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Firstly, we want to explain this project purpose. This study is prepared by Business Administration Department’s students at Hacettepe University. Our project group chooses to analyze a huge technology shopping centre called “Vatan Computer at Söğütözü in Ankara”. We have choosed “Vatan Computer at Söğütözü in Ankara” because of many reasons. If we need briefly demonstrate, we can focus on their growth rate and sales figures. They make very big figures that a company which has been since 2006. In this project we explain the organization’s goals, how they established their mission, vision and principles, which strategy is used, how it formed and updated, what are the organization’s internal weaknesses, strengts and external oportunities and threats (SWOT ANALYSİS), relationship with social environment (such as social responsibility) and their resources, suppliers, sales strategies, consumers, rules, policies that are related whole organization’s activities. In this project, we could try to apply what we learned at the “Organization Theory Course” such as approaches, principles, modern techniques and tools which are related the state of organization. When we analyzed Vatan Computer Söğütözü, we tried to acquire the datas from interview with managers and employees, observation of work conditions, market and article scanning. VATAN COMPUTER Vatan Computer was opened by Hasan Vatan at Taksim-Elmadağ, in 1986, which had been a first computer shop in Turkey. Followingly this first store, chronologically Topkapı-Cevizlibağ Store in 2002, Bostancı Store, İzmir Technology Store and Vatan Computer at Söğütözü in Ankara, in 2006, Adana Seyhan, Bursa, Konya Stores in 2007, Antalya, Kayseri, Batıkent, Bağcılar Stores in 2008, Samsun, Mersin, İzmit Stores in 2010 were opened. Additionally, many notebook shops have been started to service for Turkish people. Today, they have 72000m² total indoor area and over 1900 employees.

some managerial rooms. And the other two floors contain assisted services such as.650 m² areas. When this store was built. we can say our company’s boundary is Ankara surrrounding to coming customers and all of Turkey with their e-commerces. because it covers 18. . technic services. The second part is ecommerce. However. if product can not exist in internet warehouse. He graduated in 2006 Computer Programming from Kocaeli University.7 in Ankara. sales are confirmed from warehouse. He worked at this position eight months. The floors involved with so many technological goods. As you know. near the Bayındır Hospital.street. the system automatically research and transfer the sale which store of Vatan Computer Store which has the most of this product. It is located at across the Armada AVM.VATAN COMPUTER AT SÖĞÜTÖZÜ IN ANKARA Vatan Computer at Söğütözü was founded in December of 2006. parking garages for 120 cars. Every day 2000 customer comes here to buy some technological products and 145 employee gives them service. firstly canalize the sale internet warehouse. he transferred Vatan Computer at Söğütözü in . he was appointed to chief position. it was the biggest technology shop in the work. it falled to the second place in the world. V Cafe. VICE PRESIDENT SELÇUK ÖZDEMİR He was born in1975. dining hall for employees. 28. he has been working a vice president. it’s a common selling technique which means sales to customers in the store.vatanbilgisayar. The store consists of six floors and these floors contain many active and passive areas. So. BOUNDARY We can seperate sales of Vatan Computer at Söğütözü in Ankara into two parts. After that. On the other hand. Japans made a bigger one. their ecommerce system. Therefore. conference rooms. When a customer buys something by www. He worked as a computer salesman and he became a chief assistant and eight monhts later. He started to work HP for three months in 2007. Since then. The four floor of this building is active area or sales area. no. One of these parts is direct selling. If internet warehouse has the product.

. Reach the goals with the best way. To reach a real family atmosphere by improving friendships in order to provide common goals and objectives together. thus they can oversee the “girene fatura” process. It means sell product to consumer who visits the store. They follow a term which is described “girene fatura”. brodest product line and to fulfill the consumer satisfaction at the all of the Turkish people. VISION • • • The store wants to be at the highest position in the sector and market share. They believe that Turkish consumer tends to being had attention. Building doors and security personnel automatically count how many people come to the building. To follow the current innovation and to put into practice in the daily operation. To make constitute of consiousness to consumer.MISSION Vatan Computer aims at providing the most reliable shopping atmosphere with the best prices. To give motivation to employees for increaing the sales and consumer satisfaction. mutual respect and open communication. They want to make higher number of “girene fatura”. so they show a high interest to customers. and. honesty. To make a role social responsibility. To provide good services customers not only the sales process but also the after sales and service process. cooperation as a basis. To accept trust. To behave ethical to consumer and employees. TASK • • • • • • • • • • To provide company’s continuity and grow.

phones.They provides these goods from supplies which are depatmented as notebook. even if it necessitate to take risk. .PRINCIPLES • • • • • • • • • • Always to be initiator. home electronics. OUTPUTS The organization is in the service sector so their outputs are defined as selling the final goods from suppliers to customers. the goal which divided to daily parts and managers makes meetings in order to get the daily goal. To be innovative because of sectors requirements. Furthermore. Performance of employees is being measured by “Tem Danışma Örgütü”. they prefer to appointment from inside personnel. Create high sense of belonging to employees and job satisfaction. PERFORMANCE The goals are setted by the center of Vatan Computer Campany for the Söğütözü store. They call the departmental goals as “reyon hedefi”. Managers divide the goal into the departments and performance is measured by assessing these departemental goals. If they need a new position. To open stores at attainable places. Watch the changes and opportunities for company’s growth. small home goods. Reward personnel when they over target sale. They use another measurement tactic is called secret customers who are charged by organization itself and they control the store in the basis of customer satisfaction. oem. household appliances. store atmosphere and service quality. To minimize inefficient factors such as absenteeism and turnover. pc. digital photo machines. To give attention social responsibilities for our society. Pay sufficient attention to intercorporate trainings. INPUTS The organization use various brands’ technological final goods.

07. Nikon. in order to keep team spirit high. they try to get the newest innovations in market and service it to customers in the best price in order to get goals. Crea. Panasonic. Nokia. Blackberry. Electro World. Benq. Acer. Dell. Turnover ratios are very very small numbers for organization which are about % 0. Samsung. 2.When the daily goals are reached. tecnology is the most changing element in whole market sector in the world and Vatan Computer Söğütözü is a technology hiperstore. Exper. LG. The situation is controlling by cards which are being used when personel check in to organization building. a song called “Vatanımız için” is being played. Vestel. Market sector . External environment Task environment The industry sector Competitors: Media markt. Canon. HP. SonyEricsonn . Raw metarial sector Suppliers:Apple. Best Buy.They are enjoying having niche and the highest market share in IT sector which includes pc. Philips. Moreover. Kodak. Darty.Casio. Casper. Managers say that there is no deviation between the desired output and actual output. Toshiba. The main secret of the company is building the stores near the highway likewise AVMs. Sony. The technology sector Tecnology: Nowadays. Bimeks and Teknosa is the powerfull and international competitors in market. Asus. notebooks because of their competitive advantage. Microsoft. Absenteeism is not a problem for organization.

banks and private investors. Providing right skilled and enough employee curcial point for Söğütözü store. General Environment Government sector Regulations. political processes are of course affect the organization process. needs. it is clear that all environments have a huge impact on organizations. Such as Bimeks. work. To sum up. ethic. Socioculturel sector It addresses demographics situations. making loyal costumers is very difficult task in service sectors. crises are whole around the world. Economic conditions sector Economy: Nowadays. value. In order to survive and grow. Human Resources sector Human resources sector is a key part of environment for all organizations. It affects the entire human. preferences are all affected by costomers economic condition. This sector is a very important part of environment as all profitable association has. .The store has various suppliers so they have very broad scaled diversified products nevertheless they try to specialize in notebooks. belief.Consumers all want is the quality with best price. which are affects the market sector and organization. Söğütözü store has various competitors in sector. Media Markt leads a wild competition in market and this brings a quality and value for organizations which are on the field. savings. Teknosa. Söğütözü store tries the best prices and they take advantafe of diversity in store. So. It means that age. religion. taxes. The lifes desires. loans. Financial resources sector Financial resources sector is made up of stock markets.

Nowadays. supplying the most differentationed goods with at best prices is not enough for costomers. . So their job is all about the technology. Thus. using Daft’s model of environmental complexity. So. we classifed the environment as complex-unstable in fact. they try to promote their own employees for higher managerial positions. not from outside. situtation that richness of suppliers and competition between themselves provides a decreasing the risk of resources dependence. Though. Hence team leaders take initiative about saling on lower price which is provided by other rivals and also they try to obtain the family security which is included in organizations culture.The store has a rich supplier sources. Therefore. In order to reduce this risk. innovation in tecnology and competition brings lower prices. It seems unplesant for organization but infact. Vatan Computer Söğütözü is a technology hyperstore as we said before. a rich environment which has very unstable stucture leads a very high uncertainty. organization sets his target group or consumers as the Turkish people to make clean “We are from these lands. Thus. Moreover. transportation and guarantee.” The organization takes a service for human resources management from outside of the company. all organizations environments getting more complex and unstable by contingency factors. Competition and international competitors cause risks for the store. there is a coorperation with suppliers because here is an interdependance. which includes setup. the economic crises cause tough conditions as we all know. Furthermore. to prevent decreasing on sales ratio and losing customers. to create value on his market. they aim to create and protect loyal customers. the store makes a procedure called after saling process. Although.

the main goal is getting the highest endorsement. bonuscard. Moreover. There is such certain growing trend in market and endorsement for organization. For instance. After that. On the other hand. Teknosa. agreements with banks about extra hire purchase and discounts are also good examples of collabration. In addition to this. organizational desing is mechanististic and efficiency oriented with vertical information linkages. The organization has complex and unstable environment because of the sector they settled in called “technology”. Greatness of store. will win presents. the store wants to keep high voltage communication by their public relations. worldcard. Electro World get in the field. wide scaled diversity in products. the store operated generalist strategies in market in order to survive. We can consider the situation of Söğütözü store on the basis of population ecology. Moreover. who enter the Yapı Kredi Online Banking website. the organization get niche and conduct a market and grew up. So that. Since. big market share .. Of course the most basic way called advertisement is another way to control over the unstablity for market demand and also. people. they control over their environmental domain by marketing techniques rather than OT principles such as positions and deparments or buffering and boundary spanning or differentation. providing guarantee process is could be considered as collabration. axcess makes extra hire purchase and discounts. However. Since. rivals such as Media Markt.

it is a general thrat for all organizations who are in the market. rivaly and power of buyers may lead threats in future time but in fact. Also. written communication between departments are low. An organization has not only machinery in terms of technology. Formalization. Customer direct contact is that influences structure is the need for employees to be close to the customer.On the other hand. Moreover. It includes both employee skill and work procedures too. techniques and activities used to transform organizational inputs into outputs. This situation cause great threat for organization. the structure and design of each of these departments reflect its own service technology. however verbal is high. the staff work on customer-oriented and so they are very cheerful and positive energy. To begin with intangible output. hierarcyh of authority and centralization. the store has hired on employees so well. Because of the organization is in service sector. specialization. tools. They are related to servicing the tecnology. ORGANİZATİONAL STUCTURE We discussed the formal organization stucture in the basis of these four basic structural dinemsion elements. Furthermore. For that. none of the organizations’s works are tangible output. technology service sector getting bigger. Because. This technology has two characteristics which are intangible output and direct contact with customer. TECHNOLOGY Technology includes the knowledge. Technology is crucial for organizations and it influences an organization structure and design. the management is decentralized because the employees have to contact with customers directly. the staff has to own some responsibilities which break the centralization. One distinct feature of service technology. . In this perspective. Thus.and past success and brand name of Vatan Computer provides a huge competitive advantage for organization. especially with foreing invesments. they provide tangible goods but the real job of organization is intangible. The market structure is getting bigger than oligapoly. its technology can be examined just being service technology.

The goals and compaigns are set by center of Vatan Computer. And also there is staff teams (installation. the goal is divided to daily goal by the store. Since.Formalization: The organization that we are discussing is highly formalized as all professional organizations do. Specialization: We consider the degree of specialization is moderate. Whereas. changing leads a chaos for all systems and organizations. people either will have too little information or will spend time processinhg information that is not vital to their tasks. Every productional team have team leader. In the light of these informations. few team task forces. Hierarchy of authority: There is high and vertical hierarchy of authority for organization. An emphasis on efiicenency and control is assciated with specialized task. For instance. pc. warehouse. and centralized decision making which means problems and decisions are funneled to top levels of the hierarchy for resolution. although many stucturein the real world don’t exist in the pure forms in the Daft’s text book. tasks are in form of written documents. Centralization: Decision making proccess is highly centralized. there are temas and tasks to get for them. a hierarchy of authority. dispatching). there is very centralized stucture. household appliances. Reporting process is can be described like this => Team members => Team leaders (chief assistants) => Supervisor of product (chiefs) => Vice managers => General manager. small home goods) and they are expected to get the goals with as whole. organizations get flexible position. organization has teams and horizontal information linkages between them to settle in environment. Hierarchy of authority tends to tall because span of control is norrow for supervizors and managers. So. phones. And. If the structure doesn’t fit the information requirements of organization. Moreover. we can see an efficiency desing. formal reporting systems. Highly formalized and centralized tasks are set by center of firm but the way of getting the goals is set by the store itself. . we all discussed about the contingency factors which means things depend on other things. Every job describtion. thus reducing effectiveness. rules and regulations. In order to reduce risks. policy. costumer service. home electronics. team goals and task are also set by head of the store. technic service. regulation. goals which are set by center of firm are divided into productional teams (notebook. Thus. We are going to see in detailed in organizational chart. oem. digital photo machines. manuals.

they have highly centralized and long vertical hierarchy of authority with both vertical and horizontal information linkage and moderate specialization with more the Söğütözü store. A) PORTER’S COMPETITIVE STRATEGY In this model. A hybrid structure is often preffered over the the functional.and objectives that is interact with competitive environment because of achiving the goals of organization. more efficent.”If the price of any products are selling more cheaper any computer organization than our store and if this cheaper price will cause our . The store retained a funcitonal structure for finance. and human resources depatment. integrated approach to customer service. Each team has a process owner (chiefs) who is responsible for seeing that the teams meet overall objectives.They decided that the horizontal model offered the best chance to gain faster. Thus.strategies are split into four groups and we determined the most convenient dimension is low-cost leadership dimension for the Vatan computer in consequence of our investigation.Vatan Computer has selected the appropriate strategy to achive the goals within the its competitive environment. And the Söğütözü store is exactly doing a hybrid sturcure on a functional structure. horizontal. strategy represents “how the organization reach its goals”.Vatan Computer’s general manager asistant Selçuk Özdemir says that. For instance. or modular stucture because it can provide some of advantages of each and overcome some of the disadvantages.managers select the strategy which is most appropriate for the organization then put in practise.According to low-cost leadership strategy. STRATEGY Strategy is consist of the current set of plans .Like other organizations. strategy and communication. This hybrid structure combines characteristics of funtional and horizontal stuructures.decision. Each of these departments provides services for the entire division.In this part we analyze the strategy of Vatan Computer through the two perspective.First model is “Porter’s competitive Strategy”. divisional.Therefore.and the second is “Miles and Snow’s Strategy Typology”.In other words.organization want increase the market share by emphasizing low cost when compared with competitors. organization use a hybrid stucture that combines characteristics of various approaches tailored to specific strategic needs.

and the external environment.Vatan Computer reflects the all characteristic features of defender dimension.”We strive low cost advertising through low cost campaign.Mr. Vatan Computer to attarct publicity at lots of written and visual media. Thereby. Another point is that Vatan Computer aim at more advertising with lower advertising prise.Vatan computer beat down the price of the said products and prevent the loss of costomer. the reactor and between them most suitable is defender for Vatan Computer.”This evidence shows us low-cost leadership strategy dominates the strategy of Vatan Computer because of avoiding of risk taking and servising low-cost rather than competitors.Selçuk says that. B) MILES AND SNOW’S STARTEGY TYPOLOGY According to this model.”This situation demonstrates that the organization aggresively seeks the efficent facilities rahter than taking risk and seeking new opportunities. organizations strive for a fit amoung internal organization charcteristics. the analyzer. we had the big loopback with this tactic which is not thought formerly by any organization.costumers shopping the other computer organization.The model is based on the idea that managers seek to formulate strategies that will be congruent with the external environment.We don’t want put a risk our sales amount as this issue. . we opened the notebook stand at the Yeşilköy Semt Pazarı in recent times. the defender.For example. strategy.By courtesy of notebook stand.There are four dimensions in this typology: the prospector.

the oragnization is fail.we examine that centralized autority. we can say that hold into current customers is most important thing for Vatan Computer. However.İnternal efficiency.Purcasing.Mr.task culture and existentialist culture and most convenient culture classification is task culture for Vatan Computer.”Therefore we can say that that they want to be effective and risk-taking with sometimes not always. CULTURE In this part we examine the Vatan Computer’s culture according to Charles Handry classification of organization culture.advertising and similar operations are identified by the center of Vatan Computer Campany for the Söğütözü store. high quaility serving and control of serving reliable.role culture.When a deviation occurs at the any depatment it must be documented up to top managers.Organization’s the biggest risk-taking comes true on 2006.If .There are four dimension.Firstly.İnternal efficiency.They make this take risk at the right time.Selçuk explain the organization risk-taking:”Some campaign is a risk actually. satability is also effect the organization’s strategy.According to defender dimension.Personal charecteristics takes role the raising to low from the top.Because they opened the Turkey’s big hyperstore “Söğütözü Vatan Computer” at the perriod of culture. high quaility serving and control of serving reliable. Another important term for Vatan Computer is low overhead which provides efficiency of organization and stability. Defender dimension brings along the close supervision.With respect to task culture.It means decision making is limited to higher autority.Vatan Computer must behave this identified schema and can not have any reaction at these matters.Also jobs is important but another important thing is individual who works these jobs. we can say that hold into current customers is most important thing for Vatan Computer.All supervisors and managers responsible for documentation any trivial or significant error.we must mention Vatan computer’s risk-taking approach. satability is also effect the organization’s strategy.The purpose is earning profits while growing . mission is the most essential thing for task culture and if the mission is incomplete. According to defender dimension.

collaboration are also important factors at the task culture. Thus they want to make “taraftar müşteri” for themselves. Because of personal characteristic.” SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Vatan Computer at Söğütözü on Ankara place special emphasis on social responsibility. Until now they have raised two schools. One of them is “Cemal ve Zekiye Vatan İlköğretim Okulu” the school is in Ardahan with 14 classes. he raise the assitant manager position.All personals get together every campaings and help each other. They make this course periodically on the conference room of building. employees understood they earn the extra prim. collaborations are also important factor at the task culture. because of real family environment.Teamwork. The main purpose of this course introduces people to computer and Vatan Computer.individual employees responsible for a specified level of performance.expertise the own department.employee works hard.For example Vatan Cpmputer’s assistant manager. In addition.Because hierarchy is formed according to expertisement degree not the positions.Managers eveluate the performance of the employees at the end of day and if ring the “Vatan Song” at the store. colloboration and teamwork. One of their things for doing social responsibility is free computer courses. The second and very important social responsibility of our company is raising a school building. They take this social responsibility the same reason of computer courses “importance of education”. Teamwork.became the oraganization a subsupplier firm’s employee. “Hopa Anatolian High School” with 16 classes was made by them.he or she can be raise step by step at he organization’s ability in the works group.We call the this situation “meritocracy”.Sleçuk says that:”Some campaigns are too much exhaustive but i observe wheter or not working all day we always leave the store with smile on our face. RECOMMENDATION . This course contains 80 hours computer and computer application education for 160 participants.Performance is divided into days and employees try to reach the designated goals and the organization promises specified rewards in return. 3.Mr.But in time of.

But still they have a very rigid and hierarchical structure. . It provides them flexible structure in rigid structure. However. • • • The store has clear mission and vision statement. economic conditions. They use their purchasing power to suppliers and buy cheaper product and sell cheaper product. In the same time they should regard advertisements for Increase Company’s market recognition. it may gives them damage to future. That’s the main point that they want to provide in market. If we need to give an example we can focus their parking lot. Their organizational structure is hybrid and it partially change by situation. messy and covered in mud. In view of they are a technology sale company they must be more and more flexible Organization’s physical environment needs some arrangements. and human resources sectors. financial sector and “market”. 4. not a Procyon. Teams tasks and moderate specification makes them more flexible. It reduces company’s quality perception in the first place. This place is ragged. they adopted and controlling their environment with high quality and low cost servicing with high tecnology and enjoying having nice marketing and having the higest market share in IT sector. The organization has an unstable environment in the basis of suppliers.Vatan Computer at Söğütözü in Ankara uses the advantages of the first company on this market. competitors. in order to adopt environment. Since. By this means they are leader in the information technology sector. In the same time they have very big superciliousness. • They have an efficent desing with hybrid sturcture. market. To attain information about company is limited. CONCLUSION • They have coorperations with their suppliers. This changeability increase sales and efficiency. The main idea is two sided making profit. The general and specific (teams and individuals) performances are at desired levels. They must revise this area. They are awareness of their size power to all their stakeholders. They must think just like a simple star. technology. Their internet site is inefficient. both the organization and market. they are doing very well with their efficiency desing.

25. 178. USA.• As we said before. it’s a clear situation. 11. 176. In fact. main goal is getting the highest endorsement. 141. 90. 136. 99. It’s the main impact of contingency factors. 89. but when technology comes to field. 56. We have mentioned about the contingency factors. • Social responsibility is another point where they are good at. 241. Hasan. 91. Bu Vatan İçin Neler Yapmadık Ki? pages. Actually we are seeing no threats from outside but growing such this high speed may cause some connection problems in teams and for whole store. Vatan. 179. 142. 138. 55. http://www. 137. 186. . (Eighth edition). 62. 117. Of course. 63. One more point. 22. That’s the way of contingency factors how effects on organizations. 2010. So they are using a mechanistic desing. 18. this situation comes from. 107. They have right strategy on this market and they are enjoying it. Thomson Southwestern Publishing. They are servicing a good. technology. http://www. online. where organization servicing sector. 157. 26. rivaly and power of buyers may lead threats in future time but in fact. 53. 143. They should enlarge product diversity scale in these departments. 183. • • • The organization has a clear norm and well built culture which helps them to have loyal customers. 361. 250. 65. it is a general threat for all organizations which are in the market. 182. 197. pages. Referances DAFT. Richard L. Organization Theory and 28. situation gets more complex and more. they seem weak on household appliances and small home goods. 185. Vatan Computer. 153. despite the fact that having a complex-unstable environment.

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organizat ional chart general manager vice manager vice manager chief chief chief chief chief chief chief chief chief chief chief chief notebook goods chief chief chief chief assistant of assistant of assistant of assistant of assistant of small home household of chief assistant chief assistant of chief assistant of home appliances electronics chief assistant chief machines phones chief OEM chief chief of digital photo assistant of assistant of assistan assistant of t of P C notebook notebook notebook notebook notebook .