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8TH GRADE EXPLORATORY SPANISH Señorita Coles Virginia Junior High School 2011-2012 MATERIALS • 3 Ring Binder

(1 in) — FOR SPANISH ONLY • Divider Tabs (8) • Loose-leaf paper • Pens (dark ink) or pencils COURSE OBJECTIVES This is an exploratory course in Spanish that will introduce students to basic vocabulary and culture. Students will meet every other day for the entire school year. We will focus on a variety of language topics including basic greetings, the alphabet, numbers, months and weather, clothing, parts of the body, descriptions, and likes/dislikes. Students will also learn about the Hispanic culture including the culture of the various Spanish-speaking. This course is designed to elicit interest in the language that inspires future study. EXPECTATIONS Attendance: Good attendance is important for success in a Spanish class. Students are expected to come to class prepared and participate in all activities during class everyday. Make-Up Work: The policy on make-up work follows the student handbook. Students will need to pick up their absent work upon returning to school and students will have one day for every day missed to turn it in for full credit. For example, Molly misses school on Monday. When she returns to class on Wednesday, she will pick up her absent work. Molly’s homework will need to be turned in on Friday. Also, if Molly had missed Monday and Wednesday, she would pick up her absent work on Friday and will need to turn it in the next class period on Tuesday (she missed two days and still had two days to make it up due to only having Spanish every other day). Making Up Tests/Quizzes: If you are absent for a test or quiz, you must make it up on the day that you return. Students will not receive time in class to complete them. Tests and quizzes are announced well ahead of time; therefore, students are aware that they will have missed a test/quiz and should arrange to stay after school the day they return from being absent. Homework: Homework given is considered important and needs to be completed by the following class period. Homework done at the beginning of the class will be considered late. Late Work: The policy on late work will follow the student handbook. Tests/Quizzes: If you are absent the day before a test, quiz or project, you will still be expected to take the test, quiz or present the project on its due date. Pay close attention to the assignment board. Excuses will not be accepted for not knowing about a test, quiz, or a due assignment. Participation: Students will receive points everyday based on their participation in class. Students will lose participation points for the day for the following reasons, but not limited to (not paying attention, not having necessary materials, not having homework fully completed, sleeping, working on another class’ work, being disruptive, having an unexcused absence, etc). Students who are absent will receive the participation points for an absence (up to 3 per quarter) as long as the absence is excused. After three absences, the student will need to talk with the teacher to work out a way to make up the missed participation points.

Binders: Binders will contain all vocabulary, notes, in-class activities, quizzes and homework. Students will be informed on how to organize their binder. At the end of the quarter, the binders may be collected and given an overall grade. Do not throw anything away unless informed by the teacher. Cheating: Cheating is not acceptable at any time. Students who are caught cheating will receive a zero for the assignment/quiz/test. Using any online translator to complete assignments is considered cheating. Online translators are not 100% accurate and it is often very obvious when they have been used. Basically, DON’T USE THEM! EVALUATION Students’ grades will be based on their scores on vocabulary and grammar quizzes, chapter tests, assignments, projects, notebooks, journals, speaking activities, in-class activities, participation points, and the final exam (if required). QUARTER GRADES WILL BE BASED ON THE FOLLOWING: • Tests and projects: 40% • Quizzes and dialogues 40% • Homework and participation 20% Letter grades will be based on the district grading scale: A AB+ B BC+ = = = = = = 96% - 100% 93% - 95% 90% - 92% 87% - 89% 84% - 86% 81% - 83% C CD+ D F = = = = = 78% - 80% 75% - 77% 72% - 74% 69% - 71% 68% and below

CLASSROOM RULES 1. Always be respectful. 2. Be responsible. 3. Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings. 4. Do your best! CLASS WEBSITE Students and parents/guardians can go to the class website to find information about the class. Weekly class schedules and homework will be posted, as well as any materials used in class such as PowerPoint presentations and/or homework. You can access the website with the following URL or by going to Miss Coles’ page from the school website. Website: