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Energy and Design Laboratory


Fundamental and Applied Research

Design, Modelling and Analysis


Finding The Support

School and Faculty IRCSET Enterprise Ireland QUESTOR Learning Innovation Fund Industry: Intel & Cinergy

Building The Lab

Experiment Workstations

CAD and Prototyping



Funded Research Students

Shane Phelan
Monitoring and Control of Hybrid & Renewable Energy Systems PhD Studentship (IRCSET Enterprise)

Jie Yang
Energy Monitoring and Management equipments control and data analysis

PhD Studentship (IRCSET Enterprise)

Funded Research Students

Paula Meehan
Energy Monitoring and System Control Domestic and Industrial Resource Optimisation PhD Studentship (Faculty)

Ahmed al Mousawi
Solar Plant Modelling and Design Tool Economic Evaluator M.Eng Studentship

EcoDryerEnergy Efficient Clothes Dryer Dr. Shane Linnane

The tumble dryer is the most inefficient device in the modern home It is estimated that around 480 million kg's of CO2 are produced each year in Ireland as a consequence of clothes drying

Renewable Energy Game Ireland REGITM, Dave White

Simulated Living Area

Noise on Power Distribution Circuits Sensor Design & Integration Energy Mapping & Optimisation Control

Energy Management System

Client-side Application





Remote Server Equipment monitoring and Management

Sensor data fusion Networking Databasing Analysis Visualisation

Emerging Areas

Questor Microbial Fuel Cells

Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) for Primary Wastewater Treatment Jointly with Biotechnology 100k Project kick-off Mar 2011

VAWT Prototyping
Design and Prototyping of VAWTs

Computational Simulation

Testing and Analysis

Infrastructure Research Funding
The prototype turbine uses optimally shaped blades which are actively controlled in real time to maintain maximum lift through each rotation. Many existing models lose efficiency as some of their blades move against the airflow

New Projects
Efficient Refrigeration

Battery Energy Conservation for Mobile Phones

Spin Out
EcoBike GreenEgg Technologies in association with Global Action Plan Ireland (GAP Ireland) have produced the EcoBike - a pedal powered electrical generator used to demonstrate the concepts of energy efficiency and green living to children and adults in an interactive and fun way. As users pedal, it enables them to power electrical appliances with their legs. The more energy an appliance uses, the harder it is to pedal. Through a touch screen interface, the user can choose between different appliances:

Incandescent (Old Style)

Battery charger

light bulb


Energy Efficient CFL/LED lighting

Sound System

Boil a kettle

Carbon Pump

Musgrave Group (Efficient Refrigeration) Fingal Leader Cinergy Intel Questor

Great Innovation Recent M.Eng Projects

Greg Jackson
Solar Tracker Experiment.rv

Eamonn Martin
Remote Controlled, Hydrogen Powered Car..rv

Shane Phelan
Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

The Big Bang

The beginning of our universe was dominated by high-temperature plasma, and plasma continues to comprise more than 99 %of our visible universe.

I often looked up at the sky and assed meself the question what is the moon, what is the stars? Sean OCasey, Juno and the Paycock

Plasma Processes
Nanocrystalline silicon Low temperature deposition on flexible substrates

Silicon solar surface texturing Photoacoustics for PV Cell Efficiency Monitoring Phase Change Materials