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What would gandhiji do for ayodhya issue if he were alive today???

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RAMRAJYA… Gandhiji wanted our country to have ramrajya. The people to live like they lived in the land of Lord Rama. But if he were here today, it would have been a disappointment for him. I sometimes think what he would have thought about today’s India, the people living here today and especially about the Hindu Muslim issues which has been in India since the partition. Many years have passed since Gandhijis satyagrah and dandi march, but we still remember them. These were the solutions to many of our nation’s problems. Imagine if those can be applied in todays world for our problems. Can it be possible? Can it help our nation be free from the clutches of our old devouring hatred? Since India got independence, there has been a clash between Hindus and Muslims regarding Babri masjid. There are many evidences, which show that there was a temple at the place where Babri masjid is erected now. There is also some evidence that show that Hindus were allowed to go in the masjid through side door and offer prayer to Hindu God Ramlala. Then its demolition on 6 th Dec 1992, which left a black mark and created an endless boundary between the two communities. Day by day violence is increasing and inequalities are threatening the very fabric of our society. This matter is very difficult to resolve, especially from violence. What Gandhiji would have done for this matter? Surely, as he was a worshiper and firm believer of truth, non-violence and non-resistance, he would have used them as his weapon. He would have taken his followers around resolving matters. After the demolition of Babri masjid his slogan would have been “it has always been easier to destroy than to create”. He would have talked to all the higher authorities possible and persuaded them for proper security at political rallies so as to avoid violence in the mob. As he was a lawyer there would not have been any problem for him to bring them around. Gandhiji was also a fast believer of fasting as he thought that it was an important method of exerting control over base desires. Gandhiji did amaran anshan after three incidents. First was Chauri Chaura incident in 1922, second was in 1934 when communal awards were given to untouchables by the Britishers to politically divide Hindus and thirdly was in 1947 when he wanted to stop bloodshed between Hindus and Muslims of Bengal and Delhi. For Ayodhyas case too, he would have done amaran anshan because he can never see two people fighting over religion. Violence creates more violence this was what Gandhiji believed. The whole Ayodhya issue would not have taken place if either one of the communities had a heart to forgive other. If ever there is time to have courage to try non-violence it is now. This was what Gandhiji would have taught us if he were alive. We need to develop non-violent ways of dealing with violence and soldiers of peace to deal with conflicts. Gandhiji always followed his own rules. The rules, which he thought, were not meant for the betterment of people he never followed them. Like the Dandi march, which was the first stepping-stone of Salt satyagraha. The government made a bad decision of not allowing the Muslims to go and pray in the Babri masjid. Gandhiji would have

living systems thinker. was a result of bad politics or bad political decisions. there would not have been any revolt or bloodshed between the two communities. His systemic analysis of the world’s problems is as relevant today as when he lived. He offers a systematic approach to tackle the problems of today’s world rather than “fixes” that don’t work. If only this rule was not made on the first place. which happened in Ayodhya.opposed this rule and would have convinced the government to change it. Gandhi ji is a guide to those who wish to work to change things for making India a better place to live for our next generation. . Gandhi ji was a whole system. This would have been negated if Gandhiji were in power. The demolition wouldn’t have taken place in 1992 and thus no massacre of Hindus by Muslims would have occurred. Everything.