Volume II, Issue I October 22, 2010 NEERJA MODI SCHOOL


The MUN Herald
PRESS TEAM HEADS    Utkarsh Misra Khushali Agarwal Vaidika Parashar

“Be the change you want to be, no matter how small”
With open arms, hearts and voodoo charms of the secretariat members; we welcome the aspiring delegates to witness a real miracle taking place. The foundation of MUN was laid last year, where we had witnessed some stormy sessions and many fiery speeches. The mesmerizing NMS MUN 09 had left all of us speechless. But if you think that one shot is enough to succeed in MUN then you are extremely wrong. NMS MUN is back not with a bang this time but with a blast. We have renewed our faith in the secretariat, hoping to ignite the fire that lay dormant for a year. We have a rich fare laid out this year, some meaty speeches and also some spicy delectable and juicy news. You guys are going to have a taste for it as our reporters have been especially trained by the team of India TV (everything will be spicy). Last year it was a shoot for the moon which at least landed us among the stars but this year there are just no compromises as we not only need to land on the moon but make sure we leave a mark on it. But when we say leave a mark we do not mean creating new craters on the moon through the sound waves from the appeals of decorum. So to all the delegates out there just one advice “Be the change no matter how small.” — Heads Of Press

IT HEAD  Sanidhya Gupta

EDITORS    Manvi Mehta Akanksha Vohra Sharika Jain

CREATIVE MANAGER  Kushagra Luhadia

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A. Rishabh Wadhwa B. Aayush Sharma C. Kshitij Gupta

cold world you will be a part for the next three days. the Press would like to help the honourable delegates by providing a guide to the harsh. The grammatical assassinations and mispronunciations of your own country’s president will not be well received. however rude or frustrated they may be. .  Be well prepared & researched on your topic area. because these three days are aimed at changing the world as we know of it. We are inherently witty. Remember. Even if your content is complete. It is advised not to treat them like the piece of furniture they quite literally are. waiting for your mistakes and ready to deride and blow your little moments of embarrassment out of proportion. especially when you have nothing to do. even controversial speeches whenever you can. Address your Chair as you would address your grand-mother. your Chair. so if they trouble you after the session or spill a glass of water on you during the lunch break. You must aim to make towards writing a good resolution. It is up to you to introducing fair share of drama and groundbreaking solutions to the global crises at hand. but resist its draw. Everyone loves a delegate who provides comic relief during emergencies. Formal language also means no profanities of any kind. ing is important th ss is that the Pre f the at the top o ramid. Use it optimally delegates – such grand. it is suggested that you make intelligent points and refrain from being incompetent. ”  A solution to keep yourself awake: engage in extreme placard abuse and make some bold. but to be honest. The logis are known to be slightly vindictive. we all prefer the drama.  It is important to make some progress with your topic – thus. The logistic staff is indispensable. Below is a comprehensive list that is crucial to survival in the committees – “ Respect  It is important to respect your Chair. it is the only thing stopping you from going home.  Use of formal language is very important in MUN.  Use these tips wisely delegates.THE MUN HERALD Page 2 THE DELEGATES’ HELP-AID — IT SELDOM CHANGES After seeing the number of bewildered faces at the orientations. your daring efforts will be appreciated.  Any frustration you may feel should not under any circumstances be taken out on logis. Admittedly we do love a good laugh at the dreamer who doesn’t know his country’s stand but flapping your placard excitedly and having nothing worthwhile to say will achieve you nothing but severe embarrassment at our front page. Pictures of yourself drooling all over your table in the next press issue will not be very flattering. Especially the press. and this means “ The most knowing correct syntax and pronunciation. They also occasionally resolve violence in the committee. non-sense and utterly irrelevant.  It may be tempting to doze off. position py UR RESPECT O  The most important thing to know about MUN is that the Press is at the top of the position pyramid. because all they really do is decide whether points are in order or not. however rude or frustrated they may be. magnanimous gestures will seldom come your way. RESPECT OUR POWER. don’t be surprised – its only your fault. and incredibly sadistic. you should consider yourself POWER! ” exceedingly fortunate for having got them from us. We are omnipotent.

presented to all delegations. There are three types of points. introduce a resolution or generally move the proceedings forward. what events you’re congratulating/condemning.VOLUME 2. Resolution . delegates raise their placards to speak and the chairperson chooses the next speaker.   Caucus .Point of personal privilege. It is the backbone of the proceedings.g. In these clauses. it can be a list of ideas. Resolution has to be in a specific format.a document that is authored by one or more delegates. what actions you want to take. ISSUE 1 Page 3 TERMS. a good working paper provides a backbone for a resolution. PHRASES & CONCEPTS General Speaker’s List (GSL) . Motion . or urge independent organizations to take some action that is in their power. you should also explain the financing mechanisms of you plan as well as the enforcement mechanism it will use. A resolution is created during the committee sessions and in the end you can vote on whether to implement it or not. E. Point of Parliamentary Enquiry and Point of order.the GSL is abandoned. when you don’t the Chair and want to clarify the procedure. and which helps the work of the committee in some way.these are the sentences that describe the actions you want to take.if you want to ask a question. and nevertheless. You may create new bodies or terminate the old ones. or point the attention of chairperson to something. it gives the committee a basic structure.the introduction in which you state upon what principles you’re acting. It is a document that says how you want to change the world. when you cannot hear the speaker. raise your placard and make a motion. and/ or what other documents were used as basis for this resolution.it is the final product of the committee.it is essentially a suggestion for action to the committee.it is an opportunity for a less formal debate for duration of the caucus delegates are not according to the GSL. These clauses cannot be amended.it is the order in which delegations will address the committee. you use a point. It does not have to be in a resolution format. how you are using your authority as a body.  Operative clauses . If you want to change the way of debating. Point . Working paper . You may directly order something to the bodies you have authority over. There are two kinds: Unmoderated caucus – delegates are free to discuss without the guidance of the chairperson or the formal rules. it is made of clauses and it has two main parts:  Perambulatory clauses . . Moderated caucus .

he is a big time gossip queen. he truly is a walking Oxford English Dictionary. please be generous to him. its quite boring and he’s a romantic fool. Secretary General The near invisible stick figure who dwells the corridors of the MUN. So delegates take guard! He is more inquisitive than press to know your secrets. he gets a little nervous while talking to delegates. Not to forget. but when he flaunts his English vocabulary.THE MUN HERALD Page 4 THE SECRETARIAT Shashank Goyal. “chulsi” for his dear ones. There’s more to his feminine nature i. people think of him as highly qualified but here’s a secret. He has tall. Dare to comment on him or criticize him and you would have a good round of words with him (Ouch! That will be a huge blow to his ego. — Ai s h war y a An an d Mridul Chulet. he loves messing around with teachers… but he is actually amiable. He failed in his first French exam!!! In the class. he is only a saint until he does not speak. long. has a personal grudge against the moderator of Eco.. He has been touching heights.) Tall. to install Tata Sky Active English to minimize his grammatical mistakes in English.ahem. Workaholic you may say. he is none other than our Secretary General Shashank Goyal.e. reminds everyone of the sleepless nights he spent doing nothing but reading novels or ahem. He may look like a beggar straight from the streets. He is so full of himself that he underestimates others. When it comes to his personality.They fight with each other. Cosmos. Our Sec. Delegates!! Beware! He is a devil in disguise. We recommend our Dep. Gen. his leadership qualities are exemplary.. legs which could get any girl jealous. He has a very amiable attitude but when it comes to work. (If the candies go missing you all know who to blame). Deputy Secretary General A. Gen.k. Because she gives him a tough competition to his so called “macho-man personality” . Soc. He likes reading love stories and as people say. not on the world issues but on the fact that who is better in the gossip department. as a free advice grab your lunches quickly until and unless you are on a diet control!! — C h a i t al i B aj a j . He loves junk food.a. He is very dedicated towards his work …. he uses them practically! He is very forgetful and I just hope he does not forget to attend the MUN meeting. thin. his image in your mind would definitely change. lean and has a figure that will give Kareena’s ‘0’ figure a run for money!!! Dark circles around his eyes. it looks like a volcano at its form. Sec. And at last a warning to all the female delegates. take care of your hair accessories as he has a huge obsession with them.. He has got one of the most prominent hair styles. All he ever thinks is about gorging up the food he finds..

He is a foodie but in any case he would prefer playing on an APPLE rather than eating one. delegates be ready for your snobbish techno-savvy moderator. Moderator The moderator of G. So G. a question for my readers.!!!! He will help you with your queries as a friend but will also dominate you as a moderator … utter no nonsense or this “ghoda” will kick you out of the committee. they are the world's smallest and biggest flowers). So she expects her delegates to maintain her reputation and of course the decorum.A. “will she ever grow tall or not? Or maybe her future lies in the hands of the show teletubbies!” — C h a i t al i B aj a j Aashish Jainani. She has a versatile personality. Finally. her committee was the best last year. — S he rr y S a hn i . So do a good research work! Look out for her accent. But delegates watch out!! This little time bomb is very fastidious and anger resides on her nose (that is the reason why it is so big). ISSUE 1 Page 5 G E N E R A L A S S E M B LY Tripti Ma heshwari. She has attended the maximum MUN’s and how can we forget the age factor!!! She fakes a smile for each photograph that is clicked of hers. popularly known as “ghoda” (horse).VOLUME 2. while she talks. To remind all. she has abundant and can buy loads more but delegates don’t panic because she is not going to use any of them to bang your head! Wow now that’s obsession! Don’t go on her size because when it comes to experience she has the most amongst all of us. It is her way of being different or may be humorous. Director This is the 8th dwarf (adding one more to the seven in snow white). no not because of his weird hairstyle but because of his habit of chewing some invisible grass constantly… making his teeth yellow….A. She is very particular about all her work being in order.!!! But he is not just any horse he is a horse of long race!!! With great leadership qualities he will take MUN to new heights beyond our expectations…. If you want to impress him… girls for you… just smile and guys talk to him about latest gadgets and software’s and may be you’ll get mention mention at least. a coin has two sides but her personality has many!!! She loves footwear. this will certainly help her to become a good socialite one day! It seems she has a lot going on in her head and I guess that’s the reason she has a big one! In size she might be a WOLFFIA but in anger and punctuality she is like a RAFFLESIA (no need to Google these words.

One last thing. Delegates you would come across him just like “Fred” from “Flinstones”. is sweetly known as “vada pao”. Our candy lover director spies more on other committees than sit in his own.C. So people for the good of your heart please don’t cross his path… — S h ar i k a Ja in Rishabh Wadhwa. He is so obsessed with food that he can hog on anything which is edible anytime of day and night. He is so studious that in his free time you can see him making study notes and you won't believe that he borrows Maths books from IGCSE students and keeps on solving trigonometry (duh… what a nerd!!). Gen. He flaunts about his knowledge all the time and tries to find humor in everything. Moderator The recently U. The only job he is good at is “blushing” a comic character. His mouse-cut hair has been a nightmare for his barber for years and a pride for his head. (can you believe he is actually preparing for the “Masterchef India”). He is known for his generosity and sentiments (so delegates you can try on this). The entire Press by experience knows that they should go eat before this food-a-holic director comes in!!! Delegates remember his head may look bloated but he’s got a computer brain. else you’ll have a great experience of how an ant carries on its journey] So delegates fasten your seat belts for a “fast and furious” trip to Yemen and Congo!!! We all by now know that he is the best arguer in our MUN town. they aren’t just slits some people of the (secretariat) have actually looked deep down to find out. Director Mind that this bonehead man does have eyes through those two thin slits. but don’t go on his looks. returned Rishabh Wadhwa. Moderator of S.(Delegates of SC are you reading this??) His bookworm ability is the only thing his English teacher adores. This guy watches “Masterchef Australia” and tries to imitate those dishes at home which end up being a disaster. Before saying ‘hi’ to his friends he always asks for what they had got for lunch. the mystery is still unsolved that actually how many blood capillaries are beneath his cheeks! — S hr a ddh a G u pt a .K.THE MUN HERALD Page 6 SECURITY COUNCIL Priyank Goyal. “please take him”). But delegates watch out! He might look sweet and innocent. the “apple” people are on the verge to research over him (Steve jobs. When he shouts he can also give competition to the Sec. [Don’t ever ask him to write anything.

!!!! “ We won’t mind giving our seals!!! But contrary to his teachers views are his friends comments .VOLUME 2. Ask about him to his teachers and they all will be happy as ever with most common compliment “he might as well teach instead of us…. He is as silly as his jokes… but is a jovial person …. she hates that. spends most of his time with and loving books…!!! He loves them so much that we are wondering whether the name of his girlfriend is actually is the name of some book. she’ll fire her missiles at you and then you may have to run to the SC for help! She really looks up to the people who work hard but the others should beware. be what you are from the very beginning. Moderator ‘Behave!’. versatile actor I must say! Its great with her around. because messing up with work could get her on her nerves. well. Don’t dare complain about her if she gets mad at you because that will exacerbate everything. Doing drama is her born talent. she can be sweeter than honey or sting like a bee. Don’t try to bribe him with books because he has all possible books of every “genre”. She has an amiable attitude but when it comes to work. So a tip to all tyros you can take help from him on any topic because he “knows it all”. One of her favourite passtime is to have fun but at the cost of others. but not from beautification of her hair. He has more medals and trophies than clothes in his wardrobe. yes you got that right. preparing study guides for the delegates and letting no-one have any fun. watch out! If you don’t do as directed.“he is the silliest person we have ever seen may be he requires a whole new earth for his books only!!!!” — S he rr y S a hn i Medha Agarwal. Overall. better buckle yourselves up or “Lizzy” will have a piece of you for breakfast and so will the Press! — C h a i t al i B aj a j . but you have to! But this MUN. she does it more often than anything else! She can refrain herself from drinking water. ‘Shut Up!’. which bursts & forms itself every now & then. Director Mr. She can be lurid at times and extra cheerful & bubbly at times. she is a fun loving girl but you have to do what she says. Know it all as his personality reflects. also known as encyclopedia he has knowledge about all topics in and out of MUN…. She loves making her hair. maybe with a pinch of salt. Don’t be pretentious.. these words are some of Medha Agarwal. So. she has been very tensed walking up and down the floors. CTC delegates watch out!!! She is as sweet as salt. So delegates of CTC. ISSUE 1 Page 7 COUNTER-TERRORISM COMMITTEE Aayush Sharma. She possesses a bubbly reputation.

we have AAMIR in MUN. The best phrase for him would be “ Creating a storm in a tea pot”. First be EXTRAAA expressive and sweet in everything and secondly make him your TOP PRIORITY always (Even if you don’t like it).THE MUN HERALD Page 8 ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL Nidhi Baid. Sketching is her passion and she loves reading (Duh… all the secretariat are way too much in novels…. If you want to publicize things then he is the right person to approach. That is the best approach to please him. Gen. It is always best for a youth to hitch his wagon to a star. if only she could hear clearly. Delegates. Catch him for his fashion and styling tips if you need any advice. Manager The first word that comes to our mind when we hear this name is “WHAT??” Here it is guys. she is very clumsy. so don’t argue into her path. don’t give nasty comments. She has ears that resemble that of an elephant. Her ambition in life is to have a body like Salman khan (dude …. and here we have a head knowing really what he wants and how he wants it (obviously by sitting back on chair and asking others to work). Gen. she is a MUN lover. Whatever but his exceptional personality generates a fan following as he comes into something.) She might have a feisty nature but also needs anger management classes. I think I am gonna spare the details. Though according to him there isn’t much of a difference between both the Aamirs! If you have to deal with him just follow two simple steps.. — Ai s h war y a An an d & S hr a ddh a G u pt a LOGISTICS Aamir Hussain. But I tell you delegates.). from the core from the heart. She sets an example of a careless girl (I mean how can someone let an 8 year old steal a cell phone and just cry for the songs in it. She loathes the Sec. Her brain is full of creative ideas. a head or a student. He is often addressed as “HUSSAINDA” after his surname Hussain. Nidhi baid. He carries his work quite well be it as an actor.) Self-humiliating is the image she has got (courtesy of our Sec. is none other than our Moderator of EcoSoc. She has got brains and personality of a micro-processor. He is a total Casanova and loves to interact with people. you might find things flying at you. but she is not like that.personalities” of the Secretariat. Close to bone head maniac director of SC. (take a free advice and carry band aids). Moderator The one who can give competition to all the “macho.. Before you get a bit too excited let me make it clear its Aamir HUSSAIN and not Aamir KHAN. So delegates watch out. aren’t they??) she has a radiant personality but loves to fight. — Ak a n k sh a Voh r a & K us h ag r a Lu h a di a . He flaunts everything and anything. she is fun to be around with.

Raising his voice on you would surely be a difficult task for this lad but he may as well smash you if you got on wrong side of him which you wouldn't obviously want to be on (you don't want to get barred from the committee. Head Of Press A. then you will have seen pigs fly… — Va i di k a Pa r a sh a r THE PRESS Utkarsh Misra. Looking at the paper work he has created we feel ashamed at our part to have to run our brain to think of something sly about him.k. He is so crazy for football that he actually played football on the projector in last year's MUN. Extremely in love with his "MANLY" attributes. He probably has been since the third grade escalated to every teacher's "I wish all my students were like that" list.a. You could have some fun in the committee as doing some malignant mischief won’t actually make a difference as your director would take VOLUMNIOUS time to acknowledge and realise your execution. Aah! Tough being "his" subordinates. Which even he accepts sometimes was a PJ. An "HOP" of promotion from the Reporter to finally the CONTROVERSIAL HEAD OF PRESS (HOP).VOLUME 2. But. He is fascinated by "tall structures" he finds a pleasure in dominating his subordinates and makes them slog for hours and hours till he is satisfied. BUNNY (as he is addressed by his friends) is a "BHADKAU FACTORY" but fun to be with. reporters "watch the golden word" because one small mistake of yours and he could make you the laughing gag for days to come! — Ak a n k sh a Voh r a & K us h ag r a Lu h a di a . Of course a jolly dog is liked in every company!!! Reporters have 'not a leg to stand on' with him around and just (wile away time) lose time. Director/Moderator A complete naive nerd is how the director of HRC is usually described as. don't be scared by your director's sinister looking face because for sure he's more nervous than any of you. People won't know when is he actually serious and when is he joking. So. The shabby mushroom resembling head is the only prominent feature you will notice because most of his face is left covered under his ear-to-ear smile under his strikingly huge spectacles. do you?). the HOP is a hard nut to crack. ‘UT’ with his versatility and dynamic nature brings the entire press in order with a humor that could leave delegates gaping on what actually the joke “was”. As for his skills at MUN we will have to wait and watch. This incidence would make people think that work isn't his priority but as we all know the fact is he is a person whom you can depend upon (Works hard enough not to throw up cards in the most adverse situation). ISSUE 1 Page 9 HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION Kshitij Gupta. which is very long time. He may as well be the most prepared director because one thing's we're sure of is that he is going to come up as a Solomon after this MUN session. An incomplete press can not thrive for long and with a head like "UT" everything is an "apple-pie order". But. he's no dwarf nut o jolter head coming from what we've have recently seen him. And mind you delegates if you manage to maintain that smile on his face throughout the MUN. Football fever is all time high on him and is only love of life (most probably).

Gear up and perform or else the princess might as well turn into a “witch” for you.k.I cannot afford to miss mentioning . With her tongue as long as her hair and a witty brain. — Ak a n k sh a Voh r a Khushali Agarwal. with dreams and aspirations that are beyond the real world. Beauty. You will notice it is not only her hair that is twisted but also everything that is inside her head. wasting no time for petty stuff. So here we have – Khushali Agarwal a. our HOP being an oracle (she is always ready with her super sincere advices for anything and anybody) all the time and for threading the most secure path always. Head Of Press Fairy tales are once read or heard by us at some point of time in our lives. Usage of vocabulary yet unknown to the human kind.or rather “the wise one. she’ll acknowledge you or curse you at the same time without your knowing it. that you have been a part of. Head Of Press This hair fiasco walking around with a pen and paper through committees is none other than our own Head of press.a our HOP . (No mater we are actually wondering about the press conferences). Princess. She is one such princess freshly out of a newly made fairy tale. our HOP is the craziest head we’ve ever had. Living in her own utopian world. wit. News mongering. castles. she goes straight to the point.THE MUN HERALD Page 10 THE PRESS Vaidika Parashar. and charm is a deadly combo. its just the memories of the group cohesiveness. chateaus and Prince charming are dreams of every child but here our head of press – Princess Vaidika Parashar. With no intentions of sweetening it further. rumors and arguments are words that are always associated with this princess. Her head is able to twist ways in ways that things don’t end up as what they actually were… This is the special ability of our HOP. taken a toll over others!!! So here is for you the prudent Head of Press who has loads in her stock to assign to you… — D h ar v i B h ar dwa j & Pri y a n k Go y a l ( G ue s t Re por t ers ) . the embarrassing stuff.” Well not to make this attempt futile . the delegates must be careful to not turn out to be the next ‘headline’ in the press. better described as “the old head on the young shoulders . possessed by this “teenage witch” “beware subordinates or she will spank you up with her broom”.

Novels? What are they? 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 A B C THE MUN HERALD October 22. 2010 Volume II.THE MUN HERALD Page 1 THE MUN HERALD October 22. Issue I Poll Of The Day Is the Secretariat too much involved in novels more than the MUN? A. C. Finally. The Irish invented them and sold them to the Scots as a joke. I'll tell you the truth about it. an Irishman said. B. Did I just donate the money so that they can buy their wish list books? No. "Well. 2010 Volume II. Issue I Humour In UN-Form THE ORIGIN OF BAGPIPES The origin of the bagpipes was being discussed in an MUN session and the representatives of different nations were eagerly disclaiming responsibility for the instrument. my Chair is the best. and the Scots haven't seen the joke yet!" .

. ECOSOC Experience . Don’t miss our comments.“Don’t fumble. Priyank Goyal .“I had loads of fun being nasty in the press and got the chance to bitch about one and all right on their faces… I love press and its issues like hell and being a reporter was d best job i could ask for” Advise to New Delegates .“oh if the delegate is lucky enough to have an internet connection with him. stick to your stand.“Its going to be 1000 times tougher for them… lack of time… In an MUN… The way to excellence is good research… and the topics are vast… need lots of time… but… They lack brains...it was a world class experience. But anyways thank you f or your generosity..Priyank..“oh.“Amazing… Had great time at shouting at everyone… Also during the motion of entertainment. The Press conducted an interview with some MUN experienced people and here’s what we got.Director. being thoughtful is not your cup of tea… Leave it for other people!!!! .Tripti..LOL.“Well hold your thoughts tight.. LMAO :P Nidhi Baid . respect me and yeah beware of the Press!!“ Our Comment .Director..VOLUME 2. be confident... flattery would not save you from the PRESS….. But yeah on serious note they should know how to tolerate people speaking and the moderator shouting.” Advise to New Delegates . delegates! Dharvi Bhardwaj . don't give up and counter everything that anyone says… Stick to what your country thinks even if you think otherwise… Be co-operative though! And always remember your country is always right!“ Our Comment .” Advise to New Delegates ..“It was the best thing that has happened to me in school life! I guess that says it all. SC Experience . GA Experience . ROFL…!!! Tripti Maheshwari ..Delegate work on your language no LOLs allowed.!“ Our Comment .decorum delegates! “ Our Comment . God i never thought something which sounds so boring can b exciting till this level!” Advise to New Delegates .then he is definitely going to be the best delegate of this year.Moderator.. please watch for them if by chance they prove to be good you’ll shrink a bit more from your size.Delegate of China. GA Experience . ISSUE 1 Page 12 EXPERIENCE SPEAKS..Nidhi.

Aayush Sharma. Aamir Hussain. Mridul Chulet. BOTTOM ROW — Tripti Maheshwari.THE NMSMUN CARTOON NETWORK TOP ROW — Utkarsh Dharnia. Khushali Agarwal MIDDLE ROW — Medha Agarwal. Vaidika Parashar. Utkarsh Misra. . Shashank Goyal. Kshitij Gupta. Rishabh Wadhwa. Nidhi Baid. Aashish Jainani. Priyank Goyal.

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