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Medical Breakthrough Reaches America.

DETROIT, April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- RMS, an Ypsilanti-based medical supply company, has entered into a new agreement with HANMEDICS, a Korea-based medical device company recognized for their "creative medical twists." The agreement will allow America to get their first glimpse of the "wonder-machine," acclaimed world-wide, known as the Care Clean 3000. (Photo: ) The Care Clean 3000 is the only existing automatic urine collector with a bidet. It's quickly becoming the only solution for patients suffering from incontinence. It cuts down on caregiver and diaper costs, eliminates offensive odors, and allows the patient to maintain a semblance of dignity all at an unbelievably low cost. This "wonder machine" collects urine, cleans the patient, and even dries the perinea area. Ads by GoogleResearch Vault Post Medical cases & research today Free and Easy, check us out!

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"When I first met with the HANMEDICS team and they showed me the Care Clean 3000, I could not believe that the product did not exist in the United State," explains Ike Odum President of RMS. "The appliance not only provides a positive experience for the patient, it also increases the productivity of the healthcare workers. The Care Clean 3000 will reduce the need for diapers, thus lowering the monthly and yearly cost for short and long-term facilities, home healthcare workers, and many other care driven organizations. One thing is sure: Anyone who invests in the (green) Care Clean 3000 will have a marketing platform over their competitors." RMS has become the sole American distributor for the Care Clean 3000. The Care Clean 3000 is an example of how technology continues to improve healthcare. Mr. Odum has had the Care Clean 3000 reviewed by several healthcare facilities in his area. "The feedback has been phenomenal!" Mr. Odum informs us. "And we have the testimonials to prove it! We look forward to working with HANMEDICS and doing our part in improving American healthcare." The product is created by HANMEDICS in Korea and has won Korea's Best Venture Award,

feces or semen and analyzing those specimens automatically. It enables those patients to give sample of their specimen without constant aid of a caregiver. The system prohibits a direct contact with the specimen thus providing a safer way in checking their specimens. the urine. SPECIFIC PROBLEM y y What physical structure of the device will be considered to make it comfortable for the user? What are the processes in analyzing specimen like urine. To the society A direct contact with the specimen might be harmful with the health of the doctors as well with the patients because of the bacteria present in it. . specifically.GENERAL PROBLEM To design and develop a system that has capable of collecting several specimens. feces and semen? SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PROBLEM To the patients This development of automated urinalysis/feces/semen collector and analyzer with constituent measuring system reduces the burden of outpatient care by providing simple operation for those who do not use of hands.

Each square is used to interpret urinalysis. Naked eye testing and smell: Colour and cloudiness of the urine is noted through naked eye. Testing for glucose: This test is used to know whether there is any presence of glucose in the urine. and note the pH 4. protein in the urine. The squares on the dipstick represent the following components in the urine6. Protein testing: Take around 1 ml of urine sample in 2 separate test tubes. pale or red are the few colour types which can be noted and Clear or cloudy consistency and also the smell of urine is sensed which is of useful importance 2. Cellular debris. Casts. if yes then it can indicate disease conditions like Diabetes 5. and leave it for 30 seconds. and compare the heated and unheated urine. usually a midstream sample is collected and handed over the enclosed bottle along with patient details on it to the laboratory or testing site within an hour of collection Methods of urine analysis: 1. amber. If the heated sample is cloudier. Bacteria and crystals or small structures . Put one tube into the hot water bath. Yellow. Compare the new colour with the pH colour chart. pH. and leave the other at room temperature. The strip is dipped completely in the urine sample and color changes are noted after 5 minutes. and while voiding urine the person collects a small quantity of fresh morning sample in that bottle. ketone bodies. bilirubin and urobilinogen 7. Urine dipstick Test: It is a long strip which has several squares of different colors on it. Quickly take it out. Microscopic evaluation: Cells. 3. pH testing: Dip a piece of universal indicator paper into the urine. nitrite. take the test tube out of the water bath. leukocyte.Procedure of urine sample collection: Patient is given a clean bottle of 5 to 10 ml enclosed with a cap and informed to clean the surrounding area with swab. Specific gravity. blood. glucose. After a few minutes. it contains protein.

Rhabdomyosis. bleeding disorders. Prostatitis. Glomerulonephritis To diagnose various other diseases like pyuria. inherited disorders etc y y To screen chronic diseases like Diabetes mellitus and Hypertension In combination with other tests for evaluation of kidney stones. Metabolic disorders. Culture and sensitivity: This is used for culture of certain specific bacteria where the medicines are not effective in the treatment and the drug sensitivity. . Urethral infections etc y To diagnose kidney infections like pyelonephritis. Uses: y It is used more commonly to diagnose urine tract infections like cystitis. muscle protein breakdown and inflammation of kidney structures y y y In medico legal cases where drugs have been taken and misused For interpretation of medicines and its efficacy.8.