpless. up. Others subscribe to the
How can you tell if it’s colic? theory that the baby is tired or
overstimulated, and that colic is
his way of blocking everything
All babies cry sometimes; in

Colic fact, the average baby cries

about two and a half hours a
day. But in addition to persistent
out so he can sleep. Babies who
are exposed to smoke are also
more likely to develop colic.
crying, a colicky baby looks
and truly uncomfortable. He may Can colic be a serious problem?
alternately extend or pull up his
legs and pass gas. Colic usually Not really -- apart from the

Crying occurs between 6:00 pm and household tension it creates.

midnight, though it can occur However, it is wise to seek
around the clock, generally assurance from your doctor or
becoming worse in the evening. early childhood nurse that the
root of your child’s prolonged
Generally, a baby becomes colicky crying isn’t a more serious
at around two to four weeks of medical problem.
age and is over it by about three
months or, in less fortunate Can a mother’s diet cause colic?
About 20 percent of all babies in many family circumstances. cases, six to nine months.
develop colic, a catch-all phrase It’s hard to know who finds Both formula and breast milk can
for uncontrollable crying in an colic harder, a parent or a baby. Why do some babies get colic? be linked to a baby’s colic.
otherwise healthy baby. A baby A colicky baby is obviously in
with colic cries or fusses for more distress, uncomfortable, and Scientists have been trying to Occasionally breastfed babies
than three hours a day, for more can’t soothe himself. But a parent answer that question for more become colicky because of
than three days in one week. can be just as upset - listening to than 50 years. Colic is often something in their mother’s
Colic usually occurs with equal a baby’s cry for hours on end is blamed on the baby’s immature diet. Some mums find that if
frequency among first- and later - enough to drive you to tears of digestive system. In fact, the they stop drinking cow’s milk
born children, and in boys and girls your own. A parent’s discomfort word colic comes from a Greek and other dairy products, the
word, kolikos, which roughly situation improves. If you’re
translates as “colon.” There is breastfeeding, try cutting out
Central Coast Family also some science to back this

(805) 528-0440 dairy products for a few days to

up. For instance, a newborn’s see if that makes a difference. If
Our goal is to connect Central Coast families with the resources they need to thrive! digestive tract contains very your baby’s colic improves, you
few enzymes or digestive have your culprit. Breastfeeding
EXECUTIVE EDITOR Associate EDITORS juices, which break down food mothers need calcium and other
Patrice Horspool Claire & Jack Vogel substances. Or, according to nutrients provided by dairy some, a child’s still-developing products in their diet, so get
nervous system simply tenses some advice on how to ensure
Stanley Horspool CC F Inquiries:


Out of the Blue ™
Eric Woodards


Jennifer Best, John J. Cannell, Guy Crabb, Kerrin Edmonds,
Stanley W. Horspool, Karyn Lutes, Rebecca Juretic, CS Perryess

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Child Development
your own nutrition is looked wear her in a pouch or sling or
after before permanantly cutting wrap her snugly in a blanket.
out dairy products. Wearing earplugs or ear
Some breastfed babies seem to phones may help you deal with
be bothered if mom indulges in a the sound of close crying.
lot of spicy food, wheat products, • Some experts believe that
or cruciferous vegetables. Again, over-stimulating a baby can
to test if these foods are making make colic worse, so keep the
your baby uncomfortable, room quiet and dark. And if
avoid eating cabbage, broccoli, you don’t feel that holding her
cauliflower, garlic, caffeine, is helping, put her in her cot or
alcohol, and other irritants for bassinette for a few minutes.
a few days. If your baby seems • Your baby may cry less if she
better, reintroduce the foods is kept in motion. Carry her in
into your diet, one at a time, a sling, rock her in a swing, or
allowing a few days between push her around in her pram.
reintroductions. It should be
• Try massaging her tummy
fairly easy to pinpoint which one
very gently with clockwise
is causing your baby problems:
movements to help move
if he starts fussing again after
along trapped gas.
a food is reintroduced, then
you’ll know that’s the offending • She may settle when you
substance. You’ll have to abstain expose her to repetitive
from it until your baby outgrows noise or vibrations. You could • Talk to your child health nurse and practical suggestions.
his sensitivity, which is usually catch up on the vacuuming or or pediatrician, who can offer a
at around 3 months, but that’s take her for a car ride. Some medical examination, support Used with permission. © BabyCenter, L.L.C. 2022

a small price to pay for a happy babies are soothed by the

child. steady rhythm of the washing
machine. (Never put your baby
on top of a washing machine
If your baby is bottle-fed, you or tumble dryer. Always put
might try switching formulas her on the floor next to it.)
to see if that’s the irritant. And
whether you’re feeding your • Your baby may calm down if
baby formula or breast milk, she sucks on a pacifier.
make sure that you’re burping • Burp your baby after every feed
him during and after feedings - it to help prevent painful gas.
helps relieve the pressure that Hold her over your shoulder,
builds up when he swallows air. sit her upright on your lap, or
Will all that crying hurt a child? place her face down on your
In truth, it may be more painful lap. Then pat or rub her back
for the parents who must endure to bring up gas.
the alternately heart-rending • If you’re breastfeeding your
and irritating crying of a child. baby, try to keep her as upright
Colicky babies do just fine. “In as possible during her feeds to
spite of hours of crying,” wrote help reduce gas. Also check
the venerable Dr. Spock, “they that she is latched on properly.
continue to gain weight, not just • If she is bottle-fed, make sure
average-well but better than she isn’t swallowing air from
average. They are hungry babies. the bottle. Try to sit her upright
They gulp down their whole to feed her, and tilt the bottle
feeding.” And one study even enough so that the milk covers
found that colicky babies turned the entrance to the teat.
out to be better problem solvers
• If you start to feel tense and
later in life.
anxious, ask your partner or
a friend to babysit for a short
Here are some methods that while. Have a long bath, or lie
might help to soothe your crying down in a quiet room. Even
baby: just an hour away can give you
• Hold your baby close to you, the energy to go back to your

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Join the Fun and Make Friends at Parent Participation!
Attend class once a week with your child for a 14 week semester

All adults in a parenting role are welcome

(including nannies and grandparents)

San Luis Coastal Adult School

1500 Lizzie Street, H2, San Luis Obispo (805) 549-1222

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Family Life
Monarch Butterfly Grove in
Pismo Beach;
Laguna Lake – Laguna Lake Loop
For Wildlife in Distress
Trail, in the city of San Luis Call Our Hotline:
Montana De Oro State Park in 805 543-WILD [9453]
Los Osos;
Shoreline Trail along Lake
Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area in
Fun Family Hiking Santa Margarita, and
Lopez Lake Recreation Area in
on the Central Coast Arroyo Grande.

by Steven Smith Things children might look for

and discuss while hiking include: snakes, and ticks. Make sure
animals tracks; geology and your children understand not to
rocks; plants and birds; and drink untreated water that may
Getting outdoors was one of planning a hiking adventure. Find insects (be sure they know which contain parasites and bacteria.
my favorite activities when I helpful information online for ones to avoid). Spend some time
was little. Most children love planning hikes in San Luis Obispo reading with your child about
to get outside and enjoy the County at: http://santalucia. There are a number of excellent
the plants and animals you might books that adults can use to
abundance of plants and animals For Santa encounter on your hike and the
on the Central Coast. Barbara County hikes, go to: learn more about hiking. For
type of landscape you might see. example, flip through The Joy of
Hiking: Hiking the Trail Master
Going on a family hike is a great com. Some great guide books to Way by John McKinney or The
way for children to get exercise, bring along include: Shorebirds Hiking Companion: Getting the
spend quality time together, You can plan your hike around by Jonathan P. Latimer; The
Most from the Trail Experience
learn more about nature, and the distance of the trail, the type National Audubon Society First by Michael W. Robbins to read
have lots of fun. Kids like beach of terrain, things you can see on Field Guide to Birds by Scott up on tips for hiking with babies,
hikes, nature hikes, bird hikes, the hike (like plants, insects, and Weidensaul; Smithsonion Kids’ small children, and teens.
rock hikes, flower hikes, and animals) and historical or cultural Field Guides: Birds of North
even night hikes! sites you might visit. The Central America West by Jo S. Kittinger;
Coast offers amazing diversity of Central Coast Wildflowers by Before you set out on a hike,
always be sure to check the
At, terrain and views. Mary Coffeen; Wildflowers of San weather! Bring appropriate
you can find resources and Luis Obispo, California produced clothing and gear, water, snacks,
information about the trails You can find oceanfront cliffs; by the SLO Chapter of the sun protection, and a phone and
at certain parks. El Chorro and coves and tide pools; white sand California Native Plant Society; flashlight (for safety).
Bishop’s Peak are two of my beaches and windswept dunes; and Early Uses of California
favorites listed there. Of course, light houses; stream-fed canyons Plants by Edward K. Balls.
specific trails vary in difficulty and waterfalls; redwood forests I have found that hiking helps me
and length. or decidous trees; canyon lakes; It is very important to teach reconnect with nature. I forget
mountain peaks; and varied children common trail rules about my everyday worries and
observe how plants and animals
The distance and terrain of the ecological habitats! Whatever and hiking etiquette. A adapt and make the most of
trail are very important factors hiking location you choose, good website featuring this what they have. We really are
to consider when deciding what incredible scenery and fresh air information can be found at fortunate to live where we can
little children can handle while await you. easily visit the ocean, mountains,
hiking. I wouldn’t recommend Go a step further and talk dunes and forests. So round up
steep, winding paths or paths Here are some of the many places with your kids about hiking the family and start exploring all
along oceanfront cliffs. The that your family might enjoy: dangers. Children need to the great trails!
things children can see on a know what to do if they become
hike are also very important for Elfin Forest Natural Area in separated from the family or if
entertainment. Morro Bay; they become lost. Steven Smith is a resident of San Luis
Obispo and a graduate of CSU Long Beach
Sweet Springs Nature Preserve in with a degree in Creative Writing. Steven is
San Luis Obispo County Trail Los Osos; You can explain how to avoid the currently a painter/muralist and a freelance
Guide by the Santa Lucia Chapter Oso Flaco Lake Trail in Guadalupe; writer. His art can be viewed above and at
types of hazards people might
of the Sierra Club (3rd Edition) Los Osos Oaks State Reserve in encounter on a hike, such as Steven can be reached by e-mail at:
is a useful resource for families Los Osos; poison oak, bees, poisonous

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Fun for the whole family with activities, live
music & performances, food, community
resources & more!
Mission Plaza I Downtown San Luis Obispo
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Fun & Games Jack’s Jokes
Leprechaun Spot the Differences Why don’t bears wear socks? They like to walk in their bear feet!
What happens if you get a gigabyte? It megahertz!
What is unique about a goose? It grows down as it grows up!

Spring Crossword Puzzle

Fill empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9 (1 number per cell).
A number should appear only once in each row, column, and region.

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On demand, anytime, anywhere eLearning. View how easy, intuitive and engaging
Brainfuse HelpNow eLearning is for all ages and levels.

G o t o : w w w. s l o l i b r a r y. o r g / i n d ex . p h p / k i d s
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Teach Kids Financial Independence
Speak Up!
Keep a Child Safe
from Sexual Abuse

by Michelle Brownstein, CFP®

According to the Pew Research should stress to your kids that

Center, less than a quarter of when they first start supporting
all young adults are financially themselves, they might not have
independent from their parents at as much money as they'd like for
age 22. This is down from a third of these kinds of "nice-to-haves." As a general rule, you should own kids' college educations.
22-year-olds who were financially This is a good opportunity to talk not be paying for something on
independent from their parents to your kids about the importance a credit card that you could not Show your kids how participating
in 1980. In addition, almost half of self-sacrifice and delayed pay for today with cash from your in a retirement savings plan at
of young adults between ages 18 gratification. checking account. work or opening their own IRA,
and 29 currently receive financial if they don't have an employer-
help from parents. If the expense side of the ledger You should review a credit card sponsored plan, at an early
is larger than the income side, statement together to show age can help them secure their
Let's talk about how you can set expenses will need to be cut them the interest rate that will financial future decades down the
your children up for success to to avoid going into debt. It's be charged if they only make the road when they're ready to retire.
avoid having to support them into usually easier to start by shaving minimum payment and carry a
their adult years. incidental expenses -- for balance from month to month. Also explain the importance of
example, eating out less, making Explain how paying the balance short-term savings -- especially
Start with Basic Budgeting coffee at home instead of buying in full every month before the building an emergency savings
it on the way to work, and not due date avoids interest charges fund to pay for unexpected things
If asked, most parents would splurging on new clothes or altogether, making credit card that occur, like car repairs and
probably say that they want electronics. If this doesn't bring usage a wise financial strategy for out-of-pocket medical expenses.
their children to be financially the budget into balance, your many.
independent when they become child might have to take more One common rule of thumb is to
adults. However, courses in drastic measures, like moving to Credit cards should be paid off accumulate three to six months of
personal money management a cheaper home or apartment, every month and should not be living expenses in a liquid savings
aren't taught at most schools getting a roommate (or two) or used to fund a lifestyle you cannot account that's easily accessible.
today -- so it's usually up to getting a less expensive car. afford. By having a stash like this to
parents to teach their kids basic cover unexpected emergencies,
money management skills. Using Credit Responsibly You should also explain to your child could avoid racking
your children how using credit up big credit card balances that
This starts with showing your One of the biggest obstacles to responsibly can help them build a make it hard to achieve financial
kids how to create a household financial independence for many strong credit rating. This is critical independence.
budget. A simple budget lists all young adults is irresponsible for young adults, since their credit
recurring monthly expenses on use of debt. Many new college score will impact everything from Get Started Now
one side of the ledger and total graduates receive tempting credit their ability to rent an apartment
monthly income on the other card offers from banks that make or buy a home. Also stress the Setting your children up to
side. For most young adults living it seem like "easy money" is there importance of paying their achieve financial independence
on their own, recurring expenses for the taking. Unfortunately, household bills on time in order when they become adults starts
include rent or mortgage, utilities some fall into the credit card trap to boost their credit score. long before they leave the nest.
(water, power, trash, cellphone, and end up digging themselves Sit down with your spouse now
cable), groceries, insurance, and into a deep financial hole that Teach Saving and Investing and talk about how you can start
transportation. makes achieving financial stability teaching your kids the kinds of
difficult, if not almost impossible. In addition to budgeting and money management skills they'll
In addition to these basic living using credit wisely, it's also need to be financially independent
expenses, the budget might Therefore, it's critical to teach important to teach your children young adults.
also include an allowance for your kids how to use credit about saving and investing. Doing
incidentals or more discretionary responsibly long before they so will enable your kids to benefit
Michelle Brownstein is a Certified Financial
spending like dining out, going strike out on their own. Here are from a long-term time horizon for Planner and Senior Vice President of Personal
to concerts or movies and other some topics you should cover meeting important financial goals, Capital at Kiplinger. Reprinted with permission.
types of entertainment. You with your children: like retirement or paying for their © 2022, Nasdaq, Inc.

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Local History
Buried Treasure
over the treasure to Mr. Teach. their gold outside of town before
I’m not sure if they got a reward going in. This method kept their
for finding the buried treasure. gold safe from robbers that they
It was said that the gold may met in town. There are some
by Guy Crabb have been loot that the famous instances when the traveler was
When we moved from our old district and had a reputation as a robber and murderer Joaquin killed and never returned to
house to another home nearby, no-nonsense leader. Murrieta had buried. Murrieta retrieve their treasure. There is
we had boxes everywhere. I supposedly had a girlfriend who a very good possibility that bags
made a big mistake and started The treasure story begins with lived near where San Luis Obispo of gold could remain buried in
boxing up my office early, and a couple of boys who were High School is today. the hills that surround the sleepy
then I realized that I had buried in high school. The boys got little town of San Luis Obispo. It
my history books in a pile of themselves into trouble at school In 2013 the Masons, who have an makes a person want to buy a
boxes. My books are treasures and Mr. Teach handed down the incredible lodge on Marsh Street, metal detector and start walking
that I use all the time. As a local punishment for these two young excavated a box of treasures around the hills at the bottom of
historian, I have bought or been rascals. They were ordered to buried over 100 years ago. I Cuesta Grade. I would guess a
given many books on the history clean out the bushes on Johnson was there when they opened traveler would bury his treasure
of San Luis Obispo. I really do Street as it went under the up the sealed box. Actually, a few miles from the center of
consider these books a kind of train bridge near where French it was a box inside of another town. Wouldn’t it be fun to find
treasure, so I am going to tell you Hospital is today. At that time, box. As lodge members opened some buried treasure?
about some other treasures that in the 1930s and 40s and even the inner box, people in the
I recently found out that there
I know a little bit about. earlier, the road under the train room were on the edge of their
seats. Each item was pulled out is a time capsule buried at a
bridge was only one lane.
One of my favorite treasure and described. The treasure local school. The school was
stories involves the man that As they were digging, one of consisted of names of people the home of what was known
my school is named for. I teach the boys realized that he had hit who were community leaders as the Alternative School,
at Charles E. Teach Elementary something metal with his shovel. and Masons. There were small which eventually became what
School. It is an amazing school Both boys threw down their bottles that contained symbols is known as Teach School. Val
with great families and super shovels to dig out the treasure of the Masons. Newspaper Wright was a popular teacher at
students. Charles Teach was a with their bare hands. As they articles and money were other the Alternative School and she is
very strong leader in education reached into the hole in the items that had been sealed away still teaching. I had a chance to
and the community. Mr. ground, they pulled out an old for more than 100 years. talk to Val and he informed me
Teach was one of the founding leather bag that had several gold that he and others may dig up
members of SESLOC Federal coins inside. You can imagine the The History Center on the corner the time capsule that was buried
Credit Union back in 1943. He was excitement that the boys felt until of Monterey and Broad Street about 30 years ago. Val probably
the superintendent of the school they realized they had to turn was once the Carnegie Library remembers the items that were
that was built in 1905 at a cost buried, but I am hoping I will
of $10,000. Mr. Carnegie was be invited when someone digs
one of the world’s richest men up the treasure buried by the
at the turn of the century and students and staff. I know it
generously gave many small will not contain a bag of gold,
towns across the country money but treasure comes in all shapes
to build a city library. Architect and sizes. I think letters written
W. H. Weeks was asked if the by students 30 years ago are
community could bury some priceless treasures.
treasure under the corner stone
of the building and their wish Who can know what buried
was granted. I cannot remember treasures are still out there? It
if that treasure was unburied 10 may be gold, jewelry, a bottle,
years ago, but it was said that theor maybe even a map that shows
treasure box had newspapers, where X marks the spot. Isn’t
money, and small mementoes of it great to live in an area where
the time. some treasures are buried in
the ground, and others (like our
In the 1800s, our little part of historic Mission) are above the
the world was a very dangerous ground for us to enjoy every day?
place. We had our share of road
agents or robbers and our share Guy Crabb retired after teaching for over
of travelers who had bags of 32 years, most recently at Charles E. Teach
gold attached to their bodies. Elementary School in San Luis Obispo. He was
selected as San Luis Coastal Unified School
Contents of the Masonic Lodge treasure box
Sometimes these travelers District Teacher of the Year for 2006-2007.
would stop their horses to bury Reach him at

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those flighty, tricky, pranking

Less traditional sources disagree.

The folks at Wordinfo, and Anu
CS Perryess Garg’s A Word a Day (a fascinating
daily glance into etymology),
writes appear to have used a bit more

about words
scrutiny. These sources explain
that the similarity of capro, or goat,
to the word capricious shifted
A Wirdbalk a dine finner of roast sau and the meaning toward flighty,
pigerkraut. pranking, goatlike behavior, and
It’s time for a birdwalk - a little away from its original meaning.
wordplay – the spoonerism. If you haven’t indulged yourself These sources claim capricious are sprites known for making or
in this manner before, take the was actually constructed from repairing a single shoe, the name
Spoonerisms are named after the hull by the borns and spoonerize the word parts, capo-, head, and comes from leithbragan, which
Reverend William A. Spooner, the following list of random well- riccio, hedgehog. That’s right; marries leith, meaning half, with
who suffered from a speech known names: the word in question may have brag meaning brogue.
disorder involving involuntary initially meant hedgehog-head. In
transposition of sounds in William Shakespeare the early 1500s, capricious started While one of my sources bestows
words, typically initial sounds. Judy Garland out meaning afraid, or hair- leprechauns with a little lisping,
Though historians question the Benjamin Franklin standing-on-end, like the spines attenuated falsetto range voice,
authenticity of many gaffes Margaret Thatcher of the hedgehog. After years the another Irish tale defines the
attributed to Reverend Spooner, Marie Curie similar term capro- rubbed off leprechaun as a simple pygmy
lists of his gaffes typically include Groucho Marx enough to shove the meaning of sprite who always carries a purse
this bungled tribute to Queen Benito Mussolini the word toward goatliness (or, containing a schilling.
Victoria, “Three cheers for our Virginia Woolf goat allies might claim, toward
queer old dean!” perceived goatliness). Despite all of this information,
Flighty Goats and if you find yourself at a bar on
In tribute to Reverend Spooner, Fearful Hedgehogs Pranking, tricky goats or hair- Saint Patrick’s Day, and someone
those who enjoy playing with on-end hedgehogs? Which story sits at the next stool and begins
language have mercilessly The other day a lurking follower carries the ring of truth? repairing a single shoe, speaking in
tweaked any number of perfectly laughingly commented on the a lisping falsetto, and/or carrying
fine stories, many of which can capricious nature of the topics LEPRECHAUNS a purse, it’s wisest to keep your
be found on Matthew Goldman’s for Wordmonger posts. It would assumptions to yourself. And
Goonerisms Spalore, the most be poetic if I were to claim that With Saint Patrick’s Day fast isn’t that always true?
well known being the many upon hearing this, my hair stood approaching, why not take a look
versions of Indercella (in which on end, but I have little hair left to at the etymology of leprechaun?
our unhortunate feroine attends engage in such shenanigans, and Many thanks to sources:,
The word leprechaun involves the Spoonerisms Galore, the OED,,
a bancy fall and slops her dripper). the capricious shoe fits, so I’m, and
For something a bit different, perfectly happy to wear it. blending of Gaelic and Latin. The
here’s Goldman’s take on the earliest written English record
climax and denouement of Capricious is one of those of the term occurred in 1604,
another old fairy tale: wonderfully rich words of spelled lubrican. This spelling -
questionable heritage. More and a boatload of early alternate
“May I come in, and hee your traditional sources mention the spellings - start with lu-. the Gaelic
sitty prome?” flighty, capering nature of goats, combining form for small. In
and cite the Latin word capriolus, Old Irish leprechaun was spelled
“Tho, Tho, a nousand times, Tho, or wild goat as the grandmother luchorpan, which allows us to
“ pied the crig, “Not by the chair of capricious. In the late 1500s see a hint of the Latin part of this
of my hinny hin, hin!” and 1600s, capricious and its word, meaning body. This same
relatives meant prank or trick. combining form is used in the
“Then I’ll huff, and I’ll duff, and I’ll It can be argued that the goat words corpuscle, corporation,
hoe your blouse down,” growled is a tricky critter, and that goat- Corpus Christi, and corporeal. So
the wolf. like satyrs of myth were most leprechaun translates simply to
decidedly pranksters. My two little body. CS Perryess writes for teens, narrates audio
books, and ponders the wonder of words in a
And with that, the wolf chuffed most trusted sources, Etymonline, Irish folklore (poo-pooed by, yet foggy little town on California’s central coast.
up his peeks, blew the smith to and The Oxford English Dictionary titillating to etymologists), tells Find more at,
housereens, and sat down to definitely connect capricious with us that because leprechauns or reach him at

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Local Resources
days per week. Contact: 929-6878. Santa Maria Joint Union Home School.

Alternative Education
Accredited high school program at
Santa Lucia School on 5 acres in Santa Maria Public Library. Interactive
Templeton. Peace education for student-parent-teacher partnerships
over 25 years. Integrated curriculum provide educational resources, a
founded on life experiences, in- mentor teacher, and eligibilty for

on the
depth study, and active immersion in sports, clubs, and activities. Students
the arts for grades 1-8. Attendance may qualify to enroll in community
Mon-Thu with homeschool Fridays. college as well as secondary classes.
Carpooling encouraged. Contact: Contact: 937-2051 x 2761 or x 2762.

Central Coast
434.2217 or
Templeton Independent Study
SLO Classical Academy. Private High School. WASC accredited.
school. Part time or full time Weekly meeting with teacher.
classical education in SLO. Part time Opportunity for early graduation
options are Tuesday/ Thursday or and concurrent Cuesta College
Monday/ Wednesday with a Friday enrollment. In Templeton and SLO
enrichment day. Contact: 548-8700 at Los Ranchos Elementary School.
or Contact 434-5833 or tae.tusd.
Central Coast families are fortunate to have a wide variety of quality
Wishing Well School in Los Osos
choices for their children’s education. Following are some options for offers pre-school, mixed age Trivium Charter Schools in Lompoc,
those seeking secular alternative education in our region. For more kindergarden, and 1st-3rd grades. Santa Maria, and Arroyo Grande
information on independent and religious schools, go to: The approach (educating the whole offer a hybrid program of classical
re/sd or child: head, heart, and hands) is project-based classes 2 days per
based on Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf week and homeschool 3 days
Parent Participation. San Luis Coastal personalized home-based learning model. Contact: 235-4401. per week. Contact: 489-7474 or
Adult School offers core classes that fosters investigation, skill Children’s
House Montessori
to enhance parenting skills, meet development and creativity, and School in Atascadero strives to help West Mall Alternative School.
other families, and allow children lifelong curiosity. Contact: (818) 450- each child reach his/her greatest Independent Study Home School
to play with peers. Also enrichment 9810 or potential, by embracing learning in Atascadero. Contact: 462-4238
classes such as Spanish, Cooking, and appreciating and respecting or
and Gardening, and a Cooperative Nature Based Schools the world. Contact: 466-5068 or Alternative.
Preschool at CL Smith. Contact: 549-
1222 or SLOWanders. Offering nature-based Paso Robles Joint Unified School
education in SLO County. Programs Montessori Children’s School in San District Home School & Independent
Charter Schools include wilderness living skills, Luis Obispo seeks to inspire a passion Study Program serves K-8th grade.
naturalist studies, wildlife tracking, for excellence, to nurture curiosity, Students and parents work one-on-
CAVA – California Virtual Academies awareness skills, and rites-of-passage creativity and imagination, and to
and K¹² give kids the chance to one with teachers, receive lesson
customized for after-school, home- awaken the human spirit of every plans, textbooks, and teachers’
learn at their own pace. Online school, and personal one-on-one child. Ages 3-12. Contact: 544-6691
schooling is aligned with California editions for all subjects. Classes,
mentoring. Weekend workshops or enrichment activities, and field trips
state standards. Teacher support as for adults. Contact: 215-0595 or
needed, meetings and work samples are also offered. Contact: 769-1675. Central Coast Montessori School in
required quarterly. Contact: (866) Morro Bay offers a rich, individualized Homeschool Organizations
339-6790,, or Outside Now. Summer, after-school, academic environment to promote
and private nature-based education independence and optimum scholastic California Homeschool Network is
Family Partnership. A tuition-free in SLO County. Contact: 541-9900 or achievement. Contact: 772-9317 or
K-12 independent study public school a statewide grassroots organization to protect the right of parents to
serving Santa Barbara, San Luis
Obispo and Ventura counties. Home Coyote Road Regional School. Heritage Montessori Preschool educate their children. Their website
study charter schools in San Luis Natural Science and Outdoor in San Luis Obispo provides an provides information about current
Obispo (165 Grand Ave), Solvang, Education. Contact: 466-4550 or enriching and loving environment in state and federal laws, and how to
Santa Maria, and Cambria. Meet get started. Contact: (800) 327-5339
with teachers weekly and turn in a beautiful country setting. Waldorf or
work samples. Contact: 348-3333 or Independent Schools and Montessori based for ages 2.5-5
years. Contact: 235-5589. Homeschoolers of the Central Coast. An inclusive Yahoo! group
Central Coast International School. Academics and More is a Homeschool
Olive Grove. Independent study Inquiry-based, small class, International Helper class for 7th-8th grade at meeting on a regular basis for
home school with sites in San Luis Baccalaureate (IB) candidate school interaction and field trips: groups.
Obispo (165 Grand Ave), Santa Ludwick Community Center in SLO.
serving grades 1-8 in SLO. One tablet
Maria, Lompoc, Los Olivos, and computer per child. Spanish and Offered in partnership with City of the_Central_Coast.
Santa Barbara. Meet with teacher Mandarin taught weekly. Strong SLO, this class includes a convenient Santa Maria Inclusive Learners.
weekly and turn in work samples. math, sciences, music and arts. Caring cost-effective way for students to A Yahoo! group offering free
Enrichment classes also offered. community that nurtures learners. gain access to a tutor, community homeschool enrichment and
Contact: 543-2701 or sbceoportal. Contact: 858-8054 or involvement, assistance with their
school work, time management and support:
org/losolivos. santa_maria_inclusive_learners.
The Laureate School. Project-based, organization skills, and more. Contact:
Orcutt Academy Independent Study. differentiated learning to develop Templeton Unified School District
Affiliated with Orcutt Academy critical thinking, in arts, technology, K-8 Home Schooling program.
Charter School at 500 Dyer St, this foreign language, and character Public Schools
Contact: 434-5840 or
free program offers home study and development programs. In San
blended classroom/home study for Luis Obispo. Contact: 544-2141 or Cambria Montessori Learning Center.
grades K-8. Contact: 938-8934 or Tuition-free public school in Morro Bay for grades K-6th through the Note: This feature is published as space
Clarity Steiner School in Nipomo. Family Partnership Charter School. allows and is a work in progress. Please
Summit Academy charter school Waldorf education for first and Contact: 927-2337, 541-2412 or submit updates, corrections, or additional
serves K-12 grades, and provides second graders. Class meets four resources to:

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