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1. Firm discipline in teaching kids. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Teaching kids to become useful citizens is far from easy. Some people claim that the imposition of firm discipline in educating children proves essential while other see it as a counter-productive method. I am convinced by the latter view. It is first argued that with discipline, children are taught to be inculcated with decorous behavior. But can kids truly learn something under the control of a rod? So scare are children that they hardly grow aware of what is wrong with their action. They automatically behavior according to moral line every time the rod is raised by parents without their profound understanding and critical thinking of their problematic actions. Another reason in favor of strict discipline in righting kids towards desired behavior is to shun kids away from social evils. Nowadays, such influence from peer pressure and unwanted temptations can lure kids into a lure of darkness. It should be noted, however, that there exists so-called generation gap which somehow hampers mutual understanding between parents and kids. The appearance of stern discipline is another catalyst for deteriorating the relation and thereby dispelling kids away from parental clout. Sooner and later, kids might find their source of consolation in the gang of friends who are at the mercy of drugs, alcohol, if it were true, parents would lose their kids already. Equally important, discipline is shown as the effective way to build a lawful society where each citizen is responsible for every wrong action. Can a society genuinely thrive in case of having parents, for sake of instilling into kids moral lessons through both physical and verbal abuse, resort to the drastic discipline? Nor can the society be labeled as civilized when children’s right is violated. Also, according to social statistics, a number of kids whose parents often implement strong discipline like violence in their education are likely to imitate such behavior in their later life while the rest grow up in fear, autism and turn passive, unconfident.

Some people believe that parents still play a primary role in kids’ education accomplishment while others rest on teachers as the impetus for kids to obtain outstanding achievements. despite his grave illness. with their unconditional love. friends and others could influence kids at times in their life while no matter how they are. but it cannot be denied that parents still our first and last teachers in our lifetime from basic lessons like eating.2. Admittedly. Mozart would never have become such a prominent musician of all times. It is argued that teachers who possess a reservoir of knowledge and skills are better than parents in finding out the most effective way for kids to reach success. Parents have more influence on success of young learners. namely. generation gap can sometimes result in unwanted conflicts in the relationship between parents and teachers. I am convinced by the former view. good or bad. To what extent do you agree or disagree? The success of each kid results from many factors from environment to luck. can make the most sacrifices in terms of time. kids endeavor to live up to and even surpass family expectation and legacy. Yet. it is undeniable that teachers who have strong passion for teaching and admirable moral ethics can hold good examples for kids to follow. Hadn’t it been for the father’s sacrifice to the point of giving up his career. Such people. A stark example is the case of Joe Roebling family. teachers. But it is irrefutable that family tradition still holds a crucial role in motivating kids to try their utmost. Another reason in favor of teachers is the involvement of generation gap which proves a hindrance for parents to teach kids best. Last but not least. The oldest son of the family. which encourage them to become stronger than they think they are. are teachers willing to devote all their lives to the mission of teaching a kid in a crowded class while still having their own family to take care of? Parents. pursued to realize his father’s dream which was to build a bridge linking between Manhattan and Brooklyn and turned it into one of seven world’s industrial wonders. children are intact in the eyes of parents. money and energy in the expectation of kids’ future achievement. Born and breathing in an atmosphere where following a calling proves irresistible and parents work hard to pursue their admirable career. speaking. . find a partner. crawling to complex ones such as how to choose the suitable job.