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Ankit Fadia

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Ankit Fadia is an independent computer security consultant[1] He runs a program on computer security for corporates in alliance with Reliance Info.[2]

Ankit Fadia

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Ankit Fadia May 24, 1985 Coimbatore, India ) Mumbai, India

Ankit went to Delhi Public School, R K Puram for school.[3] He started a website called "HackingTruths".[4] At 15, his book on Ethical Hacking made him the youngest author to be published by Macmillan India.[4][5][6] Fadia has also sponsored Singapore Management University's "Ankit Fadia Information Security Award", which consisted of a $500 cash prize and Certificate and was given for two years to "an outstanding student" in the Information Security and Trust Course under the Bachelor of Science (Information System Management) degree.[7]


Nationality Indian Education Delhi Public School RK Puram

Occupation Author, computer security consultant, MTV Host and Speaker Website (

Authenticity of claims

According to Wendy McAuliffe at ZDNet UK, Fadia's Hacking Truths website was judged "second best hacking site" by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, though no ranked list of "hacking sites" has been published by the FBI.[3] In 2000, Chennai Online reported that Fadia's consulting clients included several of the largest technology and financial services companies in the world. No other source corroborates that report; were it true, Fadia's client list would exceed that of many of the largest independent security consultancies. The same article reported Fadia's involvement in decrypting a message from an Al Qaeda operative; no other source corroborates that claim, nor does any of Fadia's published work involve cryptography or cryptanalysis.[8][9][10]

2020. Anti-India Crew (AIC).php?id=3419) . hackingmobilephones. all web servers give their customers an option to build their own security installing their own (customer's) software and patches when they opt for private servers. and "dedicated" it to Fadia in mock deference to his capabilities to hack or prevent hacking. 2011 his website was hacked. At another defaced website (bhelhyd.[14] Some security experts in India dismissed him as just another fad. by a cracker who self-identified as SkriptKiddie.In April 2000. Fadia again "claimed it had happened because of a fault in the server that hosts his Internet users email their problems to MTV India and Ankit gives them the solution. was attacked in 2003. on February 24th.[4] AIC and another Pakistani hacker group WFD defaced an Indian Government site. However. [21] TV shows According to the DNA Newspaper article (http://www. Books and Publications Fadia. he never divulged the name of the agency.[17][18] Fadia's earlier site. Ankit.[12] AIC kept its promise and defaced the CBEC website after two days. a Pakistani hacker group noted for defacing Indian Government websites." "The problem lies in the server and all the sites hosted by it have been his claims have been proved false and he has been cited as fake person boastering in his own imaginations of fancy hacking for gaining cheap publicity. in Oct 2009 MTV India announced the launch of Ankit Fadia's new TV show on MTV called What the Hack! According to the MTV India website (http://www. Fadia. yet again and this time the vulnerability was not on the server but the website itself. citing security Course Technology PTR. within two days and challenged Fadia to prevent the attack by patching the vulnerable website. rubbished the claims that Fadia had made in the interview. ISBN 1931841721." [19] [20]'s Security Scene Errata: Charlatans webpage alongside individuals such as Steve Gibson and Carolyn published an interview [11] with Ankit Fadia. spy agency had prevented an attack by Pakistani . 2020. However.[12][13] AIC also said that it would be defacing the website of the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). ISBN . This page seeks to "point out a few cases of fakes walking among us".cbec. Network Security: A Hacker's Perspective. Course Technology PTR.S. Fadia explained that he was using a private web server for hosting his website and they were responsible for the lack of security. www. The Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking. on the show What The Hack! Ankit Fadia gives tips on how to make good use of the internet and answers people's queries/questions. In December 2009 Fadia's business site.[16] He has been accused of copying materials from internet and paraphrasing into his own books and lectures. AIC maintained that Fadia should stop calling himself a hacker. AIC termed the claims of Indian media about Ankit Fadia as "Bullshit".[15] Ankit Fadia is listed on was hacked by a spammer promoting pharmaceutical products for erectile dysfunction. Recently. Rediff. Fadia had claimed that his alert to a U. if it succeeded in hacking the CBEC website.

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