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They usually distorted the images of the great imams who actually had the aqeedah against them

like imam taqi ad din subki al shaf`I, imam taj ud din shafi`I, imam fakhr ud din razi, imam jalal ud din suyuti and others because they in their books clearly had stated their aqeedah and creed and as soon as the salafis would get hold of these books and these things they would either try to say that this and this thing in this book is a fabrication or they would just, in their editions of those books remove those wordings and add something else or just don t add anything or they would just simply issue an abridged version of the book deliberately and then deliberately they would cut out the portions they didn t wasn t the readers to come across! If even all this didn t suffice because of the popularity of a particular idea regarding a particular person, they would distort his image in the public by saying that such and such imam said such and such thing against him and he supported shirq and kufr etc. like they did to imam taj as subki because of his vehement support and defense of the ash`ari ahlul sunnah wal jama`ah and his radd and condemnation of hashawiyyah and other wrong belief having groups. They said about him that he differed with his own teacher imam shahabhi a lot and started to call his teacher names and even criticized him a lot etc. which was untrue except that Imam taj as subki did differ with his teacher a lot but that was respectfully except a few places where he felt that imam dhahabhi had flown away from the truth. He refers to him as shaykhuna our teacher in his books and this shows his great respect for him and nothing more. This must be known that to differ with ones own teacher in matters which are secondary and sometimes even primary (in a microscopic minimum level) is actually the sunnah of the scholars of the salaf! So this is nothing except blatant propaganda against the great aaema. They also began to criticize imam razi indirectly by claiming that he only had a specialty in writing a lot of books and his level in greatness as an imam was reduced. Verily, this is incorrect and may ALLAH save us from such errors, because verily he was one of the greatest of them in his time and his tafseer reflects all that and he was a staunch ash`ari, that is why such wrong propaganda against the great imam, may ALLAH cause propaganda against them and their families just like they make propaganda of imam razi and his family! imam suyuti, they found to be sound in creed and of course against them in creed and aqeedah so they, slowly indirectly began to cause propaganda against him by giving fire to the wrong claim of imam sakhawi that he stole write ups of other scholars and called them his own write-ups. May ALLAH save us from such an error. Yes, they were against him, the great imam of his time but there were other reasons for that all of which were actually misunderstanding and inability to comprehend the genius of all the geniuses of his time, may ALLAH have mercy on him and be pleased with him. He only used to take parts of the books of the scholars and would just write what they had written where he considered it unnecessary to write his own thoughts, but he didn t used to mention them, I mean those who were amongst his peers. Such has happened with many many scholars of the past who were rightly guided but they weren t made a joker and thief because of that, may ALLAH save us from such a thing as to displease HIS awliya and selected ones! Imam qustullani did complain to shaykh al islam zakariyya ansari regarding imam suyuti as he had in one of his books used imam qustullanis research a lot but hadn t mentioned him at all and such was also the lament of imam sakhawi who said that he stole books of imam ibn hajar asqalani and said that they were his, this all of course was a misconception and misunderstanding. They also said that his peers hated him, although this is wrong, they only had heated comments and debates with him and it was only sakhawi with whom he shared an enmity that sometimes became a lot, but as our shuyukh have always said: whenever a scholar says something bad about any other scholar, don t ever believe anything ! this is correct as there are many things to be kept in mind. Similarly was imam taqi ad din subki, the father of taj ad din ibn subki, who was the mujtahid imam of the shafi`is

of his time as imam shah wali ALLAH says in his insaf in clear words and gets him in the list containing people like imam ibn daqeeq al eid etc! taqi ad din subki is now known for his fatawa against ibn taymiyyah, may ALLAH forgive and have mercy on him and his write-ups in answer to him etc., so they began to say bad things about him too, may ALLAH save us from such lies and ibn abdal hadi who vehemently supported ibn taymiyyah in some of his misleading and wrong things and beliefs even wrote a books against taqi ud din subki which lied against him blatantly and caused ibn abdul hadi to fall in the eyes of many a scholars, at least of the present.! ALLAH knows best