ABSTRACT: In this article a refutation of atheistic definition of universe is made which is the fundamental part of the refutation of G-D on youtube

see :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KxHD6o259I By the headline ‘to prove G0D does not exist in three minutes. ARTICLE: The athiestic definationof the Universe / World is incorrect.There are certain Intrinsic Qualities /properties of the universe,Laws valid to the Universe,Their relations,and results which can not be denied. QUALITIES AND PROPERTIES. [ Not necessary independent] 1]The Universe is equal to ITSELF. 2]TheUniverse is Equal to Sun Of ALL of Its PARTS. 3]Every Part OF THE Universe is in tne Universe. 4]Any thing not in the universe is not a part of the Universe. 5]Any thing not in the sum is not a part of the Universe. 6]Universe is greater than each and every part of it. 7]There is atleast numerically 1 /one universe. 8,a]Any thing included in the sum of universe is a Part of the Universe. 8,b] Any thing which is not the sum of all parts of the universe is a part of the universe. In other words Sum of Not All the Parts is a part of the Universe. LAWS VALID ON UNVERSE. 9]Whole is greater than each one of its parts 10] 1 [one] is a finite number. 11]Part is not the WHOLE, 12]Whole is not the part. NECESSARY RELATIONSS. 13] The Universe is Whole. 14] The WHOLE is the Universe. RESULTS 15]Universe is the whole and not a parts. 16] Part is not the Universe in strict sense / meaning. These are the basic statements which can not be denied by any rational atheist. ARGUMENTS:‫ ]אַ‬Either the Universe is Infinte ‫ ] ב‬Or the Universe is Finite.

‫סּ‬ỏị Either the Universe is Infinite OR Finite. α ] If Universe is INFINITE then the ONENESS of the Universe MUST NOT contradict the INFINITY of the Universe other first the first universe (which may be the last as well) can not be Infinite , since it is one in Itself and one is a Finite number.

β ] If Universe is Infinite then according to the ATHIESTIC DEFINATION of the Universe there must be ONE and only one Universe. Since according to the Athiestic definition ‘’Universe is A Sum Of ALL Existences ‘’ And if there is another universe then if it is in the first Universe then it is a part of this first universe; and if it is out of the universe then it can not exist as according to atheistic definition existent out of existence is implied. γ ] According to the Athiestic definition of the universe’’Universe is a SUM of ALL Existence’’ then the sum of all existences must be an existence and MUST BE an Addable or a SUMMABLE in the Sum that is it is INCLUDED in the Sum of ALL existences. As it is included in the SUM it is a part of Universe, see 3,8. As it is implied that Universe is a part it is implied that universe is Greater than it self, which contradicts 1 and 16; see 10,11,12. δ ] If universe is a Part then PART + ALL OTHER PARTS = UNIVERSE (a) As part is universe and universe is whole See 13 PART + ALL OTHER PARTS = WHOLE. (b ) As this part is Universe is universe from 13 and this Whole is Universe which is a Part from ‘’a’’ then WHOLE =ALL OTHER PARTS = PART. (c ) This implies that if all other parts are deleted from ‘’ c’’ then part becomes greater than the Whole , this contradicts 8*,and 9. Since deleting a number of sumables /addables from the sum of ALL makes the Sum of NOT ALL. Even the Infinite Part Of the Universe [if it has any] which exclude at least atleast one finite part how so ever small is Not the whole universe and any thing which is NOT the whole Universe is NOT THE UNIVERSE. Since the right hand side of ‘’ b’’ is whole it can not exclude any one of its part from the lefthand side of ‘’c’’ other wise it is not the whole , and from ‘’ c’’ this right hand side is Part thus it implies as follow:WHOLE = PART (D) .This contradicts 11,12. Also this right hand side is Universe so deleting any one of the SUMABLE /ADDABLE immediately implies that Part is Greater than whole. This contradicts 9. Since by deleting a number of summables from left hand side Not ALL is got, and not all is not Universe even if this Not All is Assumed to be infinite. THUS ASSUMING THAT THE UNIVERSE IS INFINITE WITH ATHIESTIC DEFINATION DENEYS INDESPENSIBLE PROPERTIES / QUALITIES of the Universe , which can not be denied by any rational atheist. ἐ ] If Universe is assumed to be finite then it requires a cause as in the case of a Finite GD. See url : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KxHD6o259I Now neither a finite universe exists nor an infinite universe exist if the atheistic definition of the Universe is assumed to be correct. A problem to the Athiest.

IF ALL THE THINGS EXIST IN THE UNIVERSE THEN WHERE DOES THIS UNIVERSE EXIST? SOME atheist friends has argued that If G-D is out of the universe then He can not do any thing in the Universe. They analog A physical , or a corporeal or a bodily Non Omnipotent being who / which lacks the POWER to do any thing with out being in ( the universe) with OMNIPOTENT G-D. IF G-D IS OMNIPOTENT THEN G-D CAN DO ANY THING ON THE UNIVERSE ITSELF and ON ANY THING IN THE UNIVERSE WITH OUT BEING IN THE UNIVERSE. This atheistic argument would be valid if G-D is Not Assumed to be OMNIPOTENT like other Non Omnipotent beings.Discussions on Objections on the Divine Omnipotence is beyond the scope of this work.

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