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Wheelman Readme File March 2009 © 2009 Midway Games Ltd. All rights reserved.

Welcome to Wheelman This Readme file contains updated information as well as troubleshooting informa tion about Wheelman. You can find information on Midway s Customer Support in the printed manual. Contents Contents A. System Requirements B. Getting Help C. Known Configuration Issues D. Known Graphics Issues Graphics Card Drivers and Manufacturers Graphics Card Manufacturers Web Sites E. Known Hardware Issues A. System Requirements Wheelman requires a personal computer with the following minimum system requirem ents: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista 2.0+ GHZ Dual Core Processor 2GB of System RAM NVIDIA 7800GT/ATI Radeon x1800XT Video Card or higher 15 GB of Free Hard Drive Space B. Getting Help You can get help for Wheelman in the following ways: Visit the official Web site for the latest updates and support information: www. For an overview of the game as well as for information about getting started and playing the game, see the printed manual. C. Known Configuration Issues Visit the official Web site for the latest updates and support information: www. Using certain monitor resolutions will result in the game being offset: There ar e a number of monitor resolutions not supported by Wheelman and selecting these will often produce unfavorable results. You should play in the optimal resolutio n for your monitor. Windows Vista Users: We recommend installing the Vista hotfix (http://support.mi which fixes virtual address space usage on Vista. D. Known Graphics Issues Some issues with ATI graphics cards may cause performance drops: To run Wheelman with certain ATI cards, you must install the latest drivers. Go to http://ati.a for the most recently available download. For other issues with ATI graphics cards and Windows Vista (including flickering

tw/en/ Graphics Card Drivers and Manufacturers Be sure that you have installed the latest driver for your graphics Leadtek http://www. Graphics Card Manufacturers Web Sites 3Dlabs http://www. Wh eelman may not properly detect some older graphics cards because their video dri vers are not DirectX 9.3.these hot fixes improve the compatibility and reliability of Windows ATI http://www.amd. Hotfixes for GeForce customers running Windows Vista: Please go to http://suppor t. go to the http://www.) Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation (SiS) AOPEN PNY http://www. Listed below are some common graphics card manufacturer Web Asus http://www.via.jsp VisionTek http://www. you must either install the AMD Processor Driver fo r Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Version (x86 and x64 exe) Guillemot/Hercules http://www.15218_1 I/O Magic http://www.3dlabs. Note that many reference drivers are not supported by the chipset manu Jaton http://www.sis. It can be down loaded from this link or from Windows Update.asus.matrox.. Known Hardware Issues Some issues with AMD processors may cause performance problems: To run Wheelman with certain AMD E. If yo u do not install this driver or the latest driver from the and http://support. or install the latest reference drivers for your graphics card chipset. you may expe rience technical Micro-Star International (MSI) Creative Labs Matrox http://www.16 or get t he latest driver for your brand of processor from the www. Gainward .com/ NVIDIA http://www. Many v ideo issues will be resolved simply by updating your graphics card's drivers.gainward.2. Contact your graphics card manufacturer for updated Canopus http://www.html VIA Technologies http://www.aopen.