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How to Talk About the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC
How can I explain the Rosicrucian Order in ways people will hear and understand, and without turning them off? When talking to friends, family, and strangers about the Order, the most effective thing you can do is tell about your personal experience. Feel free to talk about the general content of the monographs, and about how you feel you have changed or been helped by them. And if you feel it would be helpful, you can show one or two of your monographs so the person with whom you are talking can see what they are like. We ask, however, that you not share monographs that include rituals or specific exercises. After all, we don’t want to spoil the coming rituals or exercises should the person decide to become a Rosicrucian student. In suggesting this, please understand that we are not giving monographs to non-members to study. We are simply sharing one or two lessons during our conversation with those who might have misgivings or great curiosity about the nature of the monographs themselves. Also the “Manifestos,” which are occasionally sent with the monographs during the lst-9th Degrees may be lent to sincerely interested non-members, as noted in the introduction to each of these booklets. It is also important to give people honest facts about what being a Rosicrucian student is all about. To do this, it helps to know what nonRosicrucians commonly find most appealing about studying the teachings of the Order—and it helps to know what some of the “buzz” words are that can turn people off.


” This appeals to the independent thinker. The Mastery of Life honesdy tells the public that we gradually develop our inner abilities. and they respond favorably to the idea of ancient mysteries and what one person described as “the ancient mysteries that we have known (and known and known). People are also strongly attracted to the fact that the Order believes the answers to life’s questions are already within each one of us. and is well received. and that all they need is “fine tuning.” 2 . and forgotten. For most people it is a big concern that they may send away for information and then be hounded for years to join.” People appreciate that no one will call on them if they request a Mastery of Life. it is helpful to focus on the fact that the Order helps students tap into the knowledge that is already inside of them. This is consistent with the teachings of the Order and strikes a responsive chord within the sincere seeker. and our advertisements about the studies? People are strongly attracted to the fact that the Rosicrucian Order allows its students to develop a personal philosophy of growth. People react favorably to phrases such as “ancient wisdom” and “time-honored techniques. People respond favorably to phrases such as “self-discovery. The Order never pressures anyone to study the teachings. and our commitment to not do so is much appreciated. that there is no fixed belief system that will be imposed on them. They like the idea that they will be allowed to form their own conclusions about what they study and experience. and that students are encouraged to maintain their own independent thought throughout their studies. The theme of discovery of self is very appealing to many.SEEKERS CAMPAIGN What do people find most appealing about the Rosicrucian studies. that they have been around for a long time.” “selfenhancement. People appreciate knowing the Rosicrucian Order is not a religion. Therefore. People see as very positive the fact that the Rosicrucian studies are timetested.” They are also attracted to the word “ancient” in Ancient Mystical Order. This is seen as being realistic and honest. People react negatively to claims that seem to offer simple solutions. They feel this gives people credit for being complete within themselves.” and “internal discovery.

and the meaning of life. They don’t want to be told that something is missing in their life. To this end. Besides. What we can use is some help in recalling it.” “Order. A glimpse into the studies themselves can be helpful. it may help the prospective student to know that the Rosicrucian studies cover a review of philosophy. People react negatively to the idea that the Rosicrucian Order is a secret organization. 3 . this is one of the big areas of difference between the Rosicrucian Order and some other groups. What kinds of things can turn people off? People don’t like being put down. anything that even loosely refers to secrecy is disliked—including words such as “Membership. they often enjoy a short summary of the history of the Rosicrucian Order. It is more helpful to talk about becoming a student of the Rosicrucian studies. Each of us has all the wisdom we need already within ourselves. People react negatively to anything that smacks of elitism or infers that the Order is not open to all. that they lack something.” This comment infers that the individual doesn’t have the answers.” and so forth. Therefore.SEEKERS CAMPAIGN People enjoy hearing about what the Order is. this kind of statement is not true. Indeed. rather than joining or becoming a member of the Order. For example. and they include many exercises and experiments. it can be very irritating when a person is told something such as “The Rosicrucian Order has a satisfying answer for you. this kind of comment is described as pushy and religious. or that life is not going well for them. Therefore. natural law. The Rosicrucian Order offers its studies to all sincere seekers. and must look outside himself or herself to find them. And it is best to talk about the Rosicrucians. including the fact that the Order traces its teachings back through history and that the Rosicrucian studies have been added to over the centuries. which is exactly what the Rosicrucian studies offer. rather than constantly mentioning the Order. and they have little patience with this approach. Some feel that this is a standard ploy for a religious or self-help group. Therefore.

In general. Grand Councilor. I feel awkward and uncomfortable approaching some people about the Order.” People are naturally turned off by jargon they don’t understand. and so on. we must be sensitive to using words that have meaning for everyone. By the same token. It is helpful to specifically state that once they start receiving the studies. Am I supposed to be telling everyone about the Rosicrucian studies? Of course not! We would never insist on talking about politics. we have discovered that individuals who might be interested in the Rosicrucian studies usually have a clear curiosity about the esoteric. we wouldn’t insist on discussing mysticism or metaphysics with someone who has no interest in those subjects. It is not a religion and does not prescribe a set code of beliefs or conduct. people find the following phrase most helpful: “The Rosicrucian Order is a worldwide philosophical and initiatic tradition. Nothing is more alienating than sitting in a lecture hearing words such as: Prater. not what it isn’t. Regional Monitor. A school does not imply secrecy. In talking with people.” or belonging. In short. These people appreciate our making it clear that no one will call on them.” many feel that this phrase used on its own may bring up a negative without really saying what the Order is in the first place. People want to know what the Rosicrucian Order is. To this end. suggests to some people a longtime commitment. Soror. and the responsibility to keep that commitment even if one doesn’t want to.SEEKERS CAMPAIGN The idea of “membership. monographs. 4 . The notion that the Rosicrucian Order is a school is also an explanation that goes over well. There sometimes seems to be a fear that the person will become stuck in the group and will not be able to break away. or explaining words so everyone can understand them. sanctum. or literature with someone who is not interested. This is perceived as a negative. sports. which is sometimes communicated during public lectures. Master Within. we feel the phrase “worldwide philosophical and initiatic tradition” is an accurate description. students are under no obligation to continue with them and can leave the organization at any time. While people appreciate knowing the Rosicrucian Order is “not a religion. and the concept of a school is certainly consistent with the Rosicrucian Order’s heritage.

The following benefits are strong reasons why people are attracted to the Rosicrucian studies. or similar subjects. The use of visualization and other techniques is beneficial in healing. these individuals have probably shown some interest in the paranormal—be it ESP. Such persons were most likely born with this longing. There is a sense of wonder and confidence in participating in a centuries-old school of learning. etc. Participation in the Rosicrucian Order offers a unique opportunity to meet other 5 . You can discover through casual conversation whether you share common interests with someone. a trail that has been well worn by some of the greatest minds of the past. you can allow those interests to lead you into a conversation about the Rosicrucian studies. something to put meaning into life—who often finds the most satisfaction in the Rosicrucian studies. These people are often searching for this special something and may find exactly what they’re looking for in the Rosicrucian studies. They may have even read widely among esoteric and mystical subjects or joined other groups. stopping smoking. mystical literature. why would they want to become a student of the Rosicrucian studies instead of joining some other group? Over the years. Emotional Benefits: There is joy in associating with others who share the same curiosity about the world. Physical Benefits: Many students report better overall health and stress reduction. These are the people who feel they are “at home” after they have been in the Order for a while. eat healthier. They feel better. Students report experiencing improved general health andwellbeing when they follow the suggestions offered in the Rosicrucian studies.SEEKERS CAMPAIGN mysticism. Rosicrucian students have told us time after time how the Rosicrucian studies have helped them in their lives. It is a fundamental part of their being. By the time they are young adults. and similar subjects. If someone were interested in metaphysics and mysticism. weight reduction. relax more effectively. There is happiness and self-assurance in knowing that you are on the right path. If so. UFOs. A series of exercises and health tips are an important part of the teachings. It is this type of person—the individual who is looking for something more.

This aspect of the teachings satisfies many who feel a need for a “left-brained” approach to mysticism. success. Being a Rosicrucian student provides a sense of security. Through the studies. they experience the deeper aspects of self. to practical advice on improving your life and moving ahead. joy. which is each person’s inalienable right. They learn the best of what the great philosophers have taught. Weekly meetings that you can participate in are held at local lodges. There are other groups that can make the same claims about benefits. they create prosperity. It provides the powerful emotional sense of coming home. This aspect of the studies satisfies those who are attracted to psychic phenomena. and mastery. The Rosicrucian Order is not a religion. How are the Rosicrucian studies different? What is unique about what the Order offers? Five aspects of the Rosicrucian approach set it completely apart from other organizations.SEEKERS CAMPAIGN like-minded individuals. Rational Benefits: The Rosicrucian studies provide instruction on a wide variety of interesting and informative topics from philosophy to science. Psychic Benefits: Many students find that their intuition and extrasensory psychic perception improves as a result of membership. Spiritual Benefits: Many students experience mystical attunement and find a greater sense of oneness with the universe. and with the Cosmic. The studies help develop a fuller understanding of one’s world and one’s life. Students learn more about themselves and others. They feel a greater connection with others. with nature. They develop a greater sense of wholeness and completeness through contact with the Inner Self. These aspects make the Rosicrucian teachings unique. 6 . It is not dogmatic in its teachings and often presents many sides of an issue to the student for consideration. they learn about nature’s laws and how they can be of practical assistance in life. they learn various philosophies of life. Through the studies. they discover the transforming power of mind. and fulfills the need for something to believe and participate in that is greater than one’s self. It is a Western-oriented approach that depends upon the scientific method. They seek Cosmic Consciousness and the mastery of life through the Rosicrucian teachings.

This method is geared to the modern mystic—in other words. one must practice. It offers not just ideas. No hypocrisy in regard to the financial obligations of students: Students’ dues are nominal to cover administration expenses. Nor is the “non-joiner” required to participate in group activities. The student does not have to travel to some faraway place. or endure any hardships. one can limit their study to the privacy of one’s own home. all of us who are required to live and participate in society. and all students are treated alike. balanced development: It is important to recognize that the Rosicrucian studies do not focus on one human function to the exclusion of others because this would be an unbalanced approach. climb a mountaintop. but exercises and techniques that support the development of self-control and mastery.SEEKERS CAMPAIGN Harmonious. to acquire a skill. There are equal dues for all students. One can only go so far by reading books. Students are encouraged to be walking question marks. but has been continually improved and modernized over the centuries right up to the present day. The studies offer a balanced. 7 . The Rosicrucian studies do not require an ascetic retirement from life. The Rosicrucian studies are extended freely to every active student. With this approach. find the right cave. The Rosicrucian Order. They are not bound by an inflexible creed or dogma. safe approach to psychic and mystical development. Men and women members have always been treated as equals. AMORC. If desired. Convenience: The lessons are mailed regularly and the minimum requirement is an hour a week to study the monographs. is a true mystical school of instruction that is directly linked to an ancient tradition. The Rosicrucian approach develops our functions harmoniously at a pace that produces the best results long term. students experience a great degree of success in reaching their spiritual objectives. A school of instruction: Self-knowledge needs to be taught and practiced. Freedom of thought: The Rosicrucian studies are not a personality cult or a religion.

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