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by David Arthur Walters Edna Jane Favreau, disabled by her former husband¶s violence including head banging and strangulation in a vicious assault and battery and attempted murder for which he got a slap on the wrist from the criminal court, was duly re-victimized by several judges and lawyers in Brevard County¶s civil court, including by her own lawyers, who took her cash and sold her marital property interests out at the behest of her former husband¶s so-called Rambo or bomber lawyer, the late Henri Martocci, who has been otherwise characterized as a ³hell on wheels´ lawyer. We do not regret criticizing a dead man¶s misconduct here, for we believe the deceased shall do the living a great deal of good from beyond the grave if his misconduct is examined as exemplary of the deplorable current behavior of many lawyers unduly tolerated by their respective judicial systems, judiciaries careful to promulgate their self-derived, inherent power to discipline their own kind without interference from the executive and legislative branches, not to mention The People, who are increasingly betrayed by all three, colluding branches of the ruling elite¶s, lawyer-run government. Several persons complained about Martocci¶s egregious conduct to The Florida Bar, which is an integral part of the Florida Supreme Court, an integrated bar with a colossal conflict of interest inasmuch as it not only licenses and disciplines attorneys but also represents their political and economic interests; especially the overriding interests of powerful, influential law firms, on which no files are kept because they are unregulated or not subject to discipline because, as Florida Director of Lawyer Regulation Kenneth Marvin explained it in email on October 16, 2009, when questioned about Greenberg Traurig in regards to its role in Allen Stanford¶s massive fraud: only individual lawyers are licensed. Therefore it appears that the Bar cannot or will not answer any inquiries that if answered might suggest that attorney misconduct is motivated or perpetuated by the organized, narcissistic submergence of individual consciences in powerful law firms or pools. Greenberg Traurig, by the way, has represented The Florida Bar. We The People are supposed to trust lawyers to discipline themselves, yet we have seen the trust broken in Florida, where some of the most trusted and powerful lawyers in the state have been

exposed as malignant fraudsters. To wit, the Florida Bar was sleeping at the bar, ignoring the worst albeit most trusted miscreants, although it did disbar a number of small practitioners after they were caught stealing clients¶ money. Henri Martocci was a large, intimidating man, but he was a small fry not associated with a big firm; still, he managed to do a lot of damage with his slash-and-burn tactics, and his success was due in part to an informal pooling of local interests that the Florida Bar could have detected via simple database analyses. But alas, the Bar is interested only in individual attorneys, one at a time, and not in the conspiracy that has silently subjugated the entire population to a ravenous professional monopoly bound by its political-economic nature to advance the vested interests of the wealthy elite to the detriment of the less fortunate²notwithstanding many outstanding exceptions for which lawyers deserve praise, the law is what rich people do and poor people suffer. The Florida Supreme Court¶s opinion on one of the complaints brought to the Florida Bar against Martocci, an opinion occasionally cited throughout the United States, made a distinction between unprofessional and unethical conduct. The matter at hand appertained to a spat between two attorneys, one of them being Martocci. In what has been called The A-hole and F--- You Case, or The Florida Bar v Martocci (699 So.2nd 1357), the Court deplored the childish and demeaning public conduct of both attorneys, the sort of unprofessional albeit not unethical conduct that occurs all too often in the profession. Why, the affair shamed the Bar, said the Court, therefore the Court decided to publish its finding in the case to shame the lawyer even though it approved of the Referee¶s not guilty recommendation. ³The court commends The Florida Bar for bringing this type of case as a necessary part of regulating our profession. While the court cannot condone the actions of Mr. Martocci in this case, while reviewing the totality of the circumstances including, but not limited to, the personal circumstances of the Respondent at the time of the alleged actions, the health of the Respondent including his physical and mental health, and, most importantly, the conduct of opposing counsel in this case, the Referee finds that it has not been proven by clear and convincing evidence that the conduct rises to the level of a violation of Rule 4-8.4 (c) and 4-8.4 (d)«. No discipline is recommended against the respondent.´ For shame. And no discipline was imposed in a complaint that Jane filed against Martocci in 1998, Case No. 1999-30139. The grievance committee, citing the distinction between ethical and professional behavior made in 699 So.2nd 1357, found no cause to discipline Martocci, but gave him a letter of advice instead: ³You are strongly advised to tread carefully when dealing with unrepresented parties. Your antics herein were clearly designed to intimidate and harass the complainant and if taken further could have lead to a finding of probable cause. Your action in this matter, although not clearly unethical, put all attorneys and the legal profession in a negative light in the public¶s perception and were not in line with your oath of admission to abstain from all offensive personality.´ For shame. Martocci himself did not get away with citing his own case (699 So.2nd 1357) when defending himself in Florida Bar Cases 1998-32,033(18B) and 1998-32,145(18B), involving a dissolution of marriage case in which he represented Francis Berger. Martocci had made disparaging and humiliating remarks to Florence Berger and her attorney Diana Figueroa. Witnesses said he called Mrs. Berger a ³nut case,´ made facial gestures and stuck out his tongue at her; berated her attorney, saying she did not know the rules of procedure nor the law, that she was ³stupid´ , an

³idiot´, a ³bush leaguer´ who should ³go back to Puerto Rico,´ advised her that depositions are not conducted under ³girl¶s rules´, grabbed a telephone from her hand, calling her a ³bitch´; called her father (Mr. Patton) the ³father of that nut case´, threatening him physically by getting in his face and screaming at him, a confrontation that only ended when broken up by a Bailiff. Ms. Figueroa had tried to intervene, but Martocci ordered her ³to go back to Puerto Rico.´ There were previous disciplinary complaints against Martocci, but the referee said that previous disciplinary cases against him had not been taken into consideration in making the recommendation for discipline in this. Martocci admitted that he had ³lost control´ but he said he would not get off the cases ³no matter what,´ the very cases that he should have gotten out of before the problems before things escalated, problems he did not seem to know he had. His threatening and disparaging behavior was unethical and prejudicial to the administration of justice. However, the referee noted that Martocci had a reputation as an able lawyer, and since there were no prior disciplinary measures or convictions²despite previous complaints brought²he recommended a reprimand and two years probation along with mental health sessions and anger management courses. The Supreme Court handed out a public reprimand and two year¶s probation, another wrist-slap. For shame. I contacted Florence Patton and asked her if she wished that she had hired Henry John Martocci, given that he was hell on wheels whose scorched earth policy might have won her case, and that his colleagues had testified to his integrity or utter devotion to clients. She considered the question an insult, and contradicted the notion of his integrity. ³Are you kidding? Martocci was gross and arrogant. He would yell anywhere in the courthouse or parking lot words like µf--king lunatic,¶ with slobber running out of his mouth. He was disgusting, rude, vulgar, would talk to or about women about sex. He had no morals. His personality made him appear much uglier than he was. Anyway, court would not be an option knowing what I know. I hate to tell you what path I would have taken if I had known then what I know now. They have pretty much taken my children and my life.´ She said that her lawyer, Diana Figueroa, told her that her case, which was won on appeal but ignored by the Brevard court below presided over by a Martocci crony, had made her famous and brought her more clients. Ms. Patton is currently writing a book about her trials and tribulations within the Brevard County court system, the Department of Child Services, and the local Salvation Army domestic violence center wherein Martocci played a leading role. She describes the persons involved as ³The Ring,´ as if they were racketeers. The self-serving disciplinary farce is obvious to anyone who senses injustice²Zeus recommended to the ancient Greeks that anyone without a sense of justice be executed or banished²but not so obvious to the lawyer trained in the Sophist Method of American law schools. No doubt many complaints filed against Martocci were destroyed pursuant to the Florida Supreme Court¶s retention policy, which mandates that its disciplinary arm destroy disciplinary files where no guilt is found, ostensibly to protect innocent attorneys, but in our opinion also to cover up the Florida Bar¶s negligence and corruption and to conceal patterns of misconduct that would be apparent with the retention of all consumer complaints. We cannot state that as a matter of fact because the Supreme Court of Florida has its strong arm destroy the facts, the very last thing an innocent institution would do unless protected by the inherent powers of the court when it comes to its own misconduct.


In any case, Martocci was allowed to continue with his scorched earth policy for a long time, leaving countless victims in his wake. Certain Brevard County judges and lawyers either winked or joked about comrade Martocci¶s unprofessional and unethical behavior, and blocked Jane¶s access to justice, violating her right to due process, and eventually stripped her of her hardearned property, leaving her an impoverished disabled, toothless old lady to defend herself without benefit of legal counsel. She did her best despite her disability and lack of professional training to educate the judges about the rules and laws they never read or failed to follow, but her efforts fell on deaf ears for the most part. A judge, for appearances¶ sake, order Martocci to stop abusing Jane, and one judge even imposed a small fine, but the abuse continued and the judges overlooked it. The courts finally determined that any of her further pleas and appeals must be shredded unread; she was ordered to shut up unless represented by counsel denied to her. Yet still today, after many years have passed and recovery rendered hopeless, she will not abandon her cause, which is, unfortunately, the cause of thousands of impoverished women left to fend for themselves in conservative backwater courthouses. Some of the judges therein are blessed by the attorneys they have served, and are elevated to high positions in the state judiciary. Now the reader will find below quotes from a brief and an affidavit Jane filed with the court a dozen years ago during her desperate effort to gain justice and the recovery of her property²she alleged that the lawyers and judges resorted to ³tricks´ of the trade and perpetrated a ³fraud on the court´ that finally left her hard-earned property, her life¶s savings, in the hands of her former husband¶s new wife after he died. Please be patient while reading Jane¶s prolix and somewhat redundant affidavit, and get a sense of the panicked state of mind she must have been in while witnessing and writing about another abused woman being victimized by an officer of the court. Also keep in mind that she suffers organic damage from her former husband¶s abuse, due to a lack of oxygen supply to the brain while being strangled, and that she has been diagnosed with abductor spasmodic dysphonia, a symptom in her case being a tendency to hypergraphia, i.e. it is difficult for her to speak but she can write up a storm. In their book Hysteria or Pithiatism, published in 1918 by the University of London Press as a Military Medical Manual, neurologists Joseph Babinski and Jules Froment, concerned with the problems military surgeons faced in the Great War, discussed the etiology of such phenomena as ³shell shock´ and ³combat hysteria.´ Of particular interest was their observation that hysterical phenomena may be caused by ³suggestion,´ hence a new term, ³pythiatism,´ was coined from the Greek words meaning ³I persuade´ and ³curable.´ The new tag suggested that symptoms could be caused and eliminated by the influence of suggestion, to differentiate it from the usual view of hysterical behavior, that it involved the ³natural´ activity of the organs not influenced by mere talk. In other words, hysterical behavior might be psychogenic, something a psychologist might address rather than a medical doctor, although a psychiatrist might be a better choice. In those days, the syndrome Jane suffers from would be called ³hysterical mutism.´ We learn from the Military Manual that, when showing a woman suffering from hysterical mutism at one of his Tuesday lectures, neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot identified the hysterical mutism syndrome as follows: "Not only has it become impossible for her to articulate a single word in a loud or a low voice, but she is even incapable, in spite of all her efforts, of emitting any laryngeal sound or noise whatever. It is true that she will still have a means of communicating with us by

an intelligent pantomime, or what is still better by writing, for although there is an absolute motor aphasia, the faculty of expressing herself by writing has, in striking contrast, remained perfectly unaffected, as you will see in a moment.´ Now in Jane¶s case, the ability to write is more than unaffected; it is enhanced, overcompensating for her speech impairment. Nowadays, the cause of her unusual behavior might be attributed to an abnormality in the brain rather than a psychological dysfunction, something that Babinski was careful not to completely discount. Add Judicial Abuse Syndrome, a newly recognized post-traumatic stress disorder induced by experiences with the judiciary, to the mix, and we shall better understand Jane¶s shell shock and combat hysteria, and then give credence to ³the method of the madness´ that is not incoherent after all but is rather a redundant expression of the truth about an abusive judicial inquisition that would make anyone mad if subjected to it.

³Many judges do not read or follow the rules requiring them to admonish attorneys for unprofessional behavior and turn them into the Florida Bar for ethical violations. Lawyer conduct that is unprofessional and uncivil must be turned into the proper authorities. No one should have to deal with ruthless situations which only display lawyers' ignorance of the rules or their mean-spiritedness, or both. For instance, a citizen of the United States should not have to tell a judge to sanction counsel if he sees him throwing documents at someone, and tell him that if the offensive behavior persists, he will recess the hearing until assured the lawyer can act a like grownup, or admonish counsel that name-calling and comments about the opposition's personal appearance will not be tolerated² the judge should sanction the attorneys right then and right there when that kind of thing happens. And a lawyer¶s scorched earth policy, being equivalent to burning homes and leaving residents nothing for survival, which is what happened to me in Brevard County courts, should be severely dealt with by the court.´ ³[Martocci] completely did gross and egregious misleading [things] to the court about issues to trick the court and the judge into signing Orders and documents that are unlawful« The attorney (see case SC95,315 of the Florida Supreme Court) has been found guilty«of doing things that was prejudicial to the administration of justice under the Rule 4-.8.4(d) i.e., obstructing justice. ³[My] case is about attorney misconduct and misrepresentation and has been for a long time! The 5th DCA does not want to address these things, and I don¶t exactly blame them for it is convoluted and it is egregious. ³But now that the Supreme Court has made their ruling on whether the attorney (Martocci) has a pattern of misconduct and misrepresentation, it is past time to look at my case in a light that is fair without convoluted and fraudulent matters on the case. Said attorney was found guilty. See page 6 of the Supreme Court of Florida¶s Order, in Case SC95-315... ³Under F.S. 960.05 [the statute provides rights to crime victims] it would seem that something needs addressed about the Affidavit of witness to the µMartocci Commotion and Mayhem¶ just outside the judge¶s chambers and in the court hallway on May 23, 2001, just after the Hon. Judge Torpy told the attorney, Mr. Martocci, that nothing would be changed in his visitation Orders

that day, and gave Ms. Paton indication that it looked like her former husband might be in violation of his court orders for not allowing her children to visit their Mother on ³Mothers Day´ and the week end before, at the hearing where Ms. Paton ³Noticed the Court´ in her affidavit that basically said attorney (Martocci) has been engaging in a pattern of misconduct, and that he was lying to and misleading the court about her children and herself and that both Mr. Martocci and his client is continuing to obstruct justice in her case, and in so doing these types of things that are completely contrary to the law, e.g. telling his client to disobey the court Orders about her visitation that was court ordered being misconduct. I heard attorney Mr. Martocci announce that he told his client to just ³disobey´ those court orders about the visitations more than once.´

³Affidavit of witness to the ³Martocci´ commotion and mayhem just outside the judge¶s chambers and in the court hallway on May 23, 2001´ ³The following is what I saw happen and heard just after it was suggested to Ms. Paton by said attorney to stay and set a date for the next hearing to finish with the examination of the witness Ellen Paul from the Salvation Army staff. ³I was in the first hallway just outside the judge¶s chambers with the door open, after holding the door open to let Mr. Berger and his girlfriend go by me« As they left that hallway while going into the next hallway, I turned back to look for Ms. Paton and then I saw Mr. Martocci get up in the little woman¶s (Ms. Paton) face, very close up, and say very loudly, µYou will tell me, now, who the witness will be!!!¶ Also her daughters were being yelled at by Mr. Martocci then² they were beside Ms. Paton²and the young ladies were trying to get their mom out of the room«. They were beside her and were trying to escort Ms. Paton outside away from the bombastic mayhem that was taking place, and it looked like the attorney was getting up in their faces also. ³It appeared to me Mr. Martocci was out of control, and he kept repeating to Ms. Paton, in a loud voice, ³You will tell me now!´ in an awful loud and intimidating manner, as is his usual egregious gross, overbearing manner. But soon it became clear it was not just ridiculous and silly the way he was yelling. It went from silly to being obnoxious and mean for him to get up in her face. This ruthless behavior was meant to do damage to the already shaking little lady, who is a victim of the crime of domestic violence that has PTSD and panic attacks«. ³At first one is inclined to laugh at the silly way the attorney tries to push people around in the courthouse, here towering over the young ladies and also over Ms. Paton and shaking his finger in her face real close up, as if he was trying real hard to get power and control of things through intimidation tactics. But this is what is known in the court as Bomber Tactics«. And all this was done in front of the office personnel that are in the area of the outer office. Remember, they were asking the JA to the judge for a time to finish the hearing of May 23, 2001. One does have to wonder why the judge could not take time to finish the testimony in the best interest of the children. ³However, Ms. Paton, as calmly as she could under the stressfulness of the circumstances, said to Mr. Martocci that she would let him know as soon as she could. He then he got up even closer

to her face, which is petite compared to his large face. Hers is quite small and he is very tall/large compared to her size of 5ft. 1½ in. ³Attorney was behaving like a terrorist right out of the movies, just like in an Arnold Schwarzenegger film, and it clearly seemed he meant to do harm to this lady. Her funds have run out and so did her attorneys run out on her.... Mr. Martocci has churned the case and nothing is settled that would make it in the best interest of the children. He clearly seemed to be trying to intimidate her with the Bomber Tactics the Florida Bar articles talk about in their Florida Bar Journal. ³Next, as Ms. Paton¶s daughters tried to escort her out of the judge¶s outer room, Mr. Martocci kept following her very close behind. He just kept on talking and talking and would not stop. We tried to let him by so we could wait till he left the area but instead of going by he just stopped and would not pass on, while still talking in a mean-spirited voice all the time. ³This attorney truly has a pattern so he knows he is doing harm and damage. He was following us as a ³stalker´ follows someone. If the attorney would have been in accordance with his professional rules of conduct (and not being rude and disrespectful of the opposing side¶s rights the result would have been different on that day. But instead he has a goal of injuring and damaging people (especially victims of abuse who shake) instead he turns things into a painful situation. If only he would have let us leave the area alone and dropped back while we were going down the long hallway but instead he was breathing down our necks saying things about the Berger case and about my case. I had not spoken to him at all. Nor had I said his name. I just kept looking forward and walking forward. ³Next thing I knew he was calling out my name loudly and asking me if I remembered something about how he had been able to see to it that I did not get anything from my former husband in my case and laughed, as in letting me know it was because he was able to stop me from getting anything. I never looked back and I did not respond to him but he kept on loudly saying my name out in the courthouse hallway; not wanting to respond to him, I just ignored him. I was facing the elevators and still never looked back, but when I stopped to try and get him to go on ahead again, he then came up to me and directly got in my face saying disparaging things in a threatening manner while trying to get me to answer him, and he asked me more questions, trying to intimidate me as he started frothing at the mouth. ³And I did not listen to what he was saying. I just kept my back against the wall trying to get him to go on by, and I said these words: µMr. Martocci, you know very well the judge made out an Order for me that says [you] are not supposed to belittle me and that [you] are not to get up in my face and say things to me.¶ ³I stopped to let him by but he would not go by. I wanted him to leave me alone and I told him again to leave me alone. I became aware things were urgent when [Martocci] started frothing at the mouth. No victim should be put through all this. It is not what the law book says is supposed to be going on if a woman is a victim of spouse abuse and battery. The Brevard Court ³system´ personnel need more training on what to do to look after the victims here. I told the judge [about the events described here] but he did not do anything.


³After that he just got louder and louder and we tried to move towards the elevator because it was plain to see he was not going to leave us alone. It felt like he was trying to stay behind us, and that he was trying to herd us on the elevator like he did to Ms. Paton and her attorney in 1998. See SC95-315 where he was found guilty of misconduct. ³I simply would not be able be on an elevator with the attorney that is out of control of himself so badly. I just could not ever get on the same elevator with [Martocci] so I stood over by the wall and shut my eyes, and I remember thinking, µthis is a nightmare,¶ but I could still hear what was going on and the loud yelling by [Martocci] did not stop even after he got on the elevator. When the Bailiff got there I got behind the Bailiff and I peeked around to see if the attorney was going to leave the area. ³Just before the Bailiffs¶ got there, Mr. Martocci had walked over to the stairway door where his client, Mr. Berger, was with his new girlfriend (I don¶t remember her name), and also by the stairs¶ door was Mr. Martocci¶s secretary. ³I just could not stand it anymore, and I began to panic, and I called for a Bailiff and started looking for a Bailiff. I said, µWhere is the Bailiff? We need a Bailiff.¶ I noticed that the receptionist in the front hall, beside the elevator, was on the phone and seemed to be calling for a Bailiff, for she was all bent over under her desk as if she was trying to say something to the person on the other end so they could hear her over the loudness of the attorneys yelling and all the noise that was going on in the hallway. [Martocci] was acting like a school yard bully, yelling at everyone in sight. ³As we went to go on the elevators, Mr. Martocci moved over to his client and was over by the stairs, and he looked like he wanted to use the stairs, and it looked like Mr. Berger wanted Mr. Martocci to go down that way with him, but Mr. Martocci loudly said µNo! I¶m not going that way. I¶m going to use the elevator! And he said it in a mean-spirited way. And he moved back over to where we were, so we all scattered back down the hallway from where we had came. ³Next thing I knew there was two Bailiffs, and then a third one came. When the Bailiffs appeared, Mr. Martocci¶s secretary immediately said to Mr. Martocci: µMr. Martocci get on the elevator!¶ And she was able to get him to go because the Bailiffs were there by that time. ³But just as Mr. Martocci was about to go down in the elevator and the doors were closing he yelled out²it was really, really loud²µI¶m going to bust her ass!´ And Ms. Paton seemed very upset at all this. She is a petite lady and we could [Martocci] was yelling at the little lady just to intimidate, frighten, and harass her. The attorney should know by now he can¶t hold his temper, and he should not get up in people¶s faces and try to make them do things, like tell him something µright now¶. Ms. Paton tried to stay calm but it was easy to see he had done her damage emotionally. She later went to the injunction office and they told her to come back tomorrow. ³Ms. Paton was shaking when she left the courthouse, escorted by a Bailiff, and did not return to her work for quite some time after that. About dark I stopped by on my way home a few hours later and she was still not at work yet.


³I still have that Order where Mr. Martocci was Ordered not to berate me or yell at me or get up in my face or intimidate me in any way²see µBomber Tactics¶ with a copy of the judge¶s Order to have him sanctioned for disobeying those same judge¶s orders. This is a constant thing with this attorney, and with the new attorney. ³I still panic and shake when I must to go to court. ³It seems very evident he does it on purpose, intentionally to intimidate victims and especially victims of spouse abuse, just as he did the same thing to me at my hearings also. ³One would only have to look at the records in the court to prove all this is true. In Florida Supreme Court case 88,180, he says he [would] µget that woman if it¶s the last thing I do.¶ ³And on the transcript of Florida Supreme Court case 95,315, he even tells in so many words that he does not think it is so bad to belittle or say mean degrading things to women, with words like µHenhouse S - - -µ ³And it is no secret that he uses the µB - - - -µword a lot when addressing women. He even called me µcrazy¶ at a deposition, in front of an officer of the court, and while he was under Oath he denied doing that. Mr. Martocci has many times used disparaging words when calling out my name in the courthouse hallways. He is verbally abusive and uses sexist, words and ethnic insults and unethical behavior designed to belittle and humiliate women, especially victims of abuse. ³And yes there is proof of what I am saying. And there was even a witness to the above. It is on a video tape and was sent once to the Orlando [office of the Florida Bar], but the local friends or buddies looked the other way and let him off. And when the same video tape was sent to the [headquarters of] the Florida Bar in Tallahassee, it went missing, [it] µgot lost¶ according to Florida Bar member Ms. [Kathy Lee] Kilpatrick [Chief Disciplinary Counsel about whom several complaints had been made. For example, see Larson v The Florida Bar, SC02-1598, wherein it was averred that she employed a standard Florida Bar ploy to get rid of a complaint against an attorney: dismissing a complaint by stating it was just a fee dispute not subject to disciplinary action.] ³In Orlando, Ms. Robin Martin, secretary to Ms. Brown-Lewis, told me she could plainly hear [that] the attorney had said I was µcrazy,¶ but the attorneys there just let it go; the local guys just fluffed it off and let him off. After that the video was sent to the Tallahassee Bar but they said they µlost¶ the video. Ms. Kilpatrick wrote me a letter. ³It then became very apparent to me the people at the Bar don¶t want to allow a pro se [selfrepresented litigant] to bring anything to their attention. So what is the use? I only send this affidavit to tell what I know about what went on in the hallway and outer room by the judge¶s chambers on May 23, 2001, for it more than seems clear that the Florida Bar will never look at my case against this Ruthless unethical attorney breaking many of their rules. Does anyone read the victims¶ rights laws in Florida or the ADA laws? ³Next we were going to get on the elevator because the attorney was over by the stairs but all of a sudden the attorney (Mr. Martocci) started yelling again that µNO,¶ he was not going to

take the stairs, but that he was going to take the elevator, at which time we all moved away from the elevator ( I was in great fear that I would be herded onto the elevator, so I moved away from the elevator, to the area back down the hall way from where we had just come from, and just then the Bailiffs came in, just in time to hear Mr. Martocci yelling he was going to µbust her ass.¶ And I do mean he was yelling. Yelling loudly! ³I moved over behind the lady Bailiff and waited for the elevator to go down. This was an awful thing to have happen. ³Officers of the court are not supposed to do this. My Order from Judge Jackson clearly told the attorney he was not to get up in my face. My medical doctors have noticed the court many times of my medical impairments and disabilities. I am a disabled person and in a protected class and none of that mayhem should have been allowed to go on to a disabled person. See ADA title II and III. ³Mr. Martocci seemed to be upset with the judge for not signing Orders to deny Ms. Paton¶s visitations with her young children. And he seemed also to be upset because he knows his 5th DCA appeal in this case does not have the law on his side. He prolongs cases just to make more money or to be vindictive to the opposing sides. ³The Bailiffs said this is just something Mr. Martocci does all the time! And, ³Oh, he¶s just being Martocci,¶ as if to say that he is a badly spoiled little boy throwing another of his special tantrum in the courthouse and he has been doing this for so long... that no one pays any attention to him doing this bad stuff anymore... like saying he is just doing a µman thing.¶ And giving the impression that a woman should just let it go, because it was just µol Mr. Martocci acting up again. ³Well it is not in any way a fair thing (it is pathetic) and to a person in trauma or a person who has panic attacks it is clearly damaging when he gets up in their faces and yells while shaking his finger in their face. And it did look to me like his victims this time were having a hard time understanding what in the world was going on. At that time Ms. Paton and her grown daughters looked very afraid and distressed because the attorney was getting so close to them and yelling out things at them. ³And I know for sure it makes me afraid and distressed me and makes me unable to think clearly or sleep. And that it upsets my stomach for him to get up in my face again. Over and over I have heard him say to the judges, in a little boy voice: µYou¶re right, your Honor, I should not have lost my temper. Always the judge just lets it go, and then the attorney smiles and winks at his client as soon as the judge turns his head the other way. ³This same thing happened in my case too and I saw it with my own eyes and I can assure you it is a pattern with the attorney and that is meant to do damage and harm and that it is intentional. That is what his referee judge [in a disciplinary case] said also. ³And at my trial you can hear (on the reporters tapes) the judge say the following right out to him: µMr. Martocci, I have again caught you misrepresenting things to this court«.¶ But did the judge do anything? No he did not do a thing, except to pretend to fuss at him after he had the jury removed out of the room. To me the judge would say things like, µOh! don¶t be so sensitive,¶
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when I asked him if he would stop the attorney from making loud noises trying to distract me. This is just one of his tactics he tries to use, although the laws show the judge is supposed to turn in the wrong doings along with the misconduct to the proper authorities. The judge failed in his duty of care ! ³In fact the judge later (in my trial) started µjoking¶ with the attorney and they both told the jury, with a note, that a jury could not ask for an investigation into where my assets actually were. That was just after the attorney told the judge to tell the jury it was none of their business where my assets actually were. I told the truth and offered proof, but the judge allowed Mr. Martocci to unlawfully block that evidence by telling the judge lies. It is all in the transcripts. ³And the fact is that my former husband still has them but he said he did not while under Oath. I tried to give the judge the proof but the judge refused to go by the state law and allowed Mr. Martocci to mislead the court again. And the truth is [my] former husband with the help of this attorney and some of the judges¶ assistants did fraud upon the court and mislead the court and indeed the assets are left in limbo to this day [she eventually would lose most of them to her former husband¶s new wife]. ³This kind of thing, of degrading, blocking access to justice, denial of due process, and all the belittling of poor disabled women, is a pattern here and it is indeed local custom here even though the laws of the land say discriminating is against is against the laws. ³I have watched Mr. Martocci talk about inappropriate things at depositions when victims of spouse abuse are present. To hear him belittle and berate women is awful to have to sit through. See the attached Deposition, showing that nothing at all was accomplished at the deposition because Mr. Martocci intentionally wasted the time and money of the victim of spouse abuse and just ruined the deposition with dumb things. If you don¶t believe me, then really read the whole thing, and think about what should have gone on in that day¶s deposition! And see what actually did go on in the deposition. ³And because he yells, µI¶ll get that µwoman¶ if it¶s the last thing I do,¶ that should give cause for the Bar to take notice that this attorney is obstructing justice in his cases by always confusing issues and making mayhem and churning cases from 1992 that still have not been finished. ³Now the question is will they look at this? Or will they again say this is a pro se (too poor to hire an attorney) after my first five (5) attorneys drained all my assets and abandoned me (the first attorney abandoned me before pre-trial without notice or a hearing) now I wonder? Will this also just get filed in the waste basket and never looked at by the Florida Bar like the video? ³Or will it be µlost¶ just as they µlost¶ the last video of the attorney being put under Oath swearing to the judge he did not say what he said? ³Please take note that document 177 of case no. 96-9544 CA clearly shows that even the local judge found attorney Martocci guilty of misleading the court and sanctioned him after he looked at that same video tape where the attorney said the disparaging, bartering and egregiously false things under Oath.

~ 11 ~

³But the many judges and other Officers of the court just keep on allowing all the misleading and misconduct to just be ignored, just like some parents just ignore their ³little spoiled brat´ they have, just because it¶s more trouble to correct him than it is to just ignore him. And the officers of the court here take the attitude of, µwho cares if a bunch of women get harmed or are damaged in all this bad misconduct and mayhem?¶ done by the attorney with the help of the other officers of the court. And their intentional neglect of duty shows clear [and] callous disregard for poor pro se women here in Brevard Countt. See 42 USC § 1983: µIn Civil action for deprivation of rights every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress if done with reckless indifference etc...¶ ³The perpetrators are allowed to continue to harass innocent victims and citizens by prosecute or unlawful act upon some perjury, lies, misstated facts and deliberate refusal to apply all rights and laws with total disregard for the truth and justice. All of this is done and carried out under µColor Of Law And Justice.¶ [Martocci] knows he is on probation, yet he engages in a campaign to deny due process to women and especially pro se women in the courts. ³Citizens are being robbed and betrayed while suffering and experiencing great losses. Lives are being destroyed by these unlawful individuals with high influential and knowledgeable expertise of the law. And the trusting citizens become the victims of these gross and deliberate violations which is clearly due to not enough training with limited and/or no knowledge of the law, which the legal system uses to shield themselves. In addition to the trust and confidence wrongly and sadly placed in these high priced counsel it is the citizens who end up damaged. ³The following cases show there seems to be a pattern of Mr. Martocci obstructing justice and of churning the cases: [Florida Bar] v. Martocci, 2000-30,186 18C, 2000-31,053 18C. ³Having first been duly sworn and under penalty of perjury, I , Edna Jane Favreau do testify to the above facts. By Edna Jane Favreau _____________´

~ 12 ~