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A month in the India Transport Sector

August, 2011

The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index placed India’s infrastructure at 91st out of 139 nations. […] And, as a result, the NHAI is accelerating road construction – aiming to spend $1 trillion in five years to 2017 – to improve this More information on ITP BOOMING AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY IN INDIA The first ever automobile ran on the Indian roads in 1897; fast forward a century and eleven years and one would see that it has multiplied hundredfold into a full blown automobile industry. In 2008 India recorded 100 million vehicles registered on its roads. More information on ITP INCREASING NUMBER OF CARS ON INDIAN ROADS As the economy has grown, so too has disposable income, which in turn has led to an increase in the number of cars on the Indian road network. More information on ITP PROVIDERS OF EQUIPMENT FOR CARS AND TRUCKS IN INDIA Poised to grow by almost four times the size of the US market since 2000, the Indian auto equipment sector is considered the front runner in the chase to grab global auto component outsourcing sector. The Indian automobile component sector is estimated to reach $700 billion by 2015. More information on ITP

It’s a fact, there’s a lack of infrastructures in India, especially highways! The expansion and upgrade of the highway networks are fundamental in order to sustain India’s economic growth and road safety. That’s why this is one top priority for the central government in terms of investment. The NHAI has a key role to play with $1 trillion planned to be spent in five years to 2017. But NHAI needs to reform itself to sustain this growth. The recent proposal of the highway Ministry to allow CEOs of top infrastructure firms in India to be eligible to apply for the post of NHAI chairman is a first step in this way.

6TH IRF REGIONAL CONFERENCE October 3 – 5, 2011 New Delhi

INTERTRAFFIC INDIA October 3 - 5, 2011 New Delhi

ASIAN TYRE & RUBBER CONFERENCE December 2 - 3, 2011 Chennai

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A month in the India Transport Sector

August, 2011

“INDIA NEED TO INITIATE ITS NATIONAL ROAD SAFETY PLANS WITH IMPROVING INFRASTRUCTURE” PR ROHIT BALUJA, PRESIDENT, INSTITUTE OF ROAD TRAFFIC EDUCATION Road Traffic deaths and injuries are preventable and only in recent years that the road safety has been considered a serious health problem. Public Health for road safety has a very important role to play where primary prevention forms the basis. Principles of epidemiology need to be applied to analyze the patterns of incidence and determinants of injury. Behavioural science should be used to increase knowledge of the social and behavioural aspects of high risk driving behaviour. More information on ITP SHOWCASING THE NEXT LEVEL OF ROAD SAFETY IN INDIA As cliché as it may sound, road safety in India is still an area which is neglected by many. Blame it on the general public or blame it on the government authorities, the fact remains that India is one of the most insecure nations in terms of road safety. For the less informed, over 1,30,000 people lose their life across the country in crashes caused either by speeding, bad roads, overcrowding and poor vehicle maintenance or all of them. Needless to mention, over a million get injured in these accidents as well that translates into a 3% GDP loss to the country. More information on ITP SAFETY FEATURES – A NEGLIGENCE IN INDIAN CARS Incorporating adequate safety features into Indian cars has not always been top of the list of priorities for automobile manufacturers. This state of affairs has arisen partly due to inadequate legislation on the part of the Indian government, and partly because of the reluctance of buyers in the Indian market to pay extra for them. Safety features such as airbags, crumple zones and active breaking systems are all additions that are expected by customers in the European car market. More information on ITP

MORE AND MORE PUBLIC VEHICLE DRIVERS AFFECTED BY POLLUTION Every year in India over half a million people are killed by air pollution. More information on ITP

RISE OF FUEL PRICES LEADS TO TRUCK STRIKE ACROSS THE COUNTRY Not for the first time in recent years Indian truck drivers are threatening a strike across the country because of the recent rise of fuel prices. More information on ITP

ACQUISITION OF LANDS IN INDIA Many industry leaders are involved in inappropriate land acquisition at the cost of the livelihood of the rural poor. More information on ITP

ROAD TAX AT STATE LEVEL – A PROBLEM FOR CITY HOPPERS Registering for road tax at state level in India is a complicated business and can lead to difficulties if all your documents are not in order. More information on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector

INAUGURAL TYREXPO INDIA ATTRACTS DOMESTIC AND GLOBAL ATTENTION The inaugural TyrEXPO India, a three-day exhibition held at the Chennai Trade Centre from July 5 has helped the Indian economy by creating a bridge between local and global traders. Besides helping generate revenues, it proved as a hot bed for new alliances between tyre manufacturers, retreaders, equipment makers, technology experts and rubber producers. More information on ITP


As India continues to try and build a sustainable road and transport networks for the future, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) is expected to play a very vital role in this growth story. It is well known that PPP in the road infrastructure is the largest PPP segment in India till date. The PPP segment in this area has an opportunity to bank more than $25-30 billion over the next five years covering 3.3 million kilometres of road network More information on ITP “GOVERNMENT NEED TO CHANGE ITS ATTITUDE”: S. L. DHINGRA, CHAIR PROFESSOR, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY One even can’t compare the current situation of infrastructure in India to the developed countries. Be it because of the corruption in the system or the complacent attitude of the government, the fact remains that India is way behind several developed countries. Going forward, there is a need to improve on many fronts before we can reach a global standard in terms of road infrastructure in the country. More informations on ITP TAKING THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS A NEW INDIA! Undoubtedly, events like these surely contribute their bit in developing the infrastructural capability of the country but there is still a long-way to go before India stands neck to neck with countries like US, UK and China in terms of road and transport infrastructure. Considering the fact that over $494 billion have already been allocated to improve the quality of infrastructure in the 11th five year plan, increasing PPP in the Indian market is surely a very lucrative opportunity that can be tapped by both the public and private giants in the country. More informations on ITP

ENCOURAGING RESPONSE PROMPTS TYREXPO INDIA TO ANNOUNCE FOLLOW-UP SHOW IN 2013 In its first staging at Chennai, Tyrexpo India 2011 to the surprise and delight of many has heralded past many expectations. A prominent Dubaibased exhibitor ZAFCO, which announced the initiation of its Indian operation hailed TyrExpo as a 'monumental success.' More information on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector

August, 2011

MICHELIN INDIA CURRENT ACTIVITIES French tyre leader Michelin, also the second largest manufacturer of tyres in the world, now has a definitive presence in India. Michelin had made news some time ago when it had announced its plans to expand operations in India with a substantial investment to build a manufacturing plant in Thervoy Kandigai Industrial Park, Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu. More information on ITP

“ROAD TRAFFIC CONGESTION IS THREATENING OUR COUNTRY’S ABILITY TO REACH ITS POTENTIAL” S S ACHARYA,DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR, MOTT MCDONALD We provided comprehensive engineering design services for the new Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) in Delhi. More information on ITP

THE FRENCH GIANT ROARS, ONCE AGAIN! After burning its hands in the Indian passenger car market with the entry-level sedan Logan, Renault has marked its second entry into the highly competitive Indian automotive circuit with the launch of Fluence. After terminating its joint venture with home-grown automobile manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M), the premium mid-size sedan is the first product that the company has solely launched in the country. More information on ITP

METRO RAILWAYS IN INDIA It was the British who first introduced India to a rail based mode of transport. The Calcutta Tramways Company was set up in 1880. More information on ITP

More information on ITP

SCOOTERS INDIA UP FOR SALE! After losing money for years, the Government recently gave a green signal to the disinvestment plan of Scooters India. Notably, the threewheeler manufacturer with the brand Vikram has been recording operational losses since 2002-03 and net losses since 2006-07 before the company was declared sick in March 2009. More information on ITP

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