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Garmin MapSource provides you with geographic data that can be viewed on your PC and added to the basemap of your compatible Garmin GPS device. With MapSource, you can:
 Transfer saved waypoints, routes, and tracks from your GPS device and save them to your PC  Create, view, and edit waypoints, routes, and tracks  Find items, addresses, and Points of Interest included in the map data  Transfer map data, waypoints, routes, and tracks to your GPS device

NOTE: The graphics in this Help system are optimized for monitor displays set at 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Viewing this Help system at resolution settings other than 1024 x 768 may result in reduced image quality. If you should encounter any difficulty while installing MapSource, or if you have any questions about MapSource, contact Garmin’s Product Support Department at: 913/397.8200 or 800/800.1020, Monday—Friday, 8 am—5 pm Central Time www.garmin.com For more information on getting started with MapSource, see the following topics: Compatibility Understanding the MapSource Interface

file://C:\Users\asfernandez\AppData\Local\Temp\~hh563A.h... 04/05/2011

. Consult your GPS Owner’s Manual to determine if your unit is able to use this feature.h. and other storage media like Compact Flash (CF) cards and Secure Digital (SD) cards can transfer all MapSource data types. Garmin storage cards (available for use with selected Garmin GPS systems).. Data Transfer Not all Garmin GPS systems are compatible with this feature.. and SRVY II) and Panel Mount Aviation products.. 04/05/2011 . the new data overwrites the old data on the storage card. GPS 100MIL.Welcome How Do I. Uninstalling MapSource Página 2 de 7 Compatibility Waypoint/Route/Track Management MapSource is compatible with all Garmin GPS systems except the GPS 100 family of products (including GPS 100AVD. GPS 100MRN. Be aware that when transferring MapSource data. Understanding the MapSource Interface The main MapSource interface screen consists of the following items: file://C:\Users\asfernandez\AppData\Local\Temp\~hh563A.

You can turn the toolbars on and off by selecting Show Toolbars in the View menu and then selecting a toolbar. To sort the data by a specific column. Click items in the data tabs to highlight them on the Graphic Map. You can also right-click on any toolbar and select the toolbars you want to show or hide. 2.h. directly below the menus. including transferring data.Welcome Página 3 de 7 1. or rightclick on an item to display a menu that allows you to perform various tasks. changing preferences for viewing the Graphic Map. Menus—a variety of menus appear at the top of the screen. See Shortcut menus in the Reference section for more information. and Maps.. and more.. 04/05/2011 . Routes. 3. Click the appropriate data tab to view the information. Data Tabs—the data tabs appear along the left side of the screen. finding places. Toolbars—toolbars appear near the top of the screen. file://C:\Users\asfernandez\AppData\Local\Temp\~hh563A. See Menus in the Reference section for more information. Tracks. These menus allow you to perform various tasks in MapSource. You can change the order of the columns by clicking on a column header and dragging the column to the new location. Each data tab contains several columns of information. click the column header. See Toolbars in the Reference section for more information. The data tabs include Waypoints.

 The current Position Format and Map Datum set in Preferences.. 5. or drag it to the left to view more of the Graphic Map. See Using the MiniMap for more information. The Graphic Map also shows any waypoints. 04/05/2011 . Then select the fields you want to appear. See Understanding the Graphic Map for more information. 7.  If you are using the Distance/Bearing tool. You can right-click on any toolbar to show or hide the status bar.. file://C:\Users\asfernandez\AppData\Local\Temp\~hh563A. Select a tab and right-click a field heading. the name and approximate data size of the map set(s) currently highlighted on the Graphic Map. You can click the splitter bar and drag it to the right to view more data tab columns. the elevation is shown next to the latitude and longitude. regardless of which tool is selected.. 4. 6. Graphic Map—the Graphic Map shows the basemap and any detailed maps you have installed and unlocked.  The latitude and longitude of the mouse pointer when positioned on the Graphic Map. MiniMap—the MiniMap shows a zoomed-out view of the area surrounding the visible portion of the Graphic Map.. Splitter Bar—the splitter bar is located between the Graphic Map and the data tabs. routes. You can select the data fields you want each tab to show. How Do I. the distance and bearing from a beginning point to the selected point (s) on the map. If you are using map products that include elevation data. Status Bar—the status bar extends across the bottom of the MapSource window.h. Here are some quick reminders on how to perform common MapSource tasks. The status bar can show the following items:  The number of tab items selected in a tab list.  If you are using the Map tool. It shows a variety of information related to the action you are performing. or tracks you have transferred or created. You can click and drag the MiniMap to move (pan) the Graphic Map.Welcome Página 4 de 7 You can show or hide all the data tabs by clicking the Show/Hide Data Tabs button above the data tabs or by selecting Show/Hide User Data Tabs from the View menu.

Then select Receive From Device from the Transfer menu. …Switch maps? file://C:\Users\asfernandez\AppData\Local\Temp\~hh563A. …Move the map? Use the Hand tool or the scroll bars at the bottom and right-hand side of the screen to move the map.h. See Using the Unlock Wizard for more information. (see Creating and Using Map Sets for more information). …Transfer waypoints.Welcome Página 5 de 7 …Unlock maps? Select Unlock Maps from the Utilities menu or press Ctrl+U. Then connect your GPS device to your computer and select Send To Device from the Transfer menu (see Transferring and Saving MapSource Data for more information). and tracks from my Garmin GPS device? Connect your GPS device to your computer. The higher the setting.. You can also change the detail setting by selecting Map Detail from the View menu. …Change the amount of detail on the map? Select a detail setting from the Map Detail drop-down menu . routes. 04/05/2011 . …Transfer maps to my Garmin GPS device? Create a Map Set by clicking on the Map tool and selecting the maps you want to include. See Transferring and Saving MapSource Data for more information.. You can also zoom in and out to show portions of the map not currently displayed. the more detail shown on the map.

NOTE: If you have only one map product installed. select Route Properties from the Edit menu. intersections. select the location on your computer to save the MapSource file. …Save waypoints. Your waypoints. or tracks? Select the item you want to delete in the appropriate data tab. routes. …Find addresses. select the type of item you want to find from the Find Places window..h. routes. select a map from the Product list . or tracks as a file on my PC? Select Save or Save As from the File menu. See Unlocking Maps for more information. 04/05/2011 . To uninstall MapSource: file://C:\Users\asfernandez\AppData\Local\Temp\~hh563A. routes. …Get directions for a route? Click the route name in the Routes tab. See Saving Your Data for more information. or items on the map? Click the Find Places button . Then enter the appropriate information.. and click Save. …Delete waypoints. and then click the Directions tab.Welcome Página 6 de 7 If you have multiple MapSource products installed. See Editing a Route for more information. Uninstalling MapSource You can remove MapSource from your computer without using the MapSource installation disks. Then click the Delete button . It may be necessary to unlock the map if you have not already done so. enter a file name. and tracks are saved. See Understanding the Find Feature for more information. the Product list does not appear.

. Página 7 de 7 NOTE: To completely remove MapSource from your computer. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel. Select Add/Remove Programs. 3. Follow the instructions on the screen. Select MapSource and click Change/Remove.h.. 04/05/2011 . 4. follow the steps above and then delete the C:\Garmin\USB_Drivers directory from your computer.Welcome 1. 2. file://C:\Users\asfernandez\AppData\Local\Temp\~hh563A.

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