CCNA 4 Final Exam 2011 Answers Updated

1 Refer to the exhibit. Branch A has a non-Cisco router that is using IETF encapsulation and Branch B has a Cisco router. After the commands that are shown are entered, R1 and R2 fail to establish the PVC. The R2 LMI is Cisco, and the R1 LMI is ANSI. The LMI is successfully established at both locations. Why is the PVC failing? The PVC to R1 must be point-to-point. LMI types must match on each end of a PVC. The frame relay PVCs cannot be established between Cisco and non-Cisco routers. The IETF parameter is missing from the frame-relay map ip 201 command. 2

Refer to the exhibit. Communication between two peers has failed. Based on the output that is shown, what is the most likely cause? interface reset unplugged cable improper LMI type PPP negotiation failure 3 A technician is talking to a colleague at a rival company and comparing DSL transfer rates between the two companies. Both companies are in the same city, use the same service provider, and have the same rate/service plan. What is the explanation for why company 1 reports higher download speeds than company 2 reports? Company 1 only uses microfilters at branch locations. Company 1 has a lower volume of POTS traffic than company 2 has. Company 2 is located farther from the service provider than company 1 is. Company 2 shares the connection to the DSLAM with more clients than company 1 shares with.

Based on the output of the commands. the communication between the two routers cannot be established. Replace the WIC on RA. what can be done to solve the problem? Replace the serial cable . . Issue a no shutdown interface command on RB. A network administrator is creating a prototype to verify the new WAN design.4 Refer to the exhibit. Configure RA with a clock rate command. However.

What is causing the problem? The ip rip authentication key-chain command specifies exam rather than test. 6 What are two main components of data confidentiality? (Choose two. The name of the keystring is not the name of the neighboring router. The passive-interface command was issued for RTA.5 Refer to the exhibit. The key chains are given the same name on both routers.) checksum digital certificates encapsulation encryption hashing 7 Which network component has the primary function of detecting and logging attacks made against the network? Cisco Security Agent antivirus software scanner intrusion detection system intrusion prevention system . Router RT is not receiving routing updates from router RTA.

The symptoms include a loss of connectivity throughout the network segment.8 Refer to the exhibit. high link utilization. and syslog messages that indicate constant MAC address relearning. What is the likely cause of these symptoms? cable fault faulty NIC card IP addressing error spanning tree problem NAT configuration error 9 Which variable is permitted or denied by a standard access control list? protocol type source IP address source MAC address destination IP address . A network technician has been called in to resolve a problem with this network segment.

The ISP has assigned two public IP addresses to this remote office. and for configuring Frame Relay on the point-to-point interfaces shown in the graphic. Configure dynamic NAT for ten users. which DLCI should be used in the frame-relay interface-dlci command that is issued on R1? 100 101 200 201 11 A system administrator must provide Internet connectivity for ten hosts in a small remote office. . To reach R2.destination MAC address 10 Refer to the exhibit. How can the system administrator configure the router to provide Internet access to all ten users at the same time? Configure DHCP and static NAT.

2 A packet from 192.219.168. 13 .31. 12 Refer to the exhibit.219.2. which was then translated to the destination 192.Configure static NAT for all ten users.168. A packet from 192.31.31. Configure dynamic NAT with overload. Which two actions are described by the output of the debug ip nat command? (Choose two.133.2 has been translated using NAT overload.7.133. A packet from 192.1.2 has been sent to 198.7.2 has been translated by NAT to a source address of 198. The * indicates that the NAT translation was unsuccessful and the packet was dropped.168.1.2 has been translated by NAT and forwarded to a destination address of and forwarded to the destination 192.) A packet from

Which data transmission technology is being represented? TDM PPP . What two conclusions can be determined by from the output shown? (Choose two.) The bandwidth has been set to the value of a T1 line. 14 Which Layer 2 access method separates traffic into time slots and is specified by DOCSIS for use with cable high speed Internet service? TDMA FDMA CDMA S-CDMA 15 Refer to the exhibit. This interface should be configured for PPP encapsulation. There is no failure indicated in an OSI Layer 1 or Layer 2. The physical connection between the two routers has failed. The IP address of S0/0/0 is invalid. given the subnet mask being used. A technician issues the show interface s0/0/0 command on R1 while troubleshooting a network problem.Refer to the exhibit.

The link between the CTRL and BR_1 routers is configured as shown in the exhibit. . PAP uses MD5 hashing to keep the password secure. PAP conducts periodic password challenges. The usernames are misconfigured.HDLC SLIP 16 Which statement is true about PAP in the authentication of a PPP session? PAP uses a two-way handshake. Why are the routers unable to establish a PPP session? The clock rate must be 56000. The password is unique and random. 17 What is a common use of a TFTP server? to allow access to restricted system resources to detect attacks against a network and send logs to a management console to provide active defense mechanisms that prevent attacks against the network to perform IOS image and configuration uploads and downloads over the network 18 Refer to the exhibit.

The CHAP passwords must be different on the two routers.) reduced jitter reduced costs reduced latency the ability to burst above guaranteed bandwidth . The amplitude of the physical layer data has been significantly reduced. All current passwords are now required to be a minimum of 8 characters in length. Interface serial 0/0/0 on CTRL must connect to interface serial 0/0/1 on BR_1. There is an open conductor between the endpoints on the physical media. What are two advantages that dedicated leased lines provide compared to a shared Frame Relay solution? (Choose two. Which physical layer condition led the technician to this conclusion? There is an excessive amount of EMI on the physical media. 19 What is the result when the command security passwords min-length 8 is entered into a router? All new passwords are required to be a minimum of 8 characters in length. The maximum allowed clock rate on the physical media has been exceeded. Nothing will happen until the command service password-encryption is entered. a network technician has determined that network performance has been severely impacted by the attenuation of the bit stream. 21 A company is looking for a WAN solution to connect its headquarters site to four remote sites. The clock rate is configured on the wrong end of the link. Then all future passwords must have a minimum of 8 characters.The IP addresses are on different subnets. Enable passwords must be at least 8 characters but line passwords are unaffected. 20 After troubleshooting a LAN.

Statements are processed sequentially from top to bottom until a match is found. The term “inbound” refers to traffic entering the network from the router interface where the ACL is applied. Configure authentication. Access list entries should filter in the order from general to specific.the ability to borrow unused bandwidth from the leased lines of other customers 22 Which two statements are true about creating and applying access lists? (Choose two.) One access list per port. per protocol. Enter the service password-encryption command. What are two procedures that the technician should use to successfully complete this task? (Choose two.) Configure the login banner. 23 A network technician wants to implement SSH as the means by which a router may be managed remotely. Define the asymmetrical keys. Configure the console password. 24 Which two protocols in combination should be used to establish a link with secure authentication between a Cisco and a non-Cisco router? (Choose two. Standard ACLs should be applied closest to the source while extended ACLs should be applied closest to the destination. per direction is permitted.) HDLC PPP SLIP PAP CHAP .

168.168.24. The network administrator creates a standard access control list to prohibit traffic from the 192.1.0 network. to 192.1 192.168.1 and inbound .24.24. Traffic will not be routed from clients with addresses between 192. outbound interface S0/0/0.24.0/24 network from reaching the Internet.1.1 and 192. On which router interface and in which direction should the access control list be applied? interface Fa0/0. The access list must still permit the 192. 26 Refer to the exhibit.2.168.0/24 network access to the and 192.5 to the configuration of a local router that has been configured as a DHCP server? Traffic that is destined for 192. The DHCP server will not issue the addresses ranging from 192.24.5 will be dropped by the router.25 What will be the result of adding the command ip dhcp excluded-address inbound interface Fa0/0. The router will ignore all traffic that comes from the DHCP servers with addresses 192.168.

outbound 27 Refer to the exhibit. . The “ACTIVE” status of the Frame Relay connection indicates that the network is experiencing congestion.interface S0/0/0. Which statement is true about the Frame Relay connection? The Frame Relay connection is in the process of negotiation. No data traffic traverses the link. Only control FECN and BECN bits are sent over the Frame Relay connection. A congestion control mechanism is enabled on the Frame Relay connection.

Only one switch can be in server mode. How can the administrator resolve this issue? Set the enable secret command on the remote router. The VTP domain names do not match. VLAN 11 was created on S1. Set the login command on the vty lines on the remote router. 29 An administrator attempts to telnet into a remote device and receives the error “Password required but none set”. . Results of the show vlan and show vtp status commands for switches S1 and S2 are displayed in the exhibit. S2 has a higher spanning-tree priority for VLAN 11 than S1 does. Why is VLAN 11 missing from S2? There is a Layer 2 loop.28 Refer to the exhibit.

Port Fa0/2 on S2 is assigned to the wrong VLAN. STP has blocked the port that PC1 is connected to. All devices are configured as shown in the exhibit.Set the password command on the vty lines on the remote router. 30 Refer to the exhibit. What is the cause of the problem? The default gateway is in the wrong subnet. S2 has the wrong IP address assigned to the VLAN30 interface. Enable the service password-encryption command on the remote router. 31 Which additional functionality is available on an interface when the encapsulation is changed from HDLC to PPP? flow control error control authentication synchronous communication . PC1 is unable to ping the default gateway.

33 Refer to the exhibit.1 configured for the S0/0/0 interface.16.128. What conclusion can be drawn from the output that is shown? Neighboring routers should use DLCI 177 to reach the Branch router.32 Refer to the exhibit.168. If VLSM is used. the Branch router will use the virtual circuit that is identified by DLCI 177. The corporate network that is shown has been assigned network 172. To reach 192.3.0/19 for use at branch office LANs.168. what mask should be used for addressing hosts at Branch4 with minimal waste from unused addresses? /19 /20 .1. A technician is teaching a trainee to interpret the results of various Frame Relay troubleshooting commands. The Branch router has the address 192. DLCI 177 will be used to identify all broadcasts that are sent out the Branch router.3.

0.0 means the address should match exactly./21 /22 /23 /24 34 A network administrator uses the 3DES algorithm to encrypt traffic that crosses a VPN.0. A wildcard mask of 0. A wildcard mask performs the same function as a subnet mask. Which VPN characteristic is being configured? authentication authorization data integrity data confidentiality 35 Which statement is true about wildcard masks? A wildcard mask must be created by inverting the subnet mask. 36 . A wildcard mask uses a “1″ to identify IP address bits that must be checked.

ATM.0.0 0. 39 Which IP address and wildcard mask combination can be used in an ACL statement to match the 172. or X.0. Extended ACLs should be applied closest to the source that is specified by the ACL. They support multiple telecommunications interfaces of the highest speed and are able to forward IP packets at full speed on all of those interfaces. 37 When NAT is in use. Standard ACLs should be applied closest to the core layer. They provide internetworking and WAN access interface ports that are used to connect to the service provider network.0. They provide termination for the digital signal and ensure connection integrity through error correction and line monitoring.25 over the WAN.16.16.0/30 network? 172.3 .Refer to the exhibit. what is used to determine the addresses that can be translated on a Cisco router? access control list routing protocol inbound interface ARP cache 38 A network administrator is instructing a technician on best practices for applying ACLs.0 0.0.1 ACLs applied to outbound interfaces are the most efficient.0. What statement is true about the core router devices? They use multiport internetworking devices to switch traffic such as Frame Relay. Which suggestion should the administrator provide? Named ACLs are less efficient than numbered ACLs.

0 0. .252 40 When configuring a Frame Relay connection. what is the purpose of Inverse ARP? to assign a DLCI to a remote peer to disable peer requests from determining local Layer 3 addresses to negotiate LMI encapsulations between local and remote Frame Relay peers to create a mapping of DLCI to Layer 3 addresses that belong to remote peers 41 Which security solution has the responsibility of monitoring suspicious processes that are running on a host and that might indicate infection of Trojan horse applications? antivirus application operating system patches intrusion prevention system Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance 42 What is the function of an intrusion detection system on a network? to restrict access to only authorized users to detect attacks against a network and send logs to a management console to prevents attack against the network and provide active defense mechanisms to detect and prevent most viruses and many Trojan horse applications from spreading in the network 43 Which statement about a VPN is true? VPN link establishment and maintenance is provided by LCP. 255.255. DLCI addresses are used to identify each end of the VPN tunnel.172.0.

Which type of security threat does this e-mail represent? cracking phishing phreaking spamming 45 Refer to the exhibit. 46 Which encapsulation protocol when deployed on a Cisco router over a serial interface is only compatible with another Cisco router? PPP SLIP HDLC Frame Relay . An ACL called Managers already exists on this router. What happens if the network administrator issues the commands as shown in the exhibit? The commands are added to the end of the existing ACL. This e-mail appears to come from the office of the administrator.VPNs use virtual Layer 3 connections that are routed through the Internet. The existing Managers ACL will be overwritten by the new ACL. Only IP packets can be encapsulated by a VPN for tunneling through the Internet. 44 An administrator learns of an e-mail that has been received by a number of users in the company. The e-mail asks the users to confirm their account and password information. The router will output an error message and no changes will be made. A duplicate Managers ACL will be created that will contain only the new commands.

10. Which option displays the correct ACL that would need to be applied inbound on the S0/0/0 interface on R2 in order to permit any type of network traffic and block all FTP traffic coming from hosts on the 172.47 What name is given to the location where a customer network interfaces with a network that is owned by another organization? CPE DCE local loop demarcation point 48 Refer to the exhibit.0/24 network going to the Internet? .16.

Verify that the TFTP server software is running. He receives the error message that is shown in the exhibit. Determine performance on the intranet by monitoring load times of company web pages from remote sites. . A network administrator is trying to backup the IOS software on R1 to the TFTP server. What is an action that can help to isolate this problem? Use correct source file name in the command. How can the administrator determine if the additions and changes improved performance and availability on the company intranet? Conduct a performance test and compare with the baseline that was established previously. Make sure that there is enough room on the TFTP server for the backup. and cannot ping the TFTP server from R1. 50 A network administrator has changed the VLAN configurations on his network switches over the past weekend. Interview departmental secretaries and determine if they think load time for web pages has improved. Check that R1 has a route to the network where the TFTP server resides.49 Refer to the exhibit.

51 Which characteristic of VPN technology prevents the contents of data communications from being read by unauthorized parties? QoS latency reliability confidentiality 52 Which configuration on the vty lines provides the best security measure for network administrators to remotely access the core routers at headquarters? .Compare the hit counts on the company web server for the current week to the values that were recorded in previous weeks.

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