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Overview Since its establishment in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company has grown to become Korea's pre-eminent automobile manufacturer (after acquiring Kia Motors) with a sales network extending to 193 countries. In recent years, Today, Hyundai technology is renown for its high quality and outstanding value. Realising that the best way to introduce itself to foreign markets would be through a huge marketing campaign, Hyundai began sponsoring the world’s most important sporting events. They have sponsored the Euro 2000, World Cup 2002, Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006; as a direct result of this decision, Hyundai’s awareness in the region has tripled, and sales are continuously growing at the average rate of 10% a year. Since then, Hyundai has become the 7th leading global automotive manufacturer and is closing on its goal of consolidating its position and becoming a top five manufacturer in the near future.

After attending the TTT session. the trainers become certified to deliver the Hyundai Sales Academy training program. The TTT will consist of plenary sessions in the sense of welcoming the participants and presentation of the main messages to be communicated in each training session. which included: product training. In order to address the changes Hyundai developed the 5moduleSales Academy.Next Implementing Change The design of this training program is highly interactive (including role plays which reflect a real sales environment) in order to encourage high levels of both enthusiasm and learning regarding the Hyundai 6 Step Customer Care Sales Process. and the dealer principal. complaint handling. the 6step customer care sales process. This is a special courseware in the sense that it intends to give each dealership the principals of Hyundai dealers worldwide an over view of how various functions of a dealership come together to offer Hyundai customers a complete car buying and ownership experience. reflecting the content of each module described in the Trainers’ Guide as much as possible. and a closing session to conclude the training day. . The Train the Trainer (TTT) Session will be a condensation of the training program. modular and interactive workshops. brand management.

this course is a requirement for the sales force. Its modules provide a solid background of product knowledge. which offers a solid knowledge of Hyundai vehicle products to sales people. This is a fundamental course. Essentially.Each of these modules is extremely in-depth which can be seen in the following outline. which greatly aid the Hyundai sales force in establishing a more professional image. hence building customer trust in Hyundai vehicles as well as in themselves. Next PRODUCT TRAINING The target audience of the Product Training course is new and experienced sales consultants/managers lacking in updated product knowledge. This enables the trainer to get an accurate picture of the personal learning objectives for each course. where the participants define their personal objectives. • • • • • • Design concept Specifications. features Major selling points Competition analysis Vehicle presentation Role play exercise THE SIX-STEP CARE PROCESS . Each course begins with a training invitation and program introduction.

The target audience for the 6-step customer care sales process course is new and experienced sales consultants/managers who are willing to improve their sales skills. • • • • Customer loyalty Customer enthusiasm Customer complaint handling skills Complaint handling process . participants can obtain a full perspective of the standard Hyundai 6-step sales process with emphasis on overall customer satisfaction improvement. This course teaches participants how to deal with routine complaints with positive attitudes and effective skills. This course provides the basic sales process platform on which continuous improvement shall take place. It is highly recommended that this course be the prerequisite for all courses concerning sales skills. By completing this course. Hyundai sales consultants need to consider such skills as one of the basic requirements for their position. according to Hyundai standards. • • • • • • • Principles of selling Reception Vehicle presentation Test drive Negotiation & closing Delivery Follow-up COMPLAINT HANDLING The target audience for the Complaint Handling course is new and experienced sales consultants/managers who are willing to improve their complaint handling skills.

sales consultants.• Complaints prevention BRAND MANAGEMENT The target audience for the Brand Management course is dealer principals. . Hyundai sales consultants are strongly recommended to participate in this course for the purpose of knowing and understanding their company better: • • • • • Recognizing the need for change Defining brands Brand building – development Brand building – execution Putting it together Next DEALER PRINCIPAL The target audience for the Dealer Principal course is dealer principals of Hyundai dealer networks who need to acquire a systematic approach and understanding of Hyundai sales and sales management options. sales managers. This course offers a variety of branding and brand management information to build Hyundai business and increase sales. It explains how dealers can make contributions to a strong Hyundai brand image and the benefits that will follow. and finally. marketing personnel of the Hyundai Dealer Network with basic knowledge of branding but without knowledge of how to make contributions to the Hyundai brand image at the dealer level. Brand Management is recommended as one of the intermediatelevel management courses for sales managers and dealer principals.

After completing this course the participants will have a full grasp of the dealer principal’s role. the ways sales. which enable them to understand the various functions of a dealership. finance and personnel function. • • • • • • • • Automotive dealership overview Why Hyundai? Dealer organization Sales function and customer satisfaction Marketing function Service function & customer satisfaction Finance and personnel function Integration of the functions and conclusion This is a brief overview of a bespoke programme designed specifically for Hyundai. . It is Pragmatica policy to utilise a number of different trainers to enhance the delivery and effect of the programme.This course is a compact lesson for Hyundai’s Irish dealers. It also helps them integrate and support each other with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and brand building. service. marketing. for example.