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74,Mahavir Building Compound, Bundharkar Road,Mattunga (C.Rly),Mumbai – 400 019,Maharashtra Ref: VGSS/018/SS/AUG/2011 To, Jai Hanuman Group Mumbai Friday, August 19, 2011

Kind Attn : Mr.Prasad


Dear Sir, We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading security agency in India, whose function is to provide systematic & scientific security solutions as per the various needs of customers differ from region, class, and type industry. Our organization provides dedicated services in Industrial Security, House keeping, VIP Protection, Electronic Security, Security Survey and consultation, armed escort for cash and personal, private investigation and intelligence service. Our executives and staffs provides 24 hours security service with dignity and pride in the field of shopping malls, business parks, Construction Sites, Clubs, Jewellery and security for housing complex. Our company is an approved agency by Govt. of Maharashtra. We have all the statutory requirements. The Cities or regions where we are currently offering our services include • • • • • • • • • Mumbai & Thane District Pune Nasik Delhi & Other Selective Northern Regions Bangalore Chennai Ernakulam Trivandrum Kolkatta


G.Mumbai) : BRIEF OF THE ORGANISATION : Managing Director Brief write up about the Executive Officers: SR. MATUNGA(C.3) .P.Col. Mr. : ESIC REGISTRATION NO.Nair (Indian Navy) REGISTRATION NO. : PAN : EPF CODE 760101859 AACC5753CST001 AACC5753C MH BAN 49444 31-49681-101 99931678628P MUM34591 No.79/07/04/2008 The organization is headed by H/S Lieutenant.NO : LABOR WELFARE CODE NO.Nair GM – Kerala Region 04.Bose Dy. : PROFESSIONAL TAX REG. GM Eastern Region 20 Yrs (Cont…. : 74. : SERVICE TAX REGISTRATION NO. : PSRA (Joint Commissioner of Police & Controlling Authority.R.K. 15Yrs 25 Yrs Qualification Mcom(Finance Management) PGDBM Bsc(Maths) BSc & Diploma in Security Intelligence Lt.S. LTD.Prabhakar GM.Northern Region Col. Name Shajith Maroli Designation Director Experie nce 10Yrs.MAHAVIR BUILDING COMPOUND BUNDHARKAR ROAD.-2COMPANY PROFILE ORGANISATION NAME ADDRESS & TELEPHONE NO : V-GUARD SECURITY SERVICES PVT. 01 02 03.Rly) MUMBAI – 400 019 ' 02232909426 E-mail : info@vguardsecurity. S.

Uttaranchal and Orissa long with personnel from other parts of the country. All legal & and statutory payments would be the responsibility of our company Client Satisfaction A formal monthly evaluation on standards of security services provided for by us would be evaluated. street beggars are in the premises (Cont…. weight and height. We have a set pattern of physical standards like physical fitness. and thus will be valid for a period of 30days only. Period of Contract The period of contract should be for a period of one year. with basic security Training. b) Security staff will maintain visitor’s registers. Personnel are drawn mostly from Maharashtra..-3Security Personnel: We would ensure that the entire employees well trained and wear uniforms in good condition standards as laid down by the client and the industry norms. d) Security staff will ensure that no unauthorized vendors. other terms and conditions will remain unchanged Invoices Invoice shall be raised for the previous month by the 2nd of the current month. it would be the responsibility of the client to reimburse the same within 10 days of receiving the invoice Governing Law The agreement will be governed by the Laws of India & subject to the jurisdiction of courts of Mumbai Termination Clause Either party can terminate this contract by giving one month’s advance notice in writing. Rajasthan. knowledge of Fire Fighting & security equipments like CC T. Those who qualify the physical standards are made to undergo physical training.4) . Madhya Pradesh. Validity of the offer The above commercial proposal has been formulated in keeping with current market rates and trends. renewable on mutual consent. apart from checking the general health. Haryana. If however the decision to finalize the contract exceeds the validity period.V. incoming and outward registers and staff attendance register. the rates submitted would be revised. Metal detector etc. Duties & Responsibilities of Security Staff A) The Security staff will be in proper Uniform.

7000/- Service Tax extra on actual basis(10. In anticipation of receiving an official intimation from your end. Ltd.S.-4- e) Apart from this all security staffs are fully alert on their duty..G.Nair (Mobile:9320003000) . Commercial Terms: Our commercial terms are furnished below RATE SCHEDULE SR . Yours Faithfully. if any suspicious objects found in the premises. For V Guard Security Services Pvt. NO 1 2 • • CATEGORY Security Supervisor Security Guard Rate for 12 Hrs Duty Rs. With the hope you will find our offer most suitable and competitive. For any further clarifications please feel free to call on us. Mr. Awaiting favorable response.3%) Deployment will be within one week after getting work order We trust that you will find our services in line with your requirements.8500/Rs. the same will report to authorities and take actions according to their directions c) Security Guards are not to be used for any private work of the Society Members d) )All members are requested not to give any loan to any guards under any circumstances.

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