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SQL 2008 Installation Procedure

........... .............. 1 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia............ Inc............... 2 Installing SQL Server 2008 ................... 3 Prepared by QualiTest Technologies.......... Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia............. All Rights Reserved.. Inc................................. Installation Procedure Operating System .................... Proprietary and Confidential. Ltda..... 2.......SQL 2008 Table of Contents 1.........

Inc.SQL 2008 Installation Procedure 1. . For 64 bit windows. Inc. the user needs to install the setup file “x86”. Ltda. Proprietary and Confidential. To solve this issue the user need to click on “Run program” on Program Compatibility Assistant window: For 32 bit windows. All Rights Reserved. Operating System Users with Windows 7 may face a compatibility issue while installing SQL 2008. 2 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia. the user needs to install the setup file “x64”. Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia. Prepared by QualiTest Technologies.

3 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia. Installing SQL Server 2008 When the user runs SQL. Inc. it will extract the files: SQL will process the process the operation: On SQL Server Installation Center Window.SQL 2008 Installation Procedure 2. Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia. Ltda. Proprietary and Confidential. All Rights Reserved. Inc. click on “New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation”: Prepared by QualiTest Technologies. .

Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia. Inc. This document describes the installation for Express Edition. Inc.SQL 2008 Installation Procedure Than SQL setup will run the support rules to check if there is any failure before the installation process begins. 4 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia. Prepared by QualiTest Technologies. . it will need to enter the product key. If the user purchased the full release of SQL. Proprietary and Confidential. Ltda. All Rights Reserved. Sometimes it will ask to restart the computer. The product key is not need.

Inc. Inc. Proprietary and Confidential. .SQL 2008 To continue. Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia. All Rights Reserved. tick “I accept the license terms”: Installation Procedure SQL will install the Setup Support Files: Prepared by QualiTest Technologies. 5 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia. Ltda.

the user can check for details on rule’s status. If any of these rules fails. All Rights Reserved. the user needs to select “Add features to an existing instance of SQL Server 2008”: Prepared by QualiTest Technologies. Inc. Ltda. 6 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia. the Setup Support Rules will identify problems that might need occur while installing SQL. Inc. .SQL 2008 Installation Procedure After it finishes installing the support files. Proprietary and Confidential. Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia. When the user first install SQL. To add features. it needs to select the option “Perform a new installation of SQL Server 2008”.

SQL will ask you to select an account for Service Accounts. Proprietary and Confidential.11.112. Inc. We suggest the user to use the following instance name if possible “SQLSVR08R264_Machine_Name” or “SQLSVR08R264_Machine_IP” For the IP just use the number ( Excluding DOTS) 119. On Account Name field. always select “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”. All Rights Reserved.SQL 2008 Installation Procedure At this step the user needs to create a new NAMED INSTANCE. After it finishes click in “Next”: On Server Configuration. Ltda. SQL Setup will check the disk space requirements. . Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia.111 as 11911211111 The instance name will be used as a reference for any database connections. Prepared by QualiTest Technologies. Inc. 7 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia.

8 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia. select the option “Mixed Mode (SQL Server authentication and Windows Authentication”. Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ltda.SQL 2008 Installation Procedure On Collation tab. Proprietary and Confidential. at Account Provisioning tab. Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia. On Database Engine Configuration. For the Password. make sure that SQL_Latin1 is selected. . Click in Next to proceed. click on customize and select it. type Gladiator1234! Prepared by QualiTest Technologies. Inc. If it isn’t.

it needs to select the available options but that is optional.SQL 2008 Installation Procedure On Specify SQL Server administrations field. the user can check for further information by clicking in “Help”. Inc. Inc. 9 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia. If the user wants to report error and usage reports. All Rights Reserved. If any rule fails. Ltda. Click in “Next” to proceed: Than SQL setup will run the installation rules to determine if the installation process will be blocked. . Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia. Prepared by QualiTest Technologies. Proprietary and Confidential. click on “Add Current User” button and click in Next.

Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia. Inc. Click in “Install”: The installation process will be showed: Prepared by QualiTest Technologies. 10 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia. Proprietary and Confidential. Ltda. All Rights Reserved.SQL 2008 If all of them Pass. Inc. click in “Next”: Installation Procedure SQL setup will show the features that are going to be installed. .

11 1/29/11 QualiTest Tecnologia. Proprietary and Confidential. Inc. Copyright QUALITEST Tecnologia. .SQL 2008 Installation Procedure When the installation process finishes. Ltda. it will show the successfully message window: Prepared by QualiTest Technologies. Inc. All Rights Reserved.