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lifetime of experience and memories but beyond the minds grasp.

In the books foreword, Pam Rhodes, Presenter of BBCs Songs of Praise, Patron of MHA, calls dementia a robber that robs people of their memory, their personality and ability to recognise and react normally even with partners and family they have loved for years. She lauds these imaginative and practical 48-page Bible and prayer guides for people with dementia and those struggling with memory loss as a nudge to the memory. Each title consists of 31 daily devotionals with a different Bible theme every day and a cues and clues box to aid conversation and recall, and open for the person with dementia a close connection to faith and the God who has never stopped loving them. Included in each title is a CD with an evocative and inspirational hymn or song for each day. Words of Peace features Bible readings about the beginning and God, words of blessings and peace from the Old Testament and Jesus words of peace and joy from the New Testament. Songs in the accompanying CD include What a friend we have in Jesus, Sweet is the work, my God, my King, Be still my soul and How great thou art. Words of Hope contains well-loved words from the Bible tell the story of Jesus life and readings about the Light and life from Christmas to Easter. Not only do the familiar words of hope from the book of Psalms bring assurance and optimism, but also the mix of praise and worship songs such as This little light of mine, Amazing grace, He lives, and The Lord is my shepherd. Words of Faith uses the faithful lives of Gods heroes to inspire courage and trust in a faithful God. The selected words and stories of Jesus from the gospels also offer comfort and encourage faith, as do the songs Great is thy faithfulness, Saviour, like a shepherd lead us, Dare to be a Daniel, and All Things Bright and Beautiful.

S$20.00 per book & CD

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S$15.00 per book

100 written A group study guide for Essential for S$8.00.

by Andy Twilley is also available


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ply For enquiries and orders, sim call email or ection 6337 1437. View our sel resource at the Scripture Union eet, showroom at 7 Armenian Str ore #03-07 Bible House, Singap 179932.
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Mary and Joseph followed the most important key to good parenting - knowing and applying the teachings, principles and sto ries found in Gods Word. Through the stories of Abraham and Sarah , Hannah, David, Lot, Job and others, they saw examples both of those who followed God s instruction for parenting and of those who didnt. The book shows todays parents that Scripture brims with ins tructions on how to parent Gods way. In 50 inspiring Bible-soaked me ditations, parents will find crucial help in such areas as: How and how not to teach ou r kids obedience What to do when parenting hu rts Helping children to make faith their own Peer proofing our kids


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$12.0 6 volumes @ S

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S$20.00 per b


d 7 to 9 Devotional guides for children age y read to help them get closer to God as the tains and talk to Him daily. Each book con g notes six months of undated Bible readin prayer complete with puzzles, codes, family suggestions as well as weekly devotions.


6 volumes @ S$12.00 per volume