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Introduction I Thebasics page 7 page5 Beginnings endings and Thewriters knoweachother well Thewriters knoweachother Thewriters notknow do eachother Messages 1 A firstcontact froman individual An acknowledgement A reply Chasing information up A reply Arranging visit a An invitation Replying an invitation to A confirmation Sending directions Chasing information up Setting a meeting up 1 Suggesting a meeting Suggesting a date, timeand place Agreeing Confirming a meeting An urgent meeting Messages t A general enquiry A reply A further request A reply A cover note 0rders Requesting a quote Placing firstorder a A reply Placing repeat a order Basiclayout A standard letter A memo A group email Messages 2 A firstcontact froma company A reply A request further for information Introducing company the

2 Makingcontact page15

3 Arrangements page23

Travel arrangements Arranging itinerary an Making booking a Confirming a reservation Checking travel arrangements Setting a meeting up 2 Setting agenda the Changing agenda the Negotiating changes Finalising arrangements

I Meetings page 33

Taking forwarding and messages Leaving message a Passing a message on Forwarding a message An acknowledgment reply An automatic email Meeting follow-up Minutes a meeting of Suggested amendments Comments Thanks

5 Enquiries page $

6 Orderc, dealing with problems page 51

7 Shortrcpofts page 6l

8 Personal messages page 69

Glossary Answers Appendices I Punctuation 2 Dates times and 3 Abbreviations

Messages 2 Specific enquiries Advice recommendations and A request information for Forwarding a request Providing details Dealing with problems I Dealing with problems 2 Problems a schedule with Unacceptable service A reply A reply goods Damaged Misleading information A reply A reply Rejectingcomplaint a Providing information Focus facts andfigures on A request information for Presenting numbers A short report Describing trends Asking missing for information Making comparisons P r o v i d i n g fu rth e ri n fo rma ti o n D raw i ngconcl usi ons Messages I Messages 2 Appreciation Good news Congratulations Replying good to news A personal announcement Badnews goodbye Saying Replying badnews to you Saying thank A remi nder Respondingthanks to Replying a reminder to page77 page86 a page92 page93 page95

Emails often short canbevery and are informal. as memos. Attheback each of book is there a glossary contains which highlighted language the from glossary selected texts. UniversityCambridge of Business English Certificate particularly Reading the and paper. telephone messages cover and notes. be appropriate easyforthe and readerto understand. point note language One to here theuse contractions. more In formal letter full are in emails either is used.feature words expressions willhelp in a widerange they key and which ofwork situations. schools. bedownloaded the can from Longman website. There nostandard foremail is style writing thebook and reflects factintherange this of presented. which. even is it should still accurate. if anemail informal. book contains examplesother by The also some of types writing of such letters. email bejustasformal a can as letter.forexample writing someone thefirst your when to for time. Translations ofthe in languages. today's in is business world. colleges and universities. developed short and in practice language and notes exercises. The book focuses everyday on business writing. forms recommended. and forstudents learning vocational Englishadult in education classes.longman-eh. canalso formal Emails be . is for level Everyday Business Writingwill useful be supplementary materialyouarepreparing business if for English examinations asthe such (BEC). form You find other may the titles thisseries in helpful: Everyd Business lish Eng ay Eve ay Te hncaI Eng c i lish ryd Business ntati s Prese on . wvnr. theLondon (LCCI) Writing and ChamberCommerce lndustry of and English Business for exam. target The languageintroduced is through texts. people to is of Some tend (l'll (l use contractionscallyou).others using write fullformswillcallyou). usually sent email. Theseries intended intermediate learners.Introduction Eng|bh ior Wodr present practise The in books thisseries and spoken English practical and writing everyday for you communication. EYeryday Bueinerc Wrifing Everyday Business Writing suitable anyone uses is for who English thebusiness in world. However.

chapter looking the Useful by at Thenreadthetextsandstudy accompanying the phrases notes. each Start phrases. Afterstudying textsandnotes. pages will findinformation some you 0n the notes on differences between everyday British andAmerican usage. a dictionary check equally and your as Use to presented refer theappendicesthebackof the understanding language of the and to at book. and Bristol. that in whichare important canalsobeseen keyphrases. to the glossary the backof the book testyourself yourunderstanding refer at and on of the highlighted expressions. willfindanswers the exercises as You to atthe endof the book. Note thatin most the of the examples. Busrness English Phrases Penguin Ouick Guides. TheSubject andTo/From box boxes for included. Finally. However. the workthrough exercises.2003 recommended Some materials accompany English to the forWo*senes: Longman Business English Dictionary Penguin auickGuides. of Youcanusethisbook.Thebasics. your or Good luckandenloy. cantheneither of You workthrough book the yourimmediate unitby unitor choose thatmeets one need. translation$ theseexpressions. using key Write of again a pages the Longman dictionary necessary. focusis onthe bodyof the email. example notalways are page search different Youcanusethe contents to for typesof written documents.workthrough of Unit1 . backto thetextsand the refer notes necessary.llow to use the book First all. Certain havebeenhighlighted haveparticular that features associated with them. is worthwhile it noting otherphrases appear thetexts.building 'Everyday Business Writing' skills! lanBadger SuePedley. Eusrness English Words . the English Work if Visit for on website whereyou willfindtranslationstheGlossary a selected of in number languages. Eusrness English Verbs Penguin Auick Guides. unitsetsoutbasicguidelines writing This for and emails provides examples styleandlayout.for self-qtudy with a teacher.

I enjoyed you Thank foryourmessage. call Please nothesitate contact to me. office . It was good talkto youyesterday. l'veattached copyof myreport. s . do you I lookforward meeting on Friday. to you meeting last week. to from Look forward hearing yousoon.please Laurent make arrangements.t I I Thnbasfcs Some useful phrases. Howareyou? go? Howdidthemeeting It wentverywell. a Everything fine. Laurent please _ arrange the ]/ music the for offrce party. Laurent Please the arrange for music the partY. See Allthebest. to younextweek. looks No ch a n g en e eded. the Ple a se m e.

Wagainon25Mayat1l:l5a'm. b i a b especi alpages ly 5-7? P l ease emaimeor cal lmeon l mymobile anychanges needed. ri l' you you It wasgood meet attheconference week. Yours sincerely (Administratorl N. Nuul .in lbw m W? lt was goodto talkyesterday.andendi Tlre writers know eaeh ottrer well tlif. Canyou fufimlicingthr&ilsof the Leadership pri c hec k t he ro c h u reg a i n e fo retg o e s to th e nter. Course lwantto be surethateverything and is correct. Yours sincerely Tarja Novotna Tlre writerc do not know eaeh odrer 0tr. that cancome. if are : Bdngndf Anders c0urse ldtlf'r. Everything fine.would to invite to visitusonMonday May to last I like 25 we at I 1:1 sothat cancontinue discussions.W Dear S la c k Dr policy you Thisis to confirm yourcurrent that ll covers andthatyoudo notneed takeanyfurtheraction. will beshipping equipment ourBirmingham next We new to office month. please nothesitate contact do to me. we need change policy will it be covered? Do to our or YenCS DrSlack iffi*ilri*. to youhaveanyotherqueries.*l#lfr& I would to check insurance like our cover. 5 our I hope you lkdmd t*ilffi Head Personnel of Dear Gonzales Mrs Thankyoufortheinviiation. cfigffimam looks ilt Allthe best Kim you See next week. The writers know each olfrer Smi.

Piki Gonzales your message.Yourcsincerely In emails whichfollowthe styleof more formalletters. DearSir/Madam Yourc faithfully UseDear Sir/Madamformalmessages. you openwith a can hel p by gi vi ng (Ms) at the end of your title. goodto see you lastweek. Dear Ms Novotna .. frnalising finatizing (phone) phone cellutar) lnabile policy insurance insurance cover (not usedin in used British {aloo American English) Eng. e. (Mrcl Piki Gonzales A little old-fashioned. SeniorManager As thisis a first formalenail.. Notethat the verb are (Nochanges are needed) beenleft out hereto keepthe has message closewith lours in sincerely. Dear Slris also used.g. but when the reader may not know from your name whether you are mal e or femal e. It was I'n finalising the details is bestto be moreformalthantoo informal.Note the -lng form of the verb which follows look forward to: I look forward to hearing from you. emails rulesare the morerelaxed you can begina message with Dearand end it with Bestregards. this ldffiftmqlcan Brlti*h HiKim dltlofrnGer American HiKim: Note:Americanstyle usesa colan (:) afterthe salutation business for correspondence (Dear Piki:lDear or Sk: MadamiTo it Wkom May Concern: Yaurs faitttfully Thisexpression not is usedin Arnerican English... This type of message usually ends with: Yoursfaithfully.lishl (exists. Ms is usedinsteadof Mrs or Missif you do you I lookforwardto meeting . This to let youknowthat .you often begina message with a friendlygreeting. Justa noteto let youknow.Notes HiKin The way you begin and end a message depends on how well you know the person you are writing to. with frequent bl ed n communication. the writer includeshisnane andposition. Thi s i s one of the most common phrases used at the end of messages.. if you arewritingfirst. if DearMs/Mrs/Miss/Mr. In informal emails some people do not use the person'sname but start the message: Hi/HelIo/Good morning/afternoon not know if a woman is married or not.. A good guide is to use th e s am e beginni n ga n d e n d i n g (o r a s l i g h tl y more formal one) as the other person. is Notehow contracted forms I'm (l am).You're (Youare)etc. No changes needed.. Some women prefer to be called Ms. Best regards Theway to end a message a matterof is personal but choice. in if you do not know the person you are writing to.. is not necessary. Sincerelyilaurs truly wauldbe usedinstead.Best wishes (seenotesabove).. etc. wellln esta ish reIatio ships. However. Howareyou? Whenyou knoweachotherwell. Someotherinformal endings: Begards Bestwishes Allthe best (veryinformalUK English) Cheers Anders Youcanbeginan emailby simply writing the person's nameat the top of a message. Otheropenings: Hopeyouare well. why you arewriting: Saying l'm writingto let youknow. (also queries but quesgons usedin notoftenusedin British English) American €nglish) . I look forward to receiving the report.are informaland oftenusedin emails.

la Sasic out A standard lelter 7 NoginRoad Shipsam Northshire KT3 49P UK 18April20# ffi#..wl#. There will be a buffet lunch at midday. .***iii$r****:"Anff!*iMtii$iiH Thanks. our Koreanagent. and'il.14 Juqe 20 $gent visit Joo. kesr*m drs. A group email Suljr.e.iitiffii. .[ p**r.m. i$ii{l*ffi.and she will answer any questionsyou may have.le* ne knon'ff you are availabld onJune5th or 6th? * toot forward to hearing frorn you soon: Yourssincerely.trmu.. ror the music.Please me know what let ffi4i$ffi.hau.trrqe #&. I am going to be in AmsterdaminJune i#*#l*n*t*iiw€di$sref!:$ffita**:fuls$ffi*g#rb:W a meetil4'*i6r'yw as you suggested. Eun Joo will give us the latest information on the Korean market. fi/at D Attochmenlc: for the annualdinner. . You are invited to meet her in the Conference Room at 10:30a.manllaeff. &**t$ that I am surewill!#ffi#leffir you would likeby the end of this week.wld like to.will be visiting the company next #ryS#***t#ffiEun Friday21 June. Hardv Heywa rd -iJ: ?"" lsatbel Hatvdy IsabelHardy Partner A memo To: F r om : Date: Subject: All Headsof Department Pa me l aN e w ma n Directorof CorporatePlanning . Klaus ffiltm*'.t.

However. . Couldyou letme know il you are available. Formal letters usually include polite a final phrase.can youforwardthismessage Oliver. Please contactme by Friday. to It wasgoodto meetyouat the seminarin Paris. Otherpossibilities: Itwouldbe goodto continue discussions. Be consistent. your main The nextsentence(s) contain(s) message. Openformalcorrespondence a clear with you arewriting. Thereportis attached..Notes DearMr Loelgen. Please coilinn that youcan attend. Herewith filesyouaskedfor. .addresspeople by their titlee. l've attacheda copy of the menu . statement why of I am writingto confirmarrangements.. Sonia.. Otherformalpoliterequests: Please replyas soonas possible.. Use couldto makepolite requests: you Could let me knowas soonas possible? you Could call me? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Dear all greeting A common whenan emailis sentto greetings: group. can you make the arrangements Notehow we askan individual do to in something a message sentto a group. is a commonway of introducing important information a in formalmemo. Otherexamples: I lookforwardto meetingyousoon. and be conciseand to th6 point....pleasecall me whenyoureceivethis.Eng.lf you use a comma after Dear John..) after Dear Sir. use a comma after Yourssincerely..Yours faithfully. Please notethat. Remind reader the first or previous the of contact. I would like to anange a meetingwith you . bankingand legalprefer formality... John. lf you wantto be moreformalyou cansay: Please find attachedthe reportas requested. Please notethat. I wouldlike to checksomedetailswith you. Note that some people prefer to write a comma (.)or a dash(-) afterthe person's name. We havemanynew products . our I wouldlike to showyouour new brochure.. ffidilcnncct ernail is international. the Laurent.. ths .. Lookingforward to your reply. a Other Deareveryone Dearcolleagues Helloeve ryone(informal) Notethat groupemails can alsobe sent withouta greeting. ln thcse eases. suchas fnancial. avoid contractionsand slang. Usea comma(.. Do youremember we metat the Expo that presentation? Wespokeat the recentconference. Otherwaysto indicate that you have attached file/files your email.etc.Egeau*e differancss BritishEnglishand American in .lioh Syles ers becomingfewar (US cmails may sometimesbe mors infomal soms gEgtors than UX emsifs). a to Hereis the menu. It is now more usual to leave out the comma in both formal and informal lettersand messages... .

. c d e f g h l'd like make to some changes.mymobile. midday.Fractice 1 Match tlfe opening greeting with the most suitable close..I T I T u fi Thanks the dinner. Gomplete the sentences with a preposition. . b We met. m . that yoy cancome.. i i Come visitouroffice.. a b D ea r r Si Fred d e Dear Somerset Dr Hello everyone (il ii i ii i ii i ii i ii h. . l'veattached filesyouasked the . m. . . Tha n kyou.. Yours faithfully Allthe best Best regards Yours sincerely Withverybest regards you See Yours sincerely Best wishes Yours faithfully Regards 2 Tick the phrase in each pair which is more informal.3p . theShanghai seminar.. . . .. coming the seminar.hearingfro my o u .... and ei Please confirm yogcanattend.. theprogramme. i i Letmeknowif I T T I .. i i There no problem. l'llse e you Ca ll e..... is you di I wouldliketo invite to visitouroffice. I . .M0nday. for you i i I wouldliketo thank for the dinner. ExAtptE: amveryinterestedilt .yourmessage. a i HiFausta ii Dear Fausta a u tr bi Yours sincerely ii Regards ci No problem. . to a llo o kforward . There be a buffet will lunch .

. .. (check) brochure us? a Can . (know) everything if is 0K. you Please ExlMpr"E: . .gp.. to you 4 Please confirm youcan that d meeting lastweek. lu (visit) will d Mr Lahtinen be Helsinkitomorrow. justhad message 3 l've a c come the meeting. . . c Good you yesterday? h Did send themao me map d vou vest( Ma ija Thefax number 9505142. c I e n j o y e d . is you Could faxit again. 6 Order the sentences into a message.. An informal mesrage find a I couldn't it thismorning.. -ing or infinitive. (go)yesterday? f How themeeting did g I am i h T h i ss t o . . lan. .Put the correct form. you e Could letme. laterthisafternoon.. . . . e the arrangements nextweek.(co n fi rm)o u rconver sation. . for 5 Wemetrecently 6 John f knowaboutthe arrangements. .. . (confirm)that cancome.\-+iH. . you . g please 7 | really enjoyed make necessary the arrangements. .(me e tl yoa stweek. e b l'll beback theoffice in f g morning.. attached h in the London 8 | have office. the for b l l o o k f o r w a rd to . in these sentences. 2 Please everyone let b fromHead office.. 1 l'mjust finalising a thefilesyouasked for. (write)to you some ask for advice.. . (re ce i velthe document.. Match the two parts of the sentences.

time O giving allthe details theconference of date. You are organising a one-day conferenoe on 'Health and Safety'. him 21 7 You are the Human Resources manager in your company. the on D e ac ol l e a g u e s r Wewould everyone like Thisis to confirm Mr Tayama that e f g h Marcus Kerimov byWednesday latest. Look at your notes below and then write a memo to all staff: O inviting to theconference them (subject.a b c d A formal rnemo willvisit office Friday. using the texts and notes in this chapter to help you. etc) for O asking a reply O offering give to more iqformation if necessary Write 4O-5O wolds. . atthe Please confirm youareable attend that to to meet in Room at2:30.

take at I look forward hearing yousoon.. attached application an Please return us. I have form. . in you Can complete booking the form? Please a look ourwebsite. to from Wewere very interestedhear to about conference. the Weareanestablished companytheUK. you Wearewriting inform thatwe areorganising to a meeting Tokyo. onyour you Could please mesome send more information? you Thank foryour email. itto Please meknow youneed further let if any information.OthaKrng Some usefrrl phrases. I have the seen advertisement webpage. in Weexport Brazil. \'. to you Looking forward seeing inToronto. to 9- I.

Fffifu*l*hiffie.flt.&#anhrq$'i information about the post.furd. G iles Please find attachedmy completedapplicationform and a copy of my SV for your information. Best regards SaraGiles A reply {-l DearMs Giles Please find attachedmy completedquestionnaire.rrW*.ii*S1*H* Lookingforward to hearingfrom you soon.b Best regards Jean-Luc Reigniers Ghasing up inlomation DearJean-Luc your completed Thank you for your recentapplication. l bch. and I look forward to hearingfrom you soon.. I would be gratefulif you could send me an application form and some information aboutthe post.i lfi *.&tl#" Couldyou also completethe attachedquestionnaire return it to us by the end of the week. Best regards Jean-Luc Reigniers .:liqqisqn. I'fd: cgti!3lt$. Couldyou pleaserefurn this as soonas possible. if f$'!illuffi1*i*ttr*.However. Thankyou in advance. Yourssincerely Jean-Luc Reigniers An acknowledgement t3l DearJean-Luc .km.Messages I A first dontact fiom an indhlidual rgl DearMs Giles :FlF and would like to apply for theg$. havenot yet received we questionnaire.gtLw InternationalMarketingManager.ffiand T&rurkryutr$or your €meit I m Blead.r{i*xi:*t*: iM.:irt.of {*r*. 08120745614 you need any further information. Best regards SaraGiles HumanResources Manager A rcply l5l .. yow n$y.

.post. Thanks youremail.. Please contactme at extension 232. cv .. I haveseen the I sawtheadvertisement English advertisement. This phrase is a standard polite close to an emai l . .... c Th is is a doc um en tg i v i n g d e ta i l so f y o u r educationand past employment. Postis alternative an I amcurrentlyworkingas a Marketing in Assistant a puhlishingcompany London. lt comes from the Latin: curriculum vitae. Flaasesallmaan ny nobile. call in Notethe useof prepositions the sentences aboveand below: 232. Note:American usually us€stho simple pasttense. I look forwardto yourreply.You could also say: Please contact us if you have any queries. Documents with an email areattached sent ratherthan enclosed they are with a letter.filton. wordforjobor position. informal ending to the message. for I havebeenin the ExportBusiness three years..Nates the on I haveseen advertisement yourweh page... v. Please me on ny call cell phone.. for last Wemet at the conference week. let This is a polite. Thisis a standard to for an Whenreceiving emailfrom someone the firsttime you couldalsosay: you in Thank for your interest our company. whichyourequested. require further information. Please contactme on extension Pleasevisitour websiteat www.. Please attached find Please takea lookatthe attached file.. Thankyou lor your email. pleased hear that youare We were to interested .(informal) Please meonmymohile.. . response an email. for job: Sayingmoreaboutyour current Advisorsince I havebeenworkingas a Sales Alternatives are: I look forward to hearing from you soon.. . will Theattachments give youthe information youneed . apalogise apologize resumE Noto: In Ameriean EnglishCVis ucually ressrvedfol acaderlic applications..(very formal) Please meknowif youhaveany queries. I awaityour reply. used when applying for a job. A more formal endi ng i s: Please do not hesitate to let us know if you . Thisis a morecommonexpression thanthe alternative: . singulais query. I readyourrepoft with as requested... Please contactme an extension 82. for this YoucoulU say: also I amsorryI are The I apologise notsending earlier. as Youcouldalsosay: . generally openwittra clearpointof Emails reference.. You can emailme at jlreigniers@emiclidc. Erldil/Amrican d{tornco Amedcan Bdtirh . I'msorry lforgottosendit. I havebeena lecturer since2001. any r Aueries questions. in I am pleasedto attach our online application form.

at www. or online. not pleasedo not hesitateto contactme. lnoking forward to meetingyou in Tokyo. Yourssincerely GuillermoRavallo A request for further information cl your application are pleased informyou that we havereserved We havereceived and to form.Hereis a suilnary of our companyfor the handbook: of |[{fh rs'c{H*:cffid cs@f in tb UK with over thirty years'experience providing management training for the qMffidnS and narvice iildustries.iclwz. !ildn and'CIf urftik &i Bestregards MinoriKishimoto Organiser Conference Intr.' If I hopethis is acceptable. meet local suppliersand agents. at a ysiltls in the UK.oducing dre eompany Dear Ms Kishimoto Thank you for your email.laot af ourw*rlto @dricftca rdudub and our online registration form.foft&coming conf.Miike registrationform and look forward to hearing to attrnd I am pleasedto attach our completed from you soon.. as you requested your registration for on g. We can providea rangeof faining programmes. for our conference Oqdtl rul plrar tmd dr r fifty word *nnmary where you will find details of lha fkr& ilt$ssagFs A firct dontact from a eornpany This will be an excellent opportunityto liflr*trlu*ting to lnvllr Wu. otr-site.csnFany.erence in Tokyo ad. Best regards GuillermoRavallo . Yours sincerely Minori Kishimoto Organiser Conference A rrply DearMs Kishimoto We werevery interestedto hear aboutt&e. and somevideoequipment a competitiveprice. Pleasedo not hesitateto contact us if you require any further information.ts e conhronccin Tokyo.

. By theendof theweekis usedto say when you want something done. by the end of the week. is At a conference exhibition stand a or a smallareawherea company candisplayits products giveout information visitors. ... specializing .. will .. Weare oneof theleading of Weare the leadingexporters . example to For banks.. which is forthcomingwill happen Something soon. a stand . or to Couldyou please sendus a .. in an hour. at .. clothes. telephones.m. . Noticehow it is not necessary repeatwe to in this sentence.... providesservices The seruice industry and advice customers.. is: An alternative visitour website ... Wearean estahlished company theUK. in Otherwaysto describe company a could include: Weare a largemanufacturing company in specialising .. organizer pr0grams {Note:This American spellingof programsie usedin BritishEnglish but only to refer to computerprograms.... . . on Monday I a. withinthe next24 hours...... exhibit an experience in.... ... . manufacturingand senice industries.. A venue the place is wherean event(suchas a conference meeting) or takesplace... Weare writing to invite youto a corrterence ln formal written communicationsit is more common to use the full verb form We are writing rather than We're writing. the conferenceschedule planof what will happen This is a detailed andwhenit will happen... Companies wiff also use We rather than /when contactingsomeone for the first time. before . . .. . the forthcoming conference ... ... and (wel would like to attend.. example cars. venue.. On-sife trainingis whenthe trainergoesto workplace givethe the customer's to training. shops.. Notethat an itineraryis detailed the schedule or planof a visitor trip.. . of .... industry to The manufacturing makesproducts for sellto customers.. travelagents.... givesthe most importantfactsin A summary a briefway. is: A moreformalalternative We wouldbe gratefulif you couldprovideus witha summary . Brftish/ftneriean British (tor a stand conferences) experience. Please takea lookat our website . producers . on-site. summaryof your company..Notes .ing of organiser programmes dllleruncce American a booth.... Other exactly are: alternatives Friday. Please You find our websiteat ...) venue (not used in this way in American English) speciatising In AmericanEnglish locationor sifewould be more usual.

A small where a areaat a conference exhibition or company showits products giveout can or information visitors. . the position Chief of Executive. or online. in Fill in the gaps with words from the box below.... goods. . electrical a b c d e f g h I a m currentlyworking I wouldliketo apply . . manufacturing We area large company specialising 2 Match the words with the correct definition.Fra mc o s in c e rc h . . . . "A*neomirf summary questionnaire on-site range producer service in ExlrMITE: are pleased inviteyouto our . . . . . me Please telephone . . We to a b c d e f programmes . the endof theweek.Fracti 1 Gomplete the sentences with a preposition. of carsin Germany. We EtoMptE: area leading exporter. .f. Please email me .. . . . I h a ve beenworking.. it a . . .qrfh99.tflthg. .a F in a n c ia lA d v is o r. . for the monthly report. a n dre t u rn a s s o o n sp o s s ib le . . . sjwood@uh2mx. . .. of products. Theplace where event an takes A detailed schedule plan a . or of A job or a position a company.. . . Ma I enclose application an form I wouldliketheworkcompleted . . 0039572 34698. .com further for any information. is you Thetoolsor machines need a particular for activity.. . sector includes businesses as banks travel such and agents. . conference 0hio. . . to IV V t 2 3 itinerary equipment 4 5 6 queries post venue . . 1 stand i you 0uestions askto getinformation to check or something trueor correct. . glassware.. We canarrange training either produceswide a Ourcompany We aretheleading The youprepare short Can a you C ou ld completethe attached . place.. . .. .

do in wrilih. please nothesitate contact to me. of thatwe areorganisingconference NewYork a in Wewouldliketo invite attheendofthe month. . Put the sentences in the correct order.ah to. . e. D ea r olleague C y. send some you to meeting in September. foryour recent application. our at ourwebsite. ^y Yourssincerely Seo Jeorrgmi . I 2 3 4 5 6 7 lf youhave questions any fonruard | look Wearewriting Wewere interested Please a look take you Thank you Could please a b c d e f g you to inform about nextexhibition. yourorganisation attend..conzfi.4 Match the two parts of the sentence.?. inf prq4. to hear aboutthe conference me further at you to We arewriting inform Please nothesitate contact do to us you where willfindfulldetails theconference.q. to if yourequire further any information. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I I Please takea lookat ourwebsite www.We.

I will be in Room 412 all day today.5. U conference. h you Thank for youremail.. A B 1 | attach completed our registration a Wewereinterested hearabout to the 2 formfortheforthcoming exhibition. will do a short introductionso I will need a laptop and a projector. and like youforyourapplication.\ | wouldliketo apply the postof for Finance 0fficer. Equipment Booking (1) . Thanks. for this 7 Read the email and notice below and then complete the booking form. completed application you Wewouldliketo invite to our in conference London. am I pleased attach online to our application form..6 Match the statement in A with the response in B. Form C o n ference' l ' i tl e Name of Organiser (21 Equipmentrequired (3) Date needed Venue t4l (5) . Thank We havereserved stand youin the for a ma in a ll. From'ffi dl To: Jahn$mith Can you completethe attachedEquipmentBookingForm for the conference that you are organisingand return it to the Technical I Department. I apologise notsending earlier. your We havenotyet received form. Checktheprogramme to see if we need any other equipment. Write a word or phrase or a number on lines 1 . Let me know if you need any more informationfrom me. would to attend.

a SeeyouFriday. wa Th en u m b e r sengaged. l'veputtogether itinerary theChina morning. I'mtaking 7:30 the flight Paris to tomorrow reservation. visitourcompany. you I lookforward seeing tomorrow. I triedto ringyoubackyesterday. to my l'mwriting confirm hotel free. his He's missed flight. for l'll be awayfrommyoffice a few days. let Please us know Areyoufreeon Monday afternoon? yo m C an usen d ea mapplease? to l'veattached mapanddirections ouroffice. to for an trip.Arran Some useful phrases. tomorrow l'll callagain . if Wewould verypleased youcould be youravailability. l'm sorry| wasn't in l'vebeen delayed Paris.

in you arriveat the maingate. ft*.ff during you r .ffi and we will arrangea tour of our factory.:Wffi$. Bestregards JacobLetterman . I a for you Loohngforward meeting nextweek. case let to f with directions ourkdtftll.ffiffi3 Regards Kevin Sending directions Dear MissBromtey you I am pleased areableto visit us on$.**.m. I will meet you$lr Yours sincerety MsG[oria Dunn *fl on.r. on for r&*&ftsd. pleasecall me on my mobile (07975639400). lf you need to contact me. Ssrqym.and $tp. to Regards JacobLetterman Ghasing up information DearMissBromley l'm just finalisingarrangements your visit. A confirmation Hi J ohn rls{r$dt!ot! on Friday May 31 at 10 a.**rttry lf you come to receptionand ask for me. We hopeto havethe opportunity meeting of Yourssincerely Mr TaroSato Replying to an inuitation Dear Sato Mr f!x* ycs for tlta ia$ta.rV.ffils.$t*i$ you needit.*l*M.W$. 4ii${*:*. on line I witt be availabte 6th Mayif this is convenient you..I woutdbe veryinterested seeingyour factory.$ [ ffidi*$n.Security When witt give you a visito/s pass. in as I haveheard exceltent reports yourlatestproduction technology. you soon. FdlifiS #iilf#ilffilt*SlffiiHl* where havereserved car parkspace you. &$t..Arran tn a visit t Ar inYltetion We were interested hearthat you will be in Japanfor the International to Motor Conference.f**M.lliffitffi stay in Tokyo. Shtft-l|t.lffii for **{*. Ptease me knowwhenyou hopeto arrive. .

Ourofficeis onemilealongthis roadon the left... couldsay: at Leavethe motorway Junction14. replywhenyou knowthe A moreinformal person well: for Thanks invitingme.. lDownalsousedin English) British Keepgaing for a block.. road.. of wouldbe: Moreinformal waysto invitepeople join Please us for lunchtomorrow.more A a confirming planned wouldbe: formalending you I lookforwardto meeting on Friday. line The nunberwas engaged. whenyou are Thisis a formalway of asking free.. I look fonuard to your confirmation. Thisis an informal wouldbe: this A moreformalway of saying I am writingto confirmdetailsof your visitto nextweek. I am attachinga map . mile this One along 0nemiledownthis road. ou company phrases: Other similar in Weare holdinga conference London and pleased you couldattend. difi elences American I triedto callyou backyesterday. we wouldhe verypleased youcouldvisit .. Alongthecorridor for Ao straight 100 metres. ending an email to Thisis an informal meeting/visit. Note:metricdistances not usedin the are are US.turnleft on to theA37.Notes if . facility the Thisis often to a used mean factoryor placewhere a product is made. Please advise British/Ameriean British Itried to ring you backyesterday. from a Thisis a formalreplyto an invitation Also: new contact. Do you know when you are planning to arrive yet? Moreinformal: Anynewsaboutwhenyouplanto arrive? Moreformal: yourarrivaltime. for Thanks the invite. if wouldbe very We wouldlike to inviteyou to an evening reception. at Junction exit 14.. to I was verypleased receiveyourinvitation. our company Seeyou Friday. Stayon thisroaduntilyoureachtheHotel.. .. Thisis the formallanguage are attachments. Youcanalsosay: you Could pleaseconfirmthis? as Canyouconfirm soonaspossible? Just to confirm your visit to us . Followtheroadaround themainreception to for Otherusefulexpressions giving directions: Followthe mainroadinto town. way of confirming details..In townsand cities.) The wasbusy. are Detailed directions oftensentas lf directions very short. finatising finalizing Some difference* in giving directions at the Leave matorway Leave freeway the 14. {Alsousedin British English.Youcouldalsosay: Whenwouldbe convenient? Are youfree on Tuesday? Thankyou for the invitation to visit your company. Turn at the station. left Gostraightalongthe corridor.and you will find us on the right. . Wouldyoulike to visitour new factory? Pleaselet us know your availability . distances between expressed blockstthe digtance in two streetsl. Downthehall. Keepgoingstraight..

@. a !t**iffii[*lif*hic1 lr. t li*' f f i. at a'.qffi:*n]ffir{w*i.Doyou want to travel with him? $flffi: on Wednesday morning.. $im&L:ffil*r*ftx*kit*tt: .for the Bertinmeeting.St&s.#sl$.fortw osi ng| e rooms at the Hotel Sorbonne on May c n m ffd * ts * ' ffi ma d e b y p h o n e t hi smorni ng. Thanks Jo .m.Salford Wednesday23 Plnk up by company car at 08:flt All day visit to Newcastleon Tyne site Ret u rnfl i g h t to Mi l a n d e p a rti n ga t 17:05on fl i ght 8467. for Ms Scheelenand Mr Moura.m..ontomorrow's toBerlin? Has Franz organiseda companycar to collectme from the airport? kt me know if thereareany problems.pleqser flight . flm. . Afternoon visit to Salford site Overnight stay at Hilton Hotel..]nent$ Anangifig an itinerary fif$trei . you. Tuesday 22 llftpa. and they would like to have dinner at 8 p.' Can you let me know what you think about it? 1{1c. They will arrive at the hotel at about 7 p.and there'sa returnflight on il*i iffi*. Hotty Gonfirming a reserration Dear Ms Tourelle i |l***i. t Let meknowif this suits 44t .ftom ffisr at 11:05 on fliglrt llll$. Thursday evening 17:00.ffi. arri vi ngat 19:20 A llt he bes t M ic helle arriving Manchester at 11'25 taking Simon a booking &&U. Could you pleaseemail us a map and directions? Yours sincerely J am es E v ans Ghecking trauel arrangements 1:e Dear David.

I've put togetherthefollowing itinerary.
An itineraryis detailed the timetable a visit of with itinerary: trip.Otherverbscanbe used or Theagent haschanged itinerary. the I've fixedthe itineraryfor our Japantrip. We need to finalise it today. Youcanalsosay: We'llfinalisethe detailstoday. today? Canwe finalisethe schedule Departurefrom Milan at ll:(E on flight 8A68,... Notethe followingprepositions placeand of aboutarrangements: timewhentalking Theplane departsfrom Paris4 8:00. I'm travelling FlightKLM646 Osaka. on to g! We'releaving midday. I arrivea'tTerminal gt l9:00. 3 Pick-up hy company car at 8:N) meaning To pickup is an informal expression to collect. An airportpick-upcan be arranged. l'll pick youup at the station. I'n booking Don'sflights today ... We oftenusethe present continuous tense to talk aboutfutureplansand arrangements: in I'm goingto Paris the morning. Directorat 2 p.n. the I'm meeting Finance I'm catchingthe earlytrain. flight leavesLondonat 7;30... TheLufthansa simpletenseto talk We oftenusethe present abouttimetables: Thetrainarrivesat l8:00. startsat I a.m.tomorrow. Theconference leavethe airporteverythirtyminutes. Coaches ShallI reserueyoa a seaton the sameflights? and usedin offers, suggestions Shallis requests advice. for I Shall finishthe reportfor you? Shallwe meetfor lunch? we Whatshall do abouttheproblem? I am writing to confirm the reservation, ... Otherverbsusedwith reservation: my l'm writingto change reservation. I'm afraidI haveto cancelmy reseruation. CanI checkmy reservation?

Couldyoucheckout the following for me please:
way of Tocheck outsomething an informal is sayingcheck: Canyou checkthe followingfor meplease: Canyou checkout the flighttimes? to Youcan alsocheck outof a hotel,meaning payand leave. Weneedto checkout before7:00 catch our to flight. Hasthe airline reseruedan aisle seatfor me ... you Otherquestions can askto check arrangements: Did youreserue windowseatfor me? a youre-confirmed flight? Have my Didyoubookan economy ticket?

Bdthh + American departing Note;The 24-hourclock ie calledmilitary time and is not at 17:05 a booking/ to book travelling midday
gnneralfu us$d!nthe U5. Times are nsted with a.m. and p.m. reserue a reseruation/to talsousedin BritishEnglish) traveling noon English, Note:ln American middayindicatesperiodof a time in the eady afternoon, from about noon until 2 p.m. l've seilmadehe itinerary. one way fticketl front desk Note:hotelsin the US use vsrytng terminology but these are ueual: a a single a roorn with one dsublebed * a daubls a room with tvvo double b*ds * a I QUQEB room with one queoneizsbed a king* a loom with one king eizebed

I'vefixedthe itinerary. (ticketl single In a hotel: reception a single/ raam dauble

Leauing"a message
Li Juan you Thank for yourphone thismorning. catl * .&l i *!ffi#h*f* You catlmeat the officeon arrange meeting, SF a but can !Ef,![f ffi,'ffito 234768. 7444 best before - or on mvmobite 3:30 07050 0207001 Sue Passing on a meooago

DearAndreas with JayneEaxt'ercatledtoday. 9trdo bawtd&*d ln thatqhal, eo ehe'llmieethe dinnerthia eveninq you and Mr Ho Lim. Canyu Atva ry&gba, *r*? hs Canyou alaotetl Mr Ho Limthat. ihcru *r *# W*ta *etdr. fa fa,{,Si} ryiththc contract?Wtit* fi#lthnrtar&f& pbrw at. the hotel? Linathi


a meosage

Sandy :dMtrl@:*sr Hope you had a good break in ltaly.#* l l*#fiikdt*l*over the weekend - we can then discuss it on Monday. Bye for now Stefan Message-Original From: Wall, Helen Imailto:Helen.Wall@ie23c.coml Sent: 29 August 17:37 To: Stefan Ruiz (E-mail) Subject: ltinerary for Swedish Trip

DearStefan l'm attaching draftitinerary Sweden. for the Let me knowif you want me to arrange any othervisitsfor you. Helen

Ar acknowledgment

it it It looksfine,but I'll gothrough carefully weekend wecandiscuss onMonday. this and ,i[#;{iiffilii#iiryi*ffi &: *t6#*!:*Wf Sandy Alr automatic email rcply
If you needan urgentreply,ptease contact

*d*fiffil EveWheeler 0590 4779456. on

free l'm sorryI wasnT to speak.
for Reasons not beingableto talk: I was on anotherline. I wasin a meeting. I was out of the office. meaning was busy. I is lwasn'tfree informal, youfree?meansAre youdoinganything? Are Also:Are youavailable? I tried to call you back this afternoon... telephone Tocallbackis to returnsomeone's call. Canyou call backtomorrow? I'll askher to call youback. I triedto returnyourcall. ... the numher was engaged. means sameas thenumber This phrase the for wasbusy. Otherreasons not beingableto reach someone: Therewasno reply. I had the wrongnumber. getthrough. I couldnT ... She's beendelayedin Shanghai for Someotherreasons not beingavailable: atthe airport. beendelayed She's He'sbeenheldup in Paris. He'smissedhisflight. Can you give her apologies, please? Youcouldalsosay: apologies? CanyousendSara's giveher apologies. Please please? on Canyouapologise her behalf, ... there are still somedetailsto soft oat ... or Tosottoutisto solvedifficulties problems. I'lltry and There's beena misunderstanding; sortit out by tomorrow. system. We'vesortedout the computer Canhe call her tonight,please? you of Someexamples othermessages can pass on: Please Sallytoday. call JohnfaxthereporttoFranz? Can Please himknowDavidwill be late. let

l've justreceivedthedraftitineraryfor Sweden Have lookat it ... fromHelen. a
Youcouldalsosay: Take lookat the itinerarywhichHelenhas a sent. I'm forwarding itineraryfron Helenfor you an to lookat. Thanksfor this, Stefan. something To confirmthat you havereceived you cansenda simpleThankyou. Youcouldalsosay: Thanks sending repoft. for the figures. Manythanks the sales for Letb say l0 a.m. in my office. way of makingan Thisis an informal You arrangement. couldalsosay: Whataboutl0 my office? Canyounake l0 a.m? Howabout p.m.tomorrow? 2 I shall be away from the office until 2 July. Automated are emailreplies usedwhen you knowyou will be out of the officefor a periodof time.Otherpossibilities: I will be on leaveuntil22August. until I will be awayon busrness 2 May. I will be out of the officefromMonday2ndJune untilMonday9thJune.

Britirh The number was engaged. There stillsome are dstailsto saftaut thedraftitinerary apologise l'lltry andsort out it by tomartow. Ameriean The wasbusy. line are There stillsome de{ailstotake of. eare a draftsf theitinerary apalogize care t'lltry andtake sf it tomorrow

Fri4ny.m. Pa u l i so u to fe *w.m.ts.. . .. 22nd July nextweek pleased invitation stay office August single a b c d l ' dl i ke to ... . . Wewould very be if youcould us visit d u r i n g yo u r... nt 1..thisweek. T h a n kyo urth e . i nTor e se rvationa... nr.s!. totheMarlin is of the next .. call 071186 34521.ql. I to an evening reception...m.. to used in making to yourconfirmation. I willbepleased .r!. Francis you you f When arrive.q p . Match the two parts of the sentences affangoments. to e Best regards.. . at the airport 7 p. you d Looking foruvardseeing can to$orrow i Put these sentenees into the correct order. ask and r b.Jt'. *co*finTr contact attend queries ir. formeat reception I willmeet there. Please . on. to for a double roomon 26th May? if youcould visitourcompany..\fi f$ ... if thisis convenient? onthe9:15 flight Paris. ... between and10a... fo .. tothe confer ence in. Mar ia on3650899 have ifyou any."n .. th .y9hy.... r oom . at foryourChina trip....Practice 1 Gomplete the aentences A to D below ueing the words in the box.. pleased 1 Wewould very be a 2 | look fonrvard b you 3 Wewould to invite like c you 4 Could please meknow let d you 5 l'vereservedseat a for e you 6 Can confirm reservation my f you g 7 A company willpick up car 8 | have organiseil itinerary the h I You call. a Our office located posite busstation. re for . to 14th please meonmymobile c lf youneed contact forany to me reason. your to b Just confirm visit usonFriday at9 a.. .. sq$.

..Marketing 21st May My visit to Beijing. Couldyou organise today please.the corridor. . e t h ele f t . ... meetyou. l'm tr ave lling. O ur r ive r will d Th e r es a fl ight.... will ExnilplE: a b c d e f g h EvaGonzales arriving is fromMadrid tomorrow.Finance RobertaBenetto. . . . ExIMITE: will pickyouup . .. flightB A 248. the Brazil . you rnwriting? Could please confirm Heis offfrom desk his atthemoment. on Read the memo and email below then complete the Travel Form... fa is Erik Sharman staying theGrand af Hotel. Gheck each aentence. . Madrid nextweek. company We car.. trip. .. Mad rid . . creditcard? by Thanks Rts . i a l'vefixedthe itinerary. t h eMo d e rn o . l'llstay. ls the preposition in italics cofrect. l'llbe . a b c d e f G ostr a ig h t . .to attendAgentsWorkshop Canyou lookthroughthe flight details from Travel Worldand complete a TravelFormfor me.. phrase or number in each numbered space 1 to 5. I didnotknowthat Heidi wasvisiting Bangkok. I will contact Neilfor hisapproval thisbudget. requesting flight which arrivesearlyin the morning the payment of the 18th.. .. Write one word. fo of is Theitinerary finalised fromthe Berlin trip.. Herof f icis . . ffiffir u e ffitrffiwesga'#*s& To: From: Date: Re: . .mid n ig h t ..Complete the sentences with a suitable preposition. P aristwiceday. incorrect or not necessary? They be arrivingffthehoteltonight. .... Terminal2 .... Theflight leaves 19:00.

.\e!tq .. el 0 0 0 .. ...o..R... ..AF 202 BritishAirways BA148 DepartureLondon Heathrow Arrival Beijing Departure LondonHeathrow Arrival Beijing 17 June 11:45 18 June 08:15 17 June 21:00 18 June 17:00 28 June 28 June 28 June 28 June 10:25 17:30 13:00 20:00 Departure Beijing Arrival LondonHeathrow 8A149 Departure Beijing Arrival LondonHeathrow Can you confirm within 48 hours please..3 . ...London . ...bgrt*Eg....5 .. Thanks Sophie TravelWorld AF 203 Travel Form Traveller Details Name Department Purpose Visit of Travel Details Flight from Flight to D e p a r t ure D a td T i me R e t u r n Da td T i me Airline Cost M e t h o d o fP a yme n t . ..28June..

.1 (il I ! : . to the l'veattached minutes the meeting.Atr1*t REsCHtrIilLE FOT]MONPAY I . for Can reschedule Monday? we please? you all items today Can letmehave agenda to We'llneed circulate agenda.Some usefirl phrases.m. to weeksometime? Howabout next in Tuesday 10a. C. the any Letmeknowif youwantto make changes. the of points. We could you the on Can confirm meeting the lTthin Prague? yougetback metoday? to Can It'sin mydiary. We'llneed rearrange programme. 1"1 a .: .. We need setup a meeting. to I was interested readthe action you Thank for yourcomments. myoffice? at Whatabout Arewe still0K for Friday? have working a lunch.

ls ll${i* information about it. Confirming a meeting Marija lt&ffi.rnrltng ktt$.1ilH*. Chief Executive Date: 20 December We have a serious problem with the packagingof one of our products.lffiiffiffi l office. Please clear your diariesfor the whole of the afternoon.**{4@.Miss Ashley. eimr. time and place Kate I leave Spain Wednesday.!${:.Settin u a meetin Suggesting a meeting Eduardo l Nt i :ffiffi* Kate your new contract.srH**& IUq*. i I will be with one of my colleagues.Sonn? It's in my diary but I havehad no 6 . ffi#iiffiffi ir*.-*:irr. you Can getback metoday? to Eduardo Dear Mr Sato 1:w6tiil#*ffi$l&wld: n::l#i|sr- as you suggested.our new ProductionManager. this afternoon in my *.iltfh$tri* !.*&n* I pffiuffiiiffinl t? llh g'glldt**rr.m.m tfu.!&* * .&drn'.. RL . as soon as possible discuss to Suggesting a date. ft/Isr Y!* r#ri d* rm To: all senior managers From: Rick Lovell.we'[[need meetbefore for on so to then.?. filh*Mi Regards Piers lffiffi##&ewm. I know therewas a possibility of postponingit. decide the actionwe need to take and discusshow to managethe Media. with all senior managers at 2 p.1e*'In.W4l. Best regards Ms Sue Winter $:&wnft*..

:". This is a formal/polite of agreeing way meeting time. Aworkinglunchis when you carry on workingwhileyou are eatinglunch.:. Note:In AmericanEnglish is a diary @r journall a book in which you write ' down the thingsthat happento you eachday (alsoin British English). Youcan useneedtopointout the importance of something. to a suggested 3 p. you I look lorward to seeing againnext week.on Tuesday? I Can ls I p.m. ls nextTuesday's meetingin Bonn stillon? Are we still 0K for the 2lst? Weneedto finalisearnngements today. To pointout the urgency something use of vocabulary suchas: We'llhaveto do thisimmediately..m? at Moreformalsuggestions are: Are you available Tuesday I p. me.:'. . Weneedto contacthimimnediately. is Tosetupa meeting to arrange organise or a meeting. It is usual to confirm arrangementsat the end of the fine.6[ ' B*tlah cantasn .is 0K for me. . expressions show to Otherinformal or acceptance agreement: 3 p. . would be fine with me. I would he very pleasedto visit you next Tuesday.m.. for Otherusefulexpressions setting up a meeting: I'd like to meettomorrow. Thd parpose the meetingis to hrief you on the of prohlem. at informal way of This is another suggesting meeting.. a Also: HowaboutTuesday I p.. Thiswill needimmediate action. 3 p. inthe canteen? location: Otherprepositions describe to We'llmeetin my office.gpt6(t@iql "' .on Tuesday convenient? . I want to meeturgently ...More informally you can say: See you next week.m. the statian.. How ahoutnext week sometime? Thisis a usefulinformal expression for suggesting meeting a withoutgivinga specific or time.suits 3 p. Weare holdinga meeting 2 p.m. e lft in my diary. Thisis a prioriU.rrlffi$'}iigEg-.n. We could have a working''Wa'l! '..Notes Weneedto setup a meeting .m? on at youmanage p.m." neeton/attr:ack2 at platrorn 2 at he train station. is Theconference at Cleve House.: (also ueedin British Engtish) lfs in ny datebooAcabndar. We'llneet on platformtwo atthe station....m. Tobriefsomeone to give informationabout is something.. at meeting Therewill be a staff tomorrow.Youcouldalsosay: day Howdoesnextweeklook? Canyoulet me knowyouravailability (moreformal) nextweek? Whatahout Tuesday I p. [i16fl.m. You needto checkthe detailscarefully.. Canyouconfirmthemeetingon the21stin Bonn? This is useful for confirming or checking More informal: arrangements. . I I l Bririrft/fncrican dilcrormr ::1:.

iil# . * today.oB 6 S**{. Coutd a[[ therefore sendyour reports Jane to bywednesdav? ffiliwlrdtsi:ffirt{t*lfi*h*fi$$ ilegotiating changes Emma me the for model tomorrow's meeting. you as a for meeting let me know soon possible and as Can have lookat theagenda Friday's any if youwantto make changes .As Sharon ffi*tfr*i#r*t tiffi{i{ Despois be away. iffifor Review Meeting Alrrdr Monthly 4 August Time: 10:00 Room 2 Conference *ffi.ih.iiiii l: Sffifitr#I$ffi SP IM JK BH RA 1 ffiffiWffi 2 3 4 ffi}ffi'. Youasked to present costs theCP2 at Unfortunately. W ffiffii' EW*ti iWe g? Martine Finalising arangemente managers To all departmental Canwe meet in my office tomorrow at 8:30a. I amnotableto access figures.roding Review 2nd quartersales of for Salesprojections nextquarter 5 f.#Wffi anyreason.m?l*t the staff inductionday on Monday? #lffifor we are expectingmore than 25 new employeessoi#*ffit*.I:i*lii1*: ia witl ffi#ik$'{ildlr you Wenowhavea stot to discgss Customer SeMce. ffi so the kl**.Settin Setfingf tlre agenda a meeti Dear all.* }ffiffi* ilmffi:dffi ffii Jim Downs .:ngt mq*liog Thanks Dan Ghanging lfre agenda To: Executive Team From: DonWiLtis Date: 21 October item change SubjectAgenda for this week's satesmeeting.

:. ls it possihleto put this on the agendafor Monday's meeting? Youcouldalsosay: ls thereany chanceof puttingthison the agenda Monday's for meeting? this Wouldit be possible dr. Agenda An agendausually shows date.l:: :i.if Please meknowin advance youare let .'.. out compatet slstem is down . time and venue as well as all the items for discussion.1':::..... Please noteis a formal way to point out You changes.r'!ri:'ri.'.iitt'. vgnug Apalagles A08: . orienation ay d ' r. unahletoattend is wayof I amunable attend a formal to I saying can't come. is you meeting? Could dtaft an agenda Fridayb for prior to the Shewill circulate theseto eyeryone meeting. :r:. is This A08 stands anyother to always lastitem on the agenda the discuss otherissues. . Here are the minutes of Friday'smeeting. Torun through somethingis to look at the with details makesureyou arefamiliar to everything. AOB for busrness. for Letbgo overthe finalarrangements tomorrow.rtilt. any Dateol nert meeting Note how the articlethe canbe left out when writingin noteform: (The) Minutesof (the) lastmeeting. couldalsosay: You go Let's throughall the final arrangements. ltemson the agendacan be moved. (subjects) for An agenda a meetinghasitems whichare discussed. is Venue: The venueis the placewhere the meeting is held..' . Torunsmoothly to workwithoutany problems. Tobe downis an expression which means not working when usedfor computers. .. for Pleasenotethe changeto item2 on flte agenda. Other verbsto usewith agenda are: Please adviseif you wantto makeany amendments the agenda. I havemoved lnternational the Strategies paperto nert week. pfosentarabse*t' ' : e Oth rN nfinishd husiness e fum tupic etaffinductlan newenptow.. ln advance means beforehand. we need to ensurethat everything runs smoothly. Apologies The first item on the agenda is usually apologiesfrom people who can't attend. .. dry... Participants: fhe participants the people are attending the me et ing. lor .. .The chairpersonusually circulatesthe minutes of the last meeting to everyonewho was present: l'm attaching the ninutes of the last meeting..i.1.scuss at Monday's fo meeting? l'd like to run through the final anangements . papers to passpapersaround Tocirculate is to is us ualt o i n c l u d eth e n a m e s o r initials of the participants. (The)Sales projections (the)nextquafter. Priortolsa formal expression before.. Minutes lastmeeting ol Theninutes a summary thepoints are of discussedand agreed at the meeting.. couldalsosay: notethat item2 on the agendahas Please now changed. to There a changeto item3 on the agenda..

gfuk# ir&rvf. YUMUDG ongoing Completion Date ML JJ 24th May 8th April 3 Targets Targetfor next quarter .Doris Gonzalez.ffiffi this Everyone worked has veryhard. Theywill still be readyin time for Martina's trip. Room C1. Sorrylcou|dn. (ii) New brochure ready for distributionon 8th April.srr wi0r kF to publicise success. Liang ffiiffi . ConferenceRoom C Suggested amendments Dear Don &ruiffiffiffi.Yu Liang. to end April 4 Next Meeting: 13th April 11 a.||haveabusyfewweeks! Jamie Tfranks Don our performance quarter.24th May 10 a. Dent Jo A oologies : J am i e J o h n s i$trlf 1 Sales up by 25 per cent. DR AOB Congratulations marketingteam on excellentperformancethis quarter.vejustheardfromthe printers that therehasbeena problem with the machine.p r.i*ffi to k you? if this datesuits Gomments HI Don.tmaketoday'smeeting.ffi(item2ii). fifr****?tffiffithey look great! i*fornextquartertoo'We.if**!ffiffiffi** Sorry about this. ito DR. Martina andrealised I'[ be out of the country that again the 24th. S{f&CIto team . 2 Marketing Activity (i) Trip to CzechRepublicMay 13-19.m.l frAqm[ifoIla.yyng tinutes of a teeting Minutesof Marketing Managers Meeting Friday6th April Conference RoomC Present: Don Room (Chair).aim for 30 per cent increasein sales.John Dawes.m. Martina Lenka.sffiffi! duringthepastfewweeks. we'reexpecting delayof about so a three days.|. on for mybriefing theteam.

.. Con Press 0fficer to contactlocalnedia.. Schedule Toscheduleisto arrange date. theway... ..m. Here bytheurayis used givefurther to information. also appendix page on 95 for common abbreviations. . Be. Justis a usefulway to start a memo or email. to Notealso: It wasinteresting seeour new sales to target.Seealso. the for the for Canyouschedule interuiews nextweek? l've just looked at the minutes.. is when th'e project next meeting? I was interested seeournew salestarget.... you Thank for supporting me.. More informally. I understand fromthe minutes that we have a new sales .means reference andis shortfor with fo (See the regarding.... Briefing. are Therewill be a briefingmeeting 2 p. I've justseenthe latestfigures..thenew hrochures ... Supportmeans For example: Your supportis greatlyappreciated.. Notealso: Preview nextquarterislookingforward at of what will happen overthe nextthree months. the This is a formal way of making a suggestion. target Thankslor your commenbon . This is a meeting which information at or instructions can also be used to introduce a new stubject: The figures very By are impressive. at Could nanagerspleaseattendthe team all briefingthisafternoon? interviewswith Press could say: What about June? 2nd Letb change 2ndJune... I appreciate on gratefulfor yourcomments . l've justreadyourreport. a Please schedule meeting Friday. I am very on I've passedon your congrutulations the team. to Topass something meansto give someone on a message information or from someone else.Not Actionhy The minutes namethe person usually who will carryout the actions A discussed. Brochure be readyby $thApril.. itto to Canyou pleasesendoutan amendment everyone. completion date(dateby whichsomething given.. Fe. We'll need to reafiange a date . to gratuIations to marketing team.) I I Beview of last quarter'spertormance Thisis lookingbackat the company's activities duringthe pastthreemonths. Moreformally: yourcomments . out articles.. Youcouldalsosay: Canwe seta new date? the Canwe rearrange briefingfor next Monday? Bytheway. on you passon the message himplease? to Could Thankyoa for all your support.)is commonin minutes. Writingin noteform (leaving verbs.. An amendmentis a change. help... l'll pass yourthanks... mustbe done)is alsousually I suggest 2ndJune. etc. All teamsto provide weekly report..

of to at 6 venue vi Anofficial written record whatis said a meeting. foryou. allyour help during project.. 2 item ii The where eventtakes an \ \iii 3 minutes Togive someone information need dotheir the they to work.. you? 2 Select an appropriate phrase to begin each sentence.. .tomorrow? .. . . 14th.fgrwar4.. . .? ..m. next week? you b Can . ..r. or 16th Which the 1Sth February? you your . . We'll need to you you Can confirm Thank for you Can pass on l+m-lee*+ng{onliaid Please meknow Whatabout I would verypleased let be you ExlMpTE: lppking. ..'.l atu. of at part 7 circulate vii Someone takes in a meeting conference.cir culatethem eetingnotes... I to brief1 i Tosend information number people.. me . . ....2 p. can 5 participant v One thesubjects bediscusseda meeting.. c Would January lfth d When re u a yo e That . . meeting lunch for tomorrow? 5 . to meeting onFriday. .eSt . Mateh the words with the correct definition.. ... . m any .. a Can letmeknow ... .thedate themeeting? of ..Practice 1 Ghoose a word from the box to complete each sentence. .. .mycongr atulationstoever yone? . .tovisityounextweek. ... . available manage availability suits suit -W ExlMpr^E: is . who or I slot viii A listofthesubjects bediscusseda meeting.. to at ..b.r... 1 .. the .i .. 2 3 4 6 7 .. 4 agenda iv A specified during meeting time the when specific a subject bediscussed.... to a of \ place place. if you wantto ake changes.

. to the minutes I themout.meonth e A me ric a n ma rk e t ? 7 C an yo u I I t41.. ..well o -ripre . . c a n yoiu u saq u i ck = ar.look art hew bvochqve a €hbiect ..4 Complete the puzzle below and find the keyword.. using the language and notes in the unit to help you. before send to somer't 6 We'llneed make b.w e reattheconfer dnce? Monday's meeting now.. ....Trresa\arY l4*h \eezt Z hot^rs ury a\iatny *... ll| | e ssa g e For: Piewe From: Hatrrk Date: FviafatY lOfh |taty Aefails? Piew€..... KEYWORD Use the note and diary page below to write a short email to all staff in the Marketing Department... in I'm 4 Ithink free. Write about thirty word$. y .l'lllook my 4 2 5 . o ft o d a y 'me e t in g . J o h n ? s at her can't here be today. 1 Can have copy the o\ge\44... yo C an u takethe .. ofpr ogr esssofar ? 12 Pa u l . g ve . I a of I I : I f ' ma f r a ih e 's o to \ . onthe agenda. .them eeting notesto ever ybody 1 1 Sa n d c a n uc. onM onday.corr€ete\ce barc\c Ptor"r fir rsfevataur' Tha\ks .. everyorte lo fell theu'r |he all ltarvlretrtg star$P' auzt emaril yore agarrise at rraeetirtg with Carr uarY o Dafe . a\isct^ss otrv roor'^ o Ve\he .. before meeting? the .shesends Sarah rst 1 0 T h e r ebs e n ch a n g e to th e fit.We'llhave Y to I can'tmake ... please? ... d n y 3 H o w m a nP.... 'e a ... yo s.See yotr whert I gel .$te besf Hyqe . ..

.. 10:00 .m. P ie t eG o d o y o f f ic e . ThenextSenior Managementteam meeting be will Wednesday 18. if any . the PortValeSitetomorrow. all Department Heads advance youwantto make changes. theagenda Can a b c d e f The r e willbea Health S afety and meet in g tomorrow. . May All agenda items . I wantto meet 8:00 a. . .qh. please? ExIMITE: youputthis. . . . . . 3 : 1 5 r 's . . .. .6 Gomplete the sentences with a suitable preposition. . Please meknow. . the latest situation . . Monday should 26 reach me . Thursday 22. a.. Germany.. let I wouldliketo briefyouall themeeting .m.

brochure. on information ourwebsite. You findfurther will have lookat ourwebsite. It'sa veryreliable alsocontact UniversalTools. with We arehaving you us Whatwould advise to do? you Whowould recommend? yourproblems. in of We areveryinterested yournewrange products. for We arelooking a newsupplier.En lrtes Some useful phraees. to Sorry hearabout you EFPC? contacting about Have thought them. company a I have attached copyof ourlatest you of I will send a copy ournewcatalogue. price list. us Please send a current you in Thank for yourinterest ourproducts. recommend I canstrongly company. a Please problems thenewmachine. You could e .

RegavAs ftarurois Fvarrtcescar Please let y. Francesca Maurois A coYer note With compliments fls vequestea.i&ffiffi$#*.r{i$d.byour colleaguesin Sweden. to my enquiry.rtsxrw*rleggWe lly8l. Would it be possible one of your representatives visit us?il for to ..We offer a wide range of products.Wnil&ii$il*Srhil*ffidrm. We would be grateful if you could include .klcrw w* bdcffirM buyfng*'!smfr&{NFwg*ffieit* me Yourylll. perhaps couldsuggest tc.W@!* *#b delivery times and costs. Ichowi* you reqtaire arty *uvthev ih*ovqrrtio\.ffiFffi. Gaveaux. Bestregards Paulo Sambucco A reply Thankyou for requesting visit from oneofour representatives. !!W.[1ffiqe Best regards P auloS am b u c c o A reply Dear Sambucco Mr Tt*[H]S0eiftrl}.togetherwith information on recommendedto us.r*nili..* have localrepresentatives I would and be happy to arrange a visit.Ws. Looking forward to hearingfrom you. all basedon natural materials and A furtlrer request . Yours sincerely FrancescaMaurois &sn iffiil. I look forward to hearing from you.$ryr. seniorsales a Eva our manager will be in Italy during the last two weeksof May.w&&.Iilrth*r ln&rm@ Qa.&.F#lltffitbut face-to-face.ffiiffi1lf somealternatives. you .i* thereare a numberof thingswhichwe would liketo discuss ffi.m. :ffi.Please email yourpostal address and gs#'.Messa sl e A gendral enquiry We are looking for a new supplier of healthcareproducts and your company has been .tl*it*.Yourcatalogue arrivedyesterday.surh*$s*.

.... is Ourwebsiteaddress wruw...w. Vfsudfl4thMay Wsutd 24thbe 0K? May (Pronounced twentybe0K? May (Pronounced fourthl th€twenty-fourth of May) DoesThursday Is Thursday wiilryou? 0K English} suity.especially from developing countries. for to Otherphrases referring the web: More detailsare available the website.... the Thereportis enclosed. Fartrade organisation are organisations i s which literally 'tradefairly'by doing with the producers business directly of goods.. our l'll post today. interested to be goodat.Notes price list...Useful expressions: I will passon yourmessage. Notethe useof the -ing form after to believe in. Thank for yourenquiry you Thank for enquiring about. you about. in. Otherresponses an enquiryor request: to you information Thank for requesting about. our at ..enquiry/inqaryexists in Amsrican English is but not oftenused. Examples: We insiston buyingfromlocalproducers. Youwill find further inlormation on ou wehsite. l'll make sureyoureceive catalogue.. Canyoulet us havemoredetails... you Herewith information requested. l'll'wailittuday. catalogue catalog A conpliments Note:this expression not is stip ueed American in English. omployeee ofrenhave printed with memopads the theirnames tFrom desk of JaneDoe) usefor to shon notes. the Bririrh/laoricaa frwccr Britirh American postaladdress mailing address enquiry/inquiry Note. it Manythanks yourpromptresponse for .net. Please me send a current Somecommonphrases requesting for information: sendus information about.. are of Samples examples products. Alternatives: Manythanksfor yourquickresponse.? usodin British {also . .. I enclosea copy ol our latestcompany hrochure. is Thecompany goodat dealingwith problems. in. somesamples. Your letter was senton to me.. for Thanks gettingbackto me so quickly. Noteagainthe useof -ingalterinterested WouldMay 24th he a suitahletime to visit you? Somealternatives: DoesThursday you? suit Whatis the besttimefor you? Would May24thbe 0K?(informal) .. I will send you a copy of our new catalogue. Thankyou for your interest in our products. Canyou(please) you Could (please) senda listof yourproducts . (Iormal)meansto sendon ot pass Toforward on. for Someusefulphrases covernotes: I haveenclosed report. Youremail was forwarded to me .. We are very interestedin orderingfrom you . I'll postittoday....wld Visit website .. forwardthismessage the appropriate Please to (tormal) depaftment . Responding a request: to l'll sendyou our brochure. on You can find out moreby loggingon to our website. we helieve in huying lrom Fairtrade organisations.zp. in with Weare veryinterested doingbusiness yourcompany..

Specilic enquiries
DearBill We are havingproblemswith the new machinethat you installedfor us in the NewYear.Every time we run the machinefor more than four hoursit overheats. engineers Our havefollowed all the instructionsin the manualbut thereis no improvement. ffil*i*SffiffiW you know wherecan we obtain parts for our DCI equipment? Bgr:tftr,;l$ffii:do Our handbook doesn'tlist local suppliers. Ait'WrW, Many thanks Lee

Aduice and rocornmendations

brqr'*Ct,$lt$*l$iil::ii -:ffie$fi* As for the parts

Sorry to hear about your problems. l'd like to send one of our engineersto your factory before offering any advice. He should be with you by 10 a.m. tomorrow. In the meantime,ffi


Wehaveused thema lot andl can

stronglyrecommend them.Theirdelivery timesaregood andthey arevery reliable. Also yari wf*! li - their numberis 604934. U Bestregards Bitl

A request for informafon trl
yourwebsitewww.eng| ffit$l f#ffiffill#iiffiffiffi*,ffi Ihave visited andtll$*il your about courses. like attend I would to a general business iouise Engliih in siartingFebruary. i
please lf youdo notoffera suitable course thistime, at recommend alternative. an I studied for English five yearsat school threeyearsat university. and Best wishes J os eS anc hez

Forwarding a requcst
Dear.lose ji. 5* business English iiffiiffii ; ,' iit*tf$fii:$general gdq!i* February.have I forwarded yourenquiry Filton whichrunscourses to College throughout year. the Best regards Milrisa Lerte

E Dear Jose


ti$ffi#1f$#* ,&ffi*e*t*,l*tlfrtW, Regards Vera Baxter

I have attached a copy of our brochure ffi ft{*d Pleasecontact me if you have any questions.

Whatwouldyou advise to do? us
Alternatives: Whatis youradvice? Canyouadviseus? Doyouhaveanyadvice? verb-s; noun-c. Notethe spelling: Also:practiselvl; practice(nl. Youwill also seeadvise usedto meantell,let us know inform.Examples are: Please adviseus whenyouarrive. l'll adviseyouas soonas I know. By the way, ... for This is a usefulinformalphrase introducing new topic. a By the way,I will be visitingDCInextweek. Are there any that you can recommend? Otherusesof recommend: Whowouldyourecommend? I canstronglyrecommend Gudul. Theyare highlyreconmended. is My recommendation... Werecommend using... ... itb hest notto start the machineagain until he arrives. Youcouldalsowrite: (Please) untilhe arrives. dont staftthe machine Wedon'trecommend startingthe machine until the engineer arrives. ... have you consideredcontacting Gudul? Usethe -ingtorm afterconsider: We considered buyingfromRoxo. Wehaveconsidered usingthem. you could contactUnivercalTools ... ... Otherwaysto makesuggestions: Tools. Whydon'tyoutry Universal Tools? WhatabouttryingUniversal contacting ... I suggest ... I would be gnteful if you could sendme further inlormation .. . for This is a politephrase makingrequests. send ... me Also:P/ease you sendme ... Could please

you Thank for yourenquiry. phrases: you Thank forcontacting us. Other you Thank for yourinterest ourcompany. in I'n afraidwe donotrunany(...1counses
to Youcan usel'm afraidas an alternative unfortunately I'm sorry: and I'm sorrybut we don'trun any courses. we Unfortunately don'trun anycourses. With referenceto your enquiry,... The formal phraseWithreference tois sometimes shortened 8e,and to in lessformalcontexts: Re.youremail. Withref. to yourenquiry. However, is morefriendlyto saysimply: it you Thank for yourenquiry. Youcan seelurther detailsol our schoolby going to our wehsite. It is helpful provide to sources further of information: 0ur websitehasfurtherdetails. Please refer to our brochure further for information. Letme knowif youneedfurtherdetails.

Brilish/Anruican dlftrurenr American British
If you do not offet an lf you do not progrcm. offer a suitable appropriate course. lstudied... at school. Note:$cfoolin American Englishrefersto all levelsof edueation.Wharsdid yougo ta schoal?generallyrefers to tho.highest16\€lyo.u complated, usuallycollege Americans or university. say collega,even if the instituti.on they attendis a university. practice {for both verb and noun} ,

practise (not usedin American English)

Gomplete the sentences with a preposition. reply. Many .fp:t yourprompt ExIMILE: thankr p post. in a l h a v e u tso me fo rma ti o n .....the .. from suppliers. b Webelieve . . . buying local n l c W ea r e o o ki n g .....a e w su p plier . BMES. d I h a v e fo rw a rd e d yo u re n q uir y..... parts. . . . ourmachinery? . can spare e Where we buy .. newrange furniture. of f I aminterested. . . your g . . . . . r e fe re n ce .....yo u re n quir y attached latestbr ochur e. I have our Write the correct form of the verb with , -ing or infinitive with to, in these sentencea. producers. . fromlocal EglutprE: insist ._b.qyjy,j. . . (buy) We on (hear) problems. about allyour a Sorry not b lt'sbest c Mr Roulins expects plans . d She at e Our staff good are f in Weareinterested. g Werecommend you h Thank for i You findfurther can details . . . . by (start)the process everyoneready. is until (be) Boston week. in next . . . . . (arrive) intheevening. early (solve) problems. . . . . .{buy}from Fairtade organisations. (use) Gudul. (get) to mesoquickly. back . . {go}to website. our

Write these $entences in another way. Refer back to the messages in this unit. informationourwebsite. ExlMpTE: willfindfurther You on gr .t9. .o.h'r. gb Si-fg W F r fu rth r inform ati n,. :tgf o e o posted some you information. a I have informationin . .. is Some the b I have attached report. report The is you would advise? c What W h a ti s ..........?

? 4 Which sentence in eaeh pair is the more informal? Tick / the correct sentence. l'm. for a recommended company. e You could closing system down Whatabout f we l'mafraid donotarrange delivery.. problems. ii I think should me i Please send thereport Fairtrade. to will will ii Justto letyouknowthatour representative visityounextmonth. . it. i I have been considering Inko the offer andbelieve we should that accept we accept Inko the offer. send more parts. e 're end i Please attached copy ourhandbook.w eg o i n g toa yyoa tthe of theweek. to p u ii Asl s a i d a rl i e r. we donotarrange delivery .. your this will at of a i Further ourdiscussion morning. Match the two patts of the sentencos used in making enquiries.. a visit. payment arrive theend theweek. arranging suitable a youcould us information.. onyourwebsite.. do to you i I amwriting advise thatour representative visityounextmonth. . our ourbrochure.. d EDR strongly byour strongly Ourcompany try the first. to delivery date. a at i I have to to at ii l'm pleased saythatwe aregoing havea stand the exhibition.. . 1 l'd liketo know a tr T tr tr tr tr tr T tr tr tr T tr 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 problems Wearehaving Wecanrecommend Wearelooking you l'llsend Please refer like Wewould to arrange if We wouldbe grateful | couldn't the information find a b c d e f g h i some moreinformation about products. a of pleasure advising thatwe shall you in have stand theexhibition. wherewe canbuyspare in a supplier London. . find a of ii l'veattached copy ourhandbook. i Please me are contact if there anyother me ii Please nothesitate contact if thereareanyotherproblems. on if on ii I wouldbe grateful youcould sendmethe report Fairtrade.

Enquiry I a I have attachedcopy ourlatest a of catalogue. a b c d e f g . to from g His address is:j. h Your message . o n toour website... in d Thank foryour e and enclose brochure... supplier.juoma@dry. . email T U T T T tr tr tr T T I T m tr tr (contact) (recommend) (advisel (enquirel (rely) (log) (attach) (forward) 7 Gomplete the sentences with a form of the word in brackets..? you Thank foryour ... : to from h visit website www. you e lt contains theinformation need all prices terms was . to us... f concerning and of g I look forward hearing yousoon. . . you b Thank foryour enquiry prices offers... .. John it? about l'd beinterestedyour.. our at Enquiry 2 contact JanJuoma.6 Order thc sentences into a response to an enquiry. you Have considered . .. the and c For most up-to-date d Asrequested.. in you interest . Weneed finda more to F i n d u t m o rey. . in Whatisyour . I our f I look forward hearing you.efpc. Mr a please asked b You about newrange equipment our of c lf youareinteresteda demonstration. .. o b lhave .a co p yo fo u r br ochur e..

rp. We wouldliketo ordersome you send a quote? us Could please are thattheitems in stock. our We havestillnotreceived order. you are that I confirm alltheitems ordered in stock. You Thisis veryinconvenient. Please confirm time statea delivery of fourweeks. items fromyourcatalogue.. Your usual discount meet agreed the schedule. charge special is There no additional applies. one them Wewilldeliver for delivery. promised thatthe was us schedule guaranteed.-) r*pprrrosnu) \ r.*. l'm sorry we cannot that problems.rl DcLrvaRt /-r--Y# .I with G}*x#*. ms l.Ffr1fq* Some useful phraees. you whatis happening? Could letus know f NO' THERg'5 f*"''llh. within week. some are 0ur suppliers having your to I wasverysurprised receive message.lo cun<oe eorz \ I lseectr. Your termsandconditions you Thank for yourorder..

Therewill be no exha chargefor delivery. With thanks Karim Placing a first order trl DearSir tlt xradd ||1. Yours faithfully assistant) JeromeGilbert(Purchasing A reply i tr l Dear Mr Gilbert Thank you for your order.itemsyithin two weeks. to pleco m ordr urtth yrxr for the items listed on page 2 of your catalogue. t .3 wttl*r tm rit *r as we needthem urgently?lf there is iffi.t*in ll*lii| dkpttch l0orf.assembly new furniture (seeattached ofall packaging .ffi -ffi of list) .|hCaffi*:{di**W.disposal that I estimate this will be no morethana day'swork for two people.Bequeedlq trl Dear Rona qe a quote effi whichwill arriveon 24 July.ffifflf cnerge.&.brnr::lEdeondldom rftm. Please confirmas soonas possible ltrur. With bestregards Brad Askew Sale Manager Placing trl Zhou How are you? We're pleasedto say that salesof the Alio range have been very good and for the following: a a Fpeat order Alio 3207=*ffi Alio 3215=2000pcs fromtheAliarange whichareinffi*ffiffi l'm also interested ordering 000items in 3 in early andffiHq: frt*Slmi luly ffi Best regards Alima . that theseare all in stock. crf b shct and ii*M fiffi {dud that we will deliver the. fllwy.pleaselet us know.

.the mostup-to-date catalogue. is Thedateof dispatch the day the goods leave supplier.. Toplacean order meansto order..) ffidlficnnc=er Brftbh Anrrlcan quote quffiio{@iflnta is lestimate also used in ish English) Yourc fai$fulty Yaurs tu$/sinicerety To out dispatcV To shif. delivery Wouldit be possibleto dispatch items | . Delivery dateiswhen goodsshouldarrive... and The oppositeis: out of stock out Thechairsyouorderedare currently of stock. Could you give us a lirm delivery date . .3 within two weeks . An additional chargeisan extracharge. much it going cost? is to How quote... (Thepriceis alwaysthe A fixedcharge.confirman order.. A more formal phrasefor starting this message: I cancorrtirmthatall the itens youorderedare . for /Seepage00 for moreabbreviations) ... yoar lateil catalogue. Itb includedin theprice. in stock ln stock meansthat the itemsorderedare available readyto sendout.Notes new office recentlyorderedsome We haye luniture. Freeof charge. the the the Totakedelivery is to receive goods. We would like to place an order with you . includeprice. Fftmmeansdefinite.. price: A discount a reduced is Whatkindof discountcan youoffer? is Ourusualdiscount l5 per cent.. of (Couldlou) coilirm that our usual discount would apply? Youcan alsosay: Please confirmthat we wouldreceiveour usual discount. At no extra cost. :: : l ' 1 : r: l : -r: order new for Withreference ourrecent to . Thisis the mostrecent... the Delivery timeisthe lengthof time between receiving orderand sending goods.. We will sendyourorderas soonas we receive (informal) payment. we'd like a rcpeatorder.send Engtish) us€dJn Bdtish despatrlr {elso .cancelan order.. a/an)areleft out.. an additionalcharge.. .fixed. re-order Your terms and conditions state a delivery time of four weeks. office furniture you quote for: Could please for is Asking estimates A quote anestimate... .to orderagain. is Todispatch a formalterm for to send.methodof Terms conditions and payment.. We will dispatchyourorderon receiptof (formal) payment.Other verbsusedwith the noun order: Tochangean order. of cost: you Could giveusa pricefor .. same.. timesetc. relating charges: to Otherexpressions is There no charge.Weshouldhavesomenext week. This means the that the orderis exactly order. sameas the previous 4 ilMpcs Pcsis an abbreviation pieces. Please mehave written let a removalof existingfuniture are Notethat itemslistedin a quotation usuallywritten in noteform.

to arrive.@. ma*"d*lMl|ififfitllitwHfrf @r#nk.ffiry.i$.*$@ havesenta # Fqf:ynnM*i replacement order to youfty.:l&k3ry :Our usua|supp|ier is ffir*r$**ild if.. Offi. l'm afraid ffi*.Please acceptour apologies i**is*.wplfoe }oa n€sssge..ffiIM Bestregards Jan Hirst .#Hdi. tomorrow morning.flldtcfulfibdtind:*rttdtle if we cannot find an alternative supplier.m. Yours B r endaHind A roply Dear Ms Hind tr.llt*llt}.last that rngtq{s. The samecourier will take awaythe damagedboxes.#fiilffikffi havecustomerswaitingforthegoodssoffi'lr*Wlforus.#*ffiCou|dyouJetusknowwhenwecanexpectthem A reply Dear Mr Banks with our delivery:dluf. It is no excuse. Yours truly. Please to find an alternativesupplierof try materialsso that that therewill be no delavs. We 'ffi*[gFm*$.l-:i$h.&k.*dt*diil*.iffiffiirIt should be with you before l0 a.ln*'g t: and therewould be no problemskeepingto it. Dmitri Bassos Damaged goods DearMs Hirst gs#W. You rmmd s. experiencingdifficultiesand has warned us that there is a five-weekwaiting list for delivery of materials. but r week.{ffii*w$ iiln* i*.We il..with roblems 1 Prtoblems wiilr a schedule EI Dear Mr Bassos .limr*m$. Yours Eliot Banks of CD cases.

We wouldlike a refund. that many of the caseswere damaged.... . . I'm sorryfthat)we cannotmeetthe short tor reference on Seeotherabbreviations page95. fn the sentence meettheagreed to meetmeansto keepto. Thegoodsweresentto the wrongaddress.. hy couriet means that the goodswill be sent By courier quicklyby an express company.. Otherphases: guaranteed schedule.. you l'm sorryto tell/inform that .. up Briti#Amr*m Br*tirh theagreed schedule anholiday apologise ffolw Arrprican we theschedula agreed on on vacation ryologize . our seruice was helow our usual standard.. inconvenient.. . (ref. Wehavehad a staffshoftage.... reasons why the problem Otherpossible happened: was down..for the sakeof keeping with the supplier this stage. I'm sorry... and I'm verysorryaboutthis. . Thegoodswill be delayed. You assuredus that this schedulewas guaranteed. . It hascaused a lot of inconvenience. Wewantourmoney I am very sorry to hear that you had prohlems . of Notethat we takedelivery goods. I was very surprisedto receive your wasmy fault. after By return means sentimmediately receiptof a letter/order. promised that you couldmeetthe us You schedule.. We will missthe deadline. A lot of staffhavebeenoff sick.. . F035il (number) Bef. the You gaveus yourword that you wouldkeepto You the schedule. . to schedule. Thewriterapologises putsthingsright... delivery By express meansby express delivery. we will lall hehind schedule Otherexpressions: We willbe late. meansas soon as/ the 0n unpacking boxes the whenwe unpacked boxes.. we the 0n opening boxes. our regular packer was on holiday . 0n Friday lSth March we took delivery ol a consignment. complaints! Somecommon Thegoodsarrivedlate. .Notes I'm sorry to say that we may not be able to meet the agreed schedule. saw . I 0n readingthe instructions. Otherrequests: Weneedthemimnediately... . Notethe use of sorryhere: I'm/l wassorryto hearaboutit. thisis extremely Otherphrases: It was veryinconvenient.. I will sortit out immediately. us for This a greatinconvenience us. back. noticed. Whenthe goodsarrivewe canslgnforthem.. at the relations ratherthan annoyed or writer usessurprised angry. 0n unpackingthe hoxes. Thecomputersystem Therewas a fire in the building. Belowour usual standard meansnot as good as usual/not to our usualstandard.. is We urgently need replacements.. good Noticehow. .we found .

However.r *me**tmdhgicaused by the information on our website.9i* iAs a resultfrelffirilS.ffi:t*ili. Could you let us know what is happening.rd$r:lk.Id how things can improvein the future. your letterto our customer I haveforwarded manager c$ff*ii!!d..ffir** :sn*i t$d$.. should We meetassoonasI hear thaa*clxil$ of hisinvestigations. Delivery to addresses outside Europenormally take five days.t.Dealinwith Unacceptable service Dear Mr Dennis you havegiven us this year.*llilrli . fftgil. C hr is M or an ReplV trl Dear Mr Moran We are very sorry that you havenot yet received your order and . as. lt says on your website that you will deliver within three days and it is now five days since we placedthe order.*|h. F*poforyflm.g we will accept them as unwantedgoods and wi|| issue. 376.. Yours sincerely Catherine Easterbrook Reply el DearMs Easterbrook Thankyou for your letter.lnilff 0p** since goods you sent backto us. they meetall our qualitystandards.. .. Your serviceengi W$:iu*Wff.I srr slrtr torrt to lrce r&ryt tlm. Yours sincerely Martin Dennis tisleading information Dear S ir We have still not received this order.H*:!ffimfr ffi#l{ll rryf#.! l Yourssincerely Sergioda Silva (Customer service) .b.r keepour websiteup-to-dateand I havediscussed this matter with our websitemanaser.&&g. Your sincerely PeterWieser Beiecting a complaint DearMs Ono With reference your complaint orderno.our qualitycontrolstaffhavetestedall the to re p.. G ldi r?ort bt thc crd of th|r rrecL.aS. service asking for a full him report. *"@rS. 1.ktnf:*i*f$ffi neverarrive within the promised24 hours and {Eiffit@:trffifi1*ffi.f**i.ffi:iffiin#lt*A**oa like to meetyou to discuss o@*.Bffib ilt'sr.

is I do not knowthe outcome theinvestigations of yet. a credit reteipt/ a uedit slip a credit note . often.. Lessformal: I wasverysorryto hearaboutthe problems you'vehad. I shouldhearfromthemtomorrow. I expect to receive his report hy the end of this week. The expressionsWeapologise for/Please acceptour apologies moreformal than are Wearesorry.. Weoftenneedto remindyou. Do/does addedfor emphasis. Thesales depaftment the Thegoodsneverarriveon time.. do I regret that we cannot accept the retum as faulty goods . our Theterms andconditions state.. month cancomeat the beginning end etc. we have had to shutdown production on three occasions. . This is a formalexpression.'Soirtr6rs phone..usuallyetc..... n mf Brtti$t Thesales Gtr furlricm Iha salesdepaftnent nrely r. ... Wehaveproblems I was very softy to hear ahouttheproblemsyou have experienced.. with level seruice unsatisfactory. . Politebut lessformal: l'm afraid can?accept. everymonth.. be ol Shouldcan usedinstead expecttoor hopeto: I shouldreceivethe reportby Wednesday.'. .. a credit note. I'm hopingto receiveit by Wednesday.. or of the sentence: we 0n fouroccasions havehadto shutdown. .. . Phrases every such as on threeoccasions...r. expressions suchas: never. the outcome An outcome the result(of a process).Notes with thelevelol service . we alwayshaveto wait for sparepar6. Thedelivery now two dayslate.. a goodwill gesture. lf goodsarefaultythey can be returned to This the supplieranda credit noteis issued. for Notethat we apologise forsomething.. we apologise anymisundeffianding ... To be fessformal. is Weneedit urgently. we l'm sorrybut we can'tdeliver . informs customer the document the of moneyowedfor the faultygoods. Wewerevery dissatisfied ..... I trust this meels with your approval. Weare veryunhappy Some strong complaints: . We do try. . cornp€nyand departmental nsrnesas singular.. othertime of and rarely. Otherformal phases for for apofogising: sincerely I apologise .. My sincereapologies. We have still notreceived this orden Problems with deliveries: We are still waiting for the a sentence: rarelyanswer phone. Wedo needto improve seruice.. Notethe position always.... do. l@'ng. is Your of These delays totally are unacceptable. business . Every monthwe haveproblems. gesture a friendlyand helpful A goodwill is action whichis goodfor maintaining relations. I expectto hearfromthemtomorrow. Note how we use regrettoexpress polite a rejection: I regretthat we cannotdeliveron Sundays. Notealso: I trustthisis occasionally.: &a rarely'answer Note:AmaricanEnglishtreats tha phtne.. use:I hopethishelps.. I hopeyouare happywith this. especially are whenthereis disagreement.

arrive Th ecases should Wea pologise . ... usthat Pleaseaccept/make/take apologies. . . . m.Practice Ghooso the best alternative. . . 3 p . t h is . to Could change/checAforward original was Youbelieved/assured/said the schedule guaranteed. . .r. to We a r everyhappy... . the delivery arrive. . . . like an .. l'm sorrywe can'tmeet/take/findthe schedule. Gomplete the sentences with a preposition you I . a b c d e f We will sendyou a replacement order/enquiry/seruice. 1 We need goods the 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 | wasvery sorry hear to l'msorry that l'marranging phone Please | sincerely apologise fonruarded | have | hope the was Unfortunately information a b c d e f g h i meif there anyproblems. .. a b c d e f g h i We aretrying keep to . you problems have had.the e rv ic e y oh a v e iv e n s .qtt\t . I cannot more be helpful. the schedule. . our of Yourorderwill be quoted/damaged/dispatched on Monday nextweek.' Match the two parts of the sentences. . notclear enough. thisoccasion.. aboutthe for an express of delivery yourorder. giveyoua refund I amsorry thatwe cannot We arestillwaiting . . . the did Unfortunately goods notarrive. . .two machines. youhave Pl ea se letmeknowif any p ro b le ms . you the message me.Ma n y t h a n k s ! s u g u . time. . We the ExAMpf. yourletter our Head to Office. F y .themisun d e rs t a n d in g . . ...E: havestill not takenfleft/teceived order.'. ExIMITE:amwritingto complain*b. the lasttwo orders sentus. youarehappy withthis ... Wewould to olace order. urgently. are for alltheinconvenience.. . o n rid aa t t h ela t e s t . . ..

.g9glt . .. will . .. f we again. for . . ExIMITE: youforsending yourtatest/.. additional dissatisfied definite concerned promise Jnost*eent- dispatch a refund a discount meet me :r. Thank very .t.? . forany intonvenience Match the words in the box with the words which have similar meanings in the sentences. thatthedelivery belate. . b Weneed c lexpect morning . a reportfrom dispatch departmenttomorrow. have experienced to discuss to receive have sent return J. delivery date? . howwe canimprove service thefuture. you thateverything be0K. usknow ExltsptE: aboutthe you for a Weapologise thedifficulties .. .eftlng. we d This delivery. Once . . .. . charge thisservice.brochure. . e Please thedelivery cost. theagreed schedule. our in . youa newconsignment day bynext goods usan(we . . . about level service received.tt195. .. . .The eight sentences below are part of a company's response to a letter of complaint. . .. the we a Wewere unhappyl of b Wewillsendl is c There noextral you me d Can give a firnl p ri y o u e C a n o u f f er sare d u ce d ce l f Weareveryworriedl g I canassurel i we l'mafraid cannot tol keep . . Thank for l. . Gomplete each sentence with a verb from the box. thefaulty to caused.gtting. . . yourorder tomorrow. goods notarrive wewould ourmoney like h The did so backl ..will refund apologise you problems had you withthedelivery. will .. . .

Dear Sir or Madam This morning we received consignmentof printers from you (Order no a SN206). apologisingfor the problem o agreeingto replacethe damaged goods today o offering to collect the damaged goods.we noticed that all the printers were damaged. at no extra cost Use the texts and notes in this chapter to help you.6 Read tllls letter of complaint from a customer and write a reply. Could you pleasearrangeto senda replacement order as soon as possibleand goods?Hopefully.60 words to your customer: . thanking her for her letter .On unpackingthe boxes. . we will not haveto pay for arrangeto collect the damaged this. Yours faithfully Ms JanineDuval Write a reply of 5O .

Costs rosesubstantially. Thevisit in missing the report. other looking some at We suggest three days. is in Thedecline sales dueto increased rosein the lastquarter. are A thirdof our rose Spending byI percentlastyear. some wasto appoint of Thepurpose thevisit wasverysuccessful. within enquiries follow-up need to You . Profits Whatis yourrecommendation? you try We recommend should a newsupplier. companies. Sales fall wasa sharp in sales. There competition. is There onething with are 66percentof ourcustomers satisfied ourproducts.rt re Some useful phraees. you report? me Could send a short newagents. wentupfrom e 50000peryearto € 76000. customers notsatisfied.

.:t.:. : 'iiiim.e4p{f Thanks Simone on your recentJapantrip.. .s Conc lus ions The visit was very successful...: :i l . flights $ 2400 .: i:l]:i.€lp& $ 28400 .t*:.r.ti. Details 10 000 visitors attendedthe Tokyo Exhibition... resulting immediately in new businessworth over f300 000. Japan will be *{rry'nt*{cfi for us for the future. UYcns.. Thanks Simone Prouiding firr{lrer information Cost Analvsis Exoenditure .iB: Wo nconunsd th*fh to see our production processes. 2 new agents were appointed...* .':::.lffi*.*cloffinlr *..slWlor ruuu rrecliwd and 300 orders were placed.* r ftd.information A rcquest Janet CsuH you &ryri. posting of catalogues $ 2200 . in preparationfor the next rM: I d appreciate this as soon as possibleplease. Report by Janet Robbins 14th October Asking for missing information ':' fanet Thank for the visit report.ii.ii ll *l $ 3700 $ 6 ooo ' staffing Total...1ffii'i.iji:i*riifi*ifi0&i. accommodation $ 3600 .d brdlorv up.ffiffiSfffi:W showing total expenditureand anticipatedincome.'Hs.*.. Background ptrtin&c'il i. . . O0$$.s 400000 Profit $ 371600 .i. for information A shoil rtport i . Actions / Recommendations .ftok Tk'&trryn*oof fiajfftwartotik tand appoint new agents to help promote our products in the Far East.

Wesuggest is Ourrecommendation to signthe agreement.. the Wehold weeklyBoardmeetings... Revenue the moneythe business is receives from sales.. haveto and should: Weneedto supportour agentsoverseas. . Several complaints Therestaurant was closedfor two weeks. a key market. . Board meeting.. expenses to The moneygivento you by your company spendon company business. for A keymarket a very important is market your products. usually the has but followingsections: 'l'itle Background/lntroduction Details/Findings Actions/Recommendations Conclusions of The purpose the visit was to take part in the Exhihition .. exhihition stand E r0 ffi Bulletpoints( .can you sendme the costanalysis .. figuresetc. or you couldsay: Moreformally There justonethingmissing. Themembers the Boardwill holda meeting. . Whenmaking recommendation a or you suggestion. We need to follow up customerenquiries immediately. Revenue lastyear exceeded $35K. requested repoft on expenditure. nailingaf catelogs ASAP{pronounced ay-sap} {Thieabbraviationis also usedin British English pronounced ay-es-ay-pee but would only be usedin informal'emaiis. Actions and recommendations oftenuse verbs fike need. 200new orderswereplacedtoday. lookingat a numberof alternatives.must. TokyoTechnology The opening sentence a reportclearly of sets the scene: Thisreportshows salesfrom2000 2003.. We mustmakesurethat we delivertoday. as soon as possible. Expenditure This is the amountof moneyspent... is Sales werehigherthananticipated..Forexample: werereceived.. TheBoard the groupof Directors is who manage company.) ..Notes you me report. We recommendthat the new agentsshould visit the UK. to actions without Usethe passive describe saying who doesthem... Usea dash(-) in an informalmessage to add a request extrainformation. We mustensureour pricesare competitive. of Japan Visit Beport A formalor informalreporthasa cleartitle The and sub-headings. to a Could Youcan alsosay: Canyousendme a shortreport? Please emailme a shortreport. catalogaes .For example: Marketing rose thisyear.. expenditure Anticipated Revenue Anticipated what you expectto happen. Could send a short youis used make request. ) areoftenusedwhen listing information.. Just one thing nissing .. a Finance 2 il)O enquirieswere received . is you Could pleasesendthe costanalysis? . formatvaries depending the purpose the reportand on of individual company makethe information clearer.. couldalsosay: you Werecommend try a new supplier. ffiffllmnc!! Brttish exhibitianwnd Amerlcan exhibitisnbooth po&inE 8f. .

with 52 per centof total sales. taking trl eomparisons Product SalesReport FirstOuarter with lastquarter. ie Dear Marcia You may be interestedin the findings of our recent survey: Findings In the Hamburg.fiSiiffiStl ffi -@.i|fr|fi r**it1x Jamie &dfu.r m.f.Wt*$ $lby 2 per cent..@ptresnils W. we analysedthe successof our new TV promotion by interviewing customers in different cities in to the centre.the promotion was less successfuland tffi.:lffi$fi.bV.. asbs lwrt up. and interesting.rf*r:* 9&:.Prssenting numbers Visitor Feedback .*. $fin$:.tffimcahtplilrof the smaller cities. supermarket Compared our Frozen foods are still tffi our most popularproduct.l# moralewas due to the pay cuts that were introduced in March.* r#l*iffilffiiil.:lt*isrfrom lastyear'sfigures. Drawing conclurfions Sally Can you includethe followingin your productivity report: Conclusion lfH*{A$ This low .S:ffi.* &*yn*r . Following the TV promotion.#*i#*i*i" i .0fi.SS:ffi$Mlt*: in most major cities. However.ltGffirx i&ativt Describing tronds jffi&l*i *lj .*S fir. h*. In tl$rg. followedby breadwith 20 per centand soft drinkswith 10 per cent.ofr under sixteen..

confidence loyalty. Englistrl .Manyothercountries a use (. point is written In British English decimal the as a dot (.... peaked June. Therewas a significant improvement orders. sales droppedslightly . (al*ousedin British *ttrt) . an intrsase the in in tesve" number siekdays. ffifficum Britbh Amcrican 75%*threequarters also:I fourth. a Otherverbsto describe downward change: Profitswent down lastyear.). in Sales Notethe useof the prepositions and to in by thesesentences: rosefty l0 per cent last Consumer spending year. in Therewas a dramaticrisein profits.... Otheradverbs describe degree to the of change: fell Sales significantly month. is Chocolate our mostpopularproduct.... of It was due to low morale. (About meanmorethan or fewerthan can 25 000.. . . France a 25per centmarket has share.Notes Thisyearwe hadover25Un visitorc .. pay cutsresulted an increase The in . Youcan express figuresas a percentage..... of nst lsickleave usedin {aldr ussdin British AmericEn Englieh) . Alternatives a directresult to of: It wasa consequence low morale. Profits went downdramatically. Athird= 33 per cent A quarter=25 per cent A half= 50 per cent =75 per cent quarters Three Approximately t) per cent of the visitorc said they found the centre informative . . fromI per centto l0 per increased Spending year...). Otherwaysof givingan approximate number: Wehad morethan25000visitors. Numbers deueasedin July. fiell 0rdersdeclinedlastmonth. in praductivity.. in Thismodelis moreexpensive thanthe old one./ A third of the visitorc were children . three fourths = l0l = one hundred also:101 one andone one hundred e*t*0r centre Ld:st'yerdirk'fall in Lattyearkdrop productiviry. comma .. Afternativesto to be responsible for: pay cutscaused increase The the ... Otheradjectives describe change: to a Therehasbeena s@ny declinein enquiries. . . cent last . 40per centof our cars are exported. last 0rdersdeclined steadilvlastquarter.50. product. Most people were happy to pay the entrance fee of &1. Morale a mentaland emotional is condition of enthusiasm. Therewas a S[gbtdropin saleslastmonth. sales are higher. Slightlyindicates a smallchange. an increasa sirlk. sales went up hy il) per cent. Therewereabout25 000visitorsthisyear. Thisis the/eastsuccessful Lastyearb lall in productivity was a direct resultof low morale. . Sales 0rdersincreasedlastmonth.there was a sharpriseof 40per cent. Sales in January.. and Thesepay cufs werc responsible the lor increasein sick leave.. you Whenmakingcomparisons can use expressions suchas: Sales werehigher Aprilthanin May. Otherverbsto describe upwardchange: an roseby 20per cent.

Sales by We mustappoint newagents the FarEast: in 2 Underline the correct word to complete this report.qt. h ln total/0verall. increase March.Dl you would find the information 11 -71. C Recommendations D Conclusion V 2 3 4 5 6 7 worldwide by 18percentinthelastquarter.qg ftp dwi f. in/on d Salescontinued risesteadily to Apriland May.c.t!e. SalesReport Introduction year.there was a steady/steadierdrop in sales. ITCplc A Report Sales lntroduction Findings pg q e. Recommendations f We needto ensureour pricing policy is compete/competition/competitive. i with last Compared . This reportshowsthe salestrendsfor the lastfinancial Details a At the start of the year. Thistrend continued until the end of the year. The summersalescampaign was very successful. in there was a sharp/sharply in the c This was dueto/caused/resulted introductionof a new pricing policy. g We suggestinvesting/invest in further salescampaignsnext year. Conclusion year for us.8.Practice I Look at tttre company sales report below. y. Decide in which part of the report (A . t Saleq wqr1 de 1qs py.nt.!a.. in e This resulted a dramaticdrop/increase in salesduringAugust. business verygood yearandwe expect success continue. b However.1. the Europe hasthe largest still share the market. rose Sales Thisreport shows breakdown sales the of during lastyear. was last this to intheFarEastfell 3 percent.saleswere much high/higher/highest. to in our Overall. of We need increase advertising theFarEast.e. ip. was a very successful this year.

was Brazil bea keymarket usinthefuture.. . due JIJff€€c. were orders were. 3 Recommendations a The main . to ournewmarketing strategy. recommend recommendation visitors placed I Introduction T h e .o fth e re p o rtistoanalysesuccessofour m ar ketinginBr 2 Details a 25000 b 900 enquiries taken. will for .3 Put in an appropriate word or phrase from the box to complete the following report. . . a by 4 Gonclusion in The increase business . EHlftPt-E: decrease a z o r I e b I c a b d I e e f m m p s I b v o b e m s e n c e a I I o s e d o p p e c r m . . opening office Sao in Paolo. an to c Weneed make decision theendofthemonth. . . 4 Find 6 verbs in the square which show an upward or downward movement. . . b Wealso .. .? l l l ? g tg . . . c 150 Fair attended Trade in Sao the Paolo.. isto appoint agents Brazil. . . new in . .

c ln contrast. increased sales competition locally. Sales $ at t ta 2 Sales $ Sales $ 12 3 Year 12 3 Ysar 23 Year improvement w drop -ss+eescful. since then. wasthemost. a significant in increase sales.e.two to led : . Alpha well . inyear Geo one. Fortunately. Sales year. 5. .Look tt the graphc below then use the phrases in the box to complete the report. anddidnotimprove much thesecond Then in we redesigned store thishas. B year Inthefirst BNK . mandger appointed year there been steady a new was last and has a ..lf. !g. new A: performed inthefirstyear sales. th.g. a change ftanagement of inyear.t+gge5. and m ay we haveto consider closingthe . significantly... were . . . . successfulthethree was of stores. s store.q!.YpS. paragraph been graph paragraph Each has for which started you. . Howevel since then. I .. the and . and However.. . . have fallen .*qt. Decide each describes. Sa l ea r eco n ti n u i n g to .lh€]€ffr decline resulted in a sharp dueto verylow years weopened Three ago three shops. . . .. ...

of the I've Theresults verygood. to . I was sorry hear in success thefuture. to thatyouareleaving. I wishyouevery news! Good justreceived results the survey. for Thanks reminding l'd love come. appreciate We really Manycongratulations! W elld o n e l thatI will be leaving company.Some uceful phraeee. for to thanks sorting the problems. are job! done great a You've party? you aboutthe Have remembered you it. out Justa quicknote saymany you everything have done. the Thisis to letyouknow visitme. come and Please be to It would great seeyou. We hope canmake me.

you in Madrid next month. ffi.$**x**[#i***i*W:i '*l* the end of this month. lt went really well.ffi*.. i A llt he bes t Ashia Responding to tthanks detailswhen you havethem.Wiru$iltffi$ilk&hl@ ffiffi. We .t0:*dF.ffild*.{riiiih. Alejandro Saying lfrank you the conference in London last all have my mobile number! d:id$ig**tif With very best wishes Mario Sayrng goodbye Dear Mario *xt**.*owiw. Donna .St&for .1lr&'during are planning another event in Dubai in March and we would really appreciateyour help there.*$ sorting out the problemswith the deliveries last week.gict:s{ibw&& *-T..msUY. Look forward to seeing All the best Everyonehere in the Tripoli office has askedme to ffit}:t$ttgtffi*albr*re"g*rr:gm&rr.tirffi*![i*{ Bestwishes.irq&.ilriffirffi*i. After a very enloyablecareerin the Buenos Airesoffice I have decidedto move back to Brazil.AtiHft*trat$h*. With bestregards Tareq A personal announcement Dearfriendsand colleagues Thlr k:.ffi!n' .ll#ffik** you are visiting Rio. Let me know if you can make it.We'll miss your visits-i*t*!ffi. sendyou their bestwishes.Messages 1 Appreciation Jlixilln.*rw ffilfin*.

Justto let youknowthat . . the Many congratulations on your promotion..lso succass thefuture... I'd be verygladif you couldhelp... a usefulway is This istoletyou for an to announce reason sending the Notealso: email.(moreinformal) . Stay touch. Please comeand visit me . if I'd be delighted you couldmakeit. You alwayswelcome are You mustcomeand seeus soon... Otherexamples: tg Very happytohelp= | am very happyto help Sorryto hearaboutit = | was sorry to hear aboutit.. for usedin (evelysuccessnot British is English) used American in ll wish . Theuseof manyatthe of beginning the Notealso: addsa noteof friendliness. Justa quicknoteto saymanythanks Notethe useofTusfto indicate startof a the shortmessage: yourmessage. contact. Good Enjoyyourretirement.. Youcouldalsowrite: I was verysad to hear aboutit... (phone} . English... It won'tbe the samewithoutyou.. Nbte: Americsn Engliehoften usesthe presenttEnsefor this kind of cxpresgion. Thanks all yourhelp. Wewillallmissyou... usedin British English) Many congraUlations. for . for Moreformal: you Thank verymuchfor everything.."n. goodwishes: Sending luck in the future....ln. I havereallyenjoyed It'sbeengreatworking withyou. phrases: Somealternative I'd be verypleasedif you couldcome. Usethis whenyou would liketo keepin Youcan also say:Keepin touch. I reallyappreciated It would he great to see you there.. fiongratulations. knowthat.#{:r* you in I wish every Best luck the of . here. in Kaep tuuch. in (also.. I an teaving EPFC. Youcouldalsosay: workingwith you. Good luck with yournewjob. I am verygratefulfor all youhavedone. to Otherfriendlyinvitations visit: Please comeand seeme whenyouarein Bristol. Manyisnot usedin Manyisaddedhere this way in American for emphasis. lwitlbe leaving EPFC. Just to remind We really appreciate evefihing you have done.. yourhelp. Manythanksfor all Manyapologies the delayin sendingthis.Notes . I hopewe dont losetouch. Goodto hear that the event went so well. Justto say I havereceived you that l'll be awaynext week. ln written English. is not Ensrish) 'ou ... sentence yourhelp.. ffswoe American I amsorryto hearthat youare leaving. future. Notehow wordscan be left out in informal we emails people know. Lookforwardto hearingfromyou= | look forwardto hearing from you &ifirh/Amiean Bdtbh I wassorryto hear thatyou areleaving. stayin touch. It has beena pleasureworking with you .e. Youcanalsowrite: It wasgoodto hear. This is to let you know that I will be leaving EFPC. The use of really makes meaning evenstronger. I wish you every successin the future. I was very sorry to hear that you are leaving the company. nrynobrta ulmbar *"Jnllio. fo appreciateisto value.

idessases 2 Good news g Heli It rweridl . k i .r*n .:You've a greatjob! l'll be in the officeon Thursday we can so go throughthe results together.iet*ail( I heardthar you're coming into the officenext week.fffil$ l1[fi*ffF.. I'll be looking after his work while he is awayso if you need anything.& .*om&.but I recommend you askherwhat shewould like that beforeyou buy themlffi**partygoingto be in June?iff:*ffi" is the retirement l'll lkiffiSil$a**$G be on holidayfrom June 30.Lhry*p***e.please contact me. sure shewould really l'm -i*titrfi$Wi*il**$iffi.i$.*i O lga .ffih of the Iatest custome satisfactio r n mgrtts:@*rmhd. Heli Bad news {:t Dear Olga r:*ed yonmtGffigewflllem. Macy Replying to good news done ile#.Bythe way. *afffl$fi*li. but l'm sure that Tim can handle thingsl Takecare and make sure you get plenty of rest.*i*.do you think shewould like somegolf equipmentas a retirement present? Regards Duncan Replying to a rominder Duncan Mona'sretirement..#about appreciate somenew golf clubs.Hopeto seeyou then. he has not beenvery well for sometime. A reminder Dear Sarah W.b lwy I.Mffilim f'nt x*As you know. Regards Tim Replying lal to bad news Dear George .AffiH*!*li@:h:rfur? We'd like to organisea leavingparty for her.fu survey and the resultsare very good. Bestwishes Sarah . Sdd$rs*il$l*iffilii j ffi.| know you'll be worried about your work. €ilril.*[ i **ru.

I'm not surewhois coming. I'm sure I told youabout it.. Equipnent Booking Form t'ltbeon vacation stafting June3A.. An alternative Congratulations! to Macy) Usingthe name(Welldone. by Canyouexplain l'm sorry.. I was really sorry to hear you're not well. l'm sureshe'dwantyouto he there.. youknowthat. Getwell soon.... to I wasshocked hearaboutit. l've justreceivedthe results. personalises congratulations. Can justcheck Moreformalwaysto askfor clarification: whatyoumeant .. I'd love to come... I heard fromJohnthat.. Tomakelt(informal)meansto come/attend. Hopeyoufeelbettersoon.. thoughless frequently..... Reservation Equifnent Form . his I wasreally sorryto hear .. I was verysorryto hearabouttheaccident.. Justtocheck.... to I'mnotsureindicates uncertainty: I'm not sureif I told you. but lf so.. of hiswork..) party A leavingparty A farewell l'llbeonhatiday fran Junefi.. youforgotten . that Have I hope you can make it. I hopeyou can makeit on Tuesday. lf you wantto say more: He hasbeenunwellfor sometime. to Otherphrases checkmeaning: Just checking I . He hasjusthadan operation...... Wewish you a speedy Haveyou rena nhetedthatMonais rctiring in June? that. An afternative: Youmay alsoseethis formalalternative: recovery. . Macy. ft is very commonto use lthoughtorI knew news: to announce to I thoughtyou'd interested hear. of Otherexpressions sympathy: I was sorryto hear thatyouhavebeenill. I hopeyou can makeit to the meeting.. couldyouplease clarify.. Did I thought you'd like to know immediately.. Thankyou for remindingme .. be you I thought mightnot knowthat.. to Well done. I'm happyto tell are to You'll oleased knowthatthe results be verygood. June {pronouneed thethirtieth) He hasjust an had has operationlHa broken leg. I'm surehe agreed come. news!I've justreceived results Good youthe results. (Alsoused British in English.) care t:'tlbe loaking after t'llbe taking hiswork. is something Usel'm surewhenyou believe true. l've justheard John hasjusttoldme that . the to tell you that Georgewill he on sick I'm sorry leave for two weeks... He hasbrokenhisleg. andJustto Haveyouremembered you remind arc politewaysof reminding Compare with: someone. you Thank for sendfugthe repoft.' t'Nt an really sorry to hsar .. (pronounced June thirrieth) Hejusthadan aperationJ4e brokshis leg.Notes I'm pleased tell you. I knewyouwanted knowthe results. you Note how we use Thank for +ing: you Thank for helpitg me.. Briffuh/Amiem frms Britirh Anrerican jsbl Welldanel Eaad (Notussdin American English.. /f so meanslf thisis trueor lf thisis the case.. news: Morephrases announcing for that.. to good news: Otherwaysto introduce the ..

.$s.Pte+s. you I hope arefeeling better the after ..tom ake! .. 9.. .. g l h a v ea n i mp o rta n t. to e I willcome theparty... is d John retiring month. next Just let .for M ona. her l ' ms o rryto . . I have ExAtptE: reatty. .Q4e . b Thank Many .. c We really.. when heard news. Complete the sentences with a form of the word in brackets.. . some sports equipment hisleaving for l'msure he'd..e. h Many i j l w a s so rryto h e a ra b o u tyo ur ..1e9..... given ... (enioyment) t (retire) a Areyoulookingforvqard to your b l ' m o r g a n i si n g a . withyou. . Pl e a se g e ti n .. .. .. e Wewere all f you Could . h Contact me. workini . allthe youhave help us.Practice Make tlrese statementa more'friendly'..g!d9Y.. we the exactly is happening? what ...<4. .. .. you f I hope canattend meeting the you I hope can g Hewants present. to t'd .Very done! well (collect) (appreciation) (promote) (shock) (clarification) ( announce) (congratulate) (break) (operate) d Just letyouknow to about Laura's ... the chapter and the phrases below Refer to the messages in ExAMpu: . a Have rest! a Make sure you.ql{visit. has c Sonja broken arm.

tly. h to discuss helping organise office to the b for this. Cortchitar 4 Match the two parte of the sentences. party a leaving forher. foruvard success! k and would we really e lt wasa great appreciate youcallme f Could I another in December event Hi lattr th*lkl s. thanks i Allthe c Many best j Looking help d your again. that went is next thatFrieda retiring week. with youcould usinthesummer. hear youhaven't well. to party. g Weareplanningarrange from a to hearing you. 1 | was sorry very to you 2 Just remind to to 3 Weareplanningorganise that 4 l'msure Rosa had leave company the 5 She to decided to 6 I have 7 Good to if 8 l'd bedelighted It has been a I a b c d e f g h i would to come theparty. visit . that been forpersonal reasons.3 Put the sentences below in the correct order. pleasure working you. like to move to Dubai..\^. back hear everything well.

. 4 Many you 5 Wewish every.. re s t .... . . 6 Complete the s_entrlnces with a preposition. thecompany. Wholooks .for allyour help! .. . . . you'd to hear news like the immediately. allyour help.allyour help. . . ... 6 |... 7 W e r ea l l y. y o u ra c c id e n t .Oh Congratulations a b c d e f g h l w assorrytohear. .. ... . . to that 8 | wassorry hear youare =P KE Y WOR D . ..5 Gompldte the puzzle below and find the keyword. . . Getpl e n t y l go in gtobe..... Kate's workwhensheis away? Friday? youthen.holid a y n e x t we e k .k eepi nto u c h ! 2 You very are you 3 Have .remin d in g me ... . and with thatit isJulie's birthday tomorrow? . . . EnlrrptE: . . .. s ic k le a v e .. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 P w I e o\ s r e a s t a e g I I r . ...PJe aS e.. l'll be back Th a n kyou. yourpromotion.. . . . to come stay us. . inthefuture.. . . . . .. I'm a fraidK ateis. We areverygrateful l ho p eyou arefeeling better. .. . . . See ... . . .

changes needed). can the forthemusic? . like a with Wehave many products willinterest new that you. to . to in I would to arrangemeeting you.Yours Dear faithfully Sir/Madam policy This to confirm your is that current you. r l'veattached a copy themenu theannual of for dinner.Glossary I TheBasics Beginnings endings and Your language HiKim How you? are l'mfinalising details theLeadership the of Course. the next 21 Please that confirm youcanattend. D e aa l l . please youmake arrangements Laurent. you I look forward meeting again. covers Basiclayout you Itwasgood meet attheseminar Paris. you Could letmeknow youareavailable if on June or6th? 5th I look forward hearing yousoon. Best regards (No Nochanges needed. to from Please that Korean willbe note our agent visiting company Friday June. are Dear NovotnaYours Ms sincerely you I would to invite to visit like us.

for working a Marketing I amcurrently as Assistant. Wearehappy provide to on-site training. Wecanprovide training in atvenuestheUK. Wewould to attend conference. you Thank for the invitation visityourcompany. my as I enclose CV requested. Please meknow youhave queries. 3 Arrangements Arrangingvisit a pleased could would very We be ifyou visit 0urcompany. a for you send Could please usa $umgary your of company theendofttteweek? by Weareanestablished in companytheUK. take at I amsending schedule the the for forthcoming conference.Making Gontact Messages 1 I have your-advertisementweb seen onyour Your language page. I ampleased attach online to our application form. to . for I work a publishing companyLondon. call Messages 2 you Wearewriting invite to a conference. Weprovide training themanufacturing for and service industries. forward your I look to reply. let if any for I apologise notsending earlier. in you Thank foryour email. to Please a look ourwebsite. like I would to apply thepost. this Please meonmymobile. let Please us knowyouravailability. like the Wehave reservedstand you.

You havean overnight atthe Hilton will stay Hotel in Salford. to the you out for Could check thefollowing me please? reserved aisle for Has airline the an seat me? Taking forwarding messages and | free l'msorry wasn't to speak. Have look it.Your language I lookforward yourconfirmation. There stillsome are details sortout. was Baxter been has delayedShanghai. I amattaching mapwith directions our a to facility. to DeparturefromMilan 11:05 flight is at on 8A68. Followthe around themain road to reception. at you flights? Shall reserve a seatonthe same I I amwriting confirm reservation. to yourvisitto us nextFriday. a at Thanks this. to this The number engaged. in Jane you please? her Can give apologies. he her the itinerary Sweden for l'vejustreceived draft from Helen. . Your by car flights l'm booking Don's today the Berlin for meeting. pick-up company will beat 8:00. flight TheLufthansa leaves London 7:30. I tried callyouback afternoon. it We need finalise today. Doyouknowwhenyouareplanning arrive to yet? Travel arrangements put l've together following the itinerary. to please? Can call tonight. for Stefan. Justto confirm SeeyouFriday.

you forward seeing again week. Setting a meeting up {21 let in if you Please meknow advance areunable to attend. the of meeting A0B/Date next Please thechange item ontheagenda. note to 2 paper l'vemoved International the Strategies to next week.Your language in Let's 10a. thecanteen? at in lunch. myoffice.m.m. you is Thepurpose themeetingto brief onthe of meeting. Please your clear diaries. I want meet to urgently. system down. is Our computer ls it possible putthisontheagenda to for Monday's meeting? l'd like run to through final the arrangements. 3 p. say I shallbe awayfromthe officeuntil22July. 4 Meetings (11 up Setting a meeting Weneed setupa meeting. to that runs . Wecould have working a pleased visit next you be I would very to Tuesday.logies gf l'veattached minutes thelastmeeting.m. Agenda/Ven rticipa ue/Pa nts/Apo. Weneed ensure everything smoothly. priorto We'll need circulate agenda to the the meeting. next I look to you the Can confirm meeting 2lstin Bonn? on Weneed finalise to arrangements today. to How about week next sometime? What about Tuesday 1 p.would fine be withme.

to a I suggestthe June. engineer . in from you? Would 24th a suitable to visit May be time I enclosecopy ourlatest a of company brochure.Your language Meeting follow-up performance Reviewlast of quarter's All teams provide to weekly report. wasinterestedseeournew to sales target. 2 Message you What would advise to do? us Arethere suppliers yourecommend? any that It'sbest to start machine not the again the until arrives. Wearevery interestedordering you. informationourwebsite. in from Webelieve buying Fairtrade organisations. You findfurther will on you I willsend a copy ournewcatalogue. 2nd you send anamendmentto out Can please everyone? Re. of prompt Many thanks your for response. to the you Thank forallyour support. on l'vepassed your on congratulations team. send a you some Could include samples? you interest ourproducts. Thank foryour in Your email fonruarded was to me. newbrochures the I Bytheway. Schedule interviews the Press. 5 Enquiries Messages 1 price Please me current list. Thanks your for commentsourperformance. at We'llneed rearrange date. with A0B = anyother business l'vejustlooked the minutes.

'pleaseus let know. ls thisyourlatest catalogue? you Could giveus a firmdelivery date? you that Could confirm ourusual discount would apply? (11 Dealing problems with l'm sorry saythatwe maynotbe able meet to to t h ea g r e e sch edule. you quote removal existing for Could please of furniture. to dealing problems with 6 Orders.Your language you Have considered contacting Gudul? Youcouldconta. 0rders We haverecently ordered some newoffice furniture. your I have foruvarded enquiry Filton to College. Universal I would grateful youcould be if send further me information. an Your termsandconditions statea delivery time of fourweeks. you Thank foryourenquiry. Wewould to place order like withyou. You seefurther can details ourschool of by going ourwebsite. l'mafraid do notrunanygeneral we courses.ct Tools. you I canconfirm alltheitems ordered that are in stock. to Withreference yourenquiry. d . We'dlikea repeat order. it Would be possible dispatch items to the within two weeks? lf there an additional is charge.

I expect receive report theend this his to by of week. found many we that of thecases were damaged. Wealways to waitforspare have production three Wehave to shut had down on occasions. Wehave notreceived order. regular was Our service below usual was Our our standard. ofCD the 0n unpacking boxes. 0n Friday March took 13th we delivery a of consignment cases. I regret we cannot that accept return the as goods. Your language your I wasvery surprised receive message. Wehave a replacementcourier. to You assured that schedule this us was guaranteed. need I amvery sorryto hearthatyou problems had withourdelivery. This extremely is inconvenientus. sent by packer onholiday. Wedotryto keep website our up-to-date. (21 Dealing with problems Wearevery unhappy thelevel service with of youhave given thisyear. . Weshould assoon I hearthe meet as outcome.I'mafraid willfall we behind schedule. willissue credit Asa goodwill we a note. still this Weapologise any for misunderstanding. us parts. for Weurgently replacements. I trust meets your this with approval. faulty gesture. you I wasvery sorry hear to about problems the have experienced.

wentupby30percent. Manycongratulationsyourpromotion. Werecommend thenewagents that should visit theuK. Approximately cent thevisitors of 90per said they found Centre the informative. Your language Personal messages 1 Messages a note many thanks. Weneed follow customer to up enquiries immediately. on . Just quick to say you We really appreciate everything have done. year's in productivity a direct Last fall was result lowmorale.t' Sales There a sharp of40percent. people happy pay entrance were Most to the feeof$ii1.50. was rise slightly 2 percent. were 2 000 enquiries received. you missingcan send the me Just thing one cost analysis? Exhibition stand Expenses/Expenditure/Antic ipated Revenue Focus Facts on andFigures year had This we over 000 25 visitors. arehigher. of pay were responsiblethe for These cuts increasesick in leave.7 Short reports infomation Providing you a report? Could sendmeshort Board Wehold weekly meetings. was Thepurpose thevisit totakepart the of in Exhibition. were A third thevisitors children of under sixteen. Sales dropped by with sales Compared lastquarter.

l'msure she'd you me. to that not well Get soon. This to letyouknow I willbeleaving is that Please and me. come visit sorry hear youareleaving to that I wasvery thecompany. Thank forreminding in to Just check istheparty June? lf so. I hope canmake you want to bethere. Thanks allyour you Itwould great see there. be to that wentsowell. will I'msorry tellyouthatGeorge beonsick to leave twoweeks.Your language in Stay touch. in for help. you'd to know like immediately. you that is Have remembered Mona retiring inJune? a for We'd to organisecollection her. for I wasreally sorry hear you're well. with you I wish every success thefuture. like you it. Welldone. It hasbeen pleasure a working you.I'dlove come. I thought Macy. to . Good hear theevent to 2 Messages l'mpleased tellyouthatl'vejustreceived to theresults. EFPC.

e-ii dii eii fi eon.Answers 1 TheBasics 1 2 3 4 5 6 a.das.conzfi. please nothesitate contact on extension lfyou haveanyqueries do to me 345.[ a i b ii ato ci c-ii. at Please confirm at youwill findfull details the fon gat hfor bat cto dfor a check b receiving c meeting d visiting e know f g o g writing h confirm 1e 2f 3b 4c 5h 6g 7d 8a An informalmessage 1c 2d 3 a 49 5f 6b 7h 8e A formal memo 1b 2d 3 a 4c 5h 6g 7f 8e 7 Memorandum To: From: Date: Subiect AllStaff (your name) Human Resources Manager (today's date) Health Safety and Conferqnce you I wouldliketo invite allto attend conference July22.i. where of Please nothesitate contact do to us if yourequire further any b r ange cproducer dserv ic e e s u mma ry f q u e s t io n n a ire 1d 29 3a 4e 5b 6c 7I D ea r olleague C you We arewriting inform to thatwe areorganising conference NewYork a in at the endof the month.m.eby 4i5vi . to Please takea lookat ourwebsite www. We wouldliketo invite yourorganisation attend. Yours sincerely Jeongmi Seo .at g a. a on in the Board Room. Making Gontact I 2 3 4 5 2 5 7 6 8 1 4 3 9 aa s liii b for 2v 3 ii cat.6iv f on g a t h in ao n . There be a buffet will lunch midday. U. d-i.

at c d from/tofor e foro f on. 4thoctober Room Conference B 3 Arrangements 1 a b c d July confirm single 22nd pleased nextweek stay office contact queries invitation August attend 2a 2a 3i 3f 4b 5c 4c 5d 6d 6e 7f 8g th 2 3 4 5 6 1e lb on b in. e c a correct b notnecessary correct d notnecessary incorrect-for f correct g incorrect away h incorrect at Marketing Agents WorkshoP Toattend 11:45 17 th n e Ju Air France card Credit 4 Meetings I 2 esuits b a a v a i l ab i l i tyma n a g ecsu i t davailable need to 1 We'll you 2 Thank for you on 3 Can pass you 4 Can confirm let 5 Please meknow pleased be 6 | would very about 7 What liii 2 v 3 vi 4 vi i i S vi i 6 i i 7i 8iv 3 . video a along.6 7 1b 2c 3d 4a right is The Customeralways Smith John projector.

e What about closing down system the first? f l'msorry we donotarrange but delivery. let if to you Looking fonrvard seeing all nextweek. a Some is is b Thereport attached. at e in f on. 4 5 6 aii bii ci i di eii fi i gi 1 e 2 c 3 f 4 h 5 a 6 b 7 i 8 d 99 Enquiry 1 1b 2d Enquiry 2 1d 2b 3a 3e 4e 4c 5f 5a 6c 6g 7h 7t 8g a contacting b recommendation advice d enquiry c g attached h foruvarded e reliable f logging .at b at on c for..1 agenda 2 availablo 3 participants 4 diary 5 reschedule 6 amendments 7 brief 8 minutes 9 apologies 10 item 1l circulate 12 summary = availability KEYW0RD 5 Example answer Toall Marketing Staff There be a meeting Tuesday in the Conference will on l4th from14:00 16:(X) discuss new Room to to the brochure.on.. Please meknowin advance youare unable attend. to Pierre 6 I 2 a d a to hear b to start c to be h getting i going d to arrive e solving f buying g using 5 Enquiries informationinthqpost. c What your is advice? recommends d 0urcompany strongly at a in b in c for d to e for f in g With.

to d in a steady b sharp c due g investing h Overall i higher 1 2 3 4 e increase f competitive purpose a v i s i t o rs cp l a ce d due a recommendationrecommend b due . Europe has largest still the of 3 Eastfell 3 percent. Yours sincerely (Sign name) your (Print name) your Reports 7 Short the of during last the year. same by The courier willtake away sent order Wehave a replacement to : printers. A 2 This report shows breakdownsales quarter. noe)dra cost. 7 Wemust appoint agents theFar good year we expect success continue. problems ourconsignment with of printers. ' our Please accept apologies. to was last and this business very D 5 0verall. rose in worldwide byl8 percent thelast B 1 Sales share themarket. I trust meets your this with approval. to that I wasvery sorry hear youhad you the today courier. 1 2 3 4 a order b forward c assured d accept e dispatched f meet ato b on cfo r d w i th e by f for g on h for i with 1 e 2f 3 h 4 g 5 a 6 b 7 d I i 9 c b a have experienced to discuss c to receive d havesent return.with problems dealing 6 Orderc. to our C 4 Weneed increase advertising Far in new East. by in 6 Sales theFar inthe East. refund f apologise will e a dissatisfied b dispatch c additional d definite e a discount f con ce r ned gpromise harefun d i meet Dear Duval Ms you Thank foryourletter. damaged at .

2 3 . pba sib q nG.. e l'd loveto come the to you f I hope canmake themeeting./ e l al s e s e d 5A 'l 2 /d . itto g l'm surehe'dreally present.r' O ./ ./eI r I n d f TZmop b "/l'l .a z o d. of b Many thanks to has her c I'msorry hearthatSonja broken arrn d Justto letyouknowthatJohnis retiring nextmonth. getintouch h Please a r eti r em e nt bcollection cappreciat ed p ro mo t io ne s h o c k e d f c la rif y g announcement congratulationsbroken f operation h i H i l an c Many thanks b for helping organise party to the e lt wasa great success! g We areplanning arrange to I another event December in k andwe wouldreally appreciate d yourhelpagain. appreciate/like sports some equipmentfor leaving his (withme). party. ol e I I lll I m UcUb s ttl tm rose a sharp decline improvement (Graph 2) (Graph low resulted B theleast very in 3) ( Gr aph to 1) c successfuldue drop Personal messages I a Makesureyougetplenty rest./C // e c I en i n . yo f Co u ld ucallme h to discuss this.

i Allthe best Conchita 4 5 1 e 2 d 39 4 a 5 f 6 b 7 c 8i9h 1 please 2 welcome 3 remembered 4 thanks 5 success 6 thought 7 appreciate 8 leaving = pleasure KEVWoRD a a b o u t bfo r co f d o n e o n fafter gon ". 1 .hfor".j Looking forward from a to hearing you.

be inthe office Fred will t0m0rrow. Brackets Tel:{01423} 187900 A colon Wewill need following: the 50chairs 5 desks proiector 1 digital A comma Thenewdirector. to a drive 0uotationmarks Mayumi shewas"pleased" theresults. Some examples: (contractionI An apostrophe you l'll send thereport soon possible.uldinfo is . corect use of punctuation makes the message clearer. said with A question mark Have forgotten we anything? A semi-colon Business going is well. have we increased sales 20percent. by A slash Thewebaddress efpc. A dot Thewebaddress efpc.m.Punctuation Emails are often written very quickly. Cuplet. and rules of punctuation are not always follo{ is An exclamation mark Welldone everyone! A fullstop l'lltry andcallyout0m0rrow 3 p. as as twill) 1 1 '1 1 = (possessive) An apostrophe John's schedule. A dash Saleh canyoucallmetomorrow. at A hyphen l'd prefer have right-hand car.

m.01. working a Marketing as been I have 2Wl. second. I enjoyed a lastyearwas greatsuccess. 30 was on The contract signed March on model started l. these materials supplying been We've (sincegives starting pointof actions continuing to the present. next for will The Until tonight.m. fourth whether writeit or not: efc.0. of Production theCP4 2002. until withthecompany Septemher.Dates and tlmes Dates ways the There several to write date: are 16 Manager since July2002.i to Since for of sincethebeginning August a reply. to l'mgoing stay . threedays I lefta message years many ago. I have beenwaiting since 2U)2.03. and fwo and or 3 July 2001 thethirdof July. showinghow long something has lasted. thousand one of 3lst Decemberthethirty-first December is sure 10.07.twothousand one. Hamburg I visited showswhen a pastactionstartedbut not by giving actualdates. three exporting Brazilfor to been Wehave youfor twodays. Julythethird. make there no butto infigures the completely You write date can or it is to misunderstandingbetter writeit infull lfth July2003 Julylhth2M3 Gommon Expressions of Time For years. The conference Nert you to I lookforward seeing nextMonday. When writethedate. the you you out -rd. Toni retireon23rdNovember will you 3 on See at2 p./ up the Ago ago. canleave theletters -nd.07. youalways first. 4hlthatfollow l-st you third. goods beready delivery week. I willbeat theofficeuntilI p. to trying contact I have been (Forrelers a periodof time./ /Ago Last you meeting lastweek. say but number. ThursdaySept.

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