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Instep is a leading Carbon Management Company that monitors, reports and certifies Carbon Footprint and Sustainability for

all business operations.

Our programmes are backed by internationally recognised standards, scientific foundation and real data. Instep has offices in New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and Canada.

Increasingly, organisations have recognized the need to monitor and calculate their carbon footprint, so that they can put in place strategies to manage and reduce it.
Instep helps companies on their journey towards sustainability.

Source: The Sustainability Initiative 2009 Survey, BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review; Interviews with thought leaders.

Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) has recently released its Guide For Sustainability Reporting for Listed Companies. SGX:
strongly encourages all issuers without exception to consider sustainability reporting as an integral part of good corporate governance. The principal benefits of sustainability reporting are good corporate governance and improved stakeholder communications. there is growing interest in sustainability issues globally, and consequently, pressure to move towards mandatory reporting through regulations and rules.

View the guidelines at

QUality for Enterprises through STandards (QUEST) Programme for SMEs SPRING: aims to encourage companies to enhance their productivity and competitiveness through the use of standards. QUEST provides grants for companies to implement standards in emerging areas such as carbon reduction, clean technology and energy efficiency. More information at

APAC LOHAS Survey 2010: Opportunity to increase market share by offering greener products, and communicating sustainability efforts.

Science based carbon accounting, monitoring and certification process that uses globally accepted protocols and standards. Used by organisations in all industries to
identify, quantify and verify their Greenhouse Gas emissions monitor, manage, reduce their carbon emissions and maximise sustainability. provide credibility for their sustainability efforts through reporting and certification.

We provide 3 services to suit your needs:

Instep Services

Carbon & Sustainability Programme


Lifecycle Assessment

For Organisations - Instep Carbon & Sustainability Programme Follows the internationally accepted WRI Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and ISO 14064. Designed to be completed over a 12 month period, after which you gain full certification. Suitable for Businesses of all sizes, and from any industry. For Events Instep Sustainable Events Programme (ISEP) Helps events of any size understand their carbon footprint and enhance sustainability on a wider scale. Uses British Standard 8901 (soon to be ISO) We help to put in place sustainable management systems, and help test your events compliance. For Products Instep Lifecycle Assessment Programme Looks at greenshoue gas emissions produced over the full lifecycle of a product using the published PAS 2050 Guidelines and dedicated software. Audit verification and labelling options

Increasingly, organizations have recognized the need to monitor and calculate their carbon footprint, so that they can put in place strategies to manage and reduce it. Instep derives your organisations carbon footprint from all possible sources of GHG emissions through your organisations activity data within set operational boundaries.

Instep programmes provide you with the knowledge to monitor and manage your carbon emission profile. Our regular personalised reports give you a full summary of your carbon emissions measured over selected periods of your business activity, with recommendations and measures to reduce your emissions.

Competitive Advantage in Tenders / Contracts

Realise Cost Reductions and other efficiencies

Reduce Environmental Impacts & CSR

Legal / Regulatory Compliance

Meet Demands from Customers (LOHAS), Clients, Partners

Communicate Sustainability Efforts through reporting and certification

Peter Birkett, Director With over 40 years experience in the international timber and foundry industries, Peter knows that environmental monitoring must be carried out accurately, professionally and with little disturbance to business-as-usual. Having spent some 20 years working around Asia, Peter saw first-hand the pressure that is being placed on our environment through accelerating growth in this region. He then returned home to New Zealand determined to focus his business on these concerns. Establishing Instep in New Zealand ensured the initial carbon and sustainability programme was aligned with New Zealands key environmental standards.

Alisha Black, Scientific Manager (BSc, MSc) All scientific and technical aspects at Instep are managed by Alisha, who completed her MSc in Biology at the University of Auckland in 2003. She then worked in laboratory roles and carried out air quality emissions sampling and testing before joining Instep to focus on greenhouse gas emissions. Alisha has applied her experience of working in accredited laboratories to ensure all Instep programmes follow the most appropriate and up to date international greenhouse gas calculation and reporting standards, which have been incorporated into Instep software.
Olive Ventures LLP Olive Ventures is a leading provider of sustainability products and services in Singapore. The company runs a consulting services division, ACT., which assists businesses and organisations in becoming more sustainable. They also operate a retail space, CHOOSE., Singapore's 1st Eco Store, which specialises in eco friendly consumer products. Olive Ventures is the licensee for Instep programs in Singapore and South East Asia (part of a global network of offices). The team consists of James Low, Managing Director (BSc Economics & Finance) and Derek Ong, Director ACT. (BBus Management, BBus Marketing)

For More Information: Web: Email: Twitter:!/OliveVentures