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k KUMAR1 k PAL2 Department of Applied Science, IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh India. 2 Department of Earthquake Engineering, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee, India. Email: {,} ABSTRACT
A single input and five outputs voltage mode universal biquadratic filter using two four terminal floating nullor (FTFNs), two operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs), four resistors and two grounded capacitors is presented. The circuit is capable of realizing the entire standard filters viz-low pass, high pass, band pass notch and all pass simultaneously. The circuit offers the advantageous feature of having high input impedance and the use of grounded capacitors makes the circuit suitable for cascading of higher order filter. The filter performance parameter resonance frequency ω0 and quality factor Q can be control orthogonally.

Keyword: Voltage mode Circuits, OTA, FTFN, Analog filter, High input impedance.

The design of filters circuits employing active devices such as Four Terminal Floating Nullor (FTFNs) and operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs) have been reported in the literature [1-4]. The FTFN is a versatile active circuit-building block, as it offers some potential advantages over conventional operational amplifiers (OA) and second-generation current conveyors (CCIIs). Also OTA is a differential voltage controlled current source. It offers highly linear electronic tenability and a wide tunable range of its transconductance gain gm. The transconductance gain is adjustable over several decades through its bias current. A review of the literature reveals that not much attention has been paid towards the development of such circuits, which realize the entire standard filter Received Date: 28.05.2009 Accepted Date: 05.11.2009

simultaneously, and offers the advantage of high input impedance based on FTFNs and OTAs. Also the filters with high input imedance make the circuit suitable for cascading some cells to implements higher order filter circuits. Thus there has been growing interest to develop such analog filter circuits which offers high input impedance and realize all the standard filters simultaneously i.e. low pass, high pass, band pass, notch and all pass. Based on FTFNS and OTAs. As a sequel, a number of voltage mode filter circuits using FTFNs and OTAs have been reported in the literature [110]. One of the reported circuit [6] based on two FTFNs and five passive components has the limited scope of applicability as it can be configured to implement only one filtering function depending on the selection of passive components. Further the proposed circuit [7] of voltage mode universal biquadratic filter with single input and

two OTAs for which one is dual outputs OTA with additional passive components as four resistors and two grounded capacitors. The positive FTFN can be characterized by the port relations with vx = vy. one OTA two resistors and two capacitors and realize three filtering functions simultaneously. The characteristics of OTA are described as Figure 1.1084 Voltage Mode Universal Biquadratic Filter Using Ftfn And Ota five outputs employing five OTAs for which one is triple outputs and one dual outputs and two capacitors realize all the standard filters simultaneously. three resistors and two capacitors. I 0 = g m (V − V ) + − where gm is the transconductance gain of the OTA. CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION The symbolic representation of FTFN and OTA are shown in fig. In this contribution we present a voltage mode universal biquadratic filter circuit with single input and five outputs employing two FTFNs. + V01 C1 + V02 g11 + _ g12 + g1 V05 R4 R3 z (+) w R1 V04 w (-) z x y V03 C2 x Vin y R2 2. 2 & 4 respectively. the circuit can be made to realize high pass and band pass filtering functions simultaneously as well by changing one admittance. ix = iy = 0 and iw = iz.PAL . A routine analysis of the circuit yields the voltage transfer function g1 V01 R1 R 2 = 2 Vi s C1C 2 sC1 g1 g + + 1 R1 R2 R1 R 2 (1) s 2 C1C 2 g1 R3 V02 R1 = 2 Vi s C1C 2 sC1 g1 g + + 1 R1 R2 R1 R 2 sC1 g1 V03 R1 = 2 Vi s C1C 2 sC1 g1 g + + 1 R1 R2 R1 R 2 s 2 C1C 2 g + 1 V04 R1 R1 R2 = 2 Vi s C1C 2 sC1 g1 g + + 1 R1 R2 R1 R 2 If R1=R2 (2) (3) (4) K. K. In the contribution reported by Shah et al [8] realize band pass and low pass filtering functions by employing two FTFNs . The proposed circuit of the voltage mode universal biquadratic filter is shown in fig. The proposed circuit of voltage mode universal biquadratic filter. In the recent work Shah et al [9] describe high input impedance multifunction filters with single input and three outputs employing two PFTFNs . KUMAR. The circuit realizes all the generic filter functions simultaneously from the same configuration. one inverter. 1.

2. The proposed circuit was tested for the following components values C1=C2= 4. Vx Vy Ix Iy V+ + gm V0 V- Figure 4. In the experiment the positive and negative FTFN can be implemented by using two AD844 [13-14] from analog devices and is as shown in fig. Y X x (AD844) z y y (AD844) z x Z W Figure 3(b).1085 Voltage Mode Universal Biquadratic Filter Using Ftfn And Ota ⎛ s 2 C1C 2 sC1 g1 g ⎞ − + 1 ⎟ g 2 R4 ⎜ ⎜ R R2 R1 R2 ⎟ V05 1 ⎝ ⎠ (5) = 2 Vi s C1C 2 sC1 g1 g + + 1 R1 R2 R1 R 2 The gain for BP filter is given by BBP = R2/R1 The gain for HP filter is given by BHP =g1R3 The gain for AP filter is given by BAP=g2R4 The symbolic representation of the negative FTFN is shown in fig. Y x AD844 z y It is obvious from equation (6) and (7) that filter performance parameters ωo and Q can be controlled independently by the resistor R1 involved in Q. ω SR10. EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS To verify the functionality of the proposed circuit the experimental result were performed. Symbol of the OTA.5nF. The sensitivity performance are given by ω Sg10 = 1 / 2.C = −1 / 2 2 Z S Q R1 = −1. S Q C2 . KUMAR.C1. Both the parameters can be controlled electronically through the transconductance gain g1 of the OTA. Implementation of positive FTFN.. W 3.54x104Hz and Q=1. Implementation of negative FTFN. SC1. Figure 3(a). Symbol of the n FTFN.5 & 6. R1=R2 =1KΩ and g1=g2=1mS(the values of gm.PAL . The filter performance parameter ωo and Q can expressed as ω0 = Q= 1 R1 g1 R1C1C 2 C 2 R2 C1 g1 (6) x (-) y w z Iw Iz (7) Figure 2. K.g1 = −1 / 2 X x AD844 z y Which reveals that the active and passive sensitivity performances are low. the experimental responses are shown in fig. K. He commercially available OTA IC CA3080 was used in the experiment and the dual output OTA was implemented by connecting two CA3080 in parallel.R2 Q = 1 / 2. 3 (a&b) respectively.s were taking by keeping the values of bias current Ib1=Ib2=53μA with center frequency f0 =3.

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